I'm sorry, but I simply cannot do this anymore. I know I said I wouldn't abandon, but I was being unrealistic. I have no drive for writing, and I'm not even in the Hetalia fandom anymore, I've moved on. I don't even use the site anymore to even read fanfiction.

Its been almost two years since I started this, and almost a year since the last chapter. Does anyone actually even care anymore? If not, I'm just going to delete. For those that do care, you can leave some story related questions in a review and I can post a Q&A final chapter if anyone wanted to know how it was going to play out, or just background character info. I'll leave that up until the end of the year and then delete the story.

I know it sucks when stories get abandoned, I really don't want to because of this, but I really can't pretend that I intend to pick this up in my spare time. That's why I'm leaving this notice.

EDIT: I am going to attempt to get somewhere with this story. My main problem is the speed, as the story is supposed to take place over a period of 2 months (8 weeks) and I spent 19 chapters on the first two. However, I think if I can finish the next chapter, then time skip about four weeks I'll be able to get to the second half of the story. I had a lot of plans for this part of the story, and this is the part where Feli's story arc really begins to move. If I can somehow turn out 4 or 5 chapters including the unfinished chapter 20, I might be able to become motivated enough to finish the story. If not, I'll post the Q&A.