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Paradox walked forward, his cloak billowing in the wind, across the meadow. His prey stood at the other side, shaking in fear. "Well, it took a while, but I found you." said the assassin in a cold-blooded voice. "Please, I beg of you-" "Quiet!" Paradox snapped. He was only a few feet away when he stopped. An eerie breeze blew across the field, and the prey shook and shrunk backed at his voice. "Chaos wanted you dead and now it shall be done." Paradox smiled ruefully at the weak, helpless prey.


He held out his hand in front of himself, palm facing up and closed his eyes. He could still sense the prey's shivering form, a few feet in front of himself. He opened his eyes. A black, purple, white orb, the size of an average classroom globe, levitated in front of himself. The prey's eyes widened, his name? Alakon. Leader of the planet Florescent, a completely artificial planet. The core made of electricity. Alakon was no leader though. 'A dictator' the thought of the word made the assassin hate the man even more. Killing children, women, forcing men to work for little or no pay. A ruthless ruler on the outside. And a fool and coward on the inside, Paradox thought.

Paradox pushed the orb to Alakon. He tried to run, but Paradox controlled the water in his body to make him stay, unfair, but just in his eyes. As soon as it made contact with his skin it consumed him. He shrieked in pain, begging the Assassin to free him from the pain. Paradox remained emotionless, and soon he was gone.

He turned around, his cloak hid his face, only showing his mouth, they were pressed in a thin smile. This chase had been nothing. The assassin of Chaos reached up and let his hood fall down.

The eyes of Percy Jackson gleamed in the moonlight.