Title: The Walking Supernatural (16/16)
Author: daksgirl
Rating: Teen

Pairings: Dean/Castiel, some hints of Bobby/Crowley sort of….shhh
Genre: Zombies! Crossover fic of Supernatural meets the Walking Dead.
Spoilers: None!
Warnings: some coarse language, but apart from that…too much fluff? :P

Word Count: 3,720

Summary: In which there may be a happy ending.

A/N at the end of the chapter!


"Oh god…Cas is he…"


"No please…please Dean…"

His body felt heavy, aching and limp as he sluggishly struggled back into wakefulness. Felt like he'd done a round with a werewolf or two. Maybe five.

Hands clutched his back, hugging him against a shuddering body, someone's lips pressed to his forehead that gasped his name as they rocked back and forth. Something scuffed nearby, another voice joining the first. A shaking hand grabbed his own, fingers curling through his.

He recognized that voice.


"Goddamit, Dean." His little brother's voice was cracking. "Fuck."

The lips left him, and he felt his head tip back as a face buried itself in his neck. He could feel wetness against his throat, hair ticking his nose accompanied with a familiar presence.


He struggled to open his eyes, to move, to do anything. Anything to stop those awful sobs. For a moment, he panicked, thinking he was paralyzed.

Then, slowly, warmth spread through his limbs.

With a deep shuddering gasp, Dean Winchester opened his eyes.

Daryl winced at the bright rays of sunlight as he stumbled outside. The complex was a mess; dead bodies littered the ground, their eyes now blank and empty, the threat of walkers over.

Bobby limped through the ruined doorway; Crowley's arm slung over his shoulder, the old man struggling to help the bleeding demon. Daryl hurried back to help, throwing the demon's other arm over his own shoulders. Bobby shot him a thankful smile.

The hellhound leant against the old man's other side, and Daryl couldn't stop staring at it. It was huge, its head coming up somewhere around Bobby's chest, its back at waist level. It had the proportions of a dog, thick legs and chest with a leaner body, but its bloody fur was a midnight black unlike any breed of dog Daryl had ever seen.

Kinda looked like one hell of a huge mutant wolf. Along its back were a series of strange ridges of bone; almost like quills. Its head was large, long wicked looking fangs protruding from a long muzzle, with fiery amber eyes.

It was fucking terrifying, and everyone had started a bit at the fact that the usual invisible monster was now somehow…visible.

No-one really knew what had happened. They had all seen Dean throw himself into the rift; bleeding and dying. There had been a blinding flash of light, the room shaking with a dull roar and everyone had dropped to the floor.

The next thing he knew, they had heard Castiel screaming; running towards the still shape of Dean on the floor. Every walker in the room was dead, lying motionlessly on the floor. Dean wasn't bleeding, there were no bite marks though they all knew for a fact he had been bitten.

Sam swore he had checked his brother for a pulse and found none. Daryl wasn't sure who was more surprised when Dean had opened his eyes with a gasp, Sam or Dean himself. Daryl didn't really care what had happened.

What was important was they had done it, they had saved the world, and Dean was alive.

Just as the group had finished hugging and celebrating Dean's sudden entrance back to the land of the living, Andrea had shot up with a loud yell, eyes wide. She scared the living daylights out of Dale who had been crouched at her side, tears tracking down his cragged face. He had been holding her ruined body to him, but stumbled back as she came to life, landing hard on his ass as he gawped at the bloody blonde.

Now Daryl hadn't ever really considered himself a religious man, but that had been a goddamn miracle. He had seen the blonde die, and now there she was, alive and breathing.

They had managed to make their way back to the surface, picking their way past the corpses in the hallways. Now the group paused, all staring out across the ruins of the complex.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think I could sleep for a week." Dean muttered.

Castiel was pressed against his side, insisting on helping the hunter outside, even though Dean had protested he was fine. Sam was on the other side of his brother, hand touching Dean's arm as if to reassure himself Dean was really alive and ok.

Bobby sighed, turning a happy smile towards his surrogate son.

"Shit, I plan on sleeping for a year. I might never leave my bed again." He grinned.

There was a weak chuckle from Crowley, and Bobby hefted the demon more firmly against him.

"H…hope your bed….fits the…two of us…Darling."

Daryl hid a smile as Bobby cast his eyes to the heavens in exasperation.

"Even all messed up and half dead, you're still annoying." He muttered. "Now shut up or I'll rethink 'bout helpin' ya back to the motel!"

No-one missed the affectionate wink Bobby shot at the worried hellhound at his side. Crowley would be fine once he healed, and the old hunter would see to that.

Daryl grinned, looking back towards the abandoned RV. He froze, causing Bobby to pull up short, Crowley grunting between them.

"What's wrong now?" Bobby frowned, and Daryl nodded towards the RV.

"We got company." He said grimly.

A group of strangers were approaching. Daryl didn't recognize any of them, but Castiel seemed to, judging by the drawn in gasp the angel uttered, eyes wide.

A short man walked in front, a huge cocky grin on his face. Like the others following him, he wore a white tunic and white pants; all of them barefoot as they picked their way through the decaying corpses littering the ground. He spread his arms as he approached, stopping a few yards from the shell-shocked group.

"Guess I missed the party huh?" He winked at the two speechless Winchesters. "Knew you two idiots would save the day. Eventually."

Castiel took a step forward, leaving Dean's side. The angel looked wrecked, eyes bright and disbelieving.

"Gabriel?" He whispered.

The short man shrugged his shoulders sheepishly. "Hey bro. Better late than never huh?"

A stern looking black woman had halted beside him, nodding her head towards Castiel. She looked intimidating, her eyes sharp and body held in a rigid line.

"Castiel." She said tightly. "It is….good to see you."

Castiel nodded dumbly towards her. "Raphael."

Another man stepped forward, walking towards the angel. He was tall, with sandy blonde hair and sad brown eyes.

Castiel just watched him approach, not stopping him when the man reached him. They stared at each other for a moment, the others silent as they watched the two.

"Castiel." The man said quietly, voice laden with something heavy Daryl didn't understand. He reached out a hand, resting it on the angel's shoulder, and Castiel smiled.

"Michael." He murmured.

Dale eyed the newcomers with wary eyes, Andrea safely tucked against his side.

"Not to ruin the moment but…who are you people?" He asked bewilderedly.

The short man grinned at them all, arms spread wide.

"We're angels. And we're here to stay."

Daryl watched in amazement as slowly, wings unfolded from the man's back.

They were large; a mottled brown and white that reminded Daryl a bit like the old barn owls that used to roost in the trees back home. Slowly, one by one, wings unfurled from each person in front of the shell-shocked group.


Castiel couldn't fully express the sheer joy that soared through him at the sight of his brothers and sisters.

He could feel the ripple of power as Gabriel revealed his wings, and marveled that they could do such a thing now. He felt…different. He could feel the distant thrum of heaven, newly restored, and he wondered how such a miracle had occurred.

Dean said he couldn't remember what had happened after he had thrown himself into the rift. The ritual had obviously worked because of Dean's sacrifice, but…how were the angels here? Heaven?

Michael had always had the most beautiful wings, and Castiel felt full of breathless awe as the archangel slowly spread them; the shimmering gold catching the light. Castiel had always admired them; as a fledgling he had yearned to run his fingers through them and chase the gleaming gold tendrils.

Now Michael fanned them proudly in font of him, eyes soft and affectionate.

"You saved us all little brother." He murmured. "You and the Winchesters."

There was a gurgled cough off to the side as Crowley glared over at the angel.

"A…a little recognition for the…d…demon please." Crowley grunted. Bobby hissed something at him; sure the demon was going to get himself smote.

Instead, Michael merely smiled amusedly. He turned to look at the demon, eyes lingering over the hellhound that growled at him warningly.

"Of course. Without you, the world would have been doomed."

Much to the surprise of everyone collected, the archangel sank to one knee, bowing his head with respect.

"Long may you reign in hell demon. Perhaps under your guidance, even hell will benefit in this strange new world."

Raphael looked like she was about to burst into flames with rage as Michael cast a glance behind him at the other angels.

"Show your respect to the King of Hell!" Michael said firmly.

With a mischievous grin and an elbow to Raphael's side, Gabriel dropped to one knee.

"You heard the man Raph. All hail King Crowley!" He shouted teasingly. Every angel behind him collectively fell to their knees as well, bowing their heads.

Crowley could only stare bewilderedly around in front of him as Bobby struggled to contain a laugh.

"Right…uh…thanks." The demon managed weakly.

The angels rose to their feet again, wings stirring. Michael turned back to Castiel, smiling.

"We have been sent to Earth to live amongst mortals Castiel. With the exception of some powers, we will live life as mortals do. I'm afraid though, we are unsure where to begin. We look to you to help us."

Castiel found himself speechless. The angels watched him, and he could only stare back dumbly, unsure where to even begin. Me? But why…I rebelled, I disobeyed…

Gabriel smiled kindly at him.

"Turns out kiddo, you were right all along. We've been doing things all wrong, and Dad thinks we could use some…re-education."

Castiel felt like his heart might burst. Father? Is this your doing? He turned to look at Dean. Beautiful, alive Dean. He had seen him die, yet here he was, perfect and whole. A miracle.

Father, if you can hear me…thank you.

Castiel turned back to the waiting angels. He could feel his wings, rustling and impatient to stretch, and he gloried in it after a week of being unable to feel them. He spread them wide, relishing the freedom as his wings unfurled and fanned. The cool air felt good sliding against his feathers, and he gave them an experimental flap. They felt stronger somehow, more powerful.

There was a sharp intake of breath from Dean, and for a moment Castiel paused, self-conscious. His wings had never been as beautiful as the others. He had often found them rather plain in fact, a mottled boring grey. His descent into hell had scarred them, leaving the edges a singed black and for a while he had been ashamed to reveal them to anyone, even his own garrison.

Michael's eyes were joyous however as the archangel watched them, Gabriel's face split in two with a wide grin; even Raphael looked impressed, her own white wings twitching with barely concealed envy.

Curiously, Castiel turned his head. What are they looking at-

An archangel's wings arched behind him.

They were a beautiful glossy black, and for a moment Castiel was reminded of how Lucifer's wings had looked before he fell. Tendrils of silver raced between his feathers, beautiful shimmering lines that shifted as he did.

Castiel could only stare at them mutely, before there was a hand squeezing his arm lightly. Castiel turned to find Dean looking at him, green eyes warm and beautiful. The hunter was smiling, open and genuine.

"Come on, Cas. How about we go home yeah?" He glanced over at Michael. "All of us."

Castiel blinked at him.

"Dean, I-" He wasn't even sure what he was going to say. I thought I lost you, I love you, will you stay with me…. Would the hunter even want him now the world was out of danger?

Dean's eyes darkened slightly, as if he knew what the angel was thinking.

"Cas, I'm not good at this stuff, you know that. But I meant what I said. I love you."

Uncaring of the gawping onlookers, Dean leant in to kiss the angel softly.

There was a flicker of uncertainty as the hunter pulled away. "That is…if you still want me." His words were light, but Castiel could sense the fear beneath them.

Throwing propriety out of the window, Castiel grabbed Dean by the lapel of his jacket, tugging the hunter closer, wings arching above them fiercely.

"Dean Winchester, I love you. I will want you forever." He growled. "And even beyond that."


Later, once a red-faced Dean had finally pulled away from the epic kissing session Castiel had decided to initiate, in front of a group of goddamn angels I might add, Dean was genuinely worried that Sam would burst into tears, judging by the sniffles and happy expressions the giant girl kept throwing at him and Cas. Even Bobby looked a little wet around the eyes as he struggled to look anywhere but at Dean, blinking furiously.

Daryl merely clapped a hand on his back, smiling widely, whilst Crowley muttered something about "turning soft".

All-in-all Dean felt pretty damn good.

It was about time for that damn vacation.

A few weeks later

The air was starting to get a little cooler, but was still t-shirt weather, and Dean sprawled loosely against the porch steps, head tilted back to enjoy the sun. Castiel was perched on the top step, knees framing Dean's ribcage as the hunter leaned back into him, fingers playing along Dean's scalp curiously.

Growly lay in the dirt at the bottom of the steps, massive head on his paws as he watched Bobby working out in the sun. Bobby's house had suffered a lot of damage from the walkers trying to get in. Once they had managed to burn all the corpses lying around, they had set on making the house livable again.

Currently Bobby was trying to fix a window, and the hellhound watched him protectively, large tail thumping lazily against the wooden steps. Daryl rounded the side of the house; a group of wooden slats grasped under one arm. He clucked at the hellhound as he walked by, and Growly woofed in response.

Dean sighed happily, stretching his legs.

"You're quiet today Cas." He stretched out his bare foot, scratching the hellhound's back with his toes. "Somethin' on your mind?"

The angel paused, and Dean turned his head to look up at him curiously.

Castiel was smiling, his eyes soft and distant.

"I had a dream last night." He said simply.

Dean ran a hand up the angel's shin, massaging small circles against the denim. "Yeah?"

The angel glanced down at him. "Something tells me you already know about it."

Something flitted through his mind; beautiful wings, an affectionate laugh, shifting eyes of alternate colors and a huge expanse of desert.

"Yeah. I think I do." He said quietly.

Castiel gave a contented sigh. "I am very happy."

Dean's response was cut off as the porch door slammed open; bouncing off the wall with a loud bang. Sam strode out, all gesturing arms and jerky strides.

"That's it! I quit!" He yelled, stomping down the porch stairs, narrowly avoiding Growly. The hellhound merely watched him boredly as he strode out into the junkyard.

"Oh my dad, you are such a whiney bitch Samantha!" With a clatter, Gabriel was on the porch, storming after the tall Winchester with a quick nod to the two on the stairs. "I told you, it was an accident. I don't have all my powers you know, not every mishap is automatically my fault."

Sam had whirled around, hands planted on his hips as he glared at the smaller man.

"I am not a whiney bitch! You're the dick who turned my bed into a freaking LAMA. A very pissed off lama may I add."

"It was an alpaca actually, and come on, he was just surprised…"

Sam's voice was reaching octaves only dolphins could hear, and Dean looked at Castiel beseechingly. The angel rolled his eyes.

"Gabriel." Castiel reprimanded.

The archangel turned around, shoulders hunched in an I-didn't-do-it gesture, eyes wide and innocent.

"What? It's not like I meant to. I sent it back! This whole adapting to mortality thing is new to me!"

For the past few weeks Bobby's house had been a temporary angel rehabilitation center. Angels kept appearing, finding their way towards Bobby's once word had spread that Castiel was there.

Dale and Andrea had set back out with the RV; headed back to meet up with Rick and the others. Two angels had gone with them; Rachel and Balthazar. Other angels went off in search of survivors, to offer their help.

Michael and Raphael had taken it upon themselves to keep an eye on the supernatural population. Raphael was too anti-social to particularly enjoy the company of humans, but she enjoyed killing things, so it was right up her alley. Michael searched for survivors in trouble, helping where he could and reporting back to the Winchesters if there was something he couldn't deal with.

The angels' powers were greatly reduced since coming to earth. They could fly, but only for a certain amount of time before growing tired. They needed sleep and needed to eat, amongst other mortal things, of which Gabriel had taken to quite happily. They could still heal, but the power to resurrect the dead was lost to them. Still, an angel was a huge asset to have on a hunt.

Sam and Daryl frequently went out on smaller hunts when Michael reported something; Gabriel always going along with the two. Dean was content to leave his brother to it. Sometimes another hunt would crop up and he and Cas would take care of it, but mostly, the hunter was happy to stay put at Bobby's.

There was a happy bark from Growly, and the hellhound's tail increased in tempo as Crowley appeared.

Dean felt like he should be a lot more concerned that the king of hell and essentially, the new devil, kept appearing at the house, but found himself pretty unphased.

"Hell boring you?" Castiel asked, smirking slightly as the demon walked over to the two. The demon leant down; scratching the hellhound's ears as he leant one hip against the porch railing.

"Shut up. Have to make sure you idiots aren't gettin' yourselves in trouble up here." He glanced over at Gabriel and Sam bickering in the yard. "Seems I'm too late. Alas, cruel world."

Crowley winked at the two, moving away towards where Bobby and Daryl were working.

Bobby merely glanced at him briefly before shoving a plank of wood into his hands, ordering the demon to stop gawking and help.

Dean and Castiel shared a mutual smile.

There was the sound of flapping wings, and Michael appeared, his wings disappearing from sight as he approached the two on the porch. The angel still made Dean uneasy; call him silly for holding a grudge, but he couldn't quite forget that at one point in time he was Michael's intended vessel.

Sam and Gabriel stopped their bickering as they noticed the archangel, hurrying over and shoving each other.

Michael nodded to Dean, pausing next to a rumbling Growly. "Raphael and I have located a group of survivors in Wisconsin. They are having some difficulties with a pack of Adlet."

Dean smiled, looking over at his brother. "Think you can handle this one Sammy?"

Sam huffed. "I should think so. Daryl and I will head out in the morning."

Castiel winked at Dean secretively. "I believe it would be safest to take Gabriel with you."

That sparked off another round of bickering as the other three looked amusedly on.

"Oh, hell no."

"Come on Sammy-boy! It'll be fun."

"Nothing is ever fun with you around."

"That wounds me Samuel, really."

Daryl straightened from where he had been repairing a board, glancing over amusedly at the two bickering.

"Maybe I should just go on my own." He drawled. Bobby snorted, taking a board from Crowley and hammering it into place.

"You'd probably get more work done that way son." He agreed.

The two had taken a liking to each other, Bobby taking the man under his wing and teaching him the ropes of hunting. Daryl had excelled at it easily, putting even Dean to shame. It was a different world now, but not necessarily a bad one. Crowley kept most of the demons under control whilst humanity tried to get to its feet, but the monsters were starting to come out of hiding.

It seemed the Winchesters would be needed for a while longer yet.

Sam and Gabriel moved off towards Daryl, still arguing. With a shake of his head, Michael was gone.

Castiel breathed in deeply, fingers resuming their gentle exploration of Dean's scalp.

"So what now, Dean?" He asked quietly. "What do we do?"

Dean paused, listening to the sounds of Bobby yelling at Gabriel to leave his work alone; Daryl's laugh as Sam screeched something girly as the angel sulkily turned his attention back to him; Crowley's long-suffering sigh and the steady happy thumping of a hellhound's tail against sun-warmed wooden slats.

"We live, Cas." Dean grinned, turning his face towards the angel's. "We live."



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