Boo Radley

I see.

A lone astronomer in a sea of twinkling stars.

They are their own.

I see, but am not.

Their eyes are spotlights, burning me.

Yet, their light is captivating.

Picture me, hate me,

Reinvent me, bait me,

But please look at me.

Actually, no, don't burn me.

But let me admire you.

The sun shines for everyone, everyone except me.

Caught between the lure of two worlds

Lost in oblivion between stars



Praying for someone, anyone

To break the void and liberate me.

But the repression does not relent.

Am I suffocating?

Or am I drifting away into obscurity?

Pitch black and forlorn.

Will I ever see?

Perhaps, one day the sun will shine for me, too.

Gradually a duo shines through my shell

My world turns for the first time; their suns become my own.

I would die for my suns.

The sun does not select a person; the person creates their sun.

That is why we have stars.

Maybe I can become a star as well.


And dim.

But I will grow,

A star nonetheless.