Title: Princess of Darkness
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Rating: T
Spoilers: Yes.
Summary: They were all mythical. Some were more obvious than others, like Finn, he was the son of a Giant, or Tina, she was the daughter of a Vampire, or even Brittany, the daughter of an Angel. And others were a bit more challenging, like Quinn, she was the daughter of a Fairy, or Artie, a son of a Wizard.
Author's Note: I was thinking because of all this sadness, I'd try a little AU thing, and I was watching SNL and saw Seth talking to the Devil (my favorite part of the weekend update) and when he said he was the Prince of Darkness, I was slapped in the face with the idea that Santana is the Princess of Darkness.
Disclaimer: Nope, not today, nor tomorrow, but…Just no.


They were all mythical. Some were more obvious than others, like Finn, he was the son of a Giant, or Tina, she was the daughter of a Vampire, or even Brittany, the daughter of an Angel. And others were a bit more challenging, like Quinn, she was the daughter of a Fairy, or Artie, a son of a Wizard. They were all magic and mythical, they were all creatures and they eventually found out what another was.

But when the new girl showed up, they were stumped. She had sun kissed skin, with coal black hair and darker eyes. Her quick wit and sharp tongue put her in a lower category on their lists. She insulted all those who spoke to her, she scared teachers into submission, and followed her own rules. "She must be some sort of dark being." Quinn said. And they agreed, but when Brittany, their resident Angel, became attached to the dark girl, they questioned them selves.

"Britt wouldn't be friends with an evil being, would she?" Puck, the Werewolf, asked his singing group members once they were situated in the choir room, awaiting the always late Treefolk that was their teacher. Mike was next to him, with Tina on the other side of him. She absentmindedly stroked Mike's pointy Elf ears as she thought of an answer for the Wolf.

"No," Tina shook her head. "I mean…" She shifted her eyes to Quinn. "Would she?"

The blonde frowned and shrugged. "Brittany is friendly with anything that moves."

"True," Kurt murmured, the Pixie boy's head in his boyfriend's lap. The Hobbit Blaine nodded in agreement. "But Brittany is an Angel; shouldn't she know when something is meant to just be left alone?" The Pixie let out a sigh at his friend's ignorance.

"Perhaps we have judged this student unfairly, I must say, we don't even know her name." Rachel commented. Finn looked over to the Dwarf.

"You're right!" He said, jumping to his feet and nearly fell. The Giant blushed and flashed an embarrassed smile to the Dwarf girl.

"Finn, sit your ass back down." Quinn snapped at him. His smile fell and he slowly lowered himself into a small chair. The Fairy was known to be quite devious when people didn't listen to her.

The discussion was ended as Mr. Shue made his way into the room, clapping his hands with a new assignment already spewing out of his mouth. They didn't talk about it in a group for another few months. Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes, and Tina talked about it amongst them selves and Artie and Mike threw a few ideas out too, but never did the club get together and talk about it.

That is, until Rachel was walking down the hallway and witnessed Brittany pushing the new girl up against the school lockers and press an open mouthed kiss to the girl's tan skinned neck. The Dwarf saw the tanned girl melt into the touch and heard her moan out in a language that was from the Underworld.

The small girl ran in the other direction, pulling her phone out and texting all Glee club members, telling them to meet her at the choir room, as soon as possible. The choir room was in the same wing of the school Rachel was in, so it wasn't long before the brunette made it there. After waiting three minutes, the teenagers showed up and Quinn growled at Rachel. "What do you want now Dwarf?"

"While I may resent the fact that you use my species as an insult, I have pressing matters; I was walking down the East hallway and, to my horror, witnessed Brittany and the new girl making out and the girl spoke in Underworld language." She rushed out. All members froze for a moment before all of them were fighting to get out the door and to the East hallway where Rachel previously saw the two girls.

Finally getting to the hallway, Quinn yanked open the closest closet door where she knew them to be and ripped a half dressed Brittany out by her pure white wings. "Ow, ow, ow! Quinn! What are you doing?" Cried out the tall blonde as she struggled to get her feathers out of the Fairy's tight grip.

"What am I doing? Brittany! You're in the middle of school, kissing this thing!" She gestured to the tan girl who lazily made her way from the small room where she and Brittany were getting their sweet lady kisses on.

"Santana is not a thing! She's-"

"What are you?" This time it was the Wolf boy who spoke. He took in her look once more. Her eyes were darker, if possible, but a glint of something caught his attention and he held her eyes. A smell passed under his nose and he felt like he was at his uncle's cooking barbeque. A small, but not weak, smirk crossed her lips as she saw him take her in.

"Let's play a game," Santana started. "You each get one guess as to what I might be, one and only one, and if you guess correctly, I'll leave, but. If you all guess wrong…" She ran her hands over her clothes to fix them. "I get a favor, from each of you."

"I'm not playing this stupid game with you, Satan." The Fairy bit out. "Tell us what you are, right now."

"Actually Quinn,-"

"It's Santana." The girl correctly easily and stopping the Angel before any information could get out. "And it's no fun if I just tell you, you have to guess." Santana let out a grin that stretched across her cheeks.

"A Harpy." Mike guessed first. The tan girl shook her head as the other creatures formed a half circle around her and the wall behind her. Brittany was forced from the circle when Quinn closed the gap that the blonde tried to get through, making sure that the Angel and creature in front of them could not touch.

"An Elf?" Artie grimaced when Mike glared at him. This girl looked nothing like an Elf. Santana yawned in mock boredom.

"Furie." Mercedes, the Finfolk, and Tina shouted out. A 'nope' dropped from the girl's red, full lips.

"Imp?" The Hobbit sounded highly unsure of himself that Santana burst out laughing.

"What about a Fairy?" Finn tossed out into the semi-circle. Rachel had to hold onto Quinn to keep her from jumping onto the Giant.

"A Succubus." The Wolf boy said with a wink. Santana glared at him and cut off his fantasy with a curt shake of her head, swaying her dark locks and revealing the tips of sharp, pointed ears.

"A Selkie." Commented the Pixie boy with a bit of hope, only to have his hopes dashed by a negative answer.

By this time, only Quinn and Rachel were left to guess and the Dwarf was slightly fearful that the Fairy girl would have her head if she were to guess wrong. "T-troll."

"No. That means it's just you in the game Quinnie."

"Don't call me that." The short blonde walked around the tanned girl. "You have pointed ears, but aren't an Elf or an Imp. You hold a dangling red ball piecing at the tip of your left ear, which is a sign of the Underworld. You speak the Underworld language. You smell of smoke and ashes. You have the strong essence of a dark being; yet, you have a human form…" She spoke almost to herself. "Maybe, a Demon?"

"Is that your final answer?"

"No, because I know that there are types of Demons, different types. You can't be a Hell Demon. And not a Dimensional Demon because you are in this realm…You're an Earth Demon." Quinn told her confidently, sure she was right. Santana's face was emotionless for two beats. She gave nothing away, but her eyes were laughing, mocking her almost. A dark grin was on her face.

"Wrong." She let the word slip slowly from her mouth. Quinn's confident demeanor left her. "I win. I receive a favor from each of you whenever I so choose." Santana pushed her way past a gaping Quinn to reach her Angel. "I think we should leave this school day behind and head to mine so we can be uninterrupted." Brittany giggled as she nodded, her eyes twinkling as she reached out her hand to grasp Santana's. Both girls began to walk away when Quinn shouted.

"What the hell are you?" She was furious at being wrong and her eyes changed to a forest green in her anger. "We've guessed some pretty good ones and you deny them all. How do I know you're telling us the truth?" She asked. "I've never even heard of you, and I'm a Fabray, we know everything."

Santana stopped, crossed her eyes which made Brittany giggle again, before turning around. She stepped closer to the Fairy. "Yes, I'm quite aware of you nosey Fabray's, but you have heard of me. If not, then you most definitely know of my father, that much I can assure you." The air around the darker girl became thick and the smell of smoke, more prominent. She pushed her hair behind one ear, showing off her Demonic features. "Perhaps I should introduce myself properly." She held out her left hand. They could see Underworld markings poking out from underneath the fabric of her blood red shirt. "I'm Santana, Princess of Darkness."

Artie, Mike, Puck, and Mercedes felt their jaws drop. Tina and Rachel took involuntary steps back. Quinn was suddenly ashen and Finn looked confused at the reaction around him.

"I don't get it, what's so bad about that?" He asked.

"She's the Princess of Darkness." Rachel whispered, afraid to let her voice get any louder. "Finn, she's the daughter of the Devil himself." The Giant paled.

"She's not a Demon. She doesn't have a dark essence. She's Darkness itself." Quinn murmured. "The only thing darker than her, is her father."

"And here I thought you would happy I wasn't a Demon." The Princess commented, pulling her ignored, outstretched hand back. "Oh well, come on Britts, it shouldn't be too long to get to my place."

This seemed to snap the Fairy out of her stupor and she grabbed Brittany's wrist. "Brittany, you can't go to her home, it's in the Underworld!"

"I know that-"

"Do you?" Snapped Quinn, glaring at the ditzy Angel in front of her. The Princess of Darkness growled at what the Fairy was implying.

"Brittany, I know you like to believe that there is good in everyone," Mercedes started uneasily for she was in the presence of Darkness itself. "But, there is evil in Santana, true evil."

"She has good inside her." Brittany countered, getting her wrist loose from Quinn's hold and grabbing Santana's hand next to her. "I see it, even if you don't see it, doesn't it help that I see it? I'm an Angel, it's up there in things I was born with." No one said anything and the Angel sighed. They didn't understand that even people like Santana had a soft spot. Lucifer had one and it was Santana, and now Santana had one, and it was Brittany. Just because they were clouded with an overwhelming amount of shadows, doesn't mean that there wasn't a light inside trying to stay alive. "C'mon San. Let's go."