Day 1

"Bye guys, I'll see you tomorrow!" Lucy waved her friends goodbye as she left the Guild and headed home. Her team had just gotten back from a week long mission and now she just wanted to go home, have a nice long soak in her bath, and get a decent night of sleep.

"I see you all have done a job well done," Makarov walked over to the rest of Team Natsu and gave them an approving grin. "I have not received any reports about you all destroying the town so I'll assume this means everything went well?" he was pleased that for once the council was not screaming at him because of the destruction caused by Natsu and his team.

"Yeah, this mission was pretty boring," Natsu groaned, crossing his arms behind his head and let out a long sigh. "The guys we were fighting were total weaklings. They didn't put up a fight at all. All they really did was stare at Lucy and say weird things." he frowned, remembering how annoying their enemies were. His team had taken on a job to hunt done some robbers that were supposed to be deadly but they were nothing but a bunch of perverts.

"It sounds like someone's a little jealous." Cana commented from her seat, gulping down a barrel of alcohol a second.

"Perhaps it's because...he lllikes her." Gray said, mimicking Happy and hoping it would piss off Natsu. After the time incident with Ryu revealing that Natsu and Lucy would be parents in the future the relationship between the two changed. It was slow but they became an official couple after a few weeks of awkwardness. Well the awkward atmosphere came mostly fun Lucy as she tried to adjust to the sudden change. Natsu remained the same, the only real thing that changed was now the fire mage was much more protective of Lucy and could be seen kissing her whenever they had a spare moment.

Of course seeing their relationship start off so slow and continue being long and just as slow as before had the whole Guild annoyed. Everyone tried to get them to take a bigger step and have certain talks with them about their future together. By the talks they had with Lucy it seemed like she was ready to beyond the kissing level but not all the way to the level of having children, which they deemed to be acceptable. However when they talked with Natsu he took it the wrong way and thought they were telling him that Lucy was ready to have kids. That night ended with Lucy screaming in fear all the to the girl's dormitory and hiding in Erza's room for the next three days.

After that everyone decided it would just be better to just tease Natsu before he was arrested for sexual assault. "Hey where'd you learn to mimic Happy like that?" Of course because he's Natsu he completely missed the point and didn't even realize that he was being teased. "It seems like everyone is doing it. Maybe I should learn too." he said with a bright grin and tried to mimic his best friend like all his other friends did.

"This guy is too dense for his own good sometimes." Gray thought, wondering when Natsu would finally understand the little things that happen between men and women. "I wonder if I or Master should explain it to him." he thought, thinking it was about time for Natsu to learn about the birds and the bees. Well he already knew about all of that so maybe he needed to learn the in-betweens of the birds and the bees.

"Don't bother explaining it to him," Gray turned around in surprise to see Gajeel standing behind him. "This idiot can't learn from words. He only learns from experience." He told the ice-mage.

Gray turned to stare up at the metal man. "How'd he know what I was thinking?" he couldn't help but wonder.

"Well I'm gonna go home," Natsu told them all, a loud yawn escaping his mouth. "Come on, Happy." he kicked the door open and walked outside into the cool night air.

"Aye sir!" Happy agreed and flew after his friend, ready to take a nice long cat nap after a long week from their mission.

"He really is dense." Gray muttered again.

"Leave him alone, Gray." Erza placed one hand on her hip and watch her pink-haired friend leave. "He'll learn on his own someday."

"If you say so." Gray however wasn't as sure as Erza was.

"Excuse me?" Wendy called for their attention. "What are you all talking about?" her question made everyone freeze.

"Uh...?" they weren't sure they were ready to talk to a little ten year old about the birds and the bees. With Natsu it was fine because he was older and Wendy was still young and innocent and they didn't want to be the ones to corrupt her.

"We'll tell you when you're older." They all answered, not keeping eye contact with her and praying that she wouldn't push for more.

"Hey Natsu!" they all heard Happy's voice from outside, calling to his friend with some worry in his tone. "What's wrong?" they saw a floating cat shaking the still form of the Dragon Slayer that was staring motionlessly up at the sky.

"What's with him? Gray wondered as he and Erza headed for the doors to see what was wrong with their teammate. Wendy followed close behind with Charle flying right behind her.

"Hmm?" Gajeel watched them go and let his eyes lead him to the still form of Natsu and gasped when he saw the color of the sky and moon. "Shit." he cursed, grabbing Wendy and bringing her into the very back of the Guild, shielding her eyes with one hand. "Pull that moron back inside! He can't look at the moon!"

"Huh?" his outburst caught everyone's attention but by the time his words registered in their heads Natsu had already run off, leaving only a giant dust cloud behind.

"Where'd he go?" Erza ran outside, looking all around for her friend but she saw no sign so him anywhere nor did she see any signs of what could have caused his weird behavior.

"Damn it! Close the doors and windows before the moonlight comes in here!" Gajeel screamed at them all and soon enough everyone was closing all the windows in the Guild.

"The moon?" Erza looked up at the sky and saw that the normally white moon was glowing a bright red, making the sky shine the same color. No stars were out in this sky, only the red moon shined in the open sky and it made Erza gulp in anticipation. Quickly she jumped back inside the Guild and with the help of Gray they closed both doors, completely blocking all traces of the moonlight.

"Gajeel, what's going on?" Makarov questioned, wanting to know what was happening. He noticed Natsu strange behavior and now he wanted answers.

The iron dragon scoffed, "It's the Dragon's Eye." he said, releasing Wendy and leaned up against the wall. His arms crossed over his chest as his eyes stared straight ahead.

"The what now?" Gray asked. Neither he nor anyone else of his friends had heard of that before.

"So it really does exist." Makarov however seemed to knock what it was.

"What does?" Mira asked this time.

"It's a rare occurrence that happens once every millennium." Makarov replied. "I'm not too sure of the details but I know it involves Dragons so why don't I let Gajeel explain." he looked up at the iron man, waiting for him to continue with the explanation.

"The old man is right. This stupid things affects only Dragons and Dragon Slayers," he frowned, blood red eyes glaring at the doors that kept out the moonlight. "When the moon turn red, much like a Dragon's Eye, it activate a primal instinct in every Dragon and Dragon Slayer that looks at it. It makes us lose all consciousness and we become nothing but instincts and primal urges."

"So you're saying that because Natsu looked at the moon he's been infected?" Erza questioned, not liking how any of this was sounding.

"It's not really an infection but more of a wake-up call. It awakens the feelings and urges that we keep hidden deep inside our bodies and let's them run wild." he explained before she went out looking for a cure that didn't exist. "The trance only last for three days but during those three night neither Dragons or Dragon Slayers can look up at the sky."

"R-Really?" Wendy gulped, fear suddenly coming into her body.
"Didn't your Dragon explain any of this too you?" he asked the wind user.

She nodded. "Yes, I was told of all this but I didn't know I couldn't look up at the sky for the next three days." her little body started to shake a little from fear.

"Well you gotta, so don't look." he warned her. "The sun and moon right now are our enemies and if you or I look at either one of them we'll become just like the little twerp. We'll become nothing but instincts and go on a wild rampage." he added with a deep frown on his face. This whole event annoyed the hell out of him and he knew it was only going to get worse because of Natsu.

"So what do we do about Natsu?" Mira questioned, hoping he could give them an answer.

Gajeel however only sighed. "It'd be best to keep him locked up until the moon and sun return to normal. Now that he's looked the next three days and nights he'll be going on nothing but instincts so it's not like we can talk him out of this."

"Do you have any idea what he might do?" Gray asked, his mind already spinning with thoughts and theories about what Natsu could be doing right now.

"The Dragon's Eye affects everyone that looks at it differently so it depends on what type of person that looks up at it is." he replied with a deep frown.

"Type of person?" they all thought about what kind of person Natsu was and soon enough their bodies turned pale white and they started shaking.

"The whole country will be destroyed!" Gray shouted out of fear.

"The council is going to be so upset by all this!" Makarov cried out, tears streaming out of his eyes and making a giant puddle around his feet. "I'm going to lose my head because of him!"

"It'll be chaos." Wendy was fighting the urge not to run home and hide under the covers.

"He is such a nuisance." Charle scoffed, trying to act like this didn't scare her when it really did.

"We need to hurry and find him." Mirajane told them. "If we're lucky only a small part of the town will have been destroyed." at her words everyone sweat dropped and ran for the door.

"Let's move it!" Erza commanded, making Gray, Mirajane, and Master Makarov followed after her.

"Gajeel and Wendy, you two stay here until sunrise!" Makarov told them, making sure that they had their eyes closed before they opened the doors. "Let's go!" he called out and everyone ran outside.

"Help!" however once they did Happy came crashing into Gray, making him fall to the ground with a loud thud.

"Ow!" he rubbed his swore head and growled. "Happy, what was that for?" he grabbed the cat by his bag and glared at him.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't stop myself in time!" Happy cried, tears streaming down his face.

"Happy can you tell us where Natsu ran off too?" Erza asked, hoping to have some sort of clue they could go on to find their friend.

Happy sniffled, getting himself out of Gray's hold and putting both his paws in front of his eyes. "Natsu...he...he..."

"He...!" they urged him to continue.

Happy took in a deep breath so that he could tell everyone what happened. "Natsu kidnapped Lucy!" he cried out.

"What?" they all gasped.

"But why would he do that?" Gray wondered, standing back up on his feet.

"Gajeel said he would be all instinct now. It's possible he has no reason and kidnapped her only because he recognized her." Erza suggested.

"I don't think so," Makarov looked up at the glowing red moon and frowned deeply. "Gajeel, Wendy, wait there for a moment." he told them, running back inside and sprinting into his office.

"What's he doing?" Gray asked Mira in hopes that she had explanation.

"I'm not sure." the white-haired woman could only shrug her shoulders and wait for their master to return. She didn't understand what he was doing but she trusted that he must have thought of something useful for them so she wasn't worried. Well not completely worried, her heart was still beating fast because of the thoughts of what Natsu could be doing right now to Lucy.

"He must have a plan." Erza added, her hands on her hips as she thought about all the places that Natsu could have taken Lucy.

"I do!" Makarov appeared from out of his office and threw two pairs of black sunglasses onto Wendy and Gajeel's faces. "With these specially charmed glasses you won't be able to see the moon or the sun. They two will be nothing but giant black dots to you so you won't have to worry about accidentally looking up at the sky and becoming like Natsu. " he gave them a proud grin, telling them all that he made the glasses.

"Not bad old man." Gajeel had to say that he was impressed. He hadn't expected the old man to come up with something as useful as this.

"That is brilliant Master!" Erza was impressed as always with her Master. She knew he wouldn't let them down.

"We need your sharp senses to track Natsu and Lucy so be sure to keep the glasses on at all times." Makarov warned them. He didn't want to have to subdue three Dragon Slayer. Trying to capture and subdue one was going to be hard enough.

"Got it." Gajeel nodded.

"Yes sir." Wendy would make sure that the glasses did not leave her face.

"Good," Makarov gave them a proud grin. "Then let's head out!" once more they all ran outside but this time Gajeel and Wendy were following after them.

"So do you guys know where they are?" Gray asked, looking back at his two Guild mates.

"I got his and Bunny Girl's scents." Gajeel told them as they ran down the empty streets.

"I can feel their magic in the wind so I can track them as well." Wendy added in, making sure that she didn't lose them.

"Then lead the way and we'll follow." Erza told them and in a flash Wendy and Gajeel were leading the group as they took off to find the kidnapped Lucy and the now crazed Natsu. They could only hope that when they found Lucy that she would be in once piece and they didn't have to worry about hurting one of their closest friend.

"He took her home?" they finally found where Natsu had taken Lucy and surprisingly he had taken her to his house. "And you didn't think to check here first?" Gray yelled at Happy for not thinking.
"I couldn't help it. It all happened so fast and I didn't know what was wrong with Natsu so I panicked!" Happy cried back, not liking how Gray was being so mean to him.

"Knock it off you two," Erza sent them a side glare, making them shut up. "We don't want him hearing us."

"Too late," Gajeel stepped forward, his body looked tense, almost like he was ready for battle. "He knows were here."

"How do you know?" Mira asked, her eyes never leaving the small house in front of them.

"I can feel it." He replied.

"He's right," Wendy stepped forward and took in a deep breath. "I can feel it in the wind. Natsu knows we're here."

"So what are we waiting for?" Gray made a fist and grinned. "Let's get in there and get our friend back." they all nodded in agreement and slowly made their way over to the door.

Erza placed her hand on the handle and turned back to see if everyone was in position. "Ready?" they all nodded and with one swift movement the door opened and everyone jumped inside.

"Natsu, release Lucy!" they cried, expecting to see a fire breathing Natsu about to eat crying Lucy.

However what they saw was the total opposite and it nearly made them all fall on the floor in shock. Natsu wasn't breathing fire but his eyes were glowing a bright red color and he had his one arm slung around the blonde's shoulder as they sat on the couch together. Lucy was sitting right next, she was tied up by ropes and wearing only a bath towel and was crying. What was even weirder was that Plue was sitting right next to her, tied up as well and shaking. "Help me." she cried weakly.

"Puuun!" Plus cried out too, begging for everyone to rescue him as well.

"Uh...what's going on?" Gray asked, confused by all of this.

"Lucy can you tell us what happened?" Erza questioned her blonde friend, her sword in one hand and pointed in Natsu's direction.

"Well I'm not really sure myself. Plue and I were taking a nice bath together when Natsu suddenly showed up. I asked him what he was doing but all he did was growl at me and when I tried summoning my spirits he knocked me out," she explained, her tears finally stopping as she spoke. "The next thing I knew I was on his couch and he was sitting on top of me. I tried leaving but he just tied me and Plue up and no matter how much I ask he just keeps growling at me." she cried again, wishing all of this would just end and she could go back to her apartment. Or at the very least get some clothes on her.

"Natsu, you need to let Lucy go," Makarov ordered, a serious look was in his eyes as he stared at the growling young boy. "Although I must say this is a very nice imagine that I'm seeing." he giggled like the true pervert that he is and made everyone groan.

Natsu let out a low growl that caused everyone to freeze up. They watched his grip on Lucy tighten and his other hand started to burn from the flames he ignited. Slowly he moved his head down into the crook of her neck and gave it a long lick from his tongue. "Mine." he breathed out, causing everyone but Gajeel to scream in shock. The iron dragon only scoffed, not at all affected by what he was seeing.

Lucy on the other hand was very much affected by all of this and felt ready to faint. "Just what the hell is he doing!" she cried, trying to break free but his grip on her wouldn't loosen.

"This just got even more annoying," Gajeel frowned, his arm transforming into a giant metal pipe. "Looks like flame head chose her as his mate."

Lucy felt her eyes get as big as plates and her mouth was wide open in shock "His..."

"Mate!" the rest all gasped out in utter surprise.

"What do you mean he chose her as his mate?" Happy asked, his wings flapping wildly as he tried to process the strange words that was being told to him.

"It means pinky here wants Bunny Girl to be the mother of his children." Gajeel said simply as if it was no big deal.

"What?" everyone felt like they were going to pass out from this whole shocking experience.

"Why are you acting so surprised? We already knew this when that other stupid brat showed up and told us!" Gajeel added, annoyed that his so-called comrades were acting so stupid.

"Oh yeah..." they had forgotten about Ryu in those few moments and finally remembered that Natsu picked Lucy a long time ago.

Gajeel scoffed once more. "Well now because of the Dragon's Eye the twerp is acting out on those mating instincts and he's pissed at us for interrupting." he added, both his hands turning into giant metal pipes. There was a wide grin on his face as he got into his fighting stance. He had been wanting to have a rematch with Natsu for a while now and it looked like chance had finally come.

"Interrupting what exactly?" Gray asked, not too sure if he really wanted to hear this answer.

Gajeel scoffed once more and rolled his eyes. "What do you think? He's pissed at us because we stopped him from mating with Bunny-Girl."

Everyone was quite for a while, letting the words sink in. "What!" they all cried when it all finally hit them.

Lucy felt like crying all over again. "No please, you aren't interrupting anything." she didn't want to mate with Natsu. She wasn't ready to take that next step into womanhood. Sure she knew they would have kids eventually but she hoped she would at least lose her innocents on her wedding night. "Now if you guys don't mind can you please get me out of here?" she wanted to get far away from this nightmare as she could.

"Easier said than done," Gajeel growled when he saw Natsu stand up from his spot on the couch. "Now that he's pick ya as his mate he's not going to be willing to just give ya back. He's gonna fight us for you." he had a wide grin on his face. He had been wanting to fight the fire dragon for a long time now and it looked like he had finally got his chance.

"Then it looks like we have no choice," Makarov frowned, not liking that their only option was to fight. "Mira I want you and Wendy to free Lucy and get her back to the Guild as fast as you can."

"On it." Mirajane didn't argue and quickly changed into the form of a mouse to pass Natsu without him noticing her.

"Oh, it's a mouse! A delicious looking mouse!" Happy felt his mouth watering at the sight.

"Don't even think about it!" Gray growled, making sure that Happy didn't try eating Mira.

"Enough fooling around," Erza summoned another sword and jumped forward. "Attack!" she let out a battle cry and knocked Natsu down to the floor. Soon enough Gray, Gajeel, and Master Makarov joined her in subduing him. Gray used his ice to bind Natsu's movements while Gajeel jumped in the air to knock him out with his metal arm. Natsu however was fast, quickly melting the ice and creating a giant ball of fire to send the two mages flying back. He let out a fierce growl when Erza came up behind him and tried cutting him in the back. He responded by kicking her but she was able to block it with one of her swords. They were all fighting at full force, tying to stop him. Even Makarov was fighting, he used his fire magic to keep Natsu's flames to a minimum so not to burn down the house and everyone inside it.

"Wow, they're really going all out." Lucy commented, somewhat impressed by the battle that she was witnessing.

"Did you expect anything else?" Mira suddenly appeared in front of her, no longer in mouse form and back to her normal looking self. "You are seeing some of Fairy Tail's most powerful wizards fight." her pale hands quickly working on untying the ropes that were binding her friend.

"I know that but it's still weird to see them all fight like this." Lucy replied, her eyes going back to all her friends and watched as Natsu was knocked down but jumped right back up. She was used to seeing them fight with each other before but never anything like this. This fight was different from all the others and it frightened her.

"There, all finished." Mira's words brought her back and she realized that the ropes were finally off her body.

"Thanks Mira," Lucy thanked her and went to untie Plue from his rope. "I hope you're ok too Plue?" she asked with worry shining in her eyes.

"Puuun!" Plue nodded, saying he was fine before disappearing and going back to the spirit world.

"Um...Lucy?" Wendy appeared next to her with a black shirt and red shorts in her hands. "I know it's not much but it's all I could find." she handed her the clothing in hopes that she would accept it.

Lucy smiled, "Thank you, Wendy." she gave the young girl a bright smile before slipping the shirt and shorts on and was glad that she wasn't as exposed as before. The towel she had been wearing before was left forgotten on the couch as the three girls ducked to avoid getting hit by a fireball and some ice fragments.

"Now that you're dressed we can go back to the Guild." Mira reminded them and the two girls nodded. "Happy I'm counting on you to watch over Lucy." she told the blue cat.

"Aye!" Happy saluted her, looking strangely serious.

"Let's hurry then." Mira said and they nodded, all of them crawling on the floor to avoid getting involved in the fight and without Natsu noticing Lucy was missing.

They had just about reached the door when a ball of fire landed in front of them, causing them to scream and jump back before they got burned. "Mine!" Natsu growled, his red eyes glaring at the two girls that were trying to take away what he believed was his.

Mira glared right back before grabbing Lucy's hand and making a dash for the door. "Hurry!" she pushed opened the door and lead the blonde outside, Wendy following closely behind.

Natsu let out a feral growl, his eyes glowing brighter as he let out a giant blast of fire and ran out his own front door. His mouth was smoking out with small whiffs of fire before aiming it at Mira and Wendy.

"Wendy!" Charle acted fast and quickly lifted Wendy in the air with her.

The fire ball missed her and was quickly coming up on the two remaining girls. "Happy, quickly take Lucy!" Mira commanded and the blue cat didn't argue. Happy lifted Lucy in the air like Charle did with Wendy just as Mirajane transformed into a bird, narrowly avoiding the blast of fire.

"We must hurry and get back to the Guild." Charle warned them, her wings flapping as fast as they could take her.

"Aye!" Happy agreed and didn't hesitate to go faster.

Natsu's released yet another growl before setting his legs on fire and jumping into the air in front of Lucy and Happy, causing the blue cat to stop with a shock. The fire mage reached for Lucy, his hands glowing to ward off any other attacks but was stopped when a wall of ice appeared between him and his desired possession. "It's Gray!" Lucy happily cried when she saw her friend under her.

"Leave him to us while you guys hurry up and get away from here!" the ice mage called out to them before shooting out another wave of ice.

"Got it." Both Happy and Charle didn't argue and quickly gained more altitude to get away from the fire mage and flew away at flew speed.

Natsu landed back down on the ground in a heap of fire, burning everything around him. Only he wasn't paying attention to that. His eyes were focused on the retreating figure of Lucy that was flying further and further away from him. His hands were balled into fist, the pressure causing them to turn white and burn even brighter. "Lucy!" his growls could be heard all over and his flames could be seen all over as well. He was pissed off and now his friends were left to deal with him.

"Everyone, be careful," Makarov warned them all, his eyes never leaving Natsu as he summoned his magic circle. "This isn't the Natsu that we all know and love, this thing before us is a beast that needs a good spanking and time out. Do whatever you can to detain him." he ordered as his body started to grow.

Natsu was still growling at them all, his eyes were glowing as red as the moon and his whole body was leaking with smoke and flames. His growls of fury were released every so often to let his enemies know that what they had done had angered him. "Mine!" he growled once more before jumping at them and attacked.