Kurt was slammed harder into the mattress, shrieking in pleasure. His lover gripped his hips so tight that Kurt was sure that bruises would be there the next day, but he didn't really care. He was on the brink, his whole body taut and orgasm coiled to spring at any moment.

"Fuck, Kurt, you're so tight," his lover grunted, his thick, long black hair hanging in his eyes as his body sweat and clenched with exertion.

His lover gave a particular rough thrust, causing Kurt's eyes to roll into the back of his head. Try as he might, he attempted to maintain eye contact with his lover, who's warm chocolate eyes clouded with lust never left him.

"I'm close," Kurt managed, clenching the bedsheets so tight that his fingers were white from lack of circulation.

His lover gripped his thigh, changing his angle slightly and started pounding mercilessly into Kurt, brushing his prostate with each stroke. The pain of his skinny partner's hipbones jamming into his ass cheeks was far outweighed by the unworldly pleasure that was exploding around his entire body.

Kurt's orgasm ripped through him, and for a moment he couldn't see anything. He could only feel, and it felt like his body was ablaze with pure ecstasy. Kurt writhed and twitched as he came in long spurts all over his own stomach and the chest of his lover, who groaned at the glorious sight.

As Kurt came down from his high, he felt his lovers cock convulse inside him with each contraction, his hips stuttering erratically. And with a deep, shuddering sigh, his lover pulled out, threw the condom somewhere random, and collapsed on top of Kurt.

They lay there for a while, just breathing until the reality of the soiled mattress and the time creeped up on Kurt, so he spoke up.

"Hey, Austin, get up," Kurt nudged his shoulder.

"Why," he groaned. "I've never came so hard in my life, I'm not sure I'll be able to move."

"Well you're gonna have to because I can't miss the last bus to Long Island," Kurt reminded him sternly.

"Alright, alright," Austin grunted before flipping over onto his back beside Kurt, chest still heaving, body occasionally twitching from a loan nerve in the aftermath of a mind-blowing orgasm.

Kurt got up and quickly got dressed. He turned around to eye Austin hungrily, thankful for his good fortune in finding him at NYADA. There, Kurt was usually only hit on by flamers, and that really wasn't his thing. Austin claimed to be bisexual, but Kurt was sure he won't ever enjoy fucking girls as much as he likes fucking Kurt raw.

Austin was tall and very lean. He had skinny legs and a small ass, but a killer upper body and abs that always had Kurt drooling. But unusually, Kurt always preferred to bottom with Austin because he had one of the biggest dicks he had ever seen. Now that couldn't ever go to waste.

"So, Kurt isn't it a hassle taking a 2 hour bus ride to and from school twice a week when you know you can just crash here," Austin said, an arm draped over his face. A sign of exhaustion. It was a shame. Kurt loved his thick black lashes and kind eyes.

Kurt shrugged. "You're not my boyfriend, so no point. Plus I like being near the beach on weekends."

Austin sat up, pulling the covers over his bottom half and grinned toothily at Kurt. "Hey man, we've been sleeping with each other a lot. Not that I'm complaining, but I mean we could go see a Broadway show or go to a concert sometime if you're in the mood for something different."

Kurt grinned back. "I might like that. But I'm not really looking for a relationship or anything, so it would be as just friends, if that's okay."

Austin put his hands up. "That's cool with me. I totally respect that. But I have to warn you Kurt," he grinned devilishly. "I sure do love a challenge."

Kurt smiled flirtatiously. "A challenge, I am." He winked and kissed Austin swiftly on the cheek. "See you later lover, the next Hampton Jitney leaves in.. oh shit! 3 minutes! See you Thursday!"

Kurt grabbed his things and rushed out the apartment, running down the stairs and to the bus top, where a long sleek Hampton Jitney bus waited, almost ready to depart.

Kurt handed his ticket to the bus driver and squeezed through the aisles until he found himself his usual window seat. Even though he had lived in New York the past few years, he really loved sightseeing to this day. New York never failed to surprise or wonder.

Kurt sat down gingerly, because Austin really did a number on his ass this time. But Kurt welcomed the pain, it made him feel amazing; wanted. After he and his boyfriend from high school broke it off, Kurt hadn't gotten laid for the longest time, but now he got regular sex, and he couldn't be happier.

He lived 2 hours away from NYADA to save money and live with Rachel and her uncle in Sag Harbor. Rachel's uncle owned a little shop off Main Street, and Kurt and Rachel stayed in the small apartment above it. It was cozy and quaint, and since they were students, they got a special discount on bus tickets.

Rachel was of course at NYADA too, but she took an earlier bus right when class got out so she could go see her friends and party on the town this evening. She departed giving Kurt a knowing glance, as he shuffled over to Austin.

It was like having the best of both worlds. They can live on the island, where it was absolutely gorgeous, but also somewhat live in the dazzling City and attend one of the greatest performing arts schools in the entire country. Kurt was living his dream.

He usually spent the bus rides gazing dreamily at his surroundings, but if it was nighttime, he would use a little flash light and go over his lines in the upcoming play he was starring in, and also read course material for his minor in theatre design and playwriting.

Kurt kept his options open for a fabulous career. He could eventually end up writing his own scripts if he wanted to, go into fashion and design and help the world's biggest Broadway stars, and if he was lucky, becoming an actor and eventually a household name. Kurt had big dreams, and he never let anybody get in the way of them.

The bus came to a halt, jerking Kurt awake, who had no idea that he was dozing. He strode off the bus and into the Spring night. Kurt closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Summer would be approaching soon, and he couldn't wait to spend time at the beach (with 3 gallons of sunscreen of course) and just have no care in the world. His course load was getting intense, especially with the pressure of the play, but Kurt wouldn't have his life any other way.

He didn't know how long he stood there in the middle of his small beach town street, until his phone buzzed in his pocket. Rachel's face appeared on the screen, and he answered it.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"Kurt!" Rachel sounded drunk. "You should come hang out with us girls! Laura misses you especially!"

Kurt laughed, hearing the girls giggle on the other line. "It's because her wardrobe is miserable without me giving her pointers!"

"Pleeease! We're at the Corner Bar! We don't have school tomorrow, so let's enjoy it!"

"Yeah, partying on a Tuesday night, you sure aren't becoming an alcoholic," Kurt joked.

"Hey! I'm not the one who was off fucking my fuck buddy every night of the week," Rachel retorted in her defense. "Does this mean you're finally home since you answered and you're not out of breath?"

"Yes, I just got back," Kurt responded. Even when Rachel was trying to be snippy, he still found her incredibly endearing.

"Thank goodness, you can be such a little whore sometimes," Rachel sighed dramatically.

"Look who's talking!" Kurt deflected, but still remained amused all the same. "I'll see you in 15."

"Sweet!" Rachel sounded delighted. "There are some tourists here too, it's actually quite funny."

"Can't wait, bye," Kurt hung up before walking briskly en route down the street.

He made it to the Corner Bar in record time because he fancied himself a little jog. Life was good, and he was jubilant. A night drinking with Rachel and her girlfriends will probably be the cherry on top of an excellent afternoon.

Kurt pushed the heavy door in and he was greeted with cheers from his friends as well as locals who recognized him immediately. It was really crowded tonight which was unusual, and Kurt could see what Rachel meant about tourists. There were people he didn't recognize, namely a short shirtless guy in cargo shorts with unruly curly hair and tribal tattoos, and a taller man with thick hipster glasses and a superman-esque face. Yeah, they definitely weren't New Yorkers.

Rachel attacked-hugged him and shoved a strawberry and mango daiquiri in his hand. His favorite. "It's on me!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "I never got to congratulate you for getting the second lead in our current production, Kurt!"

Kurt sat at the bar stool and sipped his delicious drink. "Aw, Rachel I love you."

She positively beamed. "I know."

Kurt spent the next hour or so catching up with the girls, whom he hadn't seen for a while, and got so consumed in the conversation he didn't even notice when the two hippie tourists from earlier started to approach their group.

"Excuse me," one of them said in a voice that was like honey, immediately grabbing Kurt's attention. It sounded really familiar in a way.

"Hi," one of the girls giggled, eyeing his extremely casual appearance. Someone whooped, "Where'd you leave your shirt, pal?"

"I'm sorry, but are you Kurt Hummel," the shirtless one asked, ignoring everyone else and leaning in. Kurt turned to look at him fully instead of just in his peripherals. He had thick black curls and beautiful, large hazel eyes. How did he know his name?

"Er, yes?" Kurt asked confused. He couldn't help but let his eyes rove over the man's defined chest, his arms accentuated by his tattoo. Kurt would definitely hit that in a heartbeat.

"Oh my god," the man threw his arms around Kurt hugging him. Kurt accepted the hug, but stiffened as the man pulled away. "Kurt's it's me!"

Kurt frowned, blinking deliberately since his vision was slightly blurred from his inebriated state. Recognition coursed through Kurt, and his heart sped up naturally, but he couldn't quite put his finger on who it was.

The man's smile faltered, seeing that Kurt was having trouble remembering who he was.

"Kurt, It's me, Blaine! Blaine Anderson," Kurt's jaw dropped open in utter shock. "We used to date in high school."