Once upon a time, in another dimension, there was a town called Danville, which was led by an evil dictator named Heinz Doofenshmirtz. His family consisted of his wife, Linda, and their son, Phineas.

Since he was the next-in-line for being the ruler of Danville, Phineas never went outside and made friends. His only close friend was Perry, a Platyborg Doofenshmirtz built as a 1st birthday gift. But despite all of the special treatment, Phineas longed to make some actual friends on his own.

But sadly, the 10-year-old boy was told to spend most of his life in his room. All of those years of staying inside made his skin pale and drained of color. His red hair, which he wanted to be several inches long, was cut short despite his protests. He wasn't really an optimistic and cheerful person. And when he had a private interview with a news reporter, he wore a pair of black sunglasses to cover his dark blue-dark green eyes, which were filled with the emotions of sadness and loneliness.

It was those eyes that made Phineas very different from other boys his age. According to Doofenshmirtz, Phineas was the only person in existence to have dark blue-dark green eyes. That statement was what made him think his eyed made him look like a freak. It was also the other reason why he wore sunglasses in public.

And every single day, Phineas wished he could be a normal boy for once and make at least one new friend.

Meanwhile, there was an organization rebelling against Doofenshmirtz. That was The Resistance, which was led by an orphan named Candace. The others in The Resistance were Buford, Dr. Baljeet, Ferb, Jeremy, and Isabella, who was head of a separate branch known as The Firestorm Girls. That group consisted of Gretchen, Adyson, Holly, Ginger, Milly, and Katie.

Then there was Vanessa Wilson, the newest recruit who was in The Firestorm Girls. Since she grew up outside of Danville with her mother, Vanessa was still a sweet and loving girl instead of a tough fighter like the other girls in her team. Because of this, she was assigned to being the organization's nurse and take care of anyone who was injured.

But it's not like Vanessa wasn't happy with the job. She liked spending her days mending injuries, while occasionally singing a little song to her patients as she worked. She just wished she could join her cousin, Isabella, on at least one mission.

Sadly, Candace wouldn't let Vanessa participate in a mission, so the 10-year-old girl spent her days as a nurse, wishing for the day that will change her life...