Five years had gone by, and there Maeby was, staring at her reflection in the mirror of the Yacht's restroom. It was Michael Bluth's welcome home party, and by extension, George Michael's. A yacht just like this was where it had all started. Now she hadn't seen him in five years, and she didn't know how it was going to end.

George Michael sat in an armchair, the party buzzing around him. He tried to focus on his amazement that yachts had such comfy chairs and not how five years of separation were about to come to an end. He knew she was there. He knew she wasn't his cousin. And despite all he had tried to stop, he knew he still loved her.

Knowing enough time had passed that people would start to notice her absence, Maeby tugged on her dress and fixed her hair for the final time. She threw her shoulders back, lifted up her chin, and walked out into the party.

Her high heels clicked as she took each step. She scanned the room for a minute until she spotted George Michael, already staring at her, nervous. With feigned confidence she walked toward him, one deliberate click after another.

"George Michael."

He took in the sight of her, the hair, the shoes, the dress... that black dress. The past five years had been kind to her.

"Maeby." He hoped she hadn't heard his voice shake.

"It's been a while."


It was as awkward as it was expected to be. George Michael broke the silence.

"We should probably talk... or something."

They moved to a corner of the room with a couch rather than an armchair, but just as comfy, and more room for the two of them. They tentatively sat down. After the general sentiments of "So how have you been?" and "Oh, you know, fine," the reason they were both there in the first place finally came out.

"You know we're not actually cousins," they blurted out at the same time.

George Michael look down at the floor. "Yeah. I know. But do you still..."

"Do I still what?" Maeby probed.

"You know..." He couldn't bring himself to say it. "Still..."

"Yeah, let's cut the crap, George Michael." She grabbed his arm and wrapped it around her waist. "I had to wait five years for this. It's time we got to share a room again." And for the first time in a long while, he felt George Michael felt Maeby's lips against his.