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Chapter 10: It's Hyde's Fault

Italics = Eric's thoughts

Hyde took a seat in the middle of the couch. "So then Forman, enlighten me. How did you two end up together? How did you manage to forget Donna and how did Jackie become what you need?"

Eric finished the remaining popsicle and and threw the stick on the table. He moved and sat down in Hyde's normal chair. "Because, for the first time, we could relate to each other."

Hyde stared at Eric. "How?"

Leaning back in the chair, Eric looked up,"We were both dumped."

(Beginning of Summer Break, Eric's POV)

I waited in Donna's room for her. I wanted to make things right. Give us another chance. I waited all night. But as you know Hyde, she wasn't there. She might not have even been in Wisconsin at the time. I went back home early the next day. But that's when I saw Jackie. She was waiting near my house.

"Hey Eric," Jackie gave Eric a small wave.

"Huh? Jackie, its morning. What are you doing here?" Eric asked with groggily. He was still tired from lack of sleep last night waiting for Donna.

"I'm looking for Michael. Have you seen him?"

"Like I said, its morning Jackie. He's probably at his house," Eric said, yawning.

He was about to move past Jackie when she got in front of him. "He's not. He didn't go home all night."

I was extremely tired and really didn't want to deal with anything else besides my bed.

"Maybe he got lost on his way home?" Eric shrugged.

Hyde glared over at Eric. "Man, I already know this part. You made some joke. You both came downstairs. Waiting for Donna and Kelso. Blah blah blah, found out they went to California. You both cried. I got that. Enough with the melodrama and skip to the good part!"

Eric widened his eyes. "What? No. This is how I told my parents the story!" Eric smiled and waved his hands. "I mean, I got these great hand gestures I do. That's what helps the story you know?"

"God, I gotta deal with hand gestures in this story too?" Hyde hit his forehead. "Forman, they looked stupid back in middle school and now-," Hyde paused and then broke out into a grin. "So wait, when you told your parents you and Jackie were doing it, you used hand gestures too?!"

"What? NO!" Eric yelled out. "How the hell can you do that anyway?"

"Well Forman, you first start by holding out your index finger straight up-."

Eric held his hand up to Hyde. "Stop. I've heard enough. Do you want me to continue the story or not?"

"Eh, sure why not. Though, remind of that later. Killer circle material."

(A couple of weeks into Summer break, Eric's POV)

So yeah, you already know what happened at the beginning. And yeah, both of us were upset but I still thought about getting together with Donna. That was until Jackie asked for a ride.

"The Post Office? Why do you need to go there?" Eric asked from the couch.

Jackie had been dodging all of us so I hadn't seen her in a while. She just barged into the basement and asked me to take her.

"Why else would I need to go there Eric? I'm want to mail a letter," Jackie said in a huff.

"You know that metal thing in front of your house is called a mailbox right? Just stick your letter in there and "poof" the mailman magically mails it."

"I know that! I just need to do this ok."

I remember I looking up at her. Yeah, I had seen her come in and all but when I finally looked at her, I saw her eyes. She looked like she was about to cry, man. So I agreed. I took her to Post Office. When we got there, she got out of the car and dropped her letter into the mailbox. Just like that. She got back in. I asked her why she needed a ride just to do that.

"Eric, that letter was from me to Kelso. I'm done with him. I tried to give him my heart, not once but twice. I'm moving on," Jackie looked at Eric straight in the eye. "I think you should be doing the same thing too."

As much I wanted to argue, I didn't. I don't know why. I still don't. But for the rest of the day, I did nothing but think about it. What Jackie said. About me and Donna. It had been two weeks already. I waited for Donna but she ran. I'm still here. I knew what I wanted to do then. The next morning, I woke up and went down the basement. Only you and Jackie were there watching the Price is Right.

"Hey guys," Eric said, sounding a bit happier this morning.

Hyde and Jackie immediately looked up at Eric in shock.

"Woah Forman, what the hell are you doing up now?" Hyde nervously laughed.

Eric just beamed. "Just enjoying the new morning of the rest of my life." He then looked to Jackie, who was looking equally nervous as Hyde. "Jackie, you were right."

Jackie had a confused look on her face, her thoughts still not straight. "What, uh, do you mean?"

"I mean, it is time I moved on. Donna ran. I waited but let me tell you lady, Eric Forman waits no more!" Eric said dramatically raising his index finger in the air.

"So you're gonna start the rest of your life being hopelessly single or start dating fat chicks only?" Hyde smirked.

"Minus the fat chicks, yeah probably," Eric shook his quickly yes and sat down in Hyde's chair.

"Oh come on Eric," Jackie leaned back into the couch. "The point of me moving on was so I could try dating again. You should be doing the same thing if you're gonna follow my example. It looks bad on me and I will not let you do that to me!"

"Yeah man, she's right," Hyde then groaned. "Crap man, see what you got me doing? I'm agreeing with the cheerleader."

"Yeah, heaven forbid you two agree on something," Eric joked.

"Seriously Eric, if you're follow my amazingly stunning idea, you're gonna have to follow through. There's gotta be someone out there who will date you," Jackie thought about it for a second. "What about Leslie Canon? She dated you once right?"

"Red won't let me anywhere near the Corvette," Eric shot the idea down immediately.

"Plus, she already forgot Eric's name. Went back to calling "Uh bluh" right after the date," Hyde laughed. "What about Shirley? You two went out a few times."

Jackie looked almost amazed. "Shelly? The chick who sells slurpees at the store. She's actually not bad looking. You mean there was actually another girl who would date you?"

Eric rolled his eyes. "Yes, Jackie. Believe or not, I can get a date."

"Wait, did you already end it with Shelly?" Hyde asked Eric.

"Well, not exactly. I just haven't called her in a while. So, I guess that's shot down too," Eric moaned.

"Oh no you don't Eric. Remember, you follow me, you had better not fail," Jackie reminded.

Suddenly, a brilliantly evil plan popped into Hyde's mind. A grin began to form on his face. "Yeah Forman, you shouldn't give up just yet."

Eric had known Hyde for years and seeing the grin slowly appearing on his friend's face never boded well, for Eric at least.

Hyde continued. "In fact, after she says yes to date, you should go get ready for it by getting new clothes at the mall."

Jackie's ears perked up at the sound of the mall.

Hyde finished, grinning wide for the whole world to see. "In fact, Jackie should help to shop for clothes. You want to look good for your date right?"

Eric's stomach suddenly dropped to a new low as he saw not only Hyde's grin but Jackie's almost uncontrolled excitement at the idea of a makeover trip at the mall.

As if it couldn't get worse for Eric, another idea popped up in Hyde's mind. The cherry on top. "And you know, since Donna is the only girl Forman's ever really dated, Jackie could even teach you a few pointers on what girls really like."

Jackie finally exploded. "Yes! That sounds like a great idea Steven!" Jackie jumped up and pointed at Eric. "Get your wallet ready to be bled dry! We're going to the mall to give Eric a makeover!"

"Ah that was great a burn," Hyde laughed proudly at himself.

Eric decided to rain on Hyde's parade. "Yeah and if Jackie and I ever get married, I'll be sure to put in our vows." Hyde's laughing stopped. Eric, in a fake formal voice, said, "Yes, and if it weren't for my best man Hyde, Jackie and I would have never gotten together."

Hyde's eyes widen. "Wait, are you trying to tell me I'm the reason you two hooked up?"

This time, it was Eric's turn to smirk. "Yup. It sure is."

Ok admittedly, I was against the idea at first. Going to the mall? With Jackie? Shopping? With Jackie? I may love her now but it would be hard even now to do all that.

Well, either way, she managed to get me to go the mall with her. To be honest, while yeah, it is hard to go shopping with her, it was pretty easy that time. Until she needed me to try on clothes, she just gave me chocolate bar to eat while she looked around. Nice and easy. I don't know how but she got me try on a blazer. She gasped when I put it on and took me to a mirror.

"Look Eric, you have nice shoulders," Jackie beamed.

I saw myself in the mirror.

"Hey, I do have shoulders," Eric smiled.

"So you two got together because you put on a jacket...that gave you shoulders?" Hyde raised his eyebrow asking the question.

"What? No. But I think the thought of actually liking Jackie began on that day," Eric admitted.

The basement door then opened and the two looked at who walked in.

"The thought appeared on both sides. For the first time, I could actually see at least what Donna liked. Had to squint to see it though," Jackie said as she walked in.

Jackie closed the door and took a seat on Eric's lap.

"Are you telling him the real story this time?" Jackie asked.

"Yeah. Even how its because of him that we're together," Eric said before he kissed Jackie.

"That's one of my favorite parts!" Jackie squealed.

Hyde felt his stomach churn. "Ok, I get it. I get it. Just get on with the story Forman."

So yeah, cliff hanger. Hate to do it but wanna leave more out for a little while longer. That and actually get more of my thoughts straight to type. And do ya'll know what Eric interrupted when he walked into the basement in the flashback? Figured, I get one of the messier parts out of the way.

Omake time! This one would occur after a few years after the show's end and has nothing to do with the story. Just something I thought up. Jackie and Eric? Together. Which in circle time means...

It's All in the Technique

Hyde lit up the incense.

"So yeah, man. You and Jackie. Man I remember when I was with her."

Eric looked over at Hyde. "This isn't gonna piss me off right?"

Hyde smirked. "Forman, I'm with Donna now. You should know where I'm coming from with this."

Kelso laughed. "Yeah. We've all done the same girls. We're wiener cousins man!"

Fez chuckled. "Heh. You said wiener."

"What I mean Forman is that we could give each other advice. Like help each other out."

Eric raised his eyebrow. "How?"

"Uh...I don't know. Hey, you know, what, I liked when Jackie did that thing with her tongue. It was like she was trying to take me soul but it was awesome."

Eric smiled. "You know, if I was in another state of mind, I'd be pissed. But right now, I gotta admit. You're so fricken right man! Aw but Donna does this thing with her fingers man. Tell her to try it and thank me later."

Kelso opened a bag of chips. "Man, I've never been able to do Donna. I mean, I tried but she wouldn't even let me grab a boob. I mean, c'mon. Like I'm gonna stop trying!"

Fez started eating some chocolate. "What thing with her tongue?"

"Kelso, you try to touch Donna's boobs when I'm with her, I'm coming after BOTH your eyes!"

Eric started laughing. "Aw, c'mon Fez. You know. The thing Jackie does with her tongue. You know the awesome thing."

Kelso looked confused. "Both my eyes? What's my other eye?" Hyde reached over and poked Kelso in both his eyes. "Ah My Eyes!" Holding his eyes, Kelso started laughing. "Oh I get it. Good one!"

Fez angrily munched on his candy. "What thing? Me and Jackie were only together for a few weeks. We only did it once!"

Hyde patted Fez on the shoulder. "Your loss is Forman's gain." He turned to Eric. "So what thing with the fingers?"

Eric waved it off. "Can't even describe man. Just trust me. Awesome things will occur."

Kelso, barely keeping his eyes opened, threw a potato chip in the air but missed as he tried to catch it with his mouth. "Man, I know it was suppose to be an insult, but I still call myself the Apollo Rocket of Love. I mean, c'mon! Apollo! Like Apollo Creed from Rocky. I bet I'd look pretty awesome with a fro."

"Damn it. He's gotten Donna and Jackie to do things with fingers and tongues. You are an unjust god!" Fez clenched his fist in the air.

Hyde's eyes suddenly wide. "Forman, what if they do the thing with the tongue and fingers...at the same time?"

Eric's face widen in a delightful surprise. "Oh my god. I can't...I just can't...I mean...oh my god..."

Hyde grabbed Eric's shoulder. "For the good of mankind, we must know how it would feel man."

Eric gulped but smiled. "Sensory overload my friend." He looked at his watch. "Well, I think its time I go find Jackie now. Bye!"

Eric rushed out of his seat and out the door. Hyde laughed as he heard the Vista Cruiser pull out of the driveway. When he couldn't hear it anymore, he stopped laughing, coming to a horrible realization. "Wait, Forman never told me that thing Donna does. Crap!"

Hyde ran out the door. "Wait Forman! What does Donna do with fingers?!"

Fez laughs. "Donna is going to be so mad at Hyde for yelling that outside."

Kelso smirks. "The Apollo Rocket of Love will be glad comfort Donna anytime."

Fez smiles. "Can I watch?"

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