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Chapter 1: Chance Encounter

Kami, sometimes I just want to run away, to disappear and never come back. I have this weight on my soul, my incomplete and foolish soul, that never seems to lift. Kami, what can I do besides fulfill my duty? How can I atone for the wrongs I have cast upon this world?

A piece of white fluttered through the air as a flash of yellow disappeared down a well. Paper fell downwards, cushioned by soft spring air, but caught in a small crack of wood.

The sun fell, and a burbling giggle split the air, followed by a squawk. It was a being of white that caught the small movement of swaying paper out of the corner of his eye. It was a pale hand, tipped with deadly claws, that extracted the paper, and it was golden eyes that scanned slightly different kanji.

The lined paper was tucked into a sleeve for later contemplation.

Words: 155