Title: You Turn Me On

Author: CSM

Disclaimer: I Don't own Glee

Summary: Finn and Rachel just can't seem to get enough of each other.

You Turn Me On


She sits in choir room, her hands clenching her yellow dress tightly as she watches the boys minus Kurt and Artie rock out in front of her. She knows Finn mentioned earlier this weekend that he was going to help Puck with a glee performance, she should have expected them to do something like this, but she's torn between being greatly amused as Blaine and Mike dance with the microphone stands; deeply disturbed by the context of the song (She doesn't even want to begin to speculate who the unsuspecting teacher may be) or be completely turned on by the site of Finn drumming.

Oh who is she kidding? She only has eyes for the hot drummer and no one else. Even when she tries to be the proper co-captain and evaluate all her team members her gaze still falls back onto the drummer, her drummer. She watches as he beats the drumsticks against the drums with as much vigour as possible. His fingers clenching the wooden sticks tightly, his forearms tensing, his biceps muscles bulging and if she wasn't surrounded by her other teammates and it was just the two of them, Rachel would be fanning herself...okay if they were alone she'd be doing something else completely.

Rachel's entire face flames as her mind goes to a place it should not be heading to when she's sitting down in the choir room of all places. She shakes her head and tries to clear her thoughts; she then looks across at Finn, who sends her a knowing wink.

Damn him.

She sends him a mock glare, which only makes him grin wider, she huffs slightly turning her attention back to Puck who's now practically screaming into the microphone and her eyes widen in surprise and she stifles a giggle as she sees Mike and Blaine dancing with the microphone poles again, Blaine is swinging the pole and Mike is jumping over it and she's not really sure what's going on anymore. When her gaze reaches back to her boyfriend, she feels the heat rise in her body and settles right between her legs as she watches as he bites his lip, his eyes closed as he drums along to the song, his head banging in time with the beats. But her eyes are fixated on his lips and his teeth, and all she can think about is when he nibbles at her skin.

The sound of everyone clapping as the boys close brings her out of her thoughts and Rachel immediately begins to clap as Mr. Schue congratulates them. She also makes sure to points out the inappropriateness of Puck's song, because she remembers all too well her little incident of puppy love (or infatuation) she had with Mr. Schue, and its just not right, and complement her boyfriend on his awesome drumming.

Puck claims that it's all about his love for Van Halen, and she chooses to accept that because she has other things in mind that to worry about Puckerman being inappropriate with some unsuspected teacher. Just as everyone begins to clear out to the room she skips over to Finn who is still sitting at the drums, starting to dismantle it.

"Hey you." She says in greeting smiling across the drums at him.

"Hey, you ready to go?" He asks pocketing his drum sticks as he stands, letting Jeff one of the band members take over. Apparently those boys don't like anyone messing with their stuff, hence the reason Finn brought his own drumsticks from home.

Rachel nods linking her arm around his waist and smiles as he slips his arm on her shoulders, she waves to the boys as they leave and once they are outside and she makes sure the coast is clear, as well as that they are a good distance from the choir room door, she slips out of Finn's arm and smiles at his confused expression as she places both her hands on his chest pushing him forcefully against the wall and then getting on her tip toes and placing her lips firmly on his own.

It takes Finn all of two seconds to catch on and she smiles against his lips when his arms circle her hips, his hands resting right on the curve of her ass as he pulls her up slightly against him. She sighs against his mouth as he starts nibbling on her lower lip, his tongue soothing it right after. She moans against his lips as his tongue prods her slightly parted lips for entrance.

When their tongues brush against each other they both moan simultaneously as she brushes up against him feeling his arousal pressing against her lower stomach, just as he squeezes her ass

She pulls back slightly knowing they need to stop, but doesn't even bother to resist when Finn cups the back of her head pulling her back towards him. She indulges them for a few seconds before pulling back again. By now they are both gasping for breath, but that doesn't deter Finn in the slightest as he dips his head to meet hers and captures her lips in his own once again.

"We need to stop." She mutters between kisses, slightly breathless.

"You started it." He says with a slight whine as he finally released her lips but his hands remain firmly on her behind.

"That's actually your fault as well." She says sheepishly as she takes a step back, she yelps in surprise when Finn snakes his arm around her waist and pulls her flush against his body.

"You liked the drumming didn't you?" He asks smirking down at her.

Rachel huffs slightly as she tilts her head to look at him in the eye, "You know I did. I complemented you in glee."

Finn's smirk widen as he wiggles his eyebrows at her, his hand cupping her butt to pull her body up against him so that their hips align and they both moan softly. " You really liked the drumming."

Rachel narrows her eyes at him as she slaps his arm so that he places her back on the floor, "You don't play fair Mr. Hudson."

"I love you too babe."

Finn says easily leaning down to give her a kiss on the cheek as he begins to smooth out her hair, she didn't even realize his hands even made it in her hair when they were making out. She smiles up at him rubbing some of her lipstick off his lips, "Come on we have plans."

"We do?" Finn asks confused, when Rachel sends him a pointed look she giggles as he starts tugging her along the still deserted hallway, "Time to get you home then babe."

At the mention of her house Rachel frowns, "Finn we can't go to my house. Papa is home sick with the food poisoning. Besides I thought we were going to yourhouse anyway."

Finn pulls them to a stop and turns to look at her and if she didn't so desperately turned on right now she would have laughed at his crestfallen expression, "Burt's been working at home for the past few days with the campaign."

"Crap." Rachel says in frustration as they began walking towards the car park. This was not part of her plans.

"We can always go by the old savannah a little way outside of town?"

Rachel frowns at the thought, as she slips into his truck. Its been two weeks since she and Finn have become sexually active, and they have, as Finn so affectionately calls it, covered all the bases of their love making. She finally understood what Ms. Pillsbury told her all those years ago, and really what was she doing telling afourteen year old that in the first place?

Anyway Finn greatly enjoys her lack of gag reflex, and it turns out, not that she was not surprised, drumming isn't the only thing that Finn can do with his hands. Rachel cheeks flame as she thinks of a particular incident two days ago in her car. Completely inappropriate, but so so hot.

She jumps when she feels Finn's hand on her thigh, when she looks across at him he's grinning at her smugly, "Whatca thinkin bout there?"

Her cheeks redden which only encourages Finn more as he starts skimming his hand under her skirt, she looks across at him trying to look annoyed but failing miserably, "I don't like this cocky Finn."

She realizes belatedly she shouldn't have used that particular word, sure enough Finn just smiles at her, squeezing her bare thigh as he leans forward his hot breath against her lips as he speaks. "Don't lie. Rachel Berry isn't a liar."

She whimpers slightly as he closes the gap between their lips and immediately begins to suck on her bottom lip his teeth nipping at it, his hand that is still on her thigh slowly begins its ascending, disappearing under her long yellow dress.

She tugs at his hair as she deepens the kiss her tongue immediately wanting access and they kiss heatedly, it could be five minutes or five hours she has no idea she's lost in the feeling of Finn's tongue against her own, their heavy breathing echoing in the small confines of his truck. When Finn's hand reaches her upper thigh she automatically opens her legs, giving him more room to work with.

At the first feel of his fingers against the seam of her now soaked panties (who is she kidding she was turned on since the beginning of the boys performance, hence the reason things have escalated so quickly) she buckles her hips in response, not being able to contain her moan.

Finn pulls back his lips swollen as he looks at her in awe, his fingers still brushing lightly against her centre, teasing her, "You really did like the drumming."

"Yes. Yes." She groans out pathetically, buckling her hips against his fingers and squeezing his forearm between her legs, "Don't stop."

Finn smirks but then presses a single finger against the soft material of her panties as he presses a kiss right below her jaw line. The feeling of his tongue against her heated skin and his fingers now making soft circles against her cloth covered clit causes her to moan in appreciation, throwing her head back against the seat of the car, not even caring that she's hitting it against the glass window behind.

"Oh God Finn." She moans out, her hips raising off the seat, desperately needing more.

"Shh, baby you gotta be quiet." Finn whispers against her ear, kissing her lightly on the jaw.

Normally she would have put a stop to this kind of fooling around on school grounds, but she knows Finn's car is parked furthest away from the teacher's car park and the possibility of someone seeing them is slim to none.

Instead she moves to open her legs a little wider allowing Finn better access, she sighs as he pushes her panties to one side and she feels the tip of his finger run slowly against her wet folds. When he does that a few more times refuses to add more pressure she growls.

"Finn." She says gripping his forearm the bottom of her dress now gathered around his forearm, "If you don't do something soon. I think I will die."

Finn's only response is to chuckle and place a brief kiss on her lips, stopping his ministrations between her thighs, "Baby, you are such a drama queen."

"Finn." Rachel whines, buckling her hips wildly against his stilled hand.

She would have been embarrassed at her wanton behaviour if she wasn't so desperately needing some kind of release. When he finally slips his fingers between her wet folds her hips rise off the seat rocking against his hand, "More."

She grunts when she feels his finger slip out and replaced with two more fingers, "Oh."

She gasps as she clenches around his finger, moving her hips in time with him. Her hips rising off the seat with each thrust of his fingers, "Faster."

He adheres to her request, picking up his speed, his thumb ever so often brushing lightly against her clit. She places one of her feet on the dashboard, gasping at the change in angle of fingers moving deeper as she grips the upholstery. "Oh Finn."

Finn pressed his thumb against her clit as he as he continues to thrust his fingers, her hips moving in time with him, she can feel the heat rise deep within her, her toes curling, her breathing erratic, as her inner muscles clench around Finn's fingers.

"Let go baby." Finn whispers softly kissing the damp skin of her collar bone.

His thumb rubs lightly against her clit yet again and that along with his soothing sound of his voice is just the push she needs to send her over the edge and her entire body shakes, her inner muscles clenching repeatedly around Finn's fingers as she slowly comes off her high. She gasps slightly when Finn gentle eases his fingers out of her and smoothes down her dress over her thighs again.

"You okay?" He asks with concern placing a kiss on her forehead.

Rachel nods in response slowly opening her eyes to see Finn grinning down at her stupidly, "That was..."

"The hottest fucking thing ever." Finn supplies,

Rachel smiles sheepishly, despite the fact that they've obviously done this a few times, she still gets a little self conscious, especially when Finn speaks like that. Her cheeks flame but she sits up slightly pressing a firm kiss to his lips, "I was going to say amazing, but that will do."

"Hell yea."

Finn agrees excitedly, she giggles at his enthusiasm, sitting up so she can grab some of the tissues he has in the glove compartment, she quickly wipes his fingers for him, throwing the soiled napkins on the floor, making a mental note to pick it up later. She then smiles at him playfully as she scoots towards him, throwing her leg over his lap, so that she is now straddling him. She loops her hands behind his head and grins, rocking her hips slowly against his arousal.

"Now. This relationship is all about equality, so it's only fair that I return the favour."

Finn nods his head eagerly in agreement, which only makes her giggle, she scoots back onto his knees her hands going to the buckle of his belt, still trying to figure out the logistics of how she was going to pull this off, when the sound of Finn's phone rings through the silent car interrupts them.

"No!" Finn protests so much so that he slams his hand on the seat, he looks at her seriously, "Just ignore it."

Rachel rolls her eyes as an old 80s tune continues to blaring through the truck, "That's your mother's ringtone. You have to answer it."

"Why." Finn whines, Rachel shakes her head, slipping her hand into the front pocket of his jeans, pointedly ignoring his muttering about moving her hand a little to the left.

When he refuses to take the phone from her, she rolls her eyes about to move off his lap, but tuts when he keeps a firm grip on her waist. "Hello Mrs. Hummel."

"Finn's driving right now, that's why I answered his phone." She says pleasantly feeling slightly guilty for lying to his mother and ignoring her over dramatic boyfriend who currently has his head thrown back against the seat in despair.

"Oh we were just stopping for food, and the drive thru was backed up...We should be there to pick you up in about fifteen minutes."

Rachel slides off of Finn's lap throwing his phone on the seat of the car as she glares at him, " Did you forget to mention the fact that you have to pick up your mothertoday after her shift?"

"That's not till five, thrity...oh." Finn says in realization seeing the clock on the dashboard currently blinking 5:40 in bright green numbers at them.

Rachel slaps Finn on the shoulder, his protest going on deaf ears, "Finn! We just had sex in your car, we can't pick up your mother now! The place smells like sex!"

"Babe, chill." Finn says grabbing her flailing hands, "We didn't have sex, come one I thought you were the smart one?"

"Now is not the time to joke Finn Hudson!" Rachel screeches reaching over him to put down both his window and her own, both of them shivering as the cold autumn air hit their faces, "Even if we didn't have sex the entire truck still smells like it! Like me. I can't believe you didn't tell me. God I hope the car airs out before we get to the hospital. What would your mother think, if she figured it out. I would never be able to look her in the..."

She grunts when she feels Finn's lips on hers, she hates (okay not always) when he does this to shut her up, she looks across him as he pulls back, his fingers grasping her own which are currently tugging at the hem of her dress, "Relax. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was going to after glee but you kind of attacked me in a hallway. You can't blame me for forgetting my own name after that, far less that I was suppose to pick up my mom from work."

Rachel giggles despite herself, easing into the seat some of the tension leaving her body at his words, "I didn't attack you."

"Baby, you pushed me up against the locker." Finn says with a smirk as he starts the truck, and eases out of the car park, he grins across at her, "I should practice my drumming every day from now on."

"Then it wouldn't have the same effect."

"Don't lie baby."

"Shut up Finn."

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