With a deep sigh Lucy pulled out the white wedding dress from her closet. It was her mother's wedding dress and it had been sent to her after her father had passed away. His lawyer said that he had left her a lot of items left over from her old life but she decided to keep them in a warehouse where when she was ready she would go and look through everything. She only asked him to send over a few personal items that meant a lot to her and one of those items was her mother's wedding dress.

It took the Guild only three days to step up the wedding. The whole place was decorated, flowers and streamers were everywhere. Food was being made nonstop by Mirajane and Lisanna while everyone else step up the space for the ceremony and the reception. She and Natsu would get married on top of the Guild's roof at the time when the sun was at its highest in the sky. Everyone they had ever met had been invited and amazing they all made the sudden trip for their wedding. She had been surprised that so many people came but she was also very glad. "Can you believe it, mom? I'm getting married." she slipped on the dress and loved it the instant the soft fabric touched her skin. A pure white dress that had sliver shining straps that wrapped around her neck with a crystal in the middle of her chest. The dress was flowing and it reached to the base of her ankles, giving her room to move and dance in. She wore sliver heels and two white gloves that wrapped around her middle fingers on both hands, leaving only her arms covered. With the help of Cancer she was able to tie her hair up into a beautiful bun and had a few soft curls coming out. She wore this hairstyle before when she thought Natsu was in love with her. "It's still so unbelievable." she reached up and put the small diamond tiara on her head, the veil attached to the back of it.

She looked over herself in the mirror and felt herself tear up when she saw her mother and father staring back at her. "I can't believe that I'm really getting married. Not only that but I'm having a child too." she sniffed, trying to keep her tears back so not to ruin her makeup. Her mother's imagine came and wrapped her arms around her daughter's body while her father placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Thank you for being here with me. I'm so proud to say that I am your daughter." she held onto both her parents hands and smiled. "I love you both so much." she whispered to them and nearly burst out in tears when she saw them smile back at her, whispering back that they loved her too.

"Lu-Chan." Levy opened the door and reached out her hand. "It's time." the blonde nodded and walked out of the room, giving a final wave to the spirits of her parents and headed towards her new life.

The music played and one by one everyone walked down the aisle. Wendy and Romeo walked first, they were the flower girl and ringer bearer. The grooms men were already standing behind the groom. Gray, Gajeel, Loke, Elfman, Macao, and Gildarts. Next came the bridesmaid, first was Juvia in a light pink gown that the girls had picked out the night before. Next came Lisanna, then Mirajane, then Cana, then Erza, then Levy and finally out walked Lucy. She held her bouquet of pink roses in her hands and walked down the aisle, eyes trained on Natsu that was standing at the end in a black tux with his scarf wrapped around his neck. His eyes stared into her and instantly she felt calm and couldn't help but allow the giant smile to form on her face as she continued her journey down. Her mind was flashing her of all the times she and had spent with her future husband and through all the good times and the bad and even the impossible she never once regretted meeting the pink-haired mage. She truly loved him with all her heart and this moment, this one moment was how she would show the world that she would never ever regret becoming a part of Fairy Tail and entering her new life as Mrs. Lucy Dragoneel.

When she finally reached the end she handed her bouquet to Levy and wrapped her arm around Natsu's. Her knees started to shake, not out of nerves but out of excitement. Master Makarov would give them away and with a quick clearing of his throat he started the ceremony. "We are gathered here today to bind together in holy matrimony, Lucy Heartfilla and Natsu Dragoneel..." he started the long cerium but neither Lucy nor Natsu really paid attention. Their main focus was on each other and their future that would start right after this.

"Do you Natsu, take Lucy to be your lawfully wedded wife. To hold her in sickness and in health, and love forevermore until death do you part?"

"I do."

Lucy felt her heart skip a beat at his words but she had no doubts about her answer. She turned her gaze down back at the end of where she entered and saw the spirits of her parents watching her with proud smiles on their faces. "Thank you."she whispered to her parents before turning her full attention back on this perfect moment.

"Do you Lucy, take Natsu to be your lawfully wedded husband. To hold him in sickness and in health, and love forevermore until death do you part?"

"I do."

Tears were starting to form in everyone's eyes but neither Lucy nor Natsu felt like crying. They didn't want anything that could distract them from this wonderful moment between them.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

They didn't need to be told twice. Their bodies moved before they could think, arms going out to hold the other and bring each other into a passionate kiss that had the entire crowd cheering for them. They were finally together, bond together by fate and magic. They were one true love. They were finally complete.