Author's Note

Thank you readers and reviewers for your support on this story! It really means a lot to me that you enjoyed this story and wanted more! Yes, indeed there will be a sequel! Rather than add chapters to this story, I'm going to keep this story as-is and rated T. I would like to maintain the ambiguous ending and lack of smuttiness for those who like the story as-is. I think the ambiguous ending is fun : D (Although I can understand the frustration a reader might have. I read "The Lady & The Tiger" in High School English and remember being so frustrated with the ending!)

The sequel (titled: You're the Half-Blood Prince!) will be rated M, and for good reason! The sequel will not be suggested pre-Snarry, but will be full blown Snarry complete with snogging and more! How much more? Well, you'll just have to wait and see! :D I hope that you will check out the sequel and I hope that you will have fun reading it. I'll try not to disappoint.