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It was the climax of what would one day be known as the First Wizarding War. Voldemort was at the height of his power, and although his goal was to crush out all hope and love, there were still those who fought, who loved, and who believed they would win. Voldemort fought to take over and enslave the wizarding world, but there was one force that would not let him win. The Order of the Phoenix was a group of witches and wizards who refused to step back and let Voldemort have his way. These people, who despite the dread and misery they were fighting against, refused to give up and continued to do the things that didn't seem responsible for people fighting in a war.

They fell in love, got married and started families.

When you're fighting in a war, it doesn't seem practical to do something like have a baby, but building up that next generation and pouring all of your love and strength into them becomes what you're fighting for.

The first couple in the Order to further their love through a child was the Longbottoms. Alice and Frank brought a wonderful boy they named Neville into the world on the 30th of July. This cute and pudgy little baby was well loved by his brave and courageous parents.

The following day on the 31st, the second baby of the Order was born to the Potter family. Lily and James named their beautiful son Harry. He had his father's looks and his mother's eyes. If the baby had come a day later his sorrowful fate would perhaps have been passed to the Longbottom's son.

Two weeks later in the middle of august, one of the least likely members of the Order became a father. Sirius Black looked lovingly into the eyes of his daughter as he held her tight in his arms. His little Mia Bell. He sat on the edge of his sleeping wife's bed and rocked their daughter. He whispered promises to always love her and to always put her wellbeing first. He stood up and carried his daughter to the hallway to introduce her new family. This family was not comprised of any blood relatives, but they were closer than and family, and their love was stronger than anything Sirius had ever received from his own blood.

"Guys! I would like you to meet my daughter, Amelia Michelle Black!" Sirius smiled a large wolfish grin as he handed his daughter to her God Father. "Remus, I'm counting on you to teach her to be a responsible adult while James and I teach her to have fun!"

"Oh Sirius," Remus Lupin, honored at the title of Godfather, cooed at the small baby in his arms. "How on earth did you ever sire such a beautiful child?"

James Potter jabbed Sirius in the ribs with his elbow. "Good thing it looks like she takes after Cassy!" The last statement was clearly a falsehood, but James stated it anyways as he looked down into the face of the new baby. Amelia Michelle was clearly her father's daughter. With her striking black peach fuzz and her light complexion, it was rather evident the only feature she kept of her mothers was her piercing blue eyes.

Lupin picked up a little stuffed grey wolf and snuggled it next to the baby in his arms. "So you always remember which of your uncles loves you most."

"Well, that's not fair! If I had known this was a competition I would've bought her a rat!" The short watery eyed wizard peered over the blankets to look at the little baby.

"Please Pettigrew, who wants their daughter to carry around a rat stuffed animal!" James laughed at his short friend.

"James! Be nice." Lily elbowed her husband in the side as she scooted closer to look at the little baby and wolf. Her own little sleeping two week old boy in her arms not even stirring at her movements. "Aw, Remus, it's an adorable wolf. I think it's perfect!"

"Yeah it's her bear from Uncle Moony. It's her Moony Bear! Perfect!" Sirius Laughed excitedly at his own wit.

Lupin looked disapprovingly at his best friend. "Sirius it's a wolf not a bear."

"To late! Moony Bear it is. It's perfect." Lupin growled. Lupin handed his Goddaughter back to her father and all the well wishers said their last congratulations and allowed the proud dad to head back to his resting wife. Sirius walked back into his wife's room taking his eyes off of his daughter just long enough to see his wife Cassandra Black waking up. She smiled sweetly at him and reached out her hand. He took it and sat back down on the edge of her bed. Cassandra Black - (nee Montgomery) had never been a very strong woman. Not to say she wasn't brave and courageous, for although she was a Ravenclaw, she was a bold and confident woman, but her constitution wasn't as strong as her classmates. She was often sick as a child, growing up with her muggle parents she didn't have the perks of the wizarding healthcare system to make her stronger. When she received her Hogwarts letter, her parents were worried for her health, sending her off to a boarding school for nine months out of the year. But in hindsight sending her to Hogwarts was the safest thing for the young Cassandra. Although she still became sick thought her school years, living within the walls of Hogwarts, Cassandra was safe from the muggle hating Death Eaters who attacked and killed her family during her fifth year.

That was also the year Cassandra found comfort from her grief in the arms of Sirius Black. In school Sirius and his friends the Marauders were pranksters, and Sirius was the biggest clown of them all. Before the year her parents died, Cassandra hated everything to do with the Marauders. She was a bit of a goodie-good and didn't like their immature ways.

The day after she found out about her parents' deaths, Sirius found her crying in a corridor next to a statue of a one-eyed witch. After awkwardly staring at her for a few minutes trying to decide what to do, he pushed away the fifteen year old boy in his mind telling him to run away and wrapped his arms around her and held her until she stopped crying. And then he did the most amazing thing she could have imagined. He made her laugh.

From that day Cassandra and Sirius were inseparable. She joined the Order and although she wasn't physically strong, she was a brilliant witch and added much to the fight against Voldemort. Not long after they graduated, they were married, and soon Cassandra was pregnant. Alice, Lily and Casey were the three pregnant order members and if it wasn't obvious in their school years that Cassandra didn't have a strong constitution, it became clearly evident in her pregnancy. Pregnancy made Lily and Alice glow, but the severe morning sickness and fatigue made Cassandra thin and pale.

Now that she'd given birth, it was Sirius's greatest hope his beloved wife's health would pick up, even if it meant he had to spend the next few months living for her every beck and call. Sirius gently stroked his wife's forehead as she drifted back to sleep. Little did he know rest was going to become even more scarce for the new family.

A year later of attacks and battles found the Order members tired and scared. Most of them had families to protect from vengeful Death Eaters. It had been decided some members would go into hiding. The Potters due to a prophecy were one of the first. They named Sirius as secret keeper and entered into hiding. A few days before Halloween found Sirius planning to put his own family into hiding. He'd met with the Potters and made James his family's secret keeper while convincing them to make Peter Pettigrew, one of the original Marauders their secret keeper instead of Sirius.

That Halloween night Sirius got the worst news he could imagine. A stag patronus rushed into his house while he sat on the couch playing with baby Amelia Michelle. The stag opened his mouth and the frightened voice of James Potter came tumbling out speaking only two words.

"He's here!"

Voldemort found the Potters and Lily and James were in trouble. Sirius stood up and handed his oblivious baby to his wife and disapparated on the spot appearing outside of Godric's Hollow. What he saw shocked him to the core. The house was in pieces, the roof was gone and one whole side of the house was missing. He ran into the wreckage and found the dead body of James in the living room. He stood frozen in fear unable to move. Finally, the crying of a baby broke through his shock and he ran up the broken steps to the second floor. There he saw Lily lying dead in front of the crib with baby Harry crying his head off. A cut on his forehead shaped like a lightning bolt bled slightly. Sirius sprang into action and picked up the baby trying to comfort him as he carried him from the wreckage. He stood in the street at a loss for what to do. It was dangerous to apparate with a baby that young. So he went over to the Potters now buried garage and using his wand attempted to dig out his old flying motorbike he'd loaned to James. Between the collapsing house and the crying baby in his arms, it took him a few minutes to dig it out. Just then a man three time the size of a normal man came running down the road towards the wreckage.

"Oh! Sirius! I can't believe-" The giant man let out a wail and large tears fell from his face. "Lily and James! It ain't fair! It can't be!" Sirius didn't know what to say. He didn't trust himself to speak without crying, and Harry needed someone to be strong for him. The giant managed to get a few more words out in-between gasps. "Dumbledore told me what happened. Told me t' floo down and retrieve the boy! Oh it just ain't fair! Poor Harry!"

"Here, Hagrid," Sirius handed the boy to the giant. He knew Harry would be safe wherever Dumbledore planned to take him, and at the moment Sirius needed to be free to hunt down the man responsible for his friend's death. There would be time to retrieve his Godson after he had his revenge on Pettigrew. "Take my motorbike and promise to keep Harry safe. I won't be needing it anymore."

Hagrid wailed even louder and scooped Sirius up into a big hug as Sirius protected Harry from being squished in the large mans arms. Placing Sirius back on the ground Hagrid gingerly pulled the small child into his arms and muttered a few illegible words through his tears and wails. He climbed onto the motorbike and flew into the sky. Sirius stood in the street watching the tail lights of his motorbike as Hagrid took the small child away.

Sirius knew what he needed to do. He needed to hunt down Pettigrew. If he didn't prove the Potters had switched secret keeper than Sirius would be blamed for betraying them to their death and he would be sent away to Azkaban. He couldn't do that to his wife and daughter. Deciding where he would go he apparated on the spot to begin his search.

After searching for most of the night he returned home to check on his family. No doubt Cassandra would be furious with him not telling her exactly where he went off to. Arriving in front of the warm country house he called home, he noticed the front door was wide open. Fear froze him in the spot.

He ran inside and found his wife lying in her chair dead with his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange standing over her holding his daughter in her hand like she was something gross. Amelia Michelle was a brave baby. She wasn't easily frightened and loved to be thrown up into the air, knowing every time she fell back to earth someone would always catch her. She may have only been a year old but she was a good judge of character. She may not have been scared of this crazy eyed woman holding her up but she certainly was not happy about the arrangement.

"Sirius! My dear cousin! I see your secret keeper died. How sad for you!"

"Give me my daughter now, Bellatrix." Sirius's voice was shaking with anger and the look in his eyes said murder. His wand was in his hand pointed at his cousin.

Bellatrix smiled and giggled perversely. "Now why would I do that? You, my disgraceful cousin, tainted our family line by procreating with that filthy mudblood. I'm simply trying to clean up the mess!" She pointed her wand at the very grumpy baby and began speaking a curse. "Ava-"

Before she knew what was happening Sirius had shot her with a leg locker hex and levitated his daughter across the room. He used all his Quidditch skills and caught his daughter while firing hex after hex at Bellatrix. She fought back savagely and after almost hitting her with a rather strong stunning curse Bellatrix decided to cut her losses. She made a rude gesture disapparated away.

Sirius stood in his living room in complete shock. He'd saved his daughter but his wife was dead. He knew if he stopped to think he would break down. So instead he walked swiftly to the fireplace, baby in arm, threw in some floo powder and disappeared in a wave of emerald flames.

Remus Lupin paced back and forth in his living room. He'd just heard the news and couldn't believe it! How could Sirius do such a thing? How could he betray Lily and James! How could they be dead?

His fire place lit up in a wave of emerald flames and to his utter shock, out walked Sirius Black holding a laughing Amelia Michelle. His little goddaughter always did love to floo. The look on Sirius face was one of both anguish and fury. Remus didn't understand. Why was Sirius here? Did he think Remus wouldn't turn him in for the betrayal of two of their best friends?

Before Remus had a chance to open his mouth or even raise his wand. Sirius was across the room and placed baby Amelia Michelle into his hands. With a look of utter sadness Sirius said three words and disappeared in a turn on the spot. "Keep her safe."

The next few weeks were a mess of utter confusion and grief. Remus spent his time learning how to take care of a baby. He was glad Amelia Michelle was such a strong baby. His little Mia Bell. Mia loved her uncle Remus and didn't cry for her mommy and daddy. Sometimes at night she would get a little fussy, but all he had to do was grab her Moony Bear (a small stuffed wolf Remus had given her when she was born) and sing her night night song, invented by her mommy and she would fall right to sleep. Remus would sit next to her bed while watching her sleep. Sirius how could you do this. How could you leave her?

The day after Halloween had been a day of celebration for the whole wizarding world. Voldemort was dead. It came out a few days later Sirius Black had caught up to Peter Pettegrew and killed him and a street full of muggles before being arrested and sent off to Azkaban. This made no sense to Lupin. Why did Sirius betray Lily and James, seek out Peter and killed him, but leave Lupin, alive? Lupin heard about the murder of Cassie. It didn't make any sense. Of course if Sirius had been a secret Death Eater this whole time like the media was suggesting. Falling in love with a muggle born i was a very shocking event. Unless of course the whole relationship had been a scam to make Sirius seem more trustworthy.

No! That couldn't be true. This was Sirius. The man who'd been Remus' best friend since he was Eleven! Even when it came out Remus was a werewolf, most men would disown him on the spot! But not Sirius and James. Sirius had been the one to suggest him and James become Animagus for him. That's right, Sirius Black, the boy-who-never-did-his-homework had suggested committing to the several year long practice of study and work that it would take to become an animagus. Just for Remus. He knew Sirius, at least he thought he did. But still, there was no way he'd been faking his love for Cassy. Perhaps one of his fellow Death Eaters killed her. Maybe Voldemort knew his most loyal follower loved the muggle born so he ordered someone to end her so Sirius would be more focused. That made sense. And that's why he dropped Mia Bell off with him. Death Eater or no Death Eater. Sirius loved his daughter and wanted her safe. And that was exactly what Remus was going to do. Or so he thought.

Two weeks. Two weeks was all the time they had together. Two weeks for the Ministry of Magic to sort through all the chaos that came with the fall of the Dark Lord before they remembered about the survival of Amelia Michelle Black. When the ministry remembered the daughter of one of The Dark Lord's most trusted servants was still alive and in the care of a werewolf, they immediately took action. So many of the werewolves had taken the side of Voldemort in the war, they didn't want to leave the girl in the hands of a man who'd raise her up in the ways of her father. It didn't matter if Lupin had been a member of the Order of the Phoenix and that Albus Dumbledore himself vouched for him.

They wouldn't allow it.

Two weeks after the death of the Potters and Cassandra Black, a witch from the ministry arrived on the doorstep with a roll of parchment and two Aurors. Remus answered the door with a baby bib thrown over one arm, a small jar of pulverized yams in hand and an impatient baby in the background winning for the rest of her lunch. To say he was surprised would be an understatement.

After a very heated argument where an auror got a face full of yams, Remus flooed off to Hogwarts in search of Dumbledore and the ministry official left with Baby Mia. There was nothing to be done. Dumbledore already fought for Remus' guardianship. Now it was left up to a committee at the Ministry.

Lupin attended every hearing trying to persuade the committee to give him back his little girl but a week later, the morning after the next fool moon when a tired and ragged Remus entered the courtroom, the committee was decided. The Black child would not be going home with the werewolf. It took a few more meetings before a suitable home could be found. In the wizarding world of England, there was only one orphanage, usually, with such extensive family lines, there was always at least one family member to take in an orphaned child. But in Amelia Michelle's case, all her family were either convicted Death Eaters or dead. The only living relatives she had, not previously occupied were the Malfoys and the Tonks. The Malfoy family refused on the spot to take in the half muggleborn child, but Ted and Andromeda Tonks seriously considered taking her in.

Andromeda was Sirius' cousin and loved him like a brother. He was the only other member of their family who refused to follow in the Blood Purist mentality. Or so she thought. Andromeda herself married a muggleborn wizard and they had a daughter a few years older than Amelia Michelle. They were going to take the girl in, but the day before they told the ministry, Andromeda's sister, Bellatrix, decided to pay them a house call. She hexed Ted and tried to go after their daughter Nymphadora but Andromeda managed to fight her off. It was then they decided perhaps Amelia Michelle would be safer among strangers rather than her own messed up family. It was a coward's excuse, but even with Voldemort gone it was still a fearful time for the family.

Finally, it was decided. The Black daughter would be sent to the orphanage. They began to make the arrangements when the unthinkable happened. The wizarding orphanage refused to take her. They didn't want to put the other children at risk (or themselves) by letting in the daughter of one of the most feared Death Eaters. Finally fed up, the ministry's committee decided it would be for the best to take her to a muggle orphanage. There were far more of those in the area and surely the girl would have much better odds growing up in a world where no one knew of her dreaded heritage.

Remus tried with all his might to stop their decision. Surely the girl would be in better hands with him, her Godfather who loved her, rather than with a bunch of muggles! But nothing could be done.

A month after the death of her mother and the unknown wrongful imprisonment of her father. Amelia Michelle Black was placed on the doorstep of a muggle orphanage by a ministry witch. Wrapped in a blanket and placed in a basket, the young girl slept and waited to be discovered. The only identifying thing on her was a tag that read, Amelia Michelle.