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When Ludwig woke up he found himself strapped down to a hospital bed with no noise but the various electrical beeps that came from the machines around him. In his groggy state of confusion he had almost forgotten what had happened to land him in this situation. The argument, the anger, and the overwhelming feeling of helplessness—it all came flooding back in whether he wanted to remember or not.

His whole life he had let his father tell him what to do, what he will become, and how he would live his life. He was to graduate at top of his class, go to law school, become a successful lawyer, find an attractive, high society woman, marry her, and have grandchildren that will grow up to carry on the Beilschmidt name. Ludwig never wanted that, but it was easier to just go along with his father's plan for a successful life, despite the tugging of his dreams on his heart.

Ludwig wanted first of all to be a pastry chef. Baking was a secret passion that no one knew of. He would have been very happy to be making middle class wage in his own shop just baking. Secondly, Ludwig was very much gay. As beautiful as any woman was, he would never feel the same attraction as he would to another man. Both of these notions were things his father would stamp down on coldly. Thus they were both the skeletons that were locked away in the closet no ever bothered to look in. As miserable as it would have made him (and was already) he was fully prepared to follow his father's plan. Or at least he was until Graduation.

"This is where our life begins," Arthur, the Valedictorian, had said. "Now is the time for us to go onto our path. No one can tell us what to do but us. We decide where to go and what to do. Now is the time for us to find who we are." Those words repeated themselves over and over in his head. That brainy Britain had a point. His father shouldn't decide what Ludwig's life was going to be like. That was for him to decide! And throughout the rest of the speech and the graduation ceremony all he could thing about was how he was going to tell his father about how he was going to control him anymore.

"Father, I have something to say to you." His whole body tingled. The situation felt so unreal. Was he really going to let one silly speech sway his thought process? … No this was necessary. It was now or never.

"What is it Ludwig?" he said without looking up from the newspaper he was reading. He turned to page as if to show he had better things to do. This just furthered Ludwig's stance.

"I want to be a baker."

Silence. For a moment all there was was the ticking of the grandfather clock in the background. Then his father let out a sigh.

"Ludwig, don't be ridiculous. We have a plan. You'll be lawyer and grow up rich and successful and carry on our family name. Now if that is all you have to say you can go." He said this as if he was a small boy jabbering about some cartoon he saw. Ludwig gritted his teeth and felt his fist clench.

"I'm not going to law school. I'm not going to be a lawyer. Father," he paused trying to think of a good way to continue. Buy this point his father had actually looked up from his papers to give him a hard stare. "Father, I have my own hopes and dreams. I know you want the best but-"

"But what? You think you know better than I do? What about all the time and money I've invested into persevering your future? Don't you care about what will happen to you? Do you want to be some nobody with a pathetic career that won't take you anywhere? Hopes and dreams don't mean anything Ludwig. Get rid of your idealism and see the reason. Now you'll go to law school as planed and years from now you'll back at this and laugh and see I was right."

And that was when all hell broke loose. The two argued back and forth for a good hour. In the end his father had successfully made Ludwig feel like a small, stupid boy before dismissing. All Ludwig could do was go to his room in turmoil. Once there he slammed his door and paced back and forth agitatedly for a few seconds before finding something to throw at the wall. So he finally told off his dad. Big whoop. He should feel great but he doesn't. He just feels worse than ever. Angry, trapped, miserable, hopeless. The moment was just too much.

And then that was when he grabbed his pocket knife from off the dresser and plunged it straight into his left wrist. It wasn't the first time he hurt himself, but it was never like this. Small nicks and burns but never the gaping, dripping gash that was in his arm now. It didn't take long for him to get woozy. Then he stumbled over and landed on the floor with a thud. The first thought he had when his vision began to fade to black was that he'd never get to be a baker. The second thought was how mad his father would be with him for ruining the wood floor.

Ludwig looked down at his left arm. He could see the thick bandages underneath the even thicker leather strap holding him down. He let his head fall back down to the pillow with an almost disappointed sounding thwump.

How was he ever going to get himself out of this one?