Stealing Edward's Innocence

Chapter Four


I pull off the main highway and head down the dirt road engaging my 4x4 for the rugged terrain I have to go through. The drive is bumpy and I know he should be awake after all this bouncing around. I couldn't risk that happening so he will remain out for a while.

I finally come to a stop, check to make sure Edward is really still under a deeper than usual sleep since it was such a long drive, I take off to hunt before spending any time with him, hitting the furthest away camp ground.

Several groups of campers are nestled and tucked in their tents since it is so early in the morning. It only takes me a moment to locate one with a single heartbeat that is staked up a few feet away from the others.

I slice through the side of the tent with my nail tearing the material, reach in grab my intended victim, and run with them.

Once I am far enough away I toss them off my shoulder and he hits the ground with a loud thud and I smile at him coquettishly.

A healthy male with a well-toned body in shape would never present a challenge, but he seems to want to test his strength today. The last day of his life. I smile wickedly as he curses at me, asking me what in the hell I am.

I circle him and move towards him tearing his shirt off and tossing it aside so fast the speed stuns him. I lick my lips as the one tiny little nick I caused right over his left nipple drips one scintillating drop of blood into a drop that runs down over his skin.

His blood is flooded with his pathetic pheromone of thinking he is sexy when he is anything but. His adrenalin is flowing and a hint of fear fills my nostrils.

"Hmm….Great abs. If I didn't have someone waiting I wouldn't mind watching them flex while you thrust. Too bad, so sad…I just needed a snack." I an in front of him in seconds, grab his hair yank his head back. The bones in the neck snap…one, two, three.

Popping as they do.

Huh...maybe I pulled back too hard. I sink my teeth into the hot flesh and my thoughts fill with bronze locks and gorgeous reflective green eyes.

I draw in the hot bland flavored blood and drain him completely. I pull back, wipe my mouth of the evidence. My thoughts are all of Edward. I take off running back to the car and toss the body near the den of a bear.

Animal attack. No questions, no follow up.

Edward is still out cold and I hop in now sated and head for the meadow. I am going to spend time with him. He wanted to be outside. I cannot wait.

/|\ */|\ */|\ */|\ */|\ *

Edward is beautiful in the sunlight. His beauty is like sparkling diamonds on the waves of a choppy sea. Little glints of light blonde wisp out of those long bronzed locks glinting in the sunlight beautifully. Just the tips of his hair though, a complete contrast to the darkened locks closer to his head.

When he finally wakes up, he rolls over and looks at me. His state of mind is a little confused as he takes in the surroundings. He is groggy. Naturally drugs do that to humans.

Motherfucking breathtaking!

"You wait till I am asleep after you drug me, and then you take me somewhere?" He grumbles wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

I quirk my brow at him. "Can't let you figure out where you are." I shrug.

"Besides…you said you wanted out. So you are out. Fresh air and all of that." I wave my hand around to gesture where we are.

He looks around the large open expanse of the green, purple, and white covered field we lie in with the circle of trees that tower over us letting in little sunlight but just enough to bask in it.

He leans up on his elbow and quirks his brow at me again.


"Couldn't you have at least let me wear clothes?"

I thought about it for a moment and shook my head. "No not really…not when nothing would be so much more comfortable." I smile a cheesy pervy grin.

His breath hitched and I laughed. Threw my head back and laughed.

"Yeah?" He smirked.

He looked down to the black boxers he was still in, fell back on his back again looking up through the tall trees above. His hair was a mess…a beautiful fucking mess.

"I am missing class you know." He says quietly.

"Your smart you don't need it." I state.

He rolls his eyes. "Yes I sorta do." He grumbles then turns to me sitting up now drawing his legs into his chest and wrapping his arms around his knees.

"What are you?" he asks.

"I am Isabella. But I prefer Bella."

"No, that is not what I mean. I mean I know you are not human…so what are you?"

I tilt my head and smirk. "I want to hear your theory." I state.

"Come on. I have already been over this in my head a thousand times. I know Jasper is different. But Jasper is cool, he don't fucking kidnap me or anyone else."

I look at him with a shitty half smirk on my face.

"You sure about that?" I challenge.

"Yeah pretty damn sure. I ain't ever been to his place where he has hostages tied up to a bed. And he sure as hell don't have electrically charged windows!" he snaps.

"No charged windows…yeah I will give you that but don't be so convinced on him not kidnapping anyone." I push a limit stating out loud.

"He didn't tell you a thing?" I ask.

Edward stares at me with the most intense stare I had ever seen anyone give. His eyes were so locked and focused. He got up slow like a jungle cat and his fists pushed into the green thick blades of grass as he slowly crawled towards me on his knees. I watched the muscles flex in his arms as he alternated one hand then the other. He stops right in front of me.

Shirtless, bare-chested, nearly naked, with biceps flexed, straining holding up his weight. His face only inches now from mine, his green eyes darken and he moves closer and his face is right here.

Inches from only mine. "Please." He whispers.

I gasp and slide back away from him. "Stop." I demand before he does it again. He doesn't heed the warning.

He whispers softly. "I just wanna try one thing." In addition, it did not go unnoticed his knee shifted him one-step closer again.

His hand came up and he brushed the back of it over my cheek. I cannot believe I let him touch me just yet.

Humans don't touch vampires.

"Icy." He stares at me and I would swear I could see and feel some strange longing gazing into those dark green eyes of his. He murmurs something unintelligible and sighs and sits back on his heels.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

A small smile graces his lips and he cannot seem to meet my eyes now. His face floods with color and he literally fucking blushes right here in front of me.

My throat is on fire as he says… "You …are icy hot!" He smiles back down as if to himself too embarrassed to look at me.

"Icy hot?" I repeat his words and start to giggle.

Then like the speed of light, he somehow managed to get me to lie back and he is straddled over me. I am under him. His nose pressed right there against mine. Tip to tip.

"Yeah…icy motherfucking sinfully hot." He breathes out. His breath is like the sweetest scent. My throat is incinerated.

His nose brushes over my cheek and his lips are right there next to my ear and he whispers in my ear, "What are you?" he asks in a sexy breathy whispered voice. I melt.

"I told you…Bella." I try to feign my answer my tone is breathy as I blow my breath against his throat. His nose still there nuzzling into my hair.

"Icy you want me?" His words seductively pour out of his mouth and has me nearly dizzy with want for him.

"Let me go and you can have me." He breathes into my ear that sweet hot breath of his and he exuding scents that have my mouth flooding with venom.

I reach up and grip him around the hips, flip him over and lay him back gently in the grass, now hovering over him and I press the lower half of my body into his hard erect cock that is only covered by black cotton.

I know he is playing a game. I am not stupid. I certainly wasn't born yesterday. I hover over him letting my burgundy eyes burn into those intense green ones of his.

"Silly Edward…I already have you baby…and I am never letting you go."

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Yes…we are nearing the end of Shhhhh….and so SEI is starting to flourish…and I am about ready to say goodbye to my beloved purrward….sobs… I am going to miss him…but this Edward is going to be loved just as much I am sure as my beloved Purrward is…

He is sexy isn't he? Trying to be all sly and slick and teasing and still just a little boy trapped in a mans body…

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