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"I just don't think I could take the rejection again. No way. I mean, he really hurt me, you know?"

I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white as I listened to Tanya blab on and on in the back seat.

Actually, I wouldn't know, I thought, and I doubt anyone else would either, since you've been trying to get into Edward's pants with as much gusto as ever. As I had to do quite frequently with Tanya, I tried to convince myself to stay quiet.

The rain pelted my windshield as I sped down the highway, heading for Angela's family's cabin, practically flinging my car around the tight corners. We'd gotten a late start and I had been anxious to get there and just relax. I could see the taillights of Emmett's SUV ahead of me and Edward's Volvo just ahead of that. The fact that I was actually keeping up with them was a testament to how fast I was going – those two gave new meaning to the term "lead foot".

"You know, Bella, I think I'd like to live long enough to actually get to the cabin," Alice teased me from the passenger seat. I looked over at her and grimaced as I eased up on the gas pedal.

"Sorry. I'm just kind of…annoyed," I said, glancing in the rearview mirror at Tanya, who was still going on about her broken heart to Jessica and Rosalie and completely oblivious to the conversation Alice and I were having. Jessica, who was sitting between Rose and Tanya, was doing her best to look sympathetic, sprinkling a few comforting words here and there. Rose stared out her window with a look of pure indifference.

"Well, it's not like we couldn't have expected this," Alice muttered, raising an eyebrow at me.

"I know," I sighed, resigning myself to just tuning Tanya out. "It's just getting old."

"Oh, honey, it's been old for over a year."


Tanya had been harboring a gigantic crush on Edward since we were around fifteen or sixteen years old. It seemed to come out of the blue when she told us girls that she 'like-liked' him, since we'd all been friends for at least five or six years, if not longer, and she'd never said anything before. Other than that, it started out just like every other teenage crush does – she'd flirt with him, blushing when he spoke to her and giggling at everything he said that was in any sort of joking tone. If I'm being honest, the guys in our group were easy to flirt with – they still are – and had never been shy about hugging and flirting back with their female friends. Looking back, I feel like one of us should have warned Edward, maybe saved him a little hassle by letting him know that Tanya had begun to take his hugs and friendly teasing to mean more than they actually did.

When we graduated high school and went to college, Tanya was devastated that Edward had picked a school out of state. I'm not sure why she was the devastated one, seeing as how he was my best friend, but Tanya'd always had a flair for drama, I suppose. The rest of us were bummed that we wouldn't see him everyday like we'd grown used to over the past decade, but Edward wasn't exactly hurting for money and we weren't concerned about him not being able to come home for the holidays and some weekends here and there.

I still remember with perfect clarity the look on Tanya's face the day she found out Edward was dating Charlotte. I remember it because it was a strange mix of anger and shock, but mostly just looked like she wanted to strangle somebody. When she saw a picture of Charlotte, who was as pretty as any of us (except maybe Rosalie) she wondered aloud what could have attracted Edward to 'such a mousy, plain girl'. The girl I saw in the picture had long, glossy black hair and icy blue eyes. She was petite and girly looking in a short purple dress and the smile on her face was warm. I think it was at that point that I realized Tanya wasn't exactly thinking in realistic terms when it came to Edward.

After Edward moved away, I talked to him a few times a week over the phone. One day when we were in our third year at college, Edward called me to tell me he'd be coming home for the weekend. We'd planned on going to Angela's cabin and he'd missed out on the last trip to go on a spring break trip with Charlotte's parents so he wasn't going to miss this one.

"I'm not working on Thursday night; I can come pick you guys up from the airport." I told him as I dug through my desk drawer for a pen to take down his flight information.

"Oh. Um, it's just me, actually. Charlotte and I are kind of on a break."

"A break?"

"Yeah. She says she needs some time to think about 'us'. She told me she needed to know what my long term plans were. I thought she meant stuff like grad school but she proceeded to give me this timeline for when we should get married and have kids and just…I don't know. It was a little crazy. Oh, and did I mention that this plan included getting married pretty much right after college?"

"Whoa. Holy shit, Edward. I didn't realize she was so…focused."

He barked out a laugh.

"It's funny you say that because she said I wasn't focused enough. I didn't know that being unsure about getting married when you're only 23 years old made you unfocused."


No one in the group was working the next Thursday and they all decided to go up to the cabin early in the day, leaving me to pick up Edward and the two of us to drive up alone that night. My car was stuffed to the brim with food the guys thought we'd need over the weekend and it was just the overflow to what was already shoved into the back of Emmett's Jeep and Jasper's truck bed.

When I pulled up to the arrivals curb at the airport, Edward was already outside waiting for me. I didn't bother popping the trunk – nothing else could have fit in there – and got out of the driver's seat to help Edward wedge his small suitcase into the space left in the back seat. Once we'd gotten it in and had the door shut, I turned to him and hugged him. Edward towered over me by more than a foot and as usual, he bent his long legs to put his face on my level and as soon as I'd wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, he pulled me to him and stood up straight, dangling my feet off the ground.

"I'm glad you could come home for this, we missed you at spring break," I told him, leaning away so I could see his face as he held me up.

"Me too, I wish I could have been there."

"Sure you do. I'll bet that whole time you were on that beach in Fiji, you were really wishing you were swimming in the ice cold lake and sleeping on the rock hard mattresses in the twin room." I told him sarcastically as he put me down.

"I'm not kidding. Fiji was actually pretty boring compared to the cabin. And speaking of the cabin, I suppose we better get going. There won't be any beer left by the time we get up there."

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem. Jasper and Emmett went to Costco last night and now Jasper's truck bed is half full of cheap beer. There's so much of it, you guys couldn't drink it all if you tried."

"I don't know about that, Swan. We are talking about Jazz and Em. Plus, I heard Eric and Tyler were coming up. And what about Jake and Sam?"

I stared into space, considering that seriously for a second. "Yeah, you're right. We better go."

"You want me to drive?" Edward asked, hesitating before getting into the passenger's side.

"Sure, if you want to."

"I'd be happy to. I slept on the plane; I'm not tired at all."

He came over to the driver's side and I went back around and got into the passenger's seat. It was kind of comical watching him try to fold his body into the seat that was adjusted for me to reach to the pedals and I laughed at him a bit.

"Shut up, Swan. It's not my fault you're child-sized." He swept his hand around under the seat looking for the lever to move the seat back.

"What? I'm not child-sized! It's not my fault that you're a giant!"

"I'm not a giant. I'd guess six-two is closer to the norm for guys than five-one is for girls."

"Hey! I'm five-one and a half!" I punched him in the side of the arm but he knew I wasn't serious. The guys had been teasing me about my height – or lack thereof – for as long as I could remember.

Edward pulled into the line of traffic and I tuned the radio to the channel I always used for the FM transmitter I had hooked up to my iPod. I laid my chair back as far as it would go, which wasn't too far considering the amount of stuff in the back, and listened to the slow waltz pattern of the song that played. Between the soft voice of the singer on the track, the warmth from the air conditioning vents against my legs and the spicy smell of Edward's cologne in the air, I was asleep before we even hit the interstate.


When I woke up, it was because Edward had stopped the car in the driveway at the cabin. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, feeling groggy from the three hour "nap", if that's what it could even be called when it's three hours long.

"I'm so sorry I slept that whole time! You could have woken me up, you know. That must have been very boring for you."

"Nah, it was okay," Edward smiled at me. "It gave me some time to think about things."

A look of sadness passed over his face, but it was gone just as quickly.

"Besides, you always have interesting things to say when you talk in your sleep." One side of his mouth crept up into a grin.

"My life is very boring, Edward. I doubt it could have been that interesting."

As we got out of the car, I prayed to God I was right.


One of the best things about the cabin was that there was nowhere to go and not much to do for the whole weekend. I never got more reading done than when we were spending a weekend up there. At the same time, out of all the times I'd gotten drunk in the few short months since I'd turned twenty-one (and okay, the couple of years before that, but that's not something we talk about, me being the police chief's daughter and all), I'd never been more hammered than when we were at the cabin. If you were going to get absolutely shit-faced, it was definitely the place to do it. You had no reason to leave, all the snack food you could want, and it was pretty quiet during the day – perfect for sleeping off a hangover.

Walking into the cabin, it was very apparent that they had indeed started the party without us. The table was already littered with empty cans and red party cups and a bowl on the island in the kitchen held a mixture of (judging by the empty containers surrounding it) two bottles of vodka, cranberry juice, powdered lemonade and one of those frozen cans of tropical fruit juice that you have to add water to. I supposed that in this case, the vodka served in the water's place. I leaned over to sniff it and scrunched my nose up a bit.

"Doesn't smell good?" Edward asked, coming over to investigate after placing our bags in the only empty room that was left. As some of the only single people left in the group, we knew before getting here that we'd be in the 'twin room', aptly named because of the two twin-sized beds that occupied it.

"It smells like a hangover. Steer clear of that shit."

"Yeah, good plan," Edward agreed as he opened the fridge and pulled out two bottles of beer. He twisted the top off of each and handed one to me. "Let's get this party started," he clinked the neck of his bottle against mine and started downstairs to where, judging by the hysterical laughter and shouts coming from up the stairs, everyone else was hanging out.

Emmett and Rosalie were in a heated battle of beer pong against Jasper and Alice while Angela, Ben, Mike, Jessica, Tanya, Eric, Jake, Sam, Leah and Seth were in the middle of their own flip cup tournament.

"Jesus, it's like a regular beer Olympics down here," I commented as I stepped over to the flip cup table just as one round finished.

"Bella! I thought you guys would never make it!" Leah hugged me as I came to stand beside her. She was clearly drunk already, because non-drunk Leah was definitely not a hugger.

"I'm glad you and Seth could come up – I thought you guys had to go to your grandma's house this weekend."

"Nah, she cancelled on us," Seth told me with a huge grin on his face. "She went on some old-people cruise instead."

"Edwaaaarrrd!" Tanya shrieked out as she stumbled over to him and tossed her arms around his neck, hanging off of him and spilling some of whatever was in her cup down the back of his sweatshirt. "I'm sooooo glad you came! I missed you sooooo much!"

I shook my head and tipped back my beer. I was going to have to be really drunk if I was going to have to listen to that all night.


By the time ten o'clock rolled around, we'd already been drinking for about four hours and all I wanted to do was pass out. I went past the downstairs bedroom where Jake, Sam and Seth were already snoring on the king sized bed, haphazardly covered in blankets pulled from the linen closet, while Seth and Eric slept on the floor. I found my way into my bed in the twin room, shoved my bags onto the floor and collapsed on the bed nearest the window without bothering to wash my face, brush my teeth or even change my clothes. Edward came in a few seconds later and began tossing his own things off of his bed. I wasn't even awake long enough to remember him lying down.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was still dark. I glanced over at the clock on the night table between the two beds and saw that it was only just past two in the morning. I sat up and started to get off of the bed to go into the bathroom when I noticed that Edward wasn't in his bed. Figuring he'd probably gotten up to use the bathroom too, I made my way out into the hall and was surprised to see the bathroom vacant at the end of the hall. Knowing that Edward was sometimes a bit of an insomniac, I tip-toed out towards the living room to see if he might be out there watching TV. I knew that Tanya and Leah were sleeping on the couches out there, but they were both pretty drunk when they went to sleep and weren't likely to wake up if the TV was turned on.

I rounded the corner to the living room and froze in horror at what I saw there. Edward was seated on the couch where Tanya had been sleeping, but she sure as hell wasn't sleeping any more. She sat on his lap, hands on his shoulders and lips firmly glued to his face. I backed away slowly until I was out of sight and did the only rational thing I could think to do – I scurried down the hall, looking for Alice. The door to her and Jasper's room was closed and I tried the knob and found it wasn't locked. I closed my eyes and slipped into the room, shutting the door behind me.

"Alice! Alice, wake up! I just saw something disturbing!" I whispered as loudly as possible.

I heard stirring and a few grumbles that I couldn't make out.

"Bella?" Jasper's groggy voice whispered back. "What are you doing?"

"Are you guys decent? Can I open my eyes?"

"Yeah. What the hell is going on?" Alice chimed in.

I opened my eyes and went over to the bed. "I woke up and went to use the bathroom but Edward wasn't in his bed and I went out to the living room to look for him and he was out there and so was Tanya and she was on top of him and they were in a full-fledged make-out session and some things can't be unseen, you know?"

"Whoa. Wait a second. Slow down. Edward and Tanya are currently making out in the living room. That's what you're telling me?" Alice asked.


"Oh man. He's going to regret that one," Jasper muttered then laid back down. "Let's just hope he's drunk enough that he doesn't remember it tomorrow."

"What? You can't let him do this! He's dating Charlotte, he's going to guilt trip himself into oblivion after this!"

"Bella, go back to bed. I can let him do whatever he wants. And besides, he's on a break with Charlotte."

"Jasper!" I whispered back, shaking his arm. "Come on!"

"Bella, I suggest you go back to bed and ask yourself why you care so much." Jasper rolled over, turning away from me.

Alice patted my arm and sighed. "Jasper's right, sweetie."

Resigned, I went back into my room, laid down, and tried not to think about what was happening out in the living room.

The next morning when I woke up, Edward was in his bed again and showed no sign of being anywhere close to waking up. I rolled out of bed and went into the kitchen where Tanya was already regaling Rosalie and Angela with stories of her late night escapades, wearing one of the smuggest grins I'd seen in I don't know how long.

I had to listen to a recounting of that story two more times that morning. Back then, I thought I'd go crazy if I heard it mentioned one more time. It was a drunken make-out, it's not like he proposed to her. But by the way Tanya told it, you'd have thought he had.

Just as Jasper had hoped for Edward, he didn't remember what had happened that night, at least not much of it. He remembered that it had happened, in theory, but didn't remember specific details. It wasn't until the ride home that I told him the story as it had been relayed to me by Tanya and for the first time in our long friendship, I saw Edward's face turn red with embarrassment. He told me how he hadn't been himself and swore up and down that he would never drink that much again. He told me how he didn't mean to lead Tanya on (although I suspected she had taken advantage of the situation more than she let on) and how if he was ever getting back together with Charlotte, he'd have to tell her about it. He begged me not to think he was a horrible person.

I didn't think he was a horrible person, and I told him so, but other than that, I didn't know what to say. I knew he'd feel guilty about it, just like I told Jasper and Alice, and I actually felt a little bad for him.

Four days after that weekend, Edward and Charlotte got back together, which was all fine and dandy for him. Tanya, on the other hand, was a different story. She felt "absolutely crushed" and "completely betrayed" (her words, not mine) that Edward would "make a move on her and then go back to her." I made the mistake of asking once if she thought Edward was really in his right mind when the whole thing happened. I knew he wasn't, I just wasn't entirely sure that she realized it. She'd looked at me like I'd just stabbed her and ripped her heart out all in one fell swoop. She told Jessica that I had implied that Edward had to have been out of his mind to make out with her and when Jessica asked me about it, I didn't deny that I had. Tanya and I had never gotten along perfectly, but after that conversation, it seemed like she didn't even try to like me.


A whole year went by before my twice-weekly phone calls with Edward started happening more frequently and lasting much longer that I realized that something wasn't quite right.

"Edward, is everything okay with you and Charlotte?" I asked him one night after he'd called me for the sixth night in a row. He'd been particularly stressed out with the internship he'd been doing – he was convinced that his boss hated him and that it was going to ruin his chances of getting a good reference when he went to look for a full-time job after graduation.

He sighed heavily and I could just see him running his hand through is hair in the way he did when he was stressed out, sending it into an even bigger state of chaos than it was in naturally.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well, we've talked every night this week – which is fine," I added quickly, not wanting him to think I didn't like talking to him, "but I just wonder why you aren't talking to Charlotte about this stuff."

"You're my best friend, Bella. I want to talk to you about it."

"Okay…it's just that, you guys have been talking about marriage and stuff, right? Shouldn't she be your best friend?"

The line was silent.

"Edward, do you want to marry Charlotte?"

More silence.

"Edward…do you love Charlotte?" I asked, beginning to wonder if the line had gone dead. I pulled the phone away from my ear momentarily to see the call timer still counting. He was still there.

"No. I don't."

I released a breath and realized I hadn't even known I was holding it.


Edward moved back two months after we graduated from college. He'd broken up with Charlotte the day after our conversation where I'd asked him if he loved her and even though it's not like I wanted Charlotte to be hurt, Edward's happiness was all I cared about. She'd given him a hard time about it, screaming that he'd wasted all of her best years. When I went to get him at the airport, he didn't even say hello – he just picked me up and buried his face in my hair, squeezing me tight enough that eventually, I had to kick my legs a little and remind him that I needed to breathe. I'd seen him a couple of times over that year, but the stress showed in his face and he somehow looked a little older and a little haggard, even though he was still strikingly handsome. I think Edward's years away from home had been harder than he'd wanted us to think and he just needed to be somewhere comfortable again.

Of course, Tanya was beside herself with joy that Edward was coming back for good. You could practically see the wheels in her head turning, thinking of ways to make him fall for her and make up for all that alleged heart breaking he'd done that night at the cabin.

We quickly planned a cabin trip in honor of Edward's return home. The weather wasn't supposed to be great – horrible actually – so swimming was out. We'd pretty much be inside the whole time, so we planned to watch some movies, play cards and maybe do a puzzle or something.

"I don't care what we do, as long as it doesn't involve that evil vodka-cranberry-powdered shit, whatever the hell it was," Edward announced during an impromptu planning session we'd had while out to dinner a few nights before we left. "It makes bad things happen."

"I'll say," Alice agreed. "Things that haunt you, or haunt your female friends, I should say."

"Yeah, thanks a lot, Edward," Rosalie joined in. "Tanya's been talking about that for a year. A year. Do you even understand how long that is? You guys didn't even bang. Not that she doesn't have plans for that." Rose raised an eyebrow at Edward.

"Hear that, Edward?" Emmett laughed through a mouthful of chicken wings. "Tanya wants to play hide-the-salami with you."

"Hide-the-salami? Are you fucking kidding me?" Alice shrieked, making gagging motions.

"No, seriously dude, she wants your cock," Emmett said, tossing a chicken bone back onto his plate.

"Yeah, I got that. Thanks," Edward grimaced.

"Sleeping arrangement the same as usual?" Angela asked, looking up from her phone where she was making a grocery list for the trip.

"Yeah. Angela and Ben in the master, me and Jasper in the back room, Jess and Mike downstairs, Rose and Emmett in the queen. Tanya on the couch, Bella and Edward in the twin room," Alice listed off the sleeping arrangements. I'm not sure why we even discussed them; they'd been the same for at least the last four years. Except, I should have known Tanya would have another plan.


It took us almost forty-five minutes longer to get to the cabin than usual. The rain had gone from heavy to torrential downpour once we got higher in the mountains and I lost my trail on the boys when I slowed down because I could barely see five feet in front of me. When we finally pulled up, Emmett and Edward were already parked, running back and forth between the covered porch and the cars, unloading our stuff as fast as they could. Angela and Ben had come up earlier in the day and Angela was waiting on the porch, taking things the boys left there inside.

"Okay, I'm going to pop the trunk, everybody grab as much stuff as you can, whether it's yours or not, and just run." They all nodded and we flung open our doors, jumping out and reaching into the trunk like a bunch of mad women at a once yearly wedding dress tag sale.

In the short twenty five or thirty feet between the porch and where I'd parked my car, my hair got soaked and was plastered to my face. I could practically feel my mascara running. I kicked off my sneakers at the door and went straight for the twin room. I stopped short at the door when I saw that the twin room was no longer the twin room. It was more of a single double bed room. Edward's duffle bag was already at the end of the bed. Unfortunately, so was Tanya's. In the two minutes she'd been inside before me, she'd already tried to take what was mine. I'd had enough. I could suffer through her make-out session sob stories, but I wasn't going to stand back and let her kick me out of my claimed sleeping spot.

Angela came up behind me as I stood at the threshold of the door and looked into the room with me.

"I know. I didn't know about this either. My mom said they wanted to get a more comfortable bed, and since this it's usually just my brother in here when our family comes up here they thought they only needed one."

"It's cool, Ang. It's not exactly what I'm concerned about."

I walked over to the bed, set my stuff on it, and removed Tanya's just as she was walking by.

"Hey!" She skidded to a halt outside the door. "That's my stuff."

"I know," I replied, not looking at her as I rummaged through my bag for my bathroom kit. "And it was sitting on my bed. I don't care if you leave it in here while we're all watching movies or whatever, but I'm sleeping here."

She glared at me but didn't argue. No matter how transparent her plan was, she was under the impression that she was being pretty stealthy and I'm sure she didn't want to blow her cover.

I took my bathroom kit and some lounge pants down the hall and put my soaked hair into a ponytail, wiped the makeup from under my eyes and changed out of my jeans. It was only four o'clock but there was no reason not to be comfortable. At the rate it was raining, we definitely weren't going outside anytime soon.

When I returned to the living room, I saw that I wasn't the only one who had decided to get comfortable. Jasper and Emmett were both wearing plaid flannel pants, Rosalie had on her yoga pants and was drowning in one of Emmett's sweatshirts and Edward had changed into sweatpants and one of his old soccer jerseys that had "CULLEN" emblazoned on the back above the number. They were just dealing out a hand of Texas Hold-em when I sat down at the table with a huge bag of barbeque chips I'd swiped off the counter. There was a beer waiting for me at my place and Edward reached over and twisted the top off as I sat down.

I did pretty well for a long time and by the time I lost all of my chips to Ben almost three hours later, I was two beers and a half a bag of barbeque chips down. I added my five dollars to the perpetual I.O.U. list we had going (Angela was the keeper of the list and had been recording winnings on her phone) and got up to take a bathroom break.

"Hey, Bella! What movie do you want to watch?" Jessica called as I walked down the hall.

"Whatever. I don't really care," I called back to her as I closed the bathroom door.

When I came back down the hall, I noticed that Tanya had moved her stuff out of my room. Good, I thought, don't need her to have an excuse to come in and flirt with him while I'm trying to sleep.

We watched a comedy that was one of our favorites, speaking all of the punch lines out loud and laughing like we hadn't already heard them a million times. It was late when it finished, but not late enough to go to bed yet so we took a break to refill the snack bowls and refresh our drinks.

"Anybody have any preferences for what we watch next?" Mike asked while he flipped through the DVDs we'd brought up.

"Whatever's good, I still don't have a preference," I said and everyone else agreed with me.

Jessica got up and put a DVD into the player while everyone claimed their places to sit and I flopped down on the far end of one of the couches next to Alice and Jasper. The lights had all been turned off and the TV screen was at that point where nothing has started yet and it's still black. The wind outside was wild and I could hear one of the wind chimes on the deck going crazy as it blew back and forth in the maelstrom. The rain pelted the windows hard in sheets, harder when a gust of wind came off of the lake, pushing the drops onto the glass.

As the title credits began on the movie, I immediately regretted saying I didn't care what we watched. Of course they would pick the most terrifying movie I'd ever seen in my life. Of course.

It was a movie where a group of people (you know, sort of like this one), were staying in a cabin (again, much like this one) and were randomly picked to be terrorized by an evil group of killers. Awesome. Maybe if I just closed my eyes and laid my head back, I'd drift off to sleep and I could miss the whole thing. I decided that was a good tactic and had only closed my eyes for a few minutes when all of a sudden –


"AHHHHHH!" A collective girly scream erupted around the room.



There were a few minutes of mayhem while the girls (and maybe Mike, too) scrambled together on one couch before Emmett's voice boomed over our screams.

"Cool it! It's just the door to the connected shed. It's blowing around in the wind. See?" He pointed out the window where he'd peeled back the curtains. We took turns looking and when we were all satisfied that was the cause of the noise, we settled back in to finish the movie.

Half-way through I was thinking I'd just feign illness and go to bed and read a book or something to distract me from the movie when I happened to glance over at Tanya, who was conveniently seated next to Edward, during a part where a killer jumps out at an unsuspecting police officer who answers the emergency call of one of the people in the cabin. As the killer jumped out, Tanya yelped and grabbed onto Edward's arm, burying her face into the crook of his neck. What an idiot. She's seen this movie. We've all seen this movie. She knew that was going to happen.

I stood up from the couch and Alice looked up at me.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to read for a bit, I'm not really into this movie," I told her.

"Okay, goodnight."

"Goodnight, Bella," chimed a chorus from around the living room.

"Sweet dreams," Tanya said in a sickeningly sweet high voice. I couldn't help but think she didn't really mean it.


I'd been reading for over an hour when there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," I called without looking up from my book. Edward came into the room and closed the door behind him.

"Movie's over?" I asked as he bent over his bag, rummaging through it before he pulled out a book of his own, his contact case and his thick black rimmed glasses.

"Yeah. Everybody went to bed." He came over to the bed and sat on the edge, setting his book and glasses down before he screwed the lids off of the contact case and took the contacts out of his eyes. He raised his arms and grabbed hold of the neck of his old soccer jersey and I watched the muscles in his back flex as he lifted it over his head and flung it toward his bag in the corner.

"Do you mind if I read for a little bit?" he asked softly as he climbed under the covers and scooted down until he was almost lying down.

"No, go ahead. I've got a bit of this chapter left. That gate banging around out there has been driving me a little crazy so I haven't finished this chapter yet."

"It is kind of loud, isn't it? I can't even remember the last time it's rained this hard. I'll be shocked if my car hasn't washed away by morning." He slipped his glasses on and opened his book, resting it against his chest as he began to read.

He couldn't have been through more than a few pages when he sighed and put his book down, slipped his glasses off and turned on his side, facing me.

"What are you reading?" he asked, looking up at me. His eyes seemed a darker shade of green in the dim light given off by the bedside lamp and the bronze in his hair stood out as he raked his fingers through it.

I shrugged. "Pride and Prejudice."

"Will you read to me?" he asked.

"Read to you?" I smiled down at him. "Why?"

"I don't know. I just want to hear your voice. I've missed you, Bella."

"But you've seen me almost every day for two weeks. And we've talked on the phone almost every day for months."

"I know. I just…I don't really know what to say, I guess. I missed you so much while I was gone. I don't think I've ever really told you that. I feel like I've got time to make up."

His fingers toyed with the edge of the baggy t-shirt I was wearing and he looked down at them like it was the most interesting thing in the world.


"Hmm?" He didn't look up. I closed my book and laid it on the night table.

"Look at me."

When he turned his eyes toward mine, I saw something there that I wasn't used to seeing – uncertainty. My confident, usually cocky Edward was unsure about something.

"I missed you too, Edward," I whispered.

He sat up and moved in close beside me, turning a little to face me.

"I'm not sure if you missed me as much as I missed you. I mean, I'd hope you did. But I'm not sure if you did." His brow was furrowed a little and his eyes seemed to search my face for understanding about what he was talking about.

"Can we stop with the euphemisms? Are you telling me you have feelings for me, Edward?"

"Yeah. I think that is what I'm saying." His expression was pained as though he might break into an anxiety attack at any moment.

"Like, more than best friend feelings?"

He nodded.

And then, because I couldn't stop myself, I laughed. Hysterically. I mean, there were tears streaming down my face.

"Well, you don't have to be mean about it." Edward's voice broke through my little laughing fit and he scowled at me.

"Oh! No, I didn't mean it like that!"

The scowl dropped from his face. "What?"

"Edward, I think I have feelings for you, too."

"You do? Then why are you laughing?"

"I don't even know. I think because if I didn't laugh I'd have to cry. That night, last year, when I saw you with Tanya, it freaked me out. Jasper told me to go to bed and think about why I cared. I didn't have to think about it too long. I've spent the last year wanting to strangle Tanya because she wouldn't fucking stop talking about making out with you."

"Jesus Christ, I'm never going to live that down."

"Probably not."

"Why didn't you ever say anything?"

I shrugged. "You were with Charlotte. I wasn't going to ruin that."

Edward nodded took my hand in his own.

"Can we not talk about Charlotte and Tanya now?"

"Of course."

"Can I kiss you?"

"Please do."

He leaned over and pulled the chain on the lamp, surrounding us in darkness. Then, he moved forward, right in front of me, his lips poised just in front of mine. I held my breath thinking that this was the make or break moment. This was when it either felt wrong and awkward and we agreed never to speak of this again, or it felt right and perfect and like the one thing we'd been waiting for all of these years.

It was the latter, definitely the latter. When his fingers curled around the base of my neck, pulling me gently toward him, his soft lips connected firmly with my own and the stubble on his sharp jaw rubbed against my skin with a friction that I'd been craving without even knowing it. I opened my mouth to let him in, moaning a bit when the taste of him hit me, and crawled further into his lap, laying my own thighs over the top of his and wrapping my arms around his neck.

His hands wandered from where they buried in my hair and against my back, his finger tips grazing the sides of my breasts through my t-shirt and running down under the hem where they bunched the fabric and began to raise it upwards.

"Is this okay?" Edward asked breathily, pulling his lips from my own.

I answered him by reaching down and pulling it up and over my head. Then, realizing how quickly this was moving, I brought my hands up to cover my naked breasts, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious now that they were on display.

"What are you covering yourself for?" he asked me as he gazed at me with lust-filled eyes, reaching his long fingers out to brush against the undersides as I held them up.

"I'm suddenly afraid you won't like them," I told him, completely honestly. "They're not quite as perky as they look in my bra, you know."

"I don't care."

"And also, I think my nipples are abnormally small."

He laughed. "You're strange, you know that?" He leaned forward and kissed the side of my mouth.

"Well, I'm just saying. I didn't exactly expect this so I couldn't get any sexy lingerie or, you know, whatever."

"Are you going to let me see them or not?"

I removed my hands, slowly, letting them rest in my lap.

Edward just stared for a few moments before he finally reached out and took my left breast in his hand, brushing his thumb over the hardened tip of my nipple. He wrapped his free hand around my back, pulling me further onto his lap where I could feel his erection straining against his sweatpants. I ground myself onto his lap as he brought his face down to my chest and took the nipple he'd been playing with into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip and wrapping his lips around it to suck gently. My hands came up into his hair, pressing his face to me as I arched against him and mewled quiet moans of pleasure.

"Take these off," Edward whispered against my lips, tugging on the waist band of my pajama shorts and moving his hand around to rub me in the front where they'd grown damp from the dry humping I'd being doing while he played with my nipples.

"Only if you lose the sweatpants and whatever else you've got on under there." I scooted back off of his lap and lifted my bottom off of the bed, slipping my shorts and underwear over my legs and tossing them onto the floor.

"God, Bella. You're so fucking beautiful," Edward whispered, reaching out to touch my leg and running up to my inner thigh, stopping just short of where I wanted to feel him the most. He took his time, gazing over me in silence with the pounding rain beating on the roof above us.

When he finally stood up he hooked his fingers in the band of his sweatpants and hesitated for a moment.

"I have a condom in my bag, Bella. I didn't know if I should get it. I mean, I didn't know if you'd want to go that far. It's okay if you don't."

I held in a laugh and decided it was best not to point out that he'd already gotten me naked and sucked on my tits in a matter of minutes. I was clearly a willing participant. Besides, Edward was my best friend – he knew I was no nun. This new, insecure side of Edward was so fucking cute and I couldn't help but feel a little flattered that he was overly concerned about how things went tonight.

"Get the condom, Edward."

He practically dove for his bag, and I could barely see him in the corner of the room, throwing his stuff out and digging around until he jumped back up again, having found what he was looking for. When he was back next to the bed where I could see him and shoved off his sweatpants and boxers, I tried not to have an audible reaction. It's not like his cock was the biggest one I'd ever seen. It was of average thickness and maybe only slightly more than average length. But God, was it fucking beautiful. It was perfectly straight and perfectly proportioned and just fucking perfect. I watched with rapt attention as he ripped the condom wrapper with his teeth and rolled the latex over himself. He crawled over me and my legs fell open, creating space for him between my thighs while I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with the little hairs at the nape of his neck. He kissed me again, this time with more urgency than before and thrust his hips a little, sliding his erection against me and coating himself with the moisture between my legs. He pulled away from me and held himself above me on his forearms.

"Are you sure?" His eyes searched my face for any sign that I didn't want this. I wasn't going to give him any.


He reached down and lifted his hips, pressing the tip of his cock into me before bringing his arm back up to support himself and pressing his lips against mine as he sunk all the way into me. I sucked in a breath that ended in a sort of high pitched moan into his mouth as his hips connected fully with mine.

"Are you a screamer?" Edward asked, keeping still inside of me as I sucked in breaths quickly.

"Not usually, but I might be with you," I replied and I could feel his smile against my lips. He pulled back out slowly, only to push back in with a speed that seemed to surprise me even though I was expecting it. He did it a few more times, with increasing speed, until the headboard was banging against the wall and the only thing that was keeping my shrieks from reaching the ears of the other people in the cabin were my hands clamped tightly over my mouth.

The pressure building up inside of me was making me feel frantic and crazed – Edward wore a look of concentration and I thought he was probably trying to hold off until I got mine.

"I'm close, baby," I told him as I tried to open my legs wider, get closer. "Let me be on top."

Edward flipped us over and I sunk back down onto him rattling the headboard a couple more times, ready to ride him like there was no tomorrow while he fingered my clit when Tanya's voice called out from the living room.

"Jesus Christ! Will someone go down and shut that fucking gate? It's driving me crazy!"

I froze then collapsed on Edward's chest, giggling like mad.

"It's not funny, Bella!" Edward said, even though I could hear the humor in his voice. "I'm not getting cock blocked by our stupid friends. Get on the floor."

"What? Why the floor?"

"Because I'm going to make you come so hard you'll see stars and I don't need any more interruptions."

Hmm. Confident Edward was back, and he didn't have to tell me twice. I raised myself off of him, threw a pillow on the floor and laid down on it.

"Not like that. Get on your knees and lay your head down. You might want to use that pillow for a little noise control."

I quickly turned over, raising my ass in the air and pressing my breasts against the floor. I watched Edward walk around and kneel behind me, and felt him nudge my legs a little further apart with his own knees. He pressed against me, stroking the small of my back before running his hands down and wrapping his fingers around my thighs.

"You ready?" He pulled away a bit and I felt him lining himself up.

I nodded against the pillow and pressed my face into it, bracing myself for when he finally sunk in.

The scream that left my lips was completely involuntary and was muted by the pillow as Edward slammed into me, pulling my hips back against him, his balls slapping against my clit. His cock was so deep I didn't think he could go any further if he tried. He pulled out slowly, letting me feel every inch before he reached around and began toying with my clit then pushed himself back in to the hilt. He began a fast past, pounding against me and shoving my knees across the carpet. Our sweaty bodies slapped together as the tightness in my belly began to wind back up and I could feel the walls of my pussy tighten around him with every stroke.

"That's it, baby. Come on my cock," Edward whispered into my ear as he leaned over me, the light hair on his chest tickling the skin on my back.

I'd never been one to enjoy dirty talk, but clearly, I didn't know what I was missing. Because I didn't think I'd ever heard anything more erotic in my entire life than those filthy words coming out of Edward Cullen's mouth.

With one last flick against my clit, the euphoria over took me and my body sung as my pussy fluttered around Edward's cock, gripping it like it never wanted to let go. I was only barely aware of Edwards muffled grunt into the crook of my neck as he stilled himself deep inside of me. Slight tremors ran through his muscles and he let out a string of unintelligible mumbles before he clutched me to him and we collapsed on the floor with my back against his chest and his knees tucked behind my own.

After a few moments, he pulled himself from my body and stood up, walking across the room to dispose of the condom in a ridiculously huge wad of tissue he'd taken from the vanity table.

"Do you always ball those up in five pounds of Kleenex before you throw them away?" I teased from my place on the floor.

He shrugged and stood over me, still naked as the day he was born.

"Come up into bed. You'll get cold down there."

"I don't think I can move."

"I'm going to take that as a compliment," he grinned as he crouched down and slipped one arm underneath my back and the other beneath my knees.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, even though it was pretty clear.

"I'm lifting you onto the bed. You said you couldn't move." He grunted a little as he lifted me, moving me onto the mattress.

"See? I'm too heavy. I heard that exertion when you tried to lift me." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he slid into bed beside me and pulled me against him.

"I didn't try to lift you, I did lift you. You're not that heavy." He buried his nose in my hair and I could feel his warm breath against my ear. "Go to sleep, Bella."

I turned to face away from him, tangled my legs in his and pulled his arm around me to rest under my boobs. He sighed and the warm air rushed over my neck. After a few minutes, his breathing was almost even, he was almost asleep.



"Does this feel…weird…to you?" His arm stiffened around me and he leaned his head back a bit.

"No. Does it feel weird to you?"

He was my best friend. We'd known each other since we were ten years old. I'd told him about other guys I'd slept with like I would have told any of the girls. I'd listened to him talk about all of his girlfriends and flings like I was one of the guys. His naked body was completely pressed up against my own, I'd known for the last forty five minutes that he had feelings for me and we'd just spent the last half an hour of that fucking like mad. It probably should have felt weird. But it didn't.

"No. Not at all."

His arm relaxed against me again and I covered it with my own, lacing our fingers together. It was one of the best nights of sleep I'd ever had.


I was surprised to wake up with a bright stream of sunlight shining on my face through the crack in the curtains. With the way it was raining last night, you'd have thought it would never stop. Edward and I hadn't moved all night and I stretched my arms and legs out, dislodging his arm from around my ribcage. I turned face down and Edward stirred next to me, rubbing himself up against my right side.

"I'd ask if that was a gun in your pocket, but since you don't have pockets I guess you're just happy to see me." I nudged him with my shoulder and that irresistible crooked grin crept onto his face while he kept his eyes scrunched closed.

"Oh, I'm happy to see you alright," he finally opened his emerald eyes and pulled my face down to his for a kiss.

"Ew, morning breath," I giggled but made no attempt to move away from his lips.

"I've known you for thirteen years Swan. I know way grosser things about you than your morning breath."

Knock, knock. "Bella!" Alice whisper-yelled through the door. Knock, knock.

"Looks like you're going to have to take care of that yourself, buddy," I smirked and rolled out of the bed, slipping my oversized t-shirt on to answer the door.

I cracked the door, trying to block it with my body.

"Good morning, Alice. What is it?"

She narrowed her eyes at me and looked me up and down, then stood on her tiptoes and craned her neck around me. I knew my efforts to move in front of her were fruitless when a grin the size of Texas spread across her face.

"Fuck. Yes."

"Alice, don't say anything. At least not yet," I commanded her.

She just laughed and raised her hands above her head like she was talking to the heavens. "I knew it! I fucking knew it!"

"What did you want to tell me?"

"Ha! Breakfast is ready. God, this just made my day," she practically cackled, then skipped away back towards the kitchen.

I closed the door and looked back at Edward.

"I hope you weren't planning on keeping this a secret," I told him as I pulled on some panties and my sleep shorts.

"I don't want you to be a secret, Bella." He sat up and watched as I put my hair in a ponytail and found my slippers in my bag.

I went over and pecked him on the lips. "That's good. Because Alice knows. And also, I kind of like you. A lot. Although, you should know that Tanya is going to kill me."

I went out into the kitchen where Angela and Alice were busy flipping pancakes and scrambling eggs while everyone else sat around the table and wolfed down what they'd already made.

"Finally! I thought you'd never wake up," Rosalie chided.

"I don't know how you could have slept. That shed door was so loud and the wind was making all kinds of noises. It was creepy as shit. I swear to God, it was even making kind of a high pitched noise, almost like a scream at one point."

"Yeah. It was almost like a scream. I can't imagine what it would have been," Alice said, giving me eyes, with just this much too much sarcasm in her voice.

"I was pretty tired, I fell asleep pretty fast," I said, sticking my head into the fridge for something, anything, so long as I didn't have to look at the group while my cheeks turned red.

Edward walked past me and up to the kitchen island to grab a plate, this time with what looked like the matching shorts to the soccer jersey he'd worn the day before and a plain white t-shirt. There was an angry red patch on each of his knees and I glanced down at my own to see that they were indeed matching.

"Edward! There's a chair over here if you want to sit down," Tanya called, waving her fork at the chair beside her.

Edward sighed but went to sit beside her, where she immediately inched her chair closer and tried to feed him a bite of a pancake she had on her plate, raving about how good it was as if he had not had pancakes before or an entire plate at his disposal in front of him. I watched the display in disgust, but a surprisingly lower level of disgust than I might have done yesterday. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out. Might as well let her have this last minute of fun.

I filled my plate and went over to the table, sitting on a stool that had been pulled up from the bar so that there'd be enough seats for everyone. I towered over most people and my legs were level with the table, but it was better than standing.

"What happened to your knees?" Tanya asked with a look of slight disgust on her face. "It looks like you have some kind of rash or something."

Everyone turned to look at me and I lifted a forkful of eggs to my mouth.

Rosalie raised an eyebrow at me with a sly grin on her face. "If I'm not mistaken, I'd guess that was rug burn."

"Bingo," I pointed at her and shoved a piece of bacon into my mouth.

Everyone at the table stopped and stared at me, probably wondering why I would have rug burn, when a look of understanding dawned on Emmett's face. He ducked his head underneath the table and when he came back up he had the biggest, shit-eating grin on his face. It occurred to me that I should be disturbed that Rose and Emmett would have guessed the source of the red marks so easily, but I decided not to think about it.

"Nice!" He practically yelled at Edward.

"Ooohhh, Bella! You slut, you!" Angela teased.

"Finally. I've been waiting for you two to get together since fifth grade," Ben piped up.

I couldn't help but grin.

Sure, I'd have to endure the teasing from the guys, but I'd grown up with them and I was used to their vulgar ways. Hell, most of their vulgar ways had rubbed off on me. They'd get it out of their systems and then they'd stop and it would just be the way things were. Bella and Edward would be something that just went together, just like Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rose or Ben and Angela.

Besides, I was guessing the shell-shocked look on Tanya's face might have meant she was realizing that the banging she heard last night wasn't the shed gate in the storm. And that – that was totally worth a few cat calls.


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