It's not so bad, this freefloat in the void. Not after the first several times you count to one million, try to remember your life from conception to death, and come to terms with the fact you're a floating entity made up entirely of awareness with no mass.

Yes, being hit by the car had been extremely painful… but floating in this space with absolutely no care, no pressure, no anything was nice - and terribly, terribly frightening, all at once.

Had the event with the car even happened? It seemed real enough. My mother screaming out in terror, those few breathless seconds that passed by like eons, the gut-wrenching pure fear of death that had wracked my frame and the blind acceptance as the impact sent me flying had all felt so very real…

"It wasreal," a voice floated through the darkness; It was neither far nor close, loud nor quiet. The low, gravely voice sounded fairly demonic, but the warm tonality made it feel almost safe. A seemingly pleased color of royal purple exploded in vibrant clouds around me.

My whole body jerked, adrenaline pumping through my body in such a sudden jolt that it felt like I was suffocating.

"Who are you?" I screamed. I sobbed suddenly in terror; Even though I had screamed as loud as I could, my voice was no louder than a whisper. One of my worstfears…

"Do not fear, child. The ending is only the beginning." The voice whispered, sending waves of calming teal to wash over me.

"I'm… dead?" I held my breath in anticipation of his answer.

"In that world, yes." I felt tears sting the eyes that no longer existed, the pain in the same place my heart had been. I should be hysterical, but yet I'm not.

"My friends… my family… will I see them again?" I didn't even bother screaming anymore. He had heard me well enough.

"In time, child, in time. But now, your soul must move on, for it is needed elsewhere."
"Like… reincarnation?" Great. I would be born back as a spideror equally disgusting for not believing in it.

"Yes dear one, in a completely different universe. We have been so pleased by how short of a time it took you to find yourself, to find truth, that we are giving you a very rare gift." The royal purple came back, seeming to lift me through the never-ending mist.

"A gift?"

"Yes. You will be able to choose what universe you go to, and you shall be plagued with no illness or disease. You shall also be given the gift of immediate life; you will be the same age you died at, along with complete memories of what has passed." A deep, rich orange filled the spaces in between that I recognized as pride.

"An-… Any universe? Will I remember who I am?"

"Yes. Now choose, child. We do not have much time," the deep voice rumbled. I turned inward upon myself, thinking. Where did I want to go? Suddenly, my mind was filled to the brim with thoughts of the Turtles Forever movie – how they had all learned that they existed in several different universes.

"The Ninja Turtles – do they exist?" I suddenly realized that I probably sounded like a nutcase to this supreme being in control of soul reassignment. I get a great gift, and all I want is to meet the Ninja Turtles.

"Yes. I can see you are quite fond of them… you can be sent to one of their universes, if it is what you wish." A bright, vivid green trickled into existence. I couldn't place it, but the color made me wary.

"So… I can really meet them? Be with them?"

The inky darkness first gave no reply, and the color – which had been giving me his/its emotions had disappeared.

"Yes." For several moments, or eons – I couldn't tell – I was completely silent. Was this another test? Another learning experience?

Silly girl. That's all life is – a learning experience. Suddenly, the purple and orange were dancing again.

"Of course, wise child." I tried to draw breath and sigh, though the action was useless.
"Yes. That's what I want," I breathed, barely making a sound.

"As you wish. Remember what you have said, and may you ascend." The teal briefly flashed, before it was carried away. I vaguely felt more and more physical sensation, suddenly realizing I once more had a body to call home.

"Thank you," I screamed. Why was I screaming?

Because I was falling.

Faster and faster, the dark void passed me. Not only was I falling through space – through time? – I was falling into myself. I jerked, suddenly having full sensation all at once, my soul and my body seeming to connect.

The joy that sprang into my heart was short lived as the roar of the wind passing my head suddenly deafened me, a terrifying lightless crack of thunder making me scream out. My skin was suddenly assaulted by the pricks of thousands and thousands of cold bullets – rain, I remembered vaguely – before I tried in vain to open my eyes. With new fear, I realized I couldn't move my body.

And abruptly, I wasn't falling.

I could faintly hear voices in the background, along with the occasional crack of thunder in the distance. The rain continued to fall onto me, making me stir. The eventual pain in my head and back didn't help. I tried to bring my hand to my face, and even though I succeeded I felt like body was full of lead.

"She's pretty, Leo. Can we keep her?"

'Holy fucking shitballs, that voice belonged – no, belongs – to Michelangelo! But… it sounds so… creepy…'it that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It faintly reminded me of the 'dark turtles' in the Fast Forward series.

"If you can clean up after your own mess this time. You're the one who killed the last one," was the cold and hateful reply from Leonardo.


I blinked desperately, tears pricking my eyes yet again as the most gut-wrenching fear I'd ever felt settled into every fiber of my being. I felt Donatellos' bo nudge my sensitive ribs none to gently and I tried to get away, letting out a soft cry, but my hands managed to slip on the rain-slicked ground beneath me. I felt like a fish struggling to find water again, even though it was drowning all at the same time.

"I didn't appreciate blood contaminating cultures I had painstakingly taken care of, or the hours I wasted sowing its insides back together just for it to die," Donatello snarled coldly.

I gasped as I finally found purchase, backpedaling in utter terror, not caring that I looked desperate to escape.

'This isn't the way it's supposed to be. Oh god, what have I done, what have I done?'

I eventually backed into a very solid, thick, and muscular set of legs. I jerked my head backwards to see Raphael staring down at me, as silent and unmoving as a statue.

'It's all wrong!'

Instead of warm amber, his eyes were a feral yellow, and his skin was much darker than the rich emerald I had come to love. The primal gleam in his eyes made his red bandanna seem like blood splashed onto his face, the deep scowl set upon it not helping. He was far too tall, well over 6 feet, and it made him seem all the more unreal. The rain passed over his body like a waterfall, seeming to accentuate the copious amount of muscle on it, which only served to make me fall farther into my state of distress. I don't know how long we stared at one another, but I had frozen in fear, my eyes widening and my mouth opening and closing uselessly as if I was gasping for air.

The action seemed to appease him. The utterly pleased, savage smile – if you could call it such – that wiped across his face made my physically ill, and my notice of his fangs did not help. He looked up to the others, giving a low growl that I could feel vibrate my internal organs.

"I caught 'er before she could fall off tha buildn'. She's mine," he snarled viciously, straightening his back and baring his teeth.

The others seemed to have no argument, their silence speaking volumes. I heard them all take a few steps back in submission.

He looked back down, 'smiling' again, as he bent over to pick me up. As his massive hands wrapped around my waist, I realized I was shaking hard enough it looked like I was convulsing, little sobs ripping out of my throat.

"Don't worry sweet heart," he rumbled, bringing me to stand against him roughly, shielding me from the rain.

"I'll treat ya' real good," he all but churred. I could feel pieces of me dying. How long had I wanted to be pressed up against Raphael in a similar situation, however damningly psychologically fucked up that may have been? But this… I didn't want this. I suddenly couldn't see anymore, probably some sort of reaction to extreme stress and fear.

I realized the asshole who had sent me here had been playing some kind of sick game. Oh, I would learn my lesson alright. Raphael's dark chuckle seemed to echo the sentiment of the voices' lingering presence.

'Be careful what you wish for.'

Background -

I was thinking about how much Raphael - and the other turtles - have affected who I am today, and to this day what a huge part of my life they are as I was tipping back coladas. I'm sure a lot of fan girls (and boys) will agree when I say I'd love to meet them... or more... but continuing on, this idea came to light.

What if we got what we wanted? What if we should be careful what we wish for?

I'm sure that for all the good turtles there are, there have to be some bad ones. And my mind just took this and ran!

I really do hope to continue this story. I have amazing ideas for where it could go... everything I could do... but I warn you. It's gonna be dark if it does. Stay away, hatchlings!