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Chapter 7

Next morning Bonnie woke up to the scent of coffee. Inhaling the fantastic and calming scent the witch sleepily turned around in bed and sighed dreamily.

All of a sudden her body went rigid. Her dad never did breakfast – he wasn't even in the state!

Waking up to a perfectly set table and the smell of coffee and bread rolls was when … when her grams had still been alive. The memory felt like a bullet to her heart.

Now wasn't the right time to grief. Someone was in her house and … making breakfast? Why on earth would a burglar make coffee? No matter how harmless the criminal seemed Bonnie didn't want strangers in her home. Who knew what he would do? He was rude enough to make himself a cup of coffee.

Determined the Bennett woman stood up and went down into the kitchen. Descending the stairs Bonnie went through different spells to render someone helpless.

As she entered the room Bonnie was shocked. The first thing she saw was a perfectly set breakfast table with bread rolls and waffles, jelly, honey and Nutella. Bonnie's jaw dropped.

Glancing up from the paradise that was her kitchen table Bonnie's eyes traveled along slim hips, a lean torso up to the smug ice blue eyes of a certain vampire.

I should've known. That was too good to be true. There needed to be a catch and he's standing right in front of me.

"What are you doing here Damon?" Was he back to yell a little more at her? Or did he want to make fun of her? She knew it.

"I'm making breakfast if you haven't noticed." It was way too easy and too much fun to irritate her.

"I see that, moron. Why are you making breakfast in my home? Why are you even here? And don't you dare answering the last question with 'to make breakfast'," Bonnie threatened.

Damon wasn't ready to confront Bonnie with his conclusions yet. What the hell made him believe he could do it? So he did what he always did. Avoid the problem.

"I woke up this morning and thought to myself 'Why, I could visit Judgy and make her breakfast'. Just out of the goodness of my heart, you know."

"Cut the crap, Damon. I'm really not in the mood for your antics. I didn't get much sleep the last couple of nights looking for a cure to save someone's life. And you know what? After I managed the impossible and I was looking forward to my soft, warm bed and a good night's sleep some jerk thought it funny to visit me in the middle of the night waking me up only to accuse me and scream at me. So I'm sorry but I really don't want to deal with your shit today." Though the teenage girl had slept peaceful for the remaining night she still felt the lost nights. A grumbling stomach didn't help any to improve her mood.

With a sour look on his face Damon decided to tell her the truth. "Okay, listen. I'm only saying this once. I don't do apologies. So I'm making you breakfast instead. I'm grateful you've found a way to save me even though we don't get along most of the time. And I didn't want to scream at you in the middle of the night, Glinda."


"What? Okay? That's all you've got say to this?" The vampire was aggravated. There were only a few people he'd ever apologized to and even less people he apologized to more than once. And the last breakfast he'd made was … he couldn't even remember. The little witch should consider herself lucky.

"Okay, Damon. That's it. I mean you don't see me forcing you out of my home, do you?" Bonnie asked.

Understanding the hidden meaning (she accepted his apology) he nodded at her.

"So, what did you make for breakfast?" Bonnie inquired.

Proud and a little smug the older Salvatore brother listed all of his breakfast food. "Take your seat."

Surprisingly for Bonnie, Damon served her and poured coffee into the cup in front of her. Taking her first bite out of a waffle with icing sugar and whipped cream Bonnie couldn't help but moan. It was delicious. You could say what you wanted about Damon (and Bonnie could think of a few cursed words) but the vampire knew how to bake.

Knowingly, the vampire smiled. "What? The food can't help who prepared it. It's good."

Vampire and witch spent the next hour in silence while Bonnie ate most of the prepared breakfast.

When she was done the witch put knife and fork away and sighed in contempt.

"Now that I'm finished can we speak about why you really came here? Cause otherwise I have things to do." If she didn't address the situation Bonnie figured no one would.

"Is it true?" inquired Damon in a timid voice.

"What part?" Bonnie asked in the same tone.

"About this … this … this fairy tale. Is it true? Is it real and not just a kids tale?"

"Trust me, at first I didn't believe it either. It was just too strange. But after I read the added stories by other witches I hoped it would work but I wasn't sure. Nevertheless there was nothing left to lose. You would have died otherwise so I figured why not try it? What harm could be done?

"Stefan and Elena didn't believe it either when I told them about the magic. Whereas Elena was furious that I was wasting my time with a hopeless solution, your brother was ready to do anything necessary to save you. So, we tried it.

"It did work as you can see. There must be something true about the kiss after all."

For what felt like hours to Bonnie the vampire kept quiet. Hmm, this is a first. Damon usually doesn't shut up for one second. Patiently, the witch waited for the vampire to take the next step.

It was all too much. Damon didn't know how to handle the given information. Everyone always thought he'd have plan – no matter what situation. Truth was he improvised most of the time and just hoped everything would work out in their favor. Contrary to his pretenses, he had no clue how to react in most situations. And if there was one thing Damon could handle even worse than emotions (those he could switch off) it were surprises.

And Bonnie's revelation compared with his own conclusions were a big surprise.

But somehow he wasn't as shocked as one would have thought him to be. He couldn't believe it yet – it wasn't real. The meaning of the situation hadn't sunk in yet.

However, if someone told him a week ago of the possibility of Bonnie Bennett being his soul mate he would have laughed in their face and then, most definitely, threatened them. The thought was just too ridiculous.

After his pondering the night before and after all the information had started to sink in he didn't feel shocked, however. If he was honest with himself Damon even felt some kind of … something like HOPE. The possibility of Bonnie being his soul mate made him aware of a hole in his heart, a feeling of loneliness. All those years fighting his brother for the attention of the only two women who were worthy of his affections and not quite losing both times (it was way harder to know that the woman you loved not only did love your own brother but wanted you to stay put as her own dirty little secret who comes out to play if she wanted a bit of variety) he now had a chance at something of his own.

If it was with Bonnie go for it.

Like she said before: they had nothing left to lose. And like Stefan informed him before he'd visited Bonnie the night before the witch and baby-Gilbert weren't an item any longer. Something along the lines that baby-Gilbert felt insecure that Bonnie paid more attention into looking for a cure for someone she couldn't stand than to her boyfriend. He knew that boy was a wimp.

Contrary to the witch Damon had been aware of the sexual tension between them. Both their temperaments did not only create fights but also great passion between both supernatural beings. Remembering the 60ies dance not long ago and their interconnection through the whole evening told him so. Hell, her body even molded better into his than Elena's.

Taking a few more minutes to comprehend what was going on, Damon came to a realization. He didn't know how it had happened or when all he knew was that he did care for Bonnie. Damn, I like Bonnie. I like the Bennett witch. Damon started to panic.

Trying to calm himself – all without Bonnie noticing – Damon came to a decision. He would trust the magic. In his past life he'd rarely trusted Bonnie's magic – only if there was no other way – but the Bennett women had proven him wrong time and time again. And it often got him aneurisms. Now was the time to start over. No more pinning after a girl who was similar to his ex, no more pinning after his brother's girl.

Bonnie had given him a new life – his third one – and he was determined to do something with it and not let it go to waste. Most people didn't have those opportunities he'd gotten and he wanted to prove himself something – that he was worth something: life, love, eternity.

The only difficulty was to convince his little witch to give them a try. But right in that moment there weren't any obstacles Damon could not overcome. He was sure of that.

Let the games begin, my little witch!

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