I'll show you (you're worth it)

Mash Up – A Brief Interlude

Spoilers: None. Set in Mash Up so 1x08 obviously, but no future spoilers.

Warning: Rated for language.

Glee or Football?


As if there was ever a choice. But they'd given him an ultimatum, and here he was, in his pads about to put his helmet on, about to concede to the will of Tanaka's fat ass like a fucking pussy.

Concedes? What the hell kind of pansy ass was he turning into? Goddamnit, this was all Rachel.


This was getting ridiculous. His hand trailed up through the back of his Mohawk as he mulled his indecision.

Rachel was his, you know? So they hadn't been together for long, and so what if everyone already doubted them? He could already tell they were going to be fucking epic. He knows he could rock her world if she really gave him a chance (she already shook his, and not just the one in his pants), and she could bite his lip anytime. Already groaning at that thought, her hot body grinding on top of hers, her lips trailed across her collarbone, just her enthusiasm after 'Sweet Caroline' could get him had.

His girl just loved to be on top.

Fuck this. Unstrapping his helmet where his hand had been contemplatively toying with it, he figures the best way to tell the douchebags good luck winning without this badass motherfuck-aa. (Obviously, he's going to keep the uniform. Last time his girl saw him in it, she just about jumped his fine ass (and he got to second).)

He's going to get his girl.

And damnit, if wasn't already falling in love with her.

Later, when they're on the bleachers, she'll ask him if he misses it. (Is she really worth it?)

Looking at her gorgeous (hot! The Puckerone's no pussy) eyes, he could just drown in there's this look that he knows she's doubting him.

There's no chance he'd ever risk not seeing them again.

"No, babe, football doesn't have you."

A/N I thought I'd be longer. Oh well. First pr, actually really difficult to write someone else's characterizations. Written at 3 in the morning when I could sleep. :/