Chapter XXVIII- Ceremony

Third Person POV-

"We would like to thank you, Thalia Grace, Nico Di Angelo, and Annabeth Chase of Camp Half-Blood for helping up defeat Nyx's army!" A booming voice yelled. The people of Chaos Planet very watching. Neo Viridis, a veteran of the battle, was the one who was giving announcements. She blushed, a tiny bit, when Nico's name was mentioned. No one noticed, except Thalia. She sent a glare toward the girl but Neo Viridis didn't notice.

Annabeth, Thalia and Nico walked up onto the stage as everyone applauded and went wild into cheers and tears.

I got quiet though, once Paradox walked on.

"I would-" He swallowed and scowled to himself. "-like to thank the campers of Camp Half-Blood…."

Thalia smirked as he talked uncomfortably to the crowd but then she frowned in thought of what she had done to Annabeth, who had merely been helping the entire time.


Thalia POV-

When I saw Annabeth walking toward me I felt a pang of complete and utter guilt. I had attacked her without thinking about it. With no real sense of reason, only simply to get revenge. I was a fool. Great, now I'm sounded like Paradox. But anyway, she walked toward me. A scar was coming from her hair line down to her jaw cutting through her eye. It reminded me painstakingly of Luke who stood next to Paradox. Ironic how Annabeth and Luke match now. "Hey," I said awkwardly. Annabeth smiled and then surprised me. She hugged me.

"Thalia, don't blame yourself. If anything you had the expected reaction and did the expected thing." She said and pulled away and looked elsewhere for the moment. I stared at her in disbelief. "I almost killed you!" She shrugged. "Yeah, but I'm fine now. Besides, had I not made such a convincing dramatic escape into the darkness you might not have done anything so severe. If anything it's-" "Don't you dare say it's your fault Annabeth Chase." I snapped, in a friendly-mocking tone. She sighed and looked away again.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'll return to earth and…. I don't know."

~Flash back end. End of Thalia POV~

In the end, everything worked out. Annabeth joined the hunters and Thalia and Nico stayed with Paradox, becoming assassins like him but not as bitter. He had brightened up considerably not by much but by enough. Nova and Paradox were….together forever you could say.

He had proposed. And she had graciously accepted.

Thalia and Nico were together now, Thalia having quit the hunters once the ceremony was finished. Artemis had understood and hadn't protested nor said she was making a mistake.

In the end it all worked out.

In the end… it all worked out for Paradox: Assassin of Chaos: The steel inferno.

It all worked out for his second life.

The End.

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