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Chapter 6

She stared at him for what felt like forever. Her tears continued to fall even though her face showed no sign of heartache. She felt as though she had betrayed a good friend and lost a new one. She looked back at Sesshomaru and ran off down the path and onto a wooded one, leaving the two men.

Suikotsu spared one glance at Sesshomaru before racing after Kagome. He had no idea what was going on, but he figured that the other guy wasn't someone she wanted to be kissing. He honestly had no idea.

He found Kagome sitting on a tree stump in the middle of a wooded path. She wasn't crying anymore, but she wasn't looking happy either. He looked around and found a nearby tree stump to sit on. He sat there and just watched her. Sometimes she would sniffle and rub her nose with the back of her hand, sometimes she would cast him a quick glance before staring at her feet for the fiftieth time, or she would check her phone, shake it, then shove it back in her pocket. Finally, he decided to break the ice.

"So, who was that? An ex boyfriend or something?" Kagome shook her head.

"No, he was just a friend. He wanted me to be his girlfriend and I guess I was leading him on or something, but I only like him as a friend. It was hard telling him, and he asked if he could have a kiss before we officially became unofficial. I guess it just broke my heart to kiss him, and," she sniffled a bit as she felt new tears prick her eyes. "And I guess, I felt guilty when you saw me kissing him. You're a nice guy and I just met you yesterday; I kind of freaked and thought 'oh good God Almighty! A new friend lost!' I guess I was an idiot for thinking that, huh?" Suikotsu nodded. He watched as a tear fell from Kagome's eye. Another tear fell from the other eye. The pattern kept repeating itself until a steady stream of tears were flowing down Kagome's cheeks. Suikotsu didn't understand why his heart was clenching so painfully at the sight of Kagome's tears. As she had mentioned before, they had only met yesterday. He didn't understand. He had seen many women cry before and it had never affected him this way. Subconciously, he got up and kneeled down next to her, taking her hand in his own and wiping her tears away with the other.

"Vänligen inte ropa. Unga damer bör aldrig rop." He whispered as he moved a strand of her hair behind her ear. Kagome looked up from her silent tears.

"What did you say?" she asked. He repeated what he had said. Kagome shook her head. "I meant, what does it mean?" Suikotsu shrugged.

"I guess it could mean that I don't want to see you cry." Kagome chuckled softly and placed a small hand on Suikotsu's cheek.

"Thank you, that made me feel a little less guilty." Suikotsu shrugged again.

"Would you like me to walk you home?" he offered. He and Kagome both stood up. Kagome smiled softly as she dusted her bottom off.

"No thank you. I feel like being alone for a little bit." Suikotsu nodded. He could understand that. He gently took her hand in his own and gave it a small kiss.

"I shall see you around then." He said with a small smirk. Kagome blushed. Was her stomach supposed to have butterflies in it? She watched Suikotsu take his leave. He really was a nice man.


He hung his head and sighed as he made his way to his younger brothers' house. Why did a girl in high school make his heart go pitter – patter like a young school boy? It just didn't seem right. He was eight years older than she was. He shook his head. The heart doesn't recognize age as barrier, the mind does. He opened the door and took his shoes off at the entrance.

"Välkommen hem, du sjuka fik." Suikotsu looked up to see his older brother leaning against the entrance to the kitchen. He punched his brother in the gut.

"You bastard! I thought you said that you were in Helsinki!" Renkotsu gagged as he followed his brother into the kitchen.

"I was, ye asstard. Since the nineteenth I was stuck there. I left midight the twenty second and arrived here just ten minutes ago." Renkotsu gave his brother a once over and noticed that his bum was slightly moist and he had a mud stain on the back of his thigh. "So, where have you been?" The suggestiveness in Renkotsu's voice irked Suikotsu, so he decided to ignore him. "Found yerself a little "friend" for the holidays, eh broder?" Again, Suikotsu said nothing. "Was she that bad? I mean, you can't have been, your my broth…" Suikotsu had character changed with Mr. Hyde and had Renkotsu by the neck.

"Yes, I made a friend." He spat. "But not in the manner in which you speak. She is a nice girl who hasn't even graduated from high school yet. Besides," he said, coming out of his character change. "I only met her yesterday." Renkotsu shook his head wearily.

"That guardian character of yours is seriously twisted." He said as he rubbed his neck gently. "Demoni isn't anything like Mr. Hyde." Suikotsu chuckled and ducked out of his brother's grasp.

"Yeah, Demoni is an angel. It's funny don't you think? Jak has Engel, a guardian character who has devil horns and a tail and angel wings and a halo. I have Mr. Hyde, almost completely demonic; and you have Demoni, the most angelic of them all." As if being summoned, a little blonde head appeared from behind Renkotsu's shoulder. The girl had her eyes closed and she sat complacently on Renkotsu's shoulder. She wore a pure white gown with a gauzy shawl, over her head was a golden halo and from her back protruded soft white wings. Wiggling her bare toes, she yawned.

"Did you call me Ren-Ren?" she asked in a quiet voice. Renkotsu's tough – guy demeanor melted like ice and he smiled pleasantly at his guardian character, scooping her into the palm of his hand.

"Nej, Demoni, gå tillbaka till sömn." Demoni yawned yet again and a white egg encased the sleeping character. On the egg was a pale pink heart outlined in pure gold.

Suikotsu looked amused. Why did two of his brothers have female guardian characters?


"Flying around the sakura tree, the sakura tree, the sakura tree, flying around the sakura tree, I AM SO DIZZY!" Midnight sang as she flew around the christmas tree. Bebé-Chan shook her head as she helped Kagome add more ornaments to the tree. Kagome sighed to herself as Midnight continued to spin around the tree at an increasing velocity. What am I going to do? She thought as she put the last ornament on the tree. I think I'm developing feelings for a man eight years my senior. He doesn't even live in Japan! Kagome stood up and gathered the empty ornament box and walked it up to the attic. I mean, seriously, I met the man yesterday for crying out loud!

"Kagome, I need your help in the kitchen!" Kagome thanked the heavens. Helping her mom would take her mind off of Suikotsu.

"Snuggly wuggly! I'M A WHALE!" Midnight called as she dove from the top of the christmas tree. Kagome chuckled as her guardian character fell into the hood of her hoody. "Gangsta character be in da HOOD!" Midnight cheered as she snuggled deeper into Kagome's hood.

"What's so funny Kagome?" her mother asked when Kagome entered the kitchen. Kagome rolled up her sleeves and shrugged.

"Is there any reason why I can't be in a good mood?" She asked. Her mother smiled and shook her head.

"Could you help me bake this cake? I was going to do it by myself, then I realized that you and I haven't been spending a lot of time together. I hope you don't mind." Kagome smiled and began gathering ingredients.

"I don't mind at all!"


He stared at his brother disbelievingly. Who looked this happy right after getting rejected? Maybe… no, Kagome didn't seem like that kind of girl. He grumbled. Something good must have happened for Sesshomaru to look like he had just won the lottery and a porsch besides.

"Father, little bastard, I'm home!" Sesshomaru called as he walked through the door. There was a smile on Sesshomaru's face that scared both father and brother. Sesshomaru hung his jacket up and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Son," Mr. Taisho said. "What has you in such high spirits?" He really feared the answer.

"The girl I set my heart on pretty much told me that she was in love with someone else. But, I got two kisses before that other one showed up."

Sesshomaru really was heartbroken, but some internal revelation was telling him that it wasn't so bad. Why wasn't it so bad? How would he find another girl? Hell, his younger half – brother had been going out with his childhood crush since his second to last year in secondary school. After twirling around a couple times, Sesshomaru went upstairs to his room to mull things over.

"So, tell me about this girl your brother had his heart set on." Mr. Taisho requested of his youngest son as soon as Sesshomaru had vanished.

"Her name is Kagome Higurashi and she looks like Kikiyo. Um, she's got more of an attitude and she is really good at ignoring people." Taisho senior looked highly put out. She didn't sound like much. Well, he had her name and he new how to find her. If she was as Inuyasha had described, Sesshomaru could have done better; if there were more to her that Inuyasha simply didn't take note of, well he would just have to find out for himself now wouldn't he?


Vänligen inte ropa. Unga damer bör aldrig rop. = Please don't cry. Young ladies shouldn't cry.

Välkommen hem, du sjuka fik. = Welcome home you sick fuck.

Nej, Demoni, gå tillbaka till sömn. = No, Demoni, go back to sleep.

By the way, when Ban, Ren, or Sui say "Jak" the pronounce it as "Yak" 'J's in Swedish are pronounced as 'Y's.

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