Title: Princess of Darkness
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Rating: T
Spoilers: Yes, but nothing major.
Summary: They were all mythical. Some were more obvious than others, like Finn, he was the son of a Giant, or Tina, she was the daughter of a Vampire, or even Brittany, the daughter of an Angel. And others were a bit more challenging, like Quinn, she was the daughter of a Fairy, or Artie, a son of a Wizard.
Author's Note: I'm an asshole for making you all wait so long, but I'm on Spring Break, so… :D I want to thank all of you for your support and dedication to this story that really wasn't suppose to turn into what it became, but because of all you who favorited, alerted, and reviewed, I was inspired and I will forever be grateful for all of you. :)

This is the final chapter.

Look out for little one shots and maybe, possibly a sequel of some sort called Only in my Nightmares that was inspired by the kind reviewer KonstantineXIII.

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"Santana!" She looked around the field in which she stood, searching for the one that called her name. It was the battle field, except no one was there. No Angels, no Demons, no Underworlders, no Upperlanders. No blood, no discarded weapons, no tall wall of blue fire. Santana stood in the darkened fields by herself.

Turning in a full circle, the Princess scratched the back of her head, confusedly blinking both eyes. "What the-" Her left hand flew to her left eye, poking and prodding to check for the wound that stole her eyesight. "This must be a dream." She murmured. "It has to be."

"Only a little bit." A voice behind her chuckled. Santana swiftly spun around and gasped at all the creatures that stood there. The nurses from her birth, side by side, arms linked. The warriors from the First Realm War, broken armor mended to look brand new. Warriors from the Second Realm War, smiling widely at her, some of the younger ones waving ecstatically. Her Granddad and Grams, the hard looks they often wore around her gone replaced with looks of intense pride.

And in the front of all of them, Olivia.

"But-but you're all dead." She glanced around before moving her eyes back to a grinning Olivia.

"Yeah, thanks for reminding us." The pale Siren laughed so Santana would know that it was no hard feelings. After the soft laughter faded, Olivia fixed her dark eyes on Santana's. "We thought we were going to be stuck here forever and day."

"In limbo?" This limbo was so different than her own that the Princess had to take another glance around and sure enough, a indigo-black hand lurked in the distance, ready to take all the souls in one final swoop.

"In the In Between." Olivia answered, seeing her attention on the threat waiting for them. She didn't explain what they were, they knew the Princess of Darkness knew all about them and had met them on several occasions. If anything, the spirits of the dead were intruding on a meet up between the long time frenemies. "Most of us died before our times."

Santana faced Olivia once more, a look of guilt painted across her features. "I-"

"Don't you dare apologize." She said sternly, losing the smile that graced her face a moment before. "Even when we knew we were going to die, we kept fighting, because that's what the Underworld does. Always loyal, always supporting. You protected us and we returned the favor."

"That doesn't mean anything, if the war hadn't happened, most of you would still be alive."

"Do you know why we get to move on? Now, of all times? All of us?" When Santana shook her head, the Siren gave her a half smile. "Because you sacrificed yourself to save us, to save our friends and families. I don't quite understand all of it," she waved her hand around, chuckling. "But your willingness to die was some sort of key or code or something that opened the gate for us to pass on."

"You get to go to the next world." The Princess whispered.

"We get to go to the next world." Olivia repeated, grinning. "We wanted to thank you for everything, but the only way to contact you was through your dreams and let me tell you, you don't sleep often." She joked. Silence surrounded them before Olivia reached forward suddenly and hugged Santana tightly.

Taken aback by the action, Santana pat the girl's back, hearing a soft, "My greatest fear was to die alone. Thanks for not letting me" before Santana's body jolted.

Sitting up in the cot that contained her and her soulmate, Santana had to calm her breathing. Luckily no one around noticed that she had awaken and was breathing like she had run a marathon. The Princess glanced at the blonde Angel to make sure she was still asleep, knowing the day had been long for her too. She sighed in relief at the peaceful features on Brittany's face.

Slipping with surprising ease from Brittany's hold, Santana kissed the Angel's forehead, letting her lips linger for a brief second before pulling away and draping a nearby blanket over the sleeping girl. She stood still for a second, close to the bed in case she were to fall, she was instantly reminded of her wounds.

The arrow wounds on her arm, thigh, and abdomen dully throbbed, but that the feel of her skin stretching around the holes, she could tell that they had finally stopped bleeding. Her body ached all over, mostly in her back where her wings folded close to her, but were still out. Warily, she tried to blink open her left eye. At the quick, sharp sting that followed the attempted action, Santana stopped trying, pressing the palm of her left hand to her eye to push the pain away.

Holding in a hiss, she managed to leave the room with no one seeing her and limped around the castle. Once Santana reached her room, she pulled out her sketch book and pouch of drawing tools. She held them close as she made her way out of the castle, walking past doorways that contained her girlfriend's friends sleeping, piled in different beds.

Outside, she could see the wall still in place and everyone still on their own sides. It surprised her to see the Angel's still in the Underworld, she didn't know if that was one of the side effects of the fire wall, or they just chose to stay. She stretched her midnight wings gently, flapping them experimentally as she walked to a large rock that she used to always sit on.

She overlooked everyone in the field from that rock and saw tents propped up on both sides, medical tents. Flipping her book open to a fresh page, she pulled a pencil from her zip-up bag and closed her eye.

Feeling the cool breeze caress her being, the Princess dropped her pencil to the paper and began drawing. The pencil moved in a large arc and several circles followed it. She didn't know what she was drawing, it was the joys of Blind Art. She didn't have to know because her body knew, her pencil knew, her essence knew.

A crunch behind her tickled the shell of her ear and she blinked open her right eye, carefully sniffing the air to see who was behind her. It was an unfamiliar scent, but not one she didn't know completely. When the other woman took a seat on her right side and said nothing, Santana stopped drawing, not looking at her.

"Hi." The woman said, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms snuggly around them.

"Hey." Santana said back, still sitting crisscross with her sketch book on her left knee. It was quiet for a few minutes, the other woman not knowing what to say and Santana not wanting to bring up something with her that would be upsetting, to either of them.

"You really shouldn't be out here." The woman finally said. Santana could see her cringe out of the corner of her eye, making the left corner of her mouth raise involuntarily. "I'm not trying to act like your parent-"

She interrupted with a simple, "Why?"

"Well, it has been a long time, I didn't know if I had the right." Sofiel said, voice strangely soft. Watching her daughter look straight forward at the people of the Realm. Glancing at her sketch pad, she was amazed to see the hundreds of people look back at her, many she was able to remember from the First Realm War. She started to ask something, but was cut off.

"You do."

"Do?" Sofiel looked back at the right side of Santana's face, still dirty with sweat and blood. Santana's eye that was identical to her own slid to the right to look at the Angel out of the corner of her eyes.

"Have the right to be my parent."

"Oh." Sofiel tried to fight back the smile, not wanting her daughter to think her silly for being happy over something so little. "Okay." She nodded. Remembering the drawing in the sketch book, Sofiel asked, "What were you drawing?"

"The In Between."

"But that looks nothing like where we were."

"That's because it's not my In Between." The Princess told her, finally turning her head to look at her Mother. The Angel's white wings were doing the same as her own, folding close. Santana made a mental note to ask Brittany about that later. Her Mother's chestnut ringlets jostled gently in the breeze while her brown orbs sparkled with confusion and a touch of awe.

"Whose is it then?" Sofiel asked, thankful that Santana was now staring at her directly. She knew she should get her daughter back inside to get cleaned up and to clean up her injuries, but just sitting here, talking to her with no threat of death hanging over their heads, it was pleasant.

"Theirs." She titled her head to her side of the fire wall. "My people. Their In Between where they've been since the First Realm War up until now."

"Where are they now?" She didn't ask how she saw them or if she really had seen them, obviously she had because there were people in her art work that she had never met, she was just curious to her daughter's inner workings.

"The next world." The way she said it made Sofiel take it as a moment of silence to the people who passed before her and alongside her. "What do I call you?" Santana suddenly asked, titling her head.


"I mean, what do I call you? Miss Sofiel? Mrs. Sofiel? Just Sofiel? What?"

The Angel tried to not show how her heart broke slightly that 'Mom' was not on that list, but she gave her daughter a shaky smile. "Anything you're comfortable with." Santana narrowed her eye a smidge and pursed her lips, before nodding her head. "You should probably go inside. You haven't been checked out yet and I'm sure Brittany would be worried" frantic they both thought "if she wakes without you in sight."

Santana nodded again with a softened face and closed her book. Slowly getting off the rock, she made her way back up the path. Turning around as she reached the door, she saw Sofiel still on the rock, watching her Underworlders like she had done a bit ago. "Hey!" The Princess called. She waited until the Angel faced her. Santana smiled at her Mother. "You should come in too. Dad will freak when he wakes up."

"In a bit." Sofiel called back, returning the smile that lit up her child's face.

"Okay, see you in a bit Mom." Santana quickly disappeared from sight, not wanting to see Sofiel's face at the drop of the 'M' word. Sofiel's mouth went agape and tears steadily fell from her eyes.


Walking through the door of the infirmary, Santana was wrapped in a hug by a blonde Fairy. It wasn't the blonde she expected, but Quinn was a pretty good friend to Brittany, so it was close enough. She lightly hugged the girl back, stiffening lightly when she felt wetness on her neck. Looking around, she pulled Quinn into the hallway to let her cry in privacy.

"I'm sorry, I just… Shit, Santana, you died!" The Fairy pulled away enough for the Darkness to see her eyes took on a somber blue hue. Santana rubbed her back like she would Brittany and waited for the other girl to start talking again. "And then you were alive, but she had to get the poison out and you were screaming like we were killing you and, fuck." She took a deep breath to calm down. "You broke your promise."

"I know." She agreed because she had. She promised to Quinn that she wouldn't hurt Brittany and she broke it several times in one day. "I'm sorry and I'm sorry you had to see all that."

"It doesn't matter. I have a new promise you have to make."

Santana raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I'll bite. What is it?"

"Promise not to die again."

Santana stuck her hand out in between them and without hesitation Quinn placed her pale hand in Santana's tanned one. "I promise that I will never die again."

"Good." Quinn smiled and stepped away from the Princess.

"Yeah." Seeing Quinn glance down the hallway every couple of seconds, Santana laughed. "Go on, you can leave." Quinn grinned and began to walk down the hallway. "Tell the Dwarf I said hi." The Princess snorted in good humor at the look of shock on the Fairy's face. "I'm not completely blind, I see the Lady-Lovin'-Looks she sends you and you react like the Hamburglar after a successful outing."

Santana left Quinn in the hall and stepped back into the infirmary. Nurse Alma was waiting for her with a clean bed and a ton of medical supplies next to it. The Princess groaned and sluggishly dragged her feet to her caretaker. "Wipe that look off your face Spitfire. You knew this was coming."

"I know, that doesn't mean I have to like it."


"Ouch!" Brittany shifted in the bed at her lover's pained cry.

"It's the last one, stop being a baby." Nurse Alma's voice responded with no patience. Brittany blinked opened her eyes after feeling around and not feeling Santana's overly warm body and not smelling Santana's smoky scent. Rubbing her eyes as she sat up, she glanced around the room. She saw her Princess sitting on a bed, scrubbed clean of dirty, blood, and sweat, injuries wrapped carefully in new bandages.

From the looks of it, Santana seemed to be more white with the cloth bandages than tan. Nurse Alma stood, a small sponge drenched in some sort of liquid in hand, over Santana, holding the squirming creature's chin so she could dab the sponge on the cut across her eye. "It's the last one, but it seems to hurt more than the rest."

"Santana. Sit still." The Princess did so, allowing the Nurse to press the sponge to her eye lid. She released a loud hiss and tried to pull back, but Nurse Alma's grip on her chin was too strong. Brittany jumped out of bed to be at Santana's side. She grabbed her girlfriend's hand, kissing the knuckles feather light.

"Britt?" She asked, her eyes still closed tightly.

"Yeah baby, it's me." She held her hand for the next five minutes, wincing at the look of the wound. She ran her thumb over Santana's fingers, kissing each knuckle from left to right and back again, hoping to distract her from the pain in her eye. When Nurse Alma pried the left eyelid apart to clean inside the eye, Brittany left her lips on the back of the Princess' hand.

After a minute, Nurse Alma dropped a different little sponge into a small bowl with liquid that was tinted pink. The old Demon took a rectangular piece of gauze and taped it down Santana's face, over her eye and half way down her cheek. "Almost done, I just need you to wear this." She pulled a little black eye patch from her bag and placed it around Santana's head, gently dropping it on her bad eye. "We'll get you a cooler one later, but for now, you are a pirate."

"Later? Will she always have to wear one?" Brittany asked as Santana blinked and felt the eye patch.

"At this point in time, I do not believe she will ever see out of that eye again." Nurse Alma said sadly. "We'll have to wait until it has healed more, but…"

"Thank you Nurse Alma." She nodded and walked away to check on Bael. "Are you…okay with that?"

"You having an eye patch?" At Santana's slight tilt of head, Brittany smiled and kissed the middle of the plain black eye patch then Santana's lips. "I think I am. Scars are sexy and an eye patch? I don't know how I'll keep myself off of you."

"You'll have to manage." Santana chuckled. "I feel like my Mom will be trying to spend a lot of 'quality' time with me and Dad. Plus your parents must be worried, so the chances of you and me getting any anytime soo-"

"Oh my god, I forgot about my parents!" Brittany exclaimed, her eyes widening. "Oh my god, my Dad-"

"Is just fine." Brittany spun around to see Sofiel smiling at her. "Your Father didn't fight today." The blonde let go of Santana's hand and rushed over to her girlfriend's Mother.

"How do you know?" She asked eagerly.

"Calm down. I stopped by your house before I left to come down during the battle. I told them not to leave the Upperlands. If they listened, they should be fine." The older Angel pat her younger woman on her shoulder in reassurance.

"How much of that conversation did you hear?" Brittany asked after a moment of relief.

"Way, way more than I needed to." She crossed her eyes and started to walk over to her husband who was talking with Adramelech. Brittany looked at Santana, a bright pink blush splashed across her cheeks making Santana laugh and beckon her closer.

"Let her be a Mom for a bit. At least until the end of the week." The Princess shrugged lying on the bed. After few seconds, she pulled Brittany to lay down with her. She wanted sleep in her own bed, but she knew better than to ask because Nurse Alma would want to keep an eye on her and her job would be harder than necessary if she was in a different room than all the other patients.

"What happens at the end of the week?" Brittany asked, bringing the blanket close to them and snuggling into Santana's now only bandaged chest.

"Dad will be able to do strenuous activity without the worry of poison." Santana grinned.

The End