Hello readers.

I'm so very sorry for the long absence. I often forget that many of you only check FF and not DeviantArt, my base of operations. So when everything went down, I forgot to update everyone here.

My life has been rocking. My health has been downhill for some time, and a bit over two months ago, I lost my beloved pet of 12 years, my first dog, and lived through domestic violence on the same night. In no way am I discontinuing Make a Wish, I have simply been taking a break from life in general to get back in touch with myself and heal.

However I am starting to write and draw again. I'm currently reading over M.A.W., going over my plotline, writing and reviewing the chapter currently in the works. I know how frustrating it is to wait a long time for an update and only get a status update – I was a reader before a writer! Just know that an update is coming.

Thanks so much for all of your amazing reviews and encouragement. They mean more than you think, and I read every single one of them!