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CH 37

Mia made sandwiches for the three men in her life while chatting with Gabe. She piled the beef sandwiches full of as many green veggies as she could find in the small market then her and Gabe brought them out to Remus and Sirius with a few large glasses of pumpkin juice. As they passed out the veggie laden sandwiches Remus gave a pleasant thank you and Sirius just glared at the green crowding out his beef with disdain, but he took the plate from Gabe all the same but not without a word. "You know I've been meaning to thank you for the rabbit." Gabe had been turning to sit on the couch to eat his own sandwich but froze, his tush inches off the couch, at Sirius' words. Mia, about to take her first bite of her own sandwich froze in the same moment. The two teens gave each other a horrified look and then in the same movement looked at Sirius. Sirius was smiling smugly at his sandwich as he picked the baby spinach and bell pepper off. Remus was simply sipping his pumpkin juice and reading his book.

Gabe recovering his cool sat down next to Mia casually. His voice only cracking once to betray his panic. "Sorry Mr. Black, what rabbit do you mean Sir?"

"Oh just the one you caught for me in the Forbidden forest last term." Sirius didn't even look up, seeming preoccupied as he picked a slice of cucumber off of his sandwich before taking a big bite.

Remus looked up at this comment and watched the exchange.

"I've... Never been into the Forest..." Gabe tried to deny the comment but then he caught Remus' quizzical comment and he fell silent caught in his lie.

Sirius continued. "Don't get me wrong, it's rather impressive. Being an animagus in only your third year. It took James and I till our fifth year, mind you we didn't get the idea until our third year." Sirius took another big bite out of his sandwich and spoke through the bread, meat and cheese. "My only question is who the tiger with you is." Mia's eyes popped and she blushed. Sirius glanced at the couch holding the two teens. "That's what I thought." Sirius went back to eating his sandwich with a very smug look on his face.

"What exactly did we just decide upon?" Remus hadn't followed the conversation as clearly as the other two occupants of the room.

"The kids became Animagi, Mooney, I'm surprised you hadn't noticed seeing as how you keep saying you have been looking after them over the last year." Sirius took a bite and grinned widely as he chewed, his eyes glistening with the memories of his own rule breaking and adventures.

Mia's head bent down in shame snapped up in a moment when Remus erupted out of his chair. "WHAT! Do you two have any idea how dangerous that is? How reckless, and insane, not to mention ILLEGAL! Time and time again we have talked about honesty and openness and then you just turn around and do something so blatantly insane as risking your life to become an animagus and then what? Run around the forbidden forest having the time of your life, once again risking your life while a serial killer was on the loose!"


"Yes Padfoot I know you weren't really a killer but that's not really the point. The point is I thought we had trust! I thought you respected your self enough not to try to kill yourself being reckless again." At this Remus fell silent and sat back down placing his head in his hands."

Mia didn't know how to respond at first. And then all at once she knew exactly how she felt and it was her turn to stand from her seat and yell. "Trust? You want to talk about trust? I am currently living in a house with two absolute strangers, one who abandoned me when I was a year old so he could go off and settle some revenge then got himself locked up in jail. And one who spent eleven years being a mysterious yearly present that reminded me that even though I was all alone, at least one person was aware I was alone even if they weren't gonna do anything about it. And then lied to my face about who he really was when we finally met until I figured it out and confronted him. But no, keep being two grown man children, don't learn to cook, don't plan anything for your future, don't set any goals, keep sleeping all day then drinking fire whiskey as soon as the sun sets till you pass out and wake up screaming because any healer can tell you fire whiskey only makes night terrors worst and don't eat your veggies and stay malnourished so you die young and leave me again faster!" Mia's eyes were ice blue and rimmed with tears, the last part of her speech was directed solely at her father and through her rage she felt somewhat satisfied finally speaking out the things she had been thinking in the back of her mind.

Mia let out a frustrated strangled scream and ran from the room and out the back door, tears streaming down her face. The men sat in silence for a moment staring at the empty door frame. Gabe was the first to snap to it. "I should go." And he rushed to the back door of the house to see a white and black striped cat streaking into the small grove of trees on the edge of the property. A chocolate brown wolf shortly followed the tiger into the wood, sniffing out her trail. They spent the rest of the afternoon in the forest and it wasn't long before Gabe had Mia laughing about something stupid and unimportant.

The sun was near setting when the two teens wandered back into the house, Gabe saying goodnight to Remus, the only one in the room, before he used the floo to return home. When he was gone Remus stood from his chair. "Mia, I-"

Mia cut him off. "No, I'm sorry I was wrong. I'm tired and am just gonna go to bed." Remus nodded sadly as Mia sprinted up the stairs.

The next few days passed slowly. Remus and Sirius did a fantastic job of pretending like the fight never happened. Mia taking their lead, pretended as though nothing was wrong and nothing was bothering her and so forth set the mood for the relationship between the teenage girl and the grown men. Gabe continued to come visit often, whenever Sirius didn't seem too testy about a teenage boy being his daughter's best friend, though he continued to casually walk into any room they were alone in for any extended amount of time, finding random reasons to be there. Gabe stayed true to his word and resisted any of Sirius' sideways comments towards him, always addressing him with a respectable "Mr. Black." If Gabe noticed every time he did so that Sirius' left eye twitched, he didn't make it known till one day Sirius broke out over his chicken and untouched broccoli "OK! Thats enough. Mr. Black was a cruel bastard of a father. Please call me Sirius already." Remus chuckled from behind his book, and Gabe hid an evil gleam in his eyes by taking a big bite of steamed broccoli and complementing Mia on her cooking.

One afternoon the fire flared green and outburst an exuberant brown man shouting his delight. "WE GOT THEM! Mia we got them! It's happening! WE'RE GOING!" Gabe picked Mia up and spun her around, putting her down suddenly at Sirius' growl, but then perking back up, he started doing weird dance moves chanting 'we're going' over and over again in different tones and voices. Eventually he tired himself out and flopped onto the couch, snatching a sprig of asparagus off of Sirius plate knowing the man would never eat it.

Once he seemed calmed down enough Mia asked exactly where they were going. This set Gabe off again. "WE'RE GOING TO THE QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP!" Then he paused dramatically. Sirius perked up immediately but Mia just let out a casual 'oh' and Gabe exploded. "OH? No Mia, trust me, this is the event of a lifetime! Even you will love it. Witches and Wizards from all over the world, celebratory bonfires, trust me its gonna be amazing. My dad being an ambassador pulled a string and got us seats in the top box for our family and I asked him if you could come when I heard he was looking into tickets and oh!" He turned to Sirius, "My mom it turns out has a big conference that day and my dad said the other ticket was for you if you wanted it."

Sirius got a look in his eyes that for a moment made Mia think everything would be ok between him and Gabe. The look passed quickly but the two spent the rest of the evening talking about the different teams and their stats. Mia found a book on magical genome mutation and settled in.

In her free time Mia kept working on her newest potions project.

Mia lightly sprinkled the snail shell into the simmering cauldron and bent close to watch the potion turn to a sharp black. As the small bits of finely crushed shell fell into the potion every point they touched on the cauldron bubbled sharply and then in a ripple like effect a brilliant red color began to spread. "No." Mia looked with shock onto her potion as the red became sharper, an almost neon poison red and the liquid in the cauldron began to bubble fiercely. The edges of the potion that were touching the cauldron began to hiss and fizz venomously. "No, no no no no no no!" Mia realized with absolute dread that the potion was eating through her cauldron. She had no idea what to do as streams of thin black smoke that smelt horribly of rotting cabbage began to poor ominously from invisible weak spots on the outside of the cauldron. What could Mia do? She hadn't been expecting this result, anything she could try could make a potion in this state explode and with the ingredients she had used the contents would likely prove fatal at this stage. She reached for her wand, NO! That could get her expelled, should she scream for Remus? As a tiny spot on the side of her cauldron suddenly turned red as though the contents were about to break through, Mia closed her eyes tight bent down and blew out the flame with all her might. The result was immediate. The potion immediately congealed and darkened, drying out with lightning speed on inside of the cauldron. After a moment with no poison liquid pouring out, she cautiously lifted her head.

Mia peered tragically into her cauldron. The potion had become hard and dry in the bottom of her cauldron. It looked like a deep red lava rock formed in the bottom of her cauldron. Mia cautiously touched her hand to the outside bottom of the cauldron and was shocked to feel that it was cold to the touch. Mia sighed deeply to herself and picked up her notebook, and diligently wrote down everything she had observed after she had dropped in the shell. By her notes she hadn't done anything wrong, but the evidence in front of her told her there was a reaction that had gone un predicted by her.

How could she have gotten it wrong? Yes of course this was incredibly advanced and experimental potions making, but Mia had never, not even once, failed to get the result she had desired from a potion she had brewed or invented. Well unless you counted the color changing potion she had used on Gabe and the fact that his arm hair hadn't changed. But that had been nearly a year and a half ago and Mia had learned so much since then, and even then the potion had still done what she had wanted it to.

Mia dropped her arms in defeat, the notebook in her hand hanging by her side. She didn't know what to do now. She didn't have enough ingredients to try again. She turned from her mess on the table and decided she needed to take a shower. The smell of rot was still strong in her nose.

Mia emerged from the cellar and walked through the kitchen and into the family room past where Remus and her father were doing their daily activity of reading and snoozing. Mia walked straight for the door that would lead her to the staircase and to her room but before she had gotten halfway through the room. "Oh bloody hell! What is that god awful smell?"

"I'm going to take a shower." Mia ignored the words of her father and Remus' quizzical stare. She had absolutely no desire to tell her father or her surrogate father that she had failed horribly at what she was attempting. Especially since then she would have to explain what she was attempting to make, and so she left the room just as quickly as she had entered and went to remove the horrible smell from her hair.

When Mia returned downstairs, clean and fresh Remus looked up at her with sympathy. I vanished that mess in the lab for you, there was no repairing the caldron but we can stop by Diagon Alley tomorrow for a new one."

"No it's pointless. I'm all out of potion ingredients and I don't even know what went wrong." She thought to herself for a moment. "I wonder if I sent an owl to Professor Snape if he would respond."

Sirius piped up at this. "Hey what could you ever get from Snivellus that you can't get from us?"

Remus shrugged, "Accurate potions expertise."

"Grease stains." Sirius muttered. "But truly love, if you need anything for potions, you get it. We have the money. There's no reason to be frugal especially if you love it."

Mia muttered her thanks when there was a knock at the front door. Excluding Gabe and the occasional muggle girl selling cookies they didn't often get visitors. Mia stood up to answer the door and Sirius called after her to order more of the coconut ones. When she opened the door Mia was greeted with an upbeat "Wotcher! Is Sirius home?" She was surprised to see not a young muggle girl with an order form but an older one with a pale heart shaped face and bright pink hair.

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