A/N: Okay, taking a venture into the brain of Alexis Castle.. everyone, hold on tight. The name has nothing to do with the story, because I honestly couldn't think of a name but this has been sitting in my documents for over a month. Hope you enjoy!

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With her book bag slung hastily over her right shoulder and overnight bag clutched tightly in her left hand, she bites her lower lip as she knocks quickly on the door. She's not sure what made her come here, what possessed her to chose this apartment of all places. She could of gone to her grandmother's, or her best friend's, or she could have even called her mom..

"Yeah right," Alexis mutters under her breath. "That'd happen when hell freezes over."

She's staring at the door, debating on leaving, when she hears footsteps in the background. No turning away now. Taking a deep breath, she holds it in and steadies herself for what's about to happen.

When the door opens, she smiles shyly and pushes a strand of loose hair behind her ear. She hadn't thought this all the way through, not at all.

"Alexis?" The confusion in the woman's voice breaks her thinking process, bringing her back to reality to feel her cheeks burning red.

"Detective Beckett," she finally breaths out, having forgotten the proper function of her lungs for a moment. "Can I come in?"

"Uh, sure. Yeah. Come on in." The brunette detective steps back and waves her in, confusion clouding her eyes as she studies her partner's daughter.

The teenager knows that this is strange - first, it's almost one in the morning; second, the woman probably didn't even know that Alexis knew where she lived (not that she had before tonight - she had found it in her dad's address book on his phone). Giving her a thankful smile, she crosses over the threshold into the apartment and steps out of the way for the door to be shut. She's not sure where to go - to the kitchen or the living room, though both are in sight.

The soft click of the lock tells her that the door is closed and there's nothing standing in the way of her letting Detective Beckett know why she's there but her tongue doesn't want to cooperate with her. Why was she there? Besides the huge argument she had had with her father. Why had she chosen this place to run to, of all the places she could have gone?

"How about some hot cocoa?' The older woman is standing beside her now, looking at her with a raised eyebrow; like she knows she wants to talk but doesn't know how.

The redhead nods, following behind the brunette as she heads into the kitchen. She sits herself down at the kitchen table, her overnight bag held against her stomach as curiosity got the best of her and she looked around. She can hear Beckett moving around the kitchen, going about making the hot cocoa and probably trying to figure out what was happening.

Alexis didn't blame her.

Moments later, and after studying every inch of the kitchen (except the occupied part), she heard a soft thunk as a cup of steaming hot cocoa was set in front of her. She smiles and opens her mouth to say thank you, but what comes out is completely unexpected.

"Can I stay with you for a while?"