I know, I know, Attila is the grandfather but when I started writing this I went off Wikipedia who are wrong! So I've decided to keep Attila as the grandmother just to keep it simple!

It's not the best chapter ever, but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

"It's time" The figure muttered into the dark night sky. The 4 leather clad figures stood around him nodded in agreement, they were ready.

5 bats soared out of the open window and flew off into the night. The mighty Dracula clan was coming, and whoever had crossed them would be sorry.


"Let me go" I snarled viciously as I struggled against my garlic filled bonds. I had been kept here for days. I had been in my room, lying innocently in my coffin when suddenly I heard footsteps. I had thought it was vlad but it wasn't. They had knocked me out with garlic gas and I came around in here, chained to this wall. I was ravenous, desperate for blood…any blood. Even soy blood would do.

"No, he will come" the blonde haired girl said stubbornly, loathing in her voice that was directed straight at me. "He will"

She had been muttering that non stop since I had arrived, staring up at the vast sky every night.

"What if he doesn't?!" I snapped, my temper rising quickly. My mate would find me, I was sure of that. But I didn't want her to know, I didn't want her to find him.

"He will" she repeated. I swear she was loosing it, her eyes showed she was loosing her grip on sanity…if she ever had any.

"Say he does" I said, trying a new tactic "Say he come, what then?"

She paused, she obviously hadn't thought about that yet. Well, she better hurry up.

Suddenly I was aware of a strange feeling in the back of my mind, almost as if that hole in I had felt ever since I was taken was suddenly filled. Immediately I knew it was him, I could sense his every being, his emotions, and his determination. He was coming.

"Don't react evie, she can't know I'm coming." A small voice suddenly entered my head. It took all of my concentration not to stiffen in shock. "Can you reply?"

I tested my powers and noticed they were stronger with his presence; they could overcome the argentilium nugget they had placed at my feet. It was only small anyway…

"Yes, just" I replied, pushing them into his head with all my might.

"We're on our way, don't do anything. We know where you are, the old woman's a witch and her blood is poison"

"I know, I figured it our when she started doing magic!"

"I'm on my way. I love you"

"Love you too" I replied, elated with the thought of seeing my mate again, of seeing my Vlad.

"What are you smiling at?!" the old hag snapped as she waddled into the room, her shrivelled face all scrunched up and wrinkly.

"Nothing" I hissed slowly, hiding my elated smile behind a mask of calmness.

The woman grunted and came to a stop in front of her crystal pendant. She held it in her prune-like hands and closed her weary old eyes. She stood like this for a matter of seconds before her eyes shot open in horror

"He's coming" she snarled, her face twisted. It didn't look right on her frail old body, how could somebody so old have so much hate inside her? She turned slowly to face the blonde girl "You STUPUD child. You foolish girl!" she screamed in rage "You Stupid, stupid, stupid girl!" she raised her hands and madly started attacking her, digging in her claw like nails and hitting the girl with so much force I swear she would break.

"STOP IT!" I screamed, making them both stop in shock. The old woman looked at me with murderous fury and started to advance towards me. She raised her ancient hand above her head, I shut my eyes tightly, holding my breath in anticipation of the pain.

"Don't you lay a fang on her" a deep commanding voice came from the doorway. I looked over; the Dracula clan were stood in a triangle, Vlad at the front, the count and Bertrand next to him and Ingrid and Attila at the back. I didn't think Attila would come!

They looked every bit as powerful as they were rumoured to be, and more.

The old woman laughed

"And who are you to stop me?!" she mocked gleefully as she raised her hand even higher

"I said STOP" the last word was laced with authority. He used his mental powers to force her hand down. She looked shocked and rapidly started muttering spells under her breath, trying to overcome his power but she couldn't…he was simply too strong.


"Where is she?" I demanded, searching the room for Chloe. I wasn't comfortable not knowing where she was, it left us weaker. As my eyes scanned the room they locked back onto Evelyn's wide, frightened eyes, her face contorted into a mixture of pain, hunger and relief. She looked terrible

"What did you to her?" I changed the subject, now I had seen Evie my worries about Chloe had gone.

Atilla, Ingrid. I said into their minds. I could broadcast my thoughts over at least a hundred vampires, if not more. It was all part of being the 'chosen one' and all that jazz… Do a sweep, find Chloe…now.

I felt their disgruntled thoughts as they agreed rather reluctantly, and then the familiar gush of wind as they sped off in the blink of an eye.

"Where are they going?" the little old witch demanded fiercely

"None of your business old hag" Bertrand hissed, showing her his fangs. I nudged him gently, warning him to calm down a bit, this was a bit too close to home for him.

"And you are?" she said with a tone of superiority

He glared at her "Bertrand du Fortunessa" he announced proudly, watching in satisfaction as her face paled substantially; she had obviously heard the stories of her ancestors slayings. Maybe she had been alive back then, I mean I have absolutely no idea about a witch's lifespan! I didn't even know witches still lived in Transylvania; the vampires supposedly drove them out 400 years ago! Dad used to tell us all the time about how he and Ivan would tie them to a stake and burn them.

"Ahhh" she muttered "You were supposed to be dead"

She didn't seem surprised by the fact he was alive; if I had just been told someone killed had come back to life I would be just a little shocked…

"You killed my family 400 years ago" he accused calmly, no emotion whatsoever in his voice. He obviously knew about a witch's life span then, they can get pretty old I take it.

"No dear that was my mother" she said, tutting. I suddenly realised where I had seen her before…My dream back in stokley "I'm 350"

I looked over at Evelyn, at her relief filled face and realised that she was everything. She was all that mattered to me and I would do anything…anything to protect her.

"Makes no difference to me" he reasoned quietly "as long as I get my revenge"


I whispered her name into the sea of minds I could feel. I had a plan but I needed her to help.

What? She replied sharply; she wasn't happy about being sent away from the action

I need your help

Huh, so now you need me. Well what if I don't want to

Great timing for one of her famous hissy fits over nothing

Not now Ingrid, I have a plan to get us all out but I need you

Fine she reluctantly agreed, though I could tell she was up for it…anything for a bit o action. I grinned inside, keeping my face blank on the outside as I filled her in on my plan. It was going to work…she would see to that.

"Ha! You couldn't kill me! You're not nearly powerful enough, only grand high Vampires stand any chance of that" Dad opened his mouth to protest, but the old witch quickly carried on. "We have evolved from the weak, worthless beings we once were. Only the chosen one can kill us, and he wouldn't harm a fly" she pointed one long wrinkly finger in my direction, quickly spiking my temper

"Oh I do think you underestimate me, witch" I said calmly, trying hard to control my sudden rage at this woman. The woman who had kept my mate against her will, the woman who had somehow entered my dreams in Stokley, the woman whose mother had slain Bertrand's family. I could barely conceal my sudden hate for her. I could tell my eyes were black from the way she suddenly stopped laughing, maybe she was finally realizing that I was dangerous. I decided I might as well go all out and show her my fangs. I pulled back my lips, revealing the four sharp points that were so much longer than other vampire's.

She winced slightly, and gradually walked closer to us, dangling something in front of Bertrand. It was the antidote to her venom.

Now I whispered mentally to Ingrid. I felt the familiar swoosh of air as Attila came into view, holding a rather green Chloe who was struggling against my grandmother's firm grip.

I hissed at her as my anger peaked, showing her my fangs. I knew that with my black eyes, fangs and my face twisted in fury I looked nothing like 'sweet old Vlad', the breather loving one who wouldn't harm a fly. Well, that Vlad grew up.

"You" I hiss furiously, completely forgetting my plan for a second

Chloe looked shocked I was so angry at her. I clasped my hands into fists. She suddenly grasped at her throat and heaved in struggled gasps of air…what was going on?

"Vlad!" Evelyn shouted, breaking the stunned silence "You're hurting her!"

I was momentarily shocked before looking down and realizing I had been clasping my hands into fists and subconsciously my powers had been directed at her, strangling her. I immediately relaxed my hands…she didn't deserve to die.

"You did that?" The witch said, half in awe and half demanding.

"Yes. Don't cross me witch, you'll regret it" I warned, thunder crackling in the background.

"You're pathetic" she laughed, but I could detect wariness there too "Both of you" she poked Bertrand in the chest….

Big mistake.