A/N: After watching season 2 of Vampire Diaries I was annoyed with a few developments. Especially the last episodes about the werewolf bite and the outcome were irritating. That's why I decided to write my own version of possible consequences of that incident. Enjoy it.

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On to the story.


This was it. He'd always known it would end like this: He would die in a fight.

Back in the 1800s he thought the civil war was going to be his demise. However, he had come back alive. Then he'd met Katherine. Though he'd died because of her/ for her, he'd never considered it as his death. No matter what his father had done. He hadn't been dead. If he'd been there wouldn't have been a living afterlife. There wouldn't have been any pain. And he wouldn't have hated his little brother. But he hadn't been and he had done.

Over the centuries he had pissed off almost everyone who'd crossed his path. He'd hated them and they'd hated him. He hadn't wanted to live but he couldn't kill himself either. A man of worth doesn't commit suicide. Damon might have hated the old believes his father taught him but he couldn't get rid of all of them. Somethings never change.

He had hoped someone would do his job. Though, he should've known he wasn't that lucky.

Now, he wanted to live. He wanted to be alive. He had friends (Alaric) and he had his brother back (they still weren't as close as before Katherine but they managed to get along again). For the first time in over one hundred years he had a feeling that life was … well … life. It wasn't perfect but whose life was?

Alaric's? Whose wife had a secret daughter, ran away from him and begged someone to kill her just to return working for their enemy?

Elena's? Whose parents died and had all vampires after her because her ancestor was a bitch? Being adopted and finding out her despised uncle was in reality her father? Whose biological mother only returned to blackmail her? A suicidal brother? Klaus?

Or vampire Barbie's? Turning into a vampire without knowing what's going on? Turned just to be a message? Hated by her own mother for something she had no choice in? All because we came back to Mystic Falls.

One person, however, Damon regretted the most: Bonnie Bennett.

Though, Damon didn't like her he respected her. At first, he had sized her up if she'll be useful or a threat. She had been his way of getting Katherine back. When she had had his crystal and had refused to give it back to him he'd started to hate her. And after Emily's little stunt? He did hate her. She destroyed his last chance of happiness. Who wouldn't hate that person? However, after what had happened to Sheila he felt guilty. And after everything that followed and everything he and Bonnie went through and faced together he respected the little witch.

Sometimes your worst enemy is the one person who is the most similar to yourself.

Both did everything necessary for the ones they loved: he for Katherine, she for her friends and in memory of her grams.

Bonnie's life was so far from perfect even he felt compassionate.

Being possessed by one's ancestor, almost killed by a vampire and not knowing what was going on – all without compulsion. Being betrayed by a guy she really liked, being responsible for her grams' death and the turning of her best friend into a vampire can't be all smiles and sunshine. And even without the burden of the supernatural … her mom was dead as was her grandmother and her dad was never home. Somewhere along the line Damon had started to care enough to consider all that.

That didn't mean he liked her. He and Bonnie had a strange kind of truce until the Klaus issue wasn't an issue anymore. Who knew how long that would take.

So yeah, he was one out of many. His life wasn't perfect but he wanted to live. He was closer than ever of making Elena his. Everything would be great.

If he was honest with himself he knew that this thought was an illusion. But he needed to hang on to something. Since he knew all Katherine did was mess with him and he didn't hate his little brother anymore his last meaning in life was his 'love' for Elena – or was it becoming an obsession again?

But right then he had to go and get bitten by a werewolf. How fucked up was that? Yeah, he would die in a fight – kind of. Why did it all go further wrong when he tried to fix things instead when he didn't give a damn? It was senseless.

The worst part of this ordeal wasn't his death but that it made Rose's sacrifice useless. He was infected either way. A few months more or less didn't make that big of a difference.

There was another problem: his brother. Although Damon was the one who was going to hallucinate very soon, his brother was the one with the false hope. Stefan hoped beyond reason for a miracle to happen so they'd find a cure.

The only thing Damon hoped for? That when the pain was getting too much to handle and he wouldn't comprehend what was going on anymore someone would set him free. Someone who'd do for him what he'd done for Rose.

But Damon doubted it. Who would do it?

Elena? Hell no, she could never do it. She would sob and beg him to fight without realizing what was really happening.

Or Stefan? No, Stefan couldn't kill him when Damon had been terrorizing every single person in Mystic Falls. After his 'change' Stefan would never do it. Besides, blood was thicker than water.

Bonnie. The little witch was the only one who always did what was necessary. She couldn't stand him and she'd already tried to kill him. Bonnie could be the Damon to his Rose – that just sounded wrong in so many ways. But if he was lucky …

Bonnie doesn't like you and did try to kill you but she's never gone through with it. Why should it be any different now? A voice in his head reminded him. Nevertheless, he couldn't do anything but wait and see how everything was going to turn out.