I'll be your Sakura Tree English Version part 1

Author : Nanami Masachika aka Sharon / Thelma *I use many Aliases*

Genre : Romance, Drama

Rating : General

Chapter : Multichapter

Casts :

Tamamori Yuta of KISMYFT2 (Main cast)

Nanami Masachika OC(Other Cast) (Main cast)

Teachers of Sakura Gakuen

And Many more


Tamamori Yuta is a Yankee student in Sakura Gakuen, but when he fall love with his classmate, everything is Change…

Yuta P.O.V

"Hey….. where is Nakatsu baka. Suichi Nakatsu ?, Yuta ask some students in top floor."

Students P.O.V

"Who he is ?. the one of student asking. "

Yuta P.O.V

" You didn't know him hahh ?. Yuta asking with highly Voice"

Author P.O.V

Yuta keep asking they & force they to tell where is Nakatsu hiding place..

Students P.O.V

" We swear we never know him & his face…. The Students answering."

Yuta P.O.V

"Ok.. I believe you… but do you know Nanami Masachika ?, Yuta asking again"

Students P.O.V

"Umm yes, we know her…. She always at Library in Break Time…. She is the one of Girl Student with the smart brain in Class 10…. One of The Students answering."

Yuta P.O.V

"Thanks for the Information….. I will go to the Library now…"

Author P.O.V

Now Yuta go to the Library now.. what does Yuta doing in Library?

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