Stealing Edward's Innocence


I stand here looking around and smile wickedly over the scene in front of me.

The dance floor is alive, even though it is only full of dead bodies as they dance around, flinging and swinging their dead weight to the techno beat.

A disco ball spins over the center of the dance floor, the laser lights zip across the room bouncing reflections off the pale faces of those walking or dancing dead on the dance floor. The rumble of the speakers thunders in my ear and I still wonder why to this day do they blast the music so loud for a Vampire only dance club when just a couple of bars on the volume control would be nearly the same.

My eyes scan the seating area that is perched to overlook the vast room of fang bearing wannabe's. These are people that know we exist and want to become what we are.

I lick my lips, glance down to see my black fishnet thigh high has slowly dropped down a fraction of an inch since I put them on. I bend slightly slide my long black fingernails under the lace edging and wiggle it up adjusting it.

I rise up and I can feel the eyes on me, it causes my cold dead skin to pebble.

"Dream on suckers."

I finger the edge of my far too short black lace skirt and pull out the innocent looking shit by sticking my finger and my mouth as I look around. I don't see him. I decide to strut/stroll across the middle of the dance floor. I mean why the fuck should I walk around?

It is like the parting of the seas as the dancers move out of my way.

I love my gifts.

All of them.

I make my way to the bar and eye up the bartender.

"Why do they have a bar in an all vampire club?" I yell at the person who stands there with his tongue wagging out of his mouth hanging over his lower lip.

"More importantly, why do I not know your name beautiful?" He leans forward and eyes me up and down but focuses on my cleavage that is jutting out over the tight bustier.


"Listen Seymour. I just asked a simple question." I point at his badge.

"It isn't Seymour…its Samuel."

"Whatever." I wave my hand at him and look around. I can read…I just wanted to fuck with him. What else was there to do?

"I am supposed to be meeting someone here."

"So is half the bar." He laughs and my patience is wearing thin.

I give him a smug smile and tilt my head to the right. He freezes. His entire body immobilized.

"Listen Seymour…Samuel…Sasquatch…I don't really care what they call you. However, I am looking for the notorious Jasper Whitlock. You see him around tell him Swan is looking for him. I'll be on the dance floor."

I smirk, reach over and pull his badge off him, and drop it in a glass of some red liquid. I lean over and sniff.


What in the hell is that shit? It must be some sort of cover so that should a human wander in, the place looks legitimate.

I turn back around and make my way down to the dance floor again. I glance around and I hone in a hot little honey with long black hair who is dancing with a little brown haired witch.

"Yummy." I murmur and stop right behind her. I tap her on the shoulder and politely ask, "Mind if I cut in?"

"Yes!" she hisses and starts to crouch protecting what she thinks is hers.

Silly bitch.

I hiss back and tilt my head to the right.

"I didn't think so." I smile at her as people dance around her still form now. I slide my hand up to wrap around the sexy vamps neck.

"Hey there beautiful…what is your name?" I smile and bat my lashes at him.

"Hey yourself." His hand comes around and slides over the cool skin of my back.

"Name's Tyler, what's yours baby?"

I climb up his tall body and wrap my legs around his hips. "Just call me the wettest one night stand you have ever had." I purr in his ear.

"You. Me. Backroom." I nod towards it and his smile spreads across his face. I get a peak of his razor sharp teeth that sparkle under the lights. His hands are now on my ass under my skirt squeezing my naked cheeks. His hardness has just gotten ten fold harder. He makes his way to the back of the club while I slide my thumb in his mouth and he sucks on it.

"Don't bite me. It isn't allowed. I will hurt you and if you don't believe me just ask your little mousy girlfriend back there…now keep sucking." I demand and he kicks a door open and kicks it back closed behind him. I leap off him turn and I throw him against the wall.

"Someone like's it rough yeah?"

"I like it anyway I can get it." I growl and in a flash I have climbed up his body kissing the hell out of him sucking his cold tongue. It isn't the best but it will do to serve it's purpose.

I wrap my hand around his throat and stare him right in the eye.

"Get me off bitch and make it fast. I am meeting someone and he is due any minute."

I climb up the wall with my knees now resting on his shoulders and lower myself down to his mouth. I grab his hair for leverage.

His tongue goes right to work, buried deep inside of me licking and sucking.

"The clit pay attention to the clit." I demand.

He starts sucking and licking it and bringing me there but stopping before he gets me there. I get pissed.

Can't a guy ever give a chick and orgasm without fucking stopping before she gets there?

I smack him in the side of the head. "Dude…pay attention to my moans….you aren't focused. You're sucking at this and not in the good way!"

He growls at me.

"Watch it." I warn.

"Aw hell, now I lost the moment…never mind!" I flip off him and glare at him.

"You need practice. Maybe if your lucky and I don't find who I am looking for I will come back when you learn how." I pull my skirt down and strut out of the backroom towards the club.

The music slows and my eyes scan to see if he is here yet. I inhale and then I smell him. I practically cum down my leg since I have no panties on.

The smile that genuinely graces my lips spreads slowly.

Jasper's here.

But it isn't Jasper that has me smiling.

Or gushing.

It's the beautiful one next to him.

The human.

The sixteen-year old virgin human whose hair looks like it's a blaze of wild flames on fire. My eyes drop down to his throat. The pulse is steady, a little raised but steady. That blue vein throbs with each pump and so do I.

I pull out my deep purple/black lip gloss out of my little pocket in the front of my skirt, swipe it over my lips. It may reek but I can tolerate it. It smells like strawberries.

The human likes strawberries.

I can do strawberries.

He is dressed to kill and he doesn't even know it. Black pants, suspenders hanging on his hips, green and black tiny checked shirt. His eyes gleam like the moss in the forest where we make our kills and that shirt brings out the green even more.

He is every bit as broody as he always is. A week of surveillance has shown me that. I stand and watch them for a moment. He glances around, both hands in his pockets, shoulders slumped, pink cheeks, pouty pink bottom lip that I have to say makes my girly parts tingle.

"Are you sure she is here?" His voice is like the sweetest O negative blood, warm and thick and my mind goes to dirty things I want him to say to me with it. Just like that…I gush.

Jasper looks over at the dance floor and sees the frozen mousy girl, his eyes move over to the bartender and he smirks.

"Trust me she is here." He chuckles and looks around and then he locks eyes with me.

"And there she is." Jasper's voice breathes out a sexy sigh.

The tall one next to him follows his eyes and that is when he sees me for the first time.

I found him. I finally fucking found him and he is all fucking mine.


This is my next story. This is the teaser to give you an idea of where I am going next.

It will not be continued until I post the last few chapters of Shhhhh...

It demands my attention and I just have to write what is screaming in my head.

Obviously another different fic…This will qualify as different for the following reasons...

Bella is the one that is a very gifted vampire in a world where feeding on animals is preposterous. Yes…humans will die…often.

Yes, Edward is the human one in this fic.

NO there will be no issues about a Jacob or a Tanya trying to steal the heart of either player...its been done far too much and I am really burned out on that shit.

There will be no babies or kids.

Who all in it remains to be seen...I may even pair up a different couple because I am tired of the same ones as well. I am also burned out on a hyper Alice so she may not even be in warned.

This fic will contain violence, possessive and obsessive control over another, kidnapping and held against one's will

(at first anyway), angst, blood, bloodlust and some seriously kinky fucking sex.

There will be no rape.

There will be some drug use but its still not determined if it will be consentual or not. I am still working out details as it comes into my head.

This Bella is definitely not a meek little sweet Bella as you can tell from the first chapter. She will stay constant but some traits will change slightly as the story progresses.

What will Edward's character be like? You just have to wait and see if you can figure him out for yourself.

Because I won't give clues or disclose anything about the broody teenager except that he is broody to start but he won't remain that way. I am keeping my options open...but I hate a broody he won't be that way for long.

These are my warnings.

This is my plan for the story.

It won't be all smut so be aware of that ahead of time as well, but the smut that will be in here will be downright dirty and if you don't think I cant get much dirtier than I have in the past...try me.

Please, let me know what you think and I want to know!

Thank you!


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