Hey everybody! Long time no see. I've had a few people ask for translations of the ancient language phrases I used, so I'll be glad to provide. Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm now on twitter! Come follow me - my username is Michaelcholman (that's my real name) - and we'll have a chat! I look forward to hearing from you again!

At any rate here's the translations, as promised!

Eragon Shadeslayer achí taka ren wiol nosu, und thornessa hringr er älfrí ëinradhin!

"Eragon Shadeslayer has given an oath for us, and this ring is his word!"

Malthinae älfr kalfaya!

"Bind his calves!"

Stenr, eitha!

"Stone, leave!"

sem er okaligr vel kalfaya iet,"

"…magic that is working on my calves."



Atra einnhverr sem freista eom haína stenr thornessa deyja.

"Let anyone who tries to harm this stone die."

Ilian Agaetí Chrísti!

"Happy Celebration of Christ!" – (from my Christmas post)

Ór, rïsa. Moi. Atra sem unin iet auga hugr waíse sjonro vel thornessa hringr. Atra thornessa ór waíse harth líki bjartstal, un moi onitha wiol Nasuada Drottning.

"Gold, rise. Change. Let what is in my mind's eye be seen on this ring. Let this gold be hard like Brightsteel, and change only for Queen Nasuada."


That's all of them, aside from the elvish greetings – you already know what those mean.

Thank you again for all of your support with this story!

Atra esterní ono thelduin,

-Adin the Conqueror / Michael C Holman