Chapter 1: Yuichi's Troubles

When Ichigo defeated Aizen in the winter war, he subsequently lost his Soul Reaper powers. Though after nearly a year and a half he met a group of people that could communicate with the souls of objects around them. These people taught Ichigo their power of Fullbring so that they could help him regain his lost powers so as to help them defeat another like themselves named Tsukishima. However this was merely an act that Ginjo had orchestrated to recover the Soul Reaper powers he had lost. The battle was both hard and intense, as Tsukishima used his power to insert his presence into the past of Orihime and Chad as well as Ichigo's other human friends. Just as things seemed their worst, Rukia and many other Soul Reapers came just in time to restore his powers to the way they were, and after fighting against their adversaries fiercely, they eventually obtained victory. However Chad and Orihime couldn't forgive Ichigo and the others for destroying Tsukishima, who before dying never removed his presence from their lives. Ichigo, in a state of despair and anguish, left the human world permanently, shamed in the perception of everyone he cared about, he knew he could not continue to live in the human world.

A few years after Ichigo moved to Soul Society he and Rukia became infatuated with one-another and after a year or so of dating, he proposed to her and were married just a few months after receiving Byakuya's consent. Shortly following their marriage, Ichigo and Rukia had a child, a little boy, he had Ichigo's facial features, but his hair and eye color matched Rukia's, and his riatsu seemed to have been inherited as well, even though it wasn't anything close to his parents, he could easily match the riatsu of a few unseated officers in the Court-Guard Squads. Yes, Yuichi Kurosaki was expected to become a very powerful Soul Reaper indeed, and as the young boy started to grow, many Soul Reapers who respected Ichigo like he was a captain came by the Kuchiki manor frequently to see the rambunctious child.

As Yuichi continued to grow, he quickly took a fondness or rather a liking to one visitor in particular, Yachiru Kusajishi. She would come to the manor almost every day on business regarding The Soul Reaper Woman's Association, and Yuichi who was around four when she started visiting, instantly took to her. "Well Yachiru it seems like somebody has a crush on you." Rukia would joke making the pink-haired lieutenant of Squad Eleven blush. Yachiru didn't know anyone close to her age so she never dealt with "being liked" and she honestly didn't know how to take it in, she would usually sidestep Rukia's jokes by simply bringing up Chappy the Rabbit. "Safe." The word always came to mind whenever Yachiru successfully distracted Rukia. Of course that doesn't mean that Yuichi's affection didn't make her happy.

In the coming years Yuichi grew like a weed, and in almost no time at all, though in reality it was close to one hundred years, Yuichi had graduated from the Soul Reaper academy. He was a young man now, appearing to be in his late teens, he trained every morning with his father, or sometimes his uncle if Ichigo had to get to work early, which was about once a week ever since he was made the Captain of Squad Nine almost fifty years ago. Though this morning was slightly different, Yuichi felt an all too familiar riatsu coming towards the training field behind the manor as he trained with Byakuya, and he couldn't help but fidget nervously as the training went on. "Ugh!" Yuichi grunted after getting smacked in the ribs by the wooden sword Byakuya was holding.

"That makes seven times you broke concentration." Byakuya stated as he pushed his slightly graying hair from his face.

"I-I can't help it." Yuichi retorted as he winced when he rubbed his side, and a moment later he heard a familiar voice from atop the wall to the left of the field.

"Come on Yuichi I know you have more fight in you than that!" The voice called out, and Yuichi turned to see Yachiru sitting with her arms crossed and resting on her knees. Yachiru had grown up nicely, and quickly became quite a young beauty, she still always cut her hair short, and Yuichi liked her choice of hair style, and he wondered how she managed to stay single, though many guys still ignored her completely due to the fact that her petite frame deterred any sort of interest, that of course spurred Yachiru to yell at them for being "perverted" and that "big boobs aren't everything", of course Captain Zaraki would get furious that for one, they seemed to disrespect his lieutenant, and for two the fact that the guys themselves, even though Yachiru brought in on herself for being the first one to make a move, made pervasive comments about her body, and when everything was said and done Zaraki would try to console her by telling her that Rukia had the same figure and she got married to Ichigo, and he would tell her to just give it time.

"Well Uncle Byakuya isn't the easiest training partner." Yuichi replied calmly, though on the inside his heart was racing by just the sound of her voice.

"Well your zanjutsu will never improve if you don't concentrate harder." Yachiru stated as she jumped down from the wall. "Here, let a lieutenant show you how it's done." She continued as she took the wooden sword from Yuichi.

Byakuya stared at Yachiru for a second before walking off. "I think that's enough for one day." He stated coolly as he handed the wooden sword to one of his servants.

"Oh come on Byakuya, don't tell me you're afraid to get shown up by a girl." Yachiru teased, but Byakuya simply ignored her comment as he went inside the house.

"You know, if you're not careful one of these days he's going to seriously haul off and fight you seriously, I mean it seems like you insult him every time you see him." Yuichi replied as he led Yachiru into the house. "Just wait right here, I'll go get mom." He continued as he walked to a staircase.

"Well actually I came here to see you, not Rukia." Yachiru interrupted and Yuichi had to turn away to hide the fact that he started to blush.

"Y-you came to see me?" Yuichi asked in disbelief.

"Well I haven't been here since last week because Kenny refuses to do his paperwork and I had to pick up the slack, but I heard that over the weekend you finally unlocked your zanpakuto's shikai." Yachiru replied and Yuichi turned to face her.

"How did you find out about that?" Yuichi asked in a state of shock.

"Well your dad let it slip at the captains meeting the other day and Kenny told me about it... So can I see it?" Yachiru asked and Yuichi stared at her in silence for a moment.

"Very well, I guess it wouldn't hurt anything." Yuichi replied as he grabbed his zanpakuto from it's usual place on a rack on the wall next to Sode no Shirayuki. "Alright, back to the training field." He stated as he positioned his zanpakuto at his left hip as he led Yachiru back to the field he was just sparring with Byakuya in only moments earlier. "Okay, just don't blink because I don't want you to miss anything." He stated as he drew his zanpakuto out of it's sheath. His zanpakuto was relatively short, while the handle was long enough for him to grasp with both hands, the blade was only two and a half feet long, the handle was enveloped in a light blue wrapping that crisscrossed over a yellow wrapping, the guard was similar to his uncle's, and it had four points that seemed to bolt out from the sword about an inch each. Though Yuichi liked everything about his zanpakuto, and especially now that he had shikai. "You ready?" He asked and Yachiru nodded her head impatiently as she looked on in heavy anticipation of Yuichi's shikai. "Right, okay, Strike! Kaminari Tora!" He called out and a bright light lit the field up as Yuichi released his zanpakuto, but to Yachiru's disappointment, it appeared as though he failed to release it.

"It doesn't look any different, are you sure that this is shikai?" Yachiru asked but Yuichi simply smirked in an identical manner to his father.

"Just watch." Yuichi replied confidently, and he swung his zanpakuto a few times releasing a few bolts of electricity with every swing.

"Wow! So your zanpakuto is an electric type huh?" Yachiru asked as she watched in awe having to shout to be heard over the crackling sound the electricity was producing.

"Yeah, but that's not all, check this out!" Yuichi called to Yachiru before bolting across the field enveloped completely in electricity. "I call it the lightning sprint, pretty cool right?" He asked, and he turned around to find himself face-to-face with Yachiru. "Uh, wha-what is it?" He asked as he fought his hardest to keep himself from blushing to no avail.

"Thanks for showing me this, but I wish I could've been there when you first acquired it." Yachiru replied as her cheeks pinked a little. "Though still, thanks for showing me, really." She continued before turning around to leave.

"Wait!" Yuichi called out and Yachiru turned back to him.

"What do you need?" Yachiru asked, and Yuichi turned red. He wasn't really sure what he wanted to say and to be honest it was more like his mouth had moved on it's own.

"Great what do I say, she's looking right at me, what do I do?" Yuichi wondered as he began to fidget as panic overcame him, and yet again he found his mouth moving on it's own. "Um, well I know your birthday is this Friday, so I was hoping I could take you out for dinner." He finally replied.

"Huh, really? Oh I can't wait, thanks Yuichi!" Yachiru exclaimed as she gave Yuichi a quick hug. "I'll see you on Friday then." She continued before jumping over the wall around the field.

"She... She accepted my offer..." Yuichi stated weakly in disbelief as he sheathed Kaminari Tora. "Oh man she said yes!" He exclaimed as he threw his fists in the air. "Oh just wait Yachiru, tomorrow I'll give you a night you'll never forget." He thought as he walked into the house to find Rukia curious about his outburst just a few seconds earlier.

"Hmm, "she said yes", and who exactly is she?" Rukia asked with a cocked eyebrow as she stared her son down.

"Uh, with any luck by the end of the day tomorrow she'll be my girlfriend." Yuichi replied as he started blushing.

"Yuichi that doesn't answer my question, so is it Mayu, or is it Ayame?" Rukia asked and Yuichi shook his head.

"Neither, and do you really think I'd get with either of them, don't get me wrong they're nice girls and Renji and Rangiku raised Mayu right, and Toshiro and Momo brought Ayame up well enough, but Ya- I mean the girl I like is much more beautiful than them and she's a lot nicer to me, after all Ayame and Mayu both take after their mothers." Yuichi explained with a face that even Renji's hair color couldn't match.

"Wait a minute Yuichi, you said "Ya", are you saying the girl you like has a name that begins with Ya?" Rukia asked and Yuichi flinched nervously. "This girl wouldn't be a certain lieutenant of Squad Eleven would she?" She asked and Yuichi flinched yet again. "You like Yachiru!" She asked excitedly and instinctively Yuichi covered Rukia's mouth.

"Maybe you should say it a little louder I don't think they heard you in the human world!" Yuichi barked his face a deep shade of crimson.

"Oh that's uh, sweet, Yachiru is a sweet girl now that I think about it, but seriously I think you're signing your own death warrant, I mean do you really think Captain Zaraki will sit quietly while you try and put the moves on Yachiru?" Rukia asked and Yuichi started to sweat profusely.

"I... I didn't think about how Captain Zaraki would react." Yuichi confessed as a look of dread spread over his face. "Please don't tell anyone, I... I want to do this on my own, and tomorrow I actually have a date with her." He continued as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh, my son has his first date tomorrow! So where are you taking her?" Rukia asked in excitement.

"Well she seems to like western food, so I thought I'd take her to that new restaurant that opened last month in Rukongai district forty-two." Yuichi replied as he placed Kaminari Tora back on the sword rack on the wall. "In the mean time I think I'll go see Captain Kyoraku, he wanted to see my shikai, and I wanted to ask his advice on how to act on a date." He continued.

"Wait, while I have no problem with you showing Shunsui your shikai, if you ask him for dating advice, your date will quickly go down hill, why don't you ask your uncle for advice?" Rukia suggested.

"But Uncle Byakuya isn't married, and he doesn't have a girlfriend, wouldn't it be better to ask Captain Kyoraku about this, after all he is engaged to Nanao." Yuichi reasoned as he turned to face his mother.

"Well actually, Byakuya was married to my older sister, but she died long before I met him, but from what I could gather, the two of them were very happy in their marriage... I just wish I could've been there to see him in such a state of bliss." Rukia admitted.

"Well bringing up his wife would bring up painful memories right, so I shouldn't pester him about it." Yuichi replied and Rukia saw the wisdom in his statement.

"Well perhaps you're right... Hmm, then maybe you should talk to Captain Unohana about this, she's very wise, and I'm sure she wouldn't steer you wrong." Rukia replied as she sat down on a couch.

"Yeah I guess you're right, I also want to show her my shikai too." Yuichi replied before heading out the door after retrieving Kaminari Tora from the rack he had placed it on.

It only took Yuichi a few minutes to head over to the Squad Eight Barracks, while he wasn't the strongest or most skilled Soul Reaper, Byakuya made sure to teach him how to use shunpo very well, so well in fact that even Yoruichi could barely outrun him. When he walked into the barracks he was greeted by Nanao. "Oh Yuichi what a pleasant surprise, come to see Shunsui?" Nanao asked as she gave Yuichi a bow who returned the courtesy with a bow of his own.

"Yeah, he told my dad that he wanted to see my shikai, so I came to oblige." Yuichi replied as he drew Kaminari Tora out of it's sheath.

"Ah Yuichi, I was wondering when you'd stumble your way over here." Kyoraku stated as he approached Yuichi. "Come lets head to the training field out back so you can show me your shikai." He continued and the two men wasted no time in heading to the training field. "Okay, so how about we have ourselves a friendly spar so I can see what you're capable of." He finished as he drew his longer zanpakuto.

"Right, now Strike! Kaminari Tora!" Yuichi cried wasting no time in releasing his zanpakuto.

Shunsui gave a low whistle as he stared on in anticipation. "Hmm, lieutenant-class riatsu, not bad, and it's not bulky which I guess would mean that it's developed for speed, and with "kaminari" in the name I'm going to assume it's an electric type, am I right?" Shunsui asked, and Yuichi gave him a smirk.

"Ha! You have no idea!" Yuichi replied before charging toward the captain. He sent Shunsui a quick horizontal swing from the right that Shunsui barely had time to block, but he was still affected by the electricity that seemed to pour out from Yuichi's zanpakuto.

"Hmm, well now that was a bit unpleasant, and now my whole arm is numb." Shunsui stated after jumping back from Yuichi's initial attack. "I think I may need to take this more seriously." He uttered as he drew the shorter blade as well and Yuichi let a gasp escape from his mouth as he stood his ground just a few feet from Shunsui.

"Great, he drew the other one, now I have to deal with defending a dual onslaught." Yuichi thought as he started slowly backing away from Shunsui. After Yuichi was comfortable in his distance from the Squad Eight captain, he called upon the power of his lightning sprint and jumped up for a downward slash that Shunsui blocked using the same hand as before. "So you noticed what Kaminari Tora is capable of and now you're going to make sure that you don't loose feeling in your other hand now." Yuichi stated as he jumped back.

"Hmm, you're pretty perceptive I'll give you that, but I'm just getting warmed up!" Shunsui called out before going on the offensive. "I can guess that the lightning only comes if he swings his zanpakuto, so I shouldn't be affected further if I attack with both hands and block with my right." He thought as he alternated the hand he used to attack.

Luckily for Yuichi the years of training with his father as well as Byakuya paid off as he was able to move swiftly enough to block the attacks from both zanpakutos. "Ugh, I can keep up with his movements, but he's not giving me much room to counter." Yuichi thought as he blocked an attack from his right, but before he could draw back his blade he saw an attack coming from his left. "Oh no, I won't make it in time!" He thought in horror as he raced to pull his sheath up to block the incoming blade, but he while he had succeeded in halting the attack, he didn't escape uninjured and a slight cut on his left upper-arm gave way to a red river of blood.

"That was a smart move, if you hadn't done that then I'd be carrying you to the Squad Four barracks to have your arm reattached and I'm sure Ichigo probably would've killed me." Shunsui stated with a confident grin. "Still as for your fighting style, you haven't been training with Ikkaku Madarame have you?" He asked as he took a break from the match.

"What if I have, his zanjutsu is among the best in all of Soul Society." Yuichi replied as he checked the gash on his arm.

"Well I won't deny that, but everyone from Squad Eleven is a belligerent fool that is way too aggressive for their own good." Shunsui replied, but all Yuichi heard was Shunsui insulting Yachiru.

"Take that back!" Yuichi demanded as he raced toward the bewildered captain. Yuichi once again swung down with his zanpakuto which was blocked by Kyoraku's zanpakuto that he held in his right hand, and when he countered by swinging his free zanpakuto at Yuichi's side, it was blocked when Yuichi held up his sheath. "You'll pay dearly for that!" He shouted before using his lightning dash to add distance between himself and a very confused Shunsui. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus! In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens! Hado number seventy-three, Soren Sokatsui!" He shouted and he released two powerful bursts of blue fire that nearly impaled the flabbergasted captain who barely dodged the kido allowing it to slam through the wall behind him leaving a large hole.

"Wow, that's some crazy power!" Shunsui murmured, but his eyes widened when he realized he had mistakenly took his eyes off of Yuichi if even for a slight moment, and when he turned to face the angry Soul Reaper, he received a slash down the front of his chest. "Ugh, I think we can stop here for today." He stated as he continued to block the unrelenting assault that Yuichi was consumed by. Shunsui let out a sigh as he struggled to block the continuing attacks with just his right hand. "Bakudo number sixty-one, Rikujokoro." He said calmly and six beams of light slammed into Yuichi paralyzing him on contact.

"Damn you, you coward, release me, I still have to kill you!" Yuichi shouted and Shunsui let out another sigh.

"Calm down Kurosaki, I didn't realize you were that good of friends with Zaraki, Ikkaku, or Yumichika, and I'm sorry I insulted them, but that is how I feel." Shunsui stated, but he then noticed that tears had started to stream down Yuichi's face. "Wait, something tells me there's more to the story than that, perhaps you could elaborate." He said finally and Yuichi cleared his throat.

"I-I don't care about them, but Yachiru is the lieutenant of Squad Eleven, and by saying what you said you insulted her." Yuichi admitted and Shunsui released the kido.

"So you like little Kusajishi is that it?" Shunsui asked after Yuichi dropped to the ground, but Yuichi remained silent as his face turned red. "I see, well to be honest I wasn't including Yachiru in my comment earlier, and honestly I should've specified, but don't let things like this get to you. You know Yachiru probably better than anyone who isn't in that squad so you should know that what I said isn't true." He stated as he helped Yuichi to his feet. "At any rate the match was enjoyable to say the least, and while your shikai looks like it could use some work, it is still pretty powerful, I mean I can't feel the whole front side of my body and my right arm will probably be numb for hours. Lets do this again sometime and if you need help working towards bankai just let me know." He stated. "Now you should head over to the Squad Four barracks and have Unohana take a look at that cut I gave you, don't want it to make you sluggish in case a hollow appears." He finished and Yuichi nodded as he rubbed his eyes.

"Right, thanks for sparring with me Captain Kyoraku, I'll take my leave now. Until next time." Yuichi stated as he took off toward Squad Four.

"What was that huge riatsu I just felt, it was almost as high as Soifon's." Nanao stated as Shunsui returned to the inside of the barracks.

"Well it appears that Ichigo's son has an infatuation toward Yachiru Kusajishi, and I just happened to say something negative about Squad Eleven and Yuichi took it as me insulting the lieutenant." Shunsui replied. "Though while we're at it, isn't today Soifon's birthday, we should definitely make it a point to go wish her a happy one." He continued as he looked at the calender to check the date.

"Yes February Eleventh, we should definitely visit her at some point." Nanao replied as she looked in a notebook detailing various bios of all the Soul Reapers including aspiring Soul Reapers still studying in the academy.

When Yuichi arrived at the Squad Four barracks he was greeted by Isane. "Oh, Yuichi Kurosaki please come... What happened to your arm?" Isane stated as she rushed over to Yuichi before checking on his gash. Isane nor Yuichi ever mentioned it out loud but the two of them always saw each other as older sister and younger brother, of course sometimes it aggravated Yuichi to be treated like the kid brother she never had, but other times it was nice to have the older sister, or rather sister in general that he always wanted.

"Well Captain Kyoraku wanted to see my shikai, and a simple demonstration turned into a sparring match and he decided to get a little serious hence the cut." Yuichi explained as he struggled very hard not to tell her that she was overbearing. "But don't worry I'm alright." He stated as he waved his arm.

"Well Captain Unohana is having lunch right now so I'll get you healed in a jiffy." Isane stated with a caring smile that seemed to mimic Unohana's pretty closely.

"Actually, I need to talk to Captain Unohana about... Well I need to talk to her." Yuichi mumbled as his face grew red yet again.

"About what?" Isane asked and Yuichi took a nervous step backward.

"It's nothing, a private matter, and mom said that Unohana would be the best one to ask for tips concerning a da-..." Yuichi cut himself off, he had a habit of letting his mouth get away from him whenever he was nervous, and this was no exception, and Isane cocked an eyebrow at the blushing Soul Reaper.

"Okay, who is it with?" Isane asked as she gave Yuichi an interrogative stare.

"I-it's no one, okay?" Yuichi tried his hardest to avoid her questions, but he couldn't defend himself for very long against the look that had quickly become one of the banes of his existence. "Fine it's Y-Yachiru K-Kusajishi." He stuttered nervously and Isane gave him a blank stare.

"What? Quit lying to me, your lies would be more believable if you would have told me Mayu or Ayame, but Yachiru? She's a lot older than you, do you really expect me to believe you have the hots for her, not to mention she doesn't have much of a figure." Isane reasoned and Yuichi shot her a glare that shut her up completely.

"First off, Mayu and Ayame always act so immaturely, second, mom was a lot older than dad when they met, got together, got married, and had me, and finally, I see nothing wrong with her figure, in my eyes Yachiru is the most beautiful person in all of Soul Society!" Yuichi replied in a raised voice.

"Y-you're actually being honest about this? I would've figured you'd lie to avoid answering the question." Isane replied with a wide-eyed expression of shock stamped on her face. "Well I could give you some info that helps, Yachiru likes western food, and she has also taken a liking to Chappy the Rabbit, and she only ever let it slip once but she wants a guy that actually uses manners, oh and she is very subconscious about her figure so it would be best to compliment her in a not-so-perverted way." She continued and Yuichi could tell his face was turning an even deeper red.

"R-right, I'll, uh, I'll keep those in mind he stated, and after Isane finished healing the cut on his arm he left the barracks. "Hmm, tomorrow I'll make sure she has the best birthday she ever had." He thought to himself as he quietly walked. The sun was beginning to set when he suddenly remembered something he had completely forgot about. "Crap I forgot that today is Soifon's birthday." He thought and he quickly made a detour to the Squad Two barracks.

When Yuichi arrived he was greeted by the short-tempered captain who surprisingly enough had a soft spot for Yuichi. "Oh Yuichi, how nice of you to stop by." Soifon stated. "What brings you here?" She asked with what Yuichi assumed was her attempt at a warm smile.

"Well I came to wish you a happy birthday, and I even took the liberty of getting these for you, I hope you like them after all Yoruichi nearly killed me when she discovered me taking these." Yuichi stated as he handed Soifon a few candid pictures of her favorite person in the world.

"Th-these... Even the most skilled of the stealth force could never get pictures as perfect as these, how did you do it?" Soifon asked in a state of shock.

"Didn't you tell me that a master of stealth never reveals their tricks?" Yuichi stated as drooling Soifon cycled through the pictures. "At any rate I'd like to stay and chat, but it's getting dark so I think I'll head home for the night. Goodbye Captain Soifon." Yuichi called back as he left the blushing captain to her photos.

By the time Yuichi returned to the Kuchiki manor, Ichigo had returned from work. "Where were you all day?" Ichigo asked with his trademark perma-frown.

"Well first I went to see Captain Kyoraku and we had a little sparring match, and then I went to see Captain Unohana for reasons I absolutely refuse to go in depth about, then I went to wish Soifon a happy birthday, and now here I am." Yuichi replied as he went to the kitchen to fix himself something to eat.

"Hmm, reasons you refuse to explain huh?" Ichigo asked as he followed Yuichi into the kitchen.

"He means his date with Yachiru Kusajishi tomorrow." Rukia stated and Yuichi shot her a death glare before Ichigo had burst into a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny!" Yuichi shouted as he turned to face his father, but he then quickly turned to his mother. "And you, I told you about that because I thought you were capable of not being Rangiku!" He shouted and Rukia in turn started laughing as well.

"I'm sorry Yuichi, I really had no intentions of telling anyone, but Ichigo's different. I think that your father has the right to know what his son is up to." Rukia stated, and Ichigo had reached in his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

"Tell me Yuichi, did you tell her straight out that it was a date, or did you just ask her to go to dinner with you?" Ichigo asked as he smiled at his confused son.

"Well I couldn't come out and say it was a date, it was too embarrassing." Yuichi retorted as he thought back to the events earlier that morning.

"I figured you'd leave that detail out." Ichigo said with a sigh as he handed quite a bit of money to Yuichi.

"What is this for? Even if I buy her the most expensive Chappy doll I can find and take her to the fanciest restaurant in Seireitei, I'd still have more than enough left over to do it twice!" Yuichi replied.

"Look, just get her a gift that's not too expensive and take her to whatever restaurant she wants to go to, she doesn't have too expensive of a taste so it shouldn't be too fancy of a place, and just be sure to pay for everything." Ichigo instructed. "And whatever's leftover you can keep as a bonus." He continued but Yuichi still held the confused expression, but Rukia knew immediately what her husband was getting at.

"Yuichi dear, I want you to keep in mind, that whatever happens tomorrow, well don't get discouraged if things don't work out the way you want them too." Rukia chimed in.

"Gee thanks for the vote of confidence mother, I'll keep that in mind." Yuichi replied, but his parents both let out a sigh, neither of them had the heart to warn their son of what they suspected would happen at dinner the next night, but Yuichi sure wished they had, because when he arrived at the restaurant he met Yachiru but accompanying her were Zaraki, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and several other members of Squad Eleven. "Wha-what is this?" Yuichi was barely able to spit out with a look of surprise on his face.

"Hey it's the man of the hour himself, hey buddy thanks for carrying the bill for Yachiru's birthday party." Ikkaku stated as he walked up and wrapped his arm around Yuichi who was still shocked by the sight of nearly the entire squad there.

"Hey Yuichi, isn't it great, the entire squad wanted to come celebrate my birthday with us, even Kenny is here and he doesn't really like this kind of party." Yachiru stated as she walked up to Yuichi.

"Uh, right." Yuichi replied weakly as he followed everyone into the building. "No wonder dad gave me so much money, he must've seen this coming, or maybe Captain Zaraki mentioned something to him." He thought as a frown identical to his father's covered his face.

After everyone went in, they were given a table fit to seat twenty people. "So how do we figure out the seating arrangements?" Yumichika asked as several squad-members sat down.

"Well let's do it this way, since it's Yachiru's birthday, we'll place her at the table with Captain Zaraki at her right, and following in counterclockwise fashion we'll sit in ascending order of rank until we get to the foot of the table where our generous suck-I mean friend who is funding this will sit, and then we'll continue around the table." The fourth seat stated and Yuichi shot him a glare.

"Well I want to sit next to Yachiru, after all I was under the impression that as the one paying for this, I'd at least get that honor." Yuichi argued.

"Stop whining, you should consider yourself lucky that we're even letting a sissy kido user sit at our table." The fourth seat shot back.

"Okay well how am I supposed to hold a conversation with Yachiru if I can't hear what she's saying?" Yuichi asked as his scowl intensified.

"Well you'll just have to deal with that! There are plenty of us that would like to sit next to the birthday girl, so just be thankful you're here!" The fourth seat continued.

"Well if I can't talk to Yachiru then what is the point of even being here?" Yuichi asked, but he knew that he didn't use a good choice of words when he looked over and saw a very disgruntled Yachiru.

"Go and sit at the foot of the table Yuichi, I don't think any conversation would be pleasant at this point." Yachiru stated while trying to keep her cool.

Yuichi stood in silence before trudging over to the foot of the table, and as the night went on he sat in silence while he ate, listening to the conversations going on around, and trying with no avail to hear what Yachiru was talking to Zaraki and a few others about. "Tch, I can't hear anything." Yuichi muttered under his breath out of pure annoyance. The night still dragged on for what Yuichi began to feel like was an eternity as he listened to a few men talk about the hollows they killed and how many men they defeated in combat, or how much sake they could handle, truly Yuichi felt like he was in hell until the time came when everyone was ready to leave.

"Well thank you everyone for coming to Yachiru's birthday, and thank you runt for covering the tab." The fourth seat stated, and Yuichi could swear the man was trying to pick a fight.

"You're welcome." Yuichi replied through gritted teeth, and he reached under the table to find the gift he had stashed for Yachiru, but when he found nothing under the table he looked over and saw a few squad-members playing with a very destroyed Chappy doll. "Oh, if this were any other day than Yachiru's birthday..." He thought as he gripped his zanpakuto's handle.

Outside everyone was saying their goodbyes for the night as many were stumbling off in a drunken state. "So thanks once again for coming everyone, you really made my birthday enjoyable." Yachiru was saying to everyone.

"Hmm, she seems to be busy, maybe I should leave before this gets any worse." Yuichi thought as he turned to walk away without being noticed, but Yachiru saw him before he got too far away.

"Hey Yuichi where are you going?" Yachiru called out as she ran over to the bummed Soul Reaper.

"No offense but tonight's not been a very good night so, not to be rude but I think I'll be heading home now." Yuichi replied with a scowl that seemed to offend Yachiru.

"Oh you don't have to be negative about things, yeah I realize Ikito was a bit abrasive but so what?" Yachiru asked and Yuichi found it impossible to keep his cool.

"So what? This evening was supposed to be a happy one, but it seems like you're too blind to see how miserable tonight's events have turned out!" Yuichi shouted back at Yachiru.

"Yuichi today's my birthday where do you come off talking to me that way?" Yachiru asked but Yuichi just turned to walk away.

"Good night Yachiru and happy birthday." Yuichi replied in a smug tone of voice that angered Yachiru.

"Disrespect me? After I taught you a few tricks for communicating with your zanpakuto? Maybe you need to be reminded that you're talking to a lieutenant." Yachiru replied as she drew her zanpakuto before charging at Yuichi.

Yuichi continued walking, but when he heard the rapid approach of footsteps he glanced back and drew his zanpakuto just in time to block a downward swing from Yachiru. "What the hell is wrong with you!" Yuichi shouted as he pushed Yachiru off of his blade sending her into a back-flip.

"I should ask you the same thing!" Yachiru shouted as she took a few more swings at Yuichi who started dodging as he jumped back to avoid Yachiru's blade. "First off I am a lot older than you and shouldn't that mean you should give me respect, second, I am the lieutenant of Squad Eleven and I refuse to be disrespected by anyone of a lower rank, especially a Soul Reaper who hasn't even been placed in a squad yet, and third, today is my birthday and you are currently in the process of ruining it!" She shouted as she swung her sword sideways that Yuichi dodged with a back-flip.

"Well you know you won't have to deal with me after tonight, I mean I can't believe I was actually considering joining the Eleventh Squad, well now you don't have to worry about that, I'm sure you will have plenty of happy birthdays in the future when someone else takes you to dinner!" Yuichi shot back as he blocked another swing of her sword.

"And that's another thing, if it was going to make you so miserable why did you even invite me?" Yachiru asked as Yuichi jumped back yet again.

"I invited you because I wanted it to be a special night between the two of us!" Yuichi shouted. "But you just had to bring along basically the entire squad." He continued as he shot Yachiru a glare.

"Well a party has to have a lot of people, I mean if it were just the two of us having a party it would be more like..." Yachiru fell into silence upon noticing what Yuichi had meant when he invited her, and she then noticed that the look in his eyes was not one of anger, but of hurt. "Wait, are you saying-" She was interrupted by Yuichi as he turned to leave.

"As I said, good night Yachiru." Yuichi stated coolly before taking off using shunpo.

"N-no way, it can't be." Yachiru stated in disbelief as Zaraki approached from behind.

"Alright everyone I expect you at the barracks bright and early, and if anyone is late they'll have to answer to me." Zaraki commanded to the other members of his squad who had watched their entire fight in silence, but Yachiru stood in the same place, her gaze fixated on where Yuichi was standing only moments before. "Yachiru." Zaraki continued and Yachiru looked up to her captain with a hint of confusion piercing through. "You might want to clear the air... Just saying, but be sure not to stay out too late." He finished and Yachiru nodded shakily as Zaraki started walking away.

When Yuichi arrived back at the Kuchiki manor he was nearly in tears as he rushed through the front door. "Oh man, I can't believe I yelled at her like that. Ugh, what was I thinking?" He shouted to himself before entering the living room to find his parents and uncle enjoying a glass of wine.

"I take it things didn't go well?" Rukia asked.

"Didn't go well would've been a million times better than how it went, it was a disaster." Yuichi replied.

"Well perhaps you can better explain things over a glass of wine." Byakuya replied as he poured a fourth glass that had been set for when Yuichi returned home.

"Well, first I get there and damn near every seated member of Squad Eleven had shown up." Yuichi stated before taking a few gulps of his wine. "Ah, then I get forced to sit as far away from Yachiru as possible after getting into an argument with the fourth seat over seating arrangements." He continued before taking another few gulps emptying his glass. "Then I had to listen to boring exploits from moronic idiots with bad grammar." He continued as he poured another glass before taking a few more gulps. "Then a few of those savages found and destroyed the gift I got for Yachiru." He continued before finishing his second glass and Rukia was horrified by the mental image of a destroyed Chappy doll. "Then I got into a heated argument with Yachiru before she basically tolds me thats she never thunk of the possible of a date, and nows I bet she furies with I." He slurred as the alcohol took effect as he poured another glass before guzzling it and proceeding to pour another. "Oh whats a terror nights it will." He continued before slamming his fourth glass.

"Okay I think that's enough for you." Byakuya stated as he took the bottle off of Yuichi. Yuichi never could handle his alcohol well, and the only reason why he opted to drink was because of the horrible night he was having. Byakuya had made it a point to set out an extra glass when Yuichi's parents told him of the dinner plan, and he knew Yuichi would either want to celebrate or drown his sorrow.

"Oh why did this happens to me?" Yuichi asked as he rested his head on the coffee-table.

"Yuichi look at it this way, Yachiru, ever since she developed an interest in men, always chased after them and always got denied, so I think it was more along the lines of her probably not realizing it when someone was chasing her for a change." Rukia explained with Ichigo nodding in agreement.

"Yeah your mother's right, and don't worry, so things went bad tonight, but it's not like you'll never get a chance to make up for tonight, your mother and I weren't always into each other, but we still ended up getting married and now we have you around." Ichigo added just as a knock came at the door. "So just give it time, and let things come naturally, you have all the time in the world." He finished as a maid entered the room.

"Um we have a guest from Squad Eleven that wishes to speak with Yuichi." The maid stated before Yuichi picked his head up.

"Great, it's probably Captain Zaraki coming to pulverize me for yelling at Yachiru... Oh well as a dead man I don't have much to live for anyway." Yuichi stated as he stood up and walked down the hallway to the front door, but the sight he met with was more shocking than anything he ever seen before. "Y-Yachiru!" He exclaimed as his eyes fell on a very nervous and fidgeting Yachiru.

"G-good evening, I was hoping you'd give me the chance to apologize for what happened earlier, I had no idea that tonight was supposed to be a d-d-date..." Yachiru stated nervously as she alternated her glance between Yuichi and the ground. "It's just that even though I really like you, I didn't think you'd want to go for a girl who was a lot older than you when there were girls that were only within a few years of your age available." She continued as her face went red.

"Wait did she just say what I think she said?" Yuichi wondered as the two stood in silence for a moment.

"At any rate I'm really sorry I failed to see your feelings, and if you want to then..." Yachiru was interrupted when Yuichi gave her a deep kiss out of nowhere.

"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have gotten short with you, but do you think we could try this again next week, this time just the two of us?" Yuichi asked as his face turned a very deep shade of red as Yachiru stood in shock almost on the verge of collapsing due to her knees going nearly limp.

"S-sure, we could do that." Yachiru replied as a shaky smile spread over her face.

"Great, well I'll let you get back to your home then, good night Yachiru." Yuichi stated but Yachiru made sure he couldn't close the door.

"Wait!" Yachiru exclaimed and Yuichi gave her a look of questioning before she returned Yuichi's kiss with one of her own. "Um, tomorrow, if you're not doing anything, would you like to see the area of Rukongai where I met Kenny?" She asked, and if anyone had been watching they would not be able to tell whose face was redder.

"Uh, sure." Yuichi replied weakly as he stared into Yachiru's beautiful red eyes.

"Great I'll see you tomorrow then." Yachiru stated as she started to walk away.

"Uh, would you like me to walk you home?" Yuichi called after her but Yachiru shook her head.

"No thanks, it's not that far, and besides I don't think my heart can skip too many more beats before I have a heart attack." Yachiru replied. "Good night Yuichi, and I can't wait till our date next Friday." She finished as she ran off.

"Neither can eye..." Yuichi said to himself as he watched Yachiru disappear out of sight before closing the door.

When he returned to the living room, his family was very surprised to see his extremely positive expression. "So what happened with Zaraki?" Rukia asked as Yuichi sat down.

"Yachiru let me kiss her, and she kissed me afterwords." Yuichi replied still stunned by what had just happened and Rukia and Ichigo nearly had to pick their jaws up off the ground and Byakuya gave a proud grin.

"I'm happy to see that things worked out for you Yuichi, it's just as your father said, if you give it time these things will eventually happen." Byakuya stated as he poured another glass for Yuichi.

"Yeah and this time there's no mistaking it, next Friday we will have an actual date between just the two of us." Yuichi added as Byakuya handed him the glass of wine.

Over at Zaraki's house Yachiru had decided to soak in a bath as she relived the events that had just transpired. "He kissed me!" She thought in excitement as she started to blush. "And I can't believe I kissed him after that." She thought as she held her fingers to her lips. "Oh I can't believe I finally have a boyfriend, and I can't believe he actually prefers me over Ayame or Mayu, then again I guess Rukia is a lot older than Ichigo and maybe an interest in older women runs in the family... Oh this is so amazing." She thought as she stared off into space.

Both Yachiru and Yuichi were in complete and total bliss as they reminisced about what had happened that night, and while neither of them knew it they were both simultaneously thinking the same thought. "I can't wait till tomorrow!"

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