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Vlad awoke to the sound of his rather irritating alarm clock, just as he did every morning. He opened his eyes only to find himself floating upside down in the air, a sigh escaped his lips, he really needed to stop doing that. His heart almost stopped when he remembered the day- today was his 16th birthday- Today was the day he had been dreading for years, the day his heart stopped beating, the day all the warmth left his skin, today was the day he lost his reflection, and got a taste for blood. Today, Vladimir Dracula became a vampire. A sense of impending doom washed over him as he slowly drifted back down and landed with a dull thud on the floor, hitting his ribs on the stone floor for the fourth time this week! He got up and brushed himself down, walking lazily over to his window and rubbing his eyes furiously to get rid of the sleep. He threw opened the shutters that sealed his window shut and basked in the warmth that tingled all over his body. A sense of sadness filled him; this would probably be the last time he ever felt the sun on his skin again, the last time he felt the heat radiate around his body, the last time he felt happy

"Vladdy! My son and heir! Come at once!" the count shouted enthusiastically, his voice floating upwards from somewhere downstairs. The count would be ecstatic, he had been waiting for this day for sixteen years, the day his son and heir fulfilled his destiny. All this breather loving nonsense would be gone as soon as he met his reflection, The count was sure his son would become brilliantly evil, just like his father

Vlad allowed himself one last look at the glorious sun before closing the shutters and locking them tightly, after all, he didn't want to accidentally step into the sun and burn.

"Well zoltan, this is it. The moment I have been dreading my whole life has finally arrived." Vlad said to his stuffed Hell-hound who doubled up as his best friend

"Goodbye master vlad. I am sure it won't be that bad. I shall see you after your transformation…if you survive." The hell-hound replied

"That's not funny Zoltan!" Vlad gave the Hell-hound a playful shove before walking reluctantly out of his room


"Look who it is, if it isn't breather boy himself. Finally decided to turn up I see." Ingrid said spitefully, naturally she was in a particularly nasty mood whilst The Count was literally bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Vladdy my boy! Happy birthday, come, have a seat I've got a…"


The count was cut off by the castle calling for vlad. The count looked as if he could have squealed with excitement and anticipation

"Vladdy, make me proud! We Dracula men have an excellent reputation when It comes to transformations!" the count exclaimed enthusiastically, shooting a pointed look at Ingrid "At least we never run away from our reflections"

"Good luck breather lover, you'll need it. You're gonna be such a wimpire, you can't even stand the sight of blood." Ingrid put in.

A loud clanking sound filled the room as the rusty suits of armour stepped aside allowing vlad to enter the room which contained the dreaded blood mirror. Vlad looked back at his dad, who was nodding encouragement, and slowly walked into the room, he concentrated on breathing slowly and evenly, his heart beating ever so slightly faster when he heard the doors slam shut behind him. This was it, there was no going back now. He slowly crept further and further in until he came face-to-face with the blood mirror. there was nothing there, for a split second he though that maybe it was a mistake, maybe he wouldn't become a vampire. But to his dismay when he looked again he saw a reflection of himself, it looked exactly like him but this one had fangs, huge long fangs and black eyes, as black as coal. Vlad was intimidated, by his own reflection! The refection began to talk

"Vladimir Dominus Imperita Electus Dracula we are destined to for great things. You will become a cold hearted killer, we will feast on the blood of the innocent, and we will lead vampire kind out of the shadows and take over the entire world. I am your destiny Vlad and you can't escape from me." His reflection laughed, the breather lover stood in front of him was weak, he let feelings cloud his judgement. The reflection would easily win, vlad didn't just have one reflection…he had one thousand! He would become a cold hearted killing machine, a proper vampire that people and vampires alike would fear.

"You won't win" The weakling in front of him stammered, evil vlad laughed, he could smell the fear "I'm stronger than you!"

"Don't make me laugh wimpire, you couldn't harm a fly" evil vlad sneered

"I could" Vlad said, defiantly, momentarily forgetting where he was

"Prove it" The reflection demanded

"I will" Vlad said, stubbornly

With that his reflection started to push its way out of the mirror, laughing coldly as it pushed each part of his body out off the mirror, starting with his hands. Vlad started to back away, retreating quickly towards the door, unfortunately his reflection was faster, it used vampire's super speed and was next to him in a flash. Vlad jumped slightly

"I'm going to win, I'm going to beat you!" Vlad said his voice quavering a little, he wasn't sure if this would work but he had seen his siter do it with her reflection. Besides, it was worth a try. He took a deep breath, either way It would be his last, and he grabbed hold of his reflection by it's wrists. Immediately a white hot searing pain shot through his whole body, it was unbearable. Vlad screamed in pain, it felt as though someone had doused his insides in petrol then set fire to him both inside and out. He felt his reflection slowly merge into him, his fangs started to descend, the pain that caused was excruciating, his fangs literally cut though his gums until they were fully descended but the biggest change was in feelings, vlad truly felt evil. He struggled to fight off the evil him and take control of his body, but it was difficult. The reflections were just so strong, too strong ,but,After what seemed like an eternity, vlad finally merged with his reflection, his body was under his control now, though the evil side would always be there, merged into his mind. He would never be the wimpy little breather lover again. Although he had won, the effort of fighting off his evil side has drained him, Vlad felt the whole room spin before his eyes, his head was pounding, he felt weak and shaky. That was when Vlad collapsed.

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