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Last time Harry and Hermione went up to get changed for the Ball, so I'll start there.

Harry laughed out loud at what Hermione said over the link as he got dressed. He looked over as he was finishing with his dress robes and saw Neville fiddling with his tie. Harry walked over and straightened it for him.

"Thanks Harry, I want to look good for my lady."

Harry gave him a questioning look. "Yeah? Whoare you coming with Neville?"

Neville blushed a bit, and Harry was suddenly reminded of his shyness. Since Harry had stood up to Ron in that very dorm room, Harry noticed Neville showing more backbone. Not what he was when he lopped off Nagini's head, but much better than he was during the last Yule Ball. Harry briefly wondered if he had learned to dance this time around.

"Luna Lovegood."

Harry was startled! Last time he had gone with Ginny Weasley. Trying to play ignorant Harry asked, "Who's that?"

Neville said, "Third year Ravenclaw girl, I saw her being teased by her housemates and stopped them. After that I walked her to class and when we got there I worked up my courage and asked her to the Ball."

Harry beamed. "Well good for you Neville. You stood up to bullies and got a girl to boot."

Neville laughed, but agreed. When they were fit to be presentable for their ladies Harry and Neville started to leave, but something clicked in the back of Harry's brain. Turning around he saw Ron still lying on the ground stunned. Harry quickly enervated Ron and left before the git could say a word.

Down in the common room Harry and Neville sat down and started talking about various things. Snape's behavior in potions, Herbology, and finally, "So Harry, are you going to tell me the detail about how you and Hermione got together?"

Harry laughed, "Well Neville, there isn't much to tell. After the first task I asked her to accompany me to the seventh floor. I figured that would be private for a few minutes. Once we got there I asked her to be my girlfriend, and you see the results."

Neville nodded. "Yeah, Ron embarrassing himself, I heard from Luna that Ginny hasn't spoken a word since the task, and the twins won't shut up about that kiss you gave Hermione the day you announced you were going out."

Harry laughed. The twins. He could always count on them. He had had words with them about the products they sell. They agreed that because of certain circumstances (Their sister being madly in love with him) they would never sell love potions on the market. He had also given them a very special idea for a new drink that was to be given to one Ronald Weasley in the event that he was an ass at the Ball. Or that he interrupted his proposal. He even had dobby on standby just in case.

As they went on to different subjects (Including the lack of intellect in Ron, the secret of Dumbledore's lemon drops, and Luna's fascination with radishes. The last one Harry had never known about until that day. He always thought she wore them for a weird creature.) Harry blocked all thought from Hermione, trying his hardest to let her be privy to his conversation, while ignoring what she was doing. He didn't want to take away from her magnificence by peeping before she was ready. And he had to practice for the real wedding. After a half-hour more they heard footsteps coming down from the girl's dormitory. Looking around Harry was awe-struck. There standing on the lowest step was Hermione Granger. Her periwinkle blue dress flowed gracefully around her and clung to her waist, showing the outline of a great stomach. Harry had seen the real thing of course, but the teasing of the dress was still hell on his self-control.

Hermione walked up to Harry and held her hand out delicately. He took it in his own and placed a gentle kiss on it. "Ready for your ball my lady?"

Hermione giggled and performed a curtsy. "Yes good sir."

Harry nodded and looked over to Neville. "Come on Neville! I've got my Fair Lady, now we gotta go get yours!"

Hermione thought as they left the common room, 'So, did you remember them?'

'Of course. How could I forget that I'm about to be engaged to the most beautiful woman alive?'

Hermione giggled and said, 'No more flattery Mr. Potter, save that till your trying to convince me to say yes.'

Harry smiled as they reached the fourth floor, and seeing a group of Ravenclaws but no Luna, continued on down. 'You already said yes, now I just have to get the ring on your finger.'

'Yeah, and a wonderful ring it is, thank you Mr. Potter.'

'You're welcome Mrs. Potter.'

Hermione kissed his neck, sending tingles down Harry's body. 'I love that name.'

'Good, because you're stuck with it till we die.'

"Fine by me." Said Hermione.

Neville turned back to look at them. "You say something?"

Harry looked at his long-time friend. "Just that you're in for a surprise at the Ball Neville."

Neville nodded and shouted as they reached the Grand Staircase. "Luna!"

Harry and Hermione looked around to see Luna Lovegood standing there in a MoonSilver dress that flowed passed her feet, so that you couldn't see them. Her hair was done up in a bun with her wand stuck holding it together. She had a very shallow amount of eye-liner on that brought out her eye color and seemed to make them shine. Two free bangs hung down on either side of her face and she stared at them with a small smile that screamed knowledge that she shouldn't have.

When they approached Luna said, "Neville."

Neville bowed, and Luna curtsied, showing magically reinforced glass high-heels.

"Luna, these are my friends,-"

"Harry Potter and Hermione. Yes I know who they are. Congratulations ahead of time on becoming one, and…"

"Luna," Hermione interrupted. "We really don't want that information leaking to the gossipers around us until later tonight."

"Oh," said Luna in that spacing out voice she had. "Well then come Neville, we wouldn't want to miss the show."

With that they left to go and get seats with the rest of the students while Harry and Hermione waited for the other champions and their companions. They didn't have to wait long as Fleur and Krum walked in behind them. Krum bowed to Hermione and shook hands with Harry. They hadn't talked much but hopefully the ball would change that.

Fleur curtsied to both Harry and Hermione in turn. Harry bowed to her like Krum did Hermione, while Hermione mirrored Fleur and curtsied. Fleur gave Harry a smile, but blushed under Hermione's glare. They quickly got into a French argument, but started talking in a civilized tone soon after. In the end ended up hugging like sisters! Harry and Krum just marveled at the girls, while Harry made a mental note to Hermione as to what they had said. Before she could respond however they were interrupted by the last additions to their group as Cedric and Cho arrived.

The whole group there, they set off into the Great Hall. Harry and Hermione took the lead, being the shortest, while Krum and Fleur took the middle, and Cedric and Cho brought up the rear. As soon as they entered all eyes set on Harry, and Hermione somehow knew, without the help of the mental link, what Harry wanted. Hermione looked behind her and whispered in French to Fleur. "Harry needs help with the crowd, can you use allure on them?"

Fleur looked at her confused. "But what about Harry? Won't he be affected by my allure too?"

Hermione shook her head, "No, Harry can't be affected by Legilimency, allure, or any other mind art."

Fleur said nothing, but Hermione noticed that none of the women were looking at Harry anymore; they were having too much trouble controlling their dates, all of whom were trying to get a better look at Fleur. Harry noticed this, and turned around and thanked Fleur, before giving Hermione a peck on the cheek for her help.

When they reached the center of the floor, Harry and the other male champions took their respectful partners in a classic waltz pose, preparing for the music to start. Harry and Hermione had practiced weeks ago, not to mention having done it already, and were quite good now. But as they stood there Hermione started to get uncomfortable. Her center was getting wet! She was getting hot just standing there, in front of all those people! She couldn't figure it out, but one look told her Harry was having the same issue. She mentally calmed herself, with a lot of effort. It wouldn't do to get as horny as they were getting during the ball. That was for after!

Hermione was broken from her thoughts as the music started, and Harry took her by the arms as they glided across the floor with the other champions. Fleur had decided that they deserved a little attention for their excellent dancing and turned her allure off so people would notice Harry and Hermione. It worked, and before anyone knew it, everyone was out on the dance floor with the champions in the middle.

The Weird Sisters had come from their world tour to play at Hogwarts, and play they did. The guitars were struck, the drums sounded, and the music got louder and louder. Harry was having a hard time hearing what was going on, but it didn't really matter since he had the mental link with Hermione.

'Hermione, what was that a few minutes ago? I was so horny; I could barely hold it in!'

'I know Harry, I was just as bad. When we get out of this ball and up to the Room of Requirement I'm going to have to ask it for a new pair of panties as it is!'

'This kind of inhibits our "Sex only every other day" thing though. What are we going to do?'

Hermione was in a bind. 'I don't know Harry, I can't think of anything to do except...'

'Ask Joanne! She'll know, she's got our files! We have to talk to her anyway after the ball, so when we get to the Room of Requirement, we can ask her.'

'…Yes, that's right. How did you figure that out Harry?'

Harry paused mentally, but kept moving his actual body.

'I have no idea. Maybe you're rubbing off on me?'

Hermione bit her lower lip. 'Maybe.'

Harry finished her thought for her. 'But I doubt it.'

Hermione giggled. 'Right.'

They didn't get any farther because at that moment the music stopped and everyone started clapping. The Weird Sisters took a bow for the crowd, but the lead singer took a step up to the podium and said, "Thank you everyone, for the wonderful applause we have received for the first song of the evening. Now normally I'd say onto the next song…"

Here he paused and waited for the new applause to die down. "However, we have received a request from a Triwizard Champion tonight, that after dancing his last dance as her boyfriend, that he be allowed to come up on stage with his girlfriend, and ask her a very important question. So now we give the stage over momentarily to HARRY POTTER!" this raised cheers all around as Harry brought Hermione up on stage and faced the crowd.

He said, "Thank you everyone, for allowing me to steal the show for a moment. My girlfriend Hermione…" this statement raised wolf whistles and cheers all around. "Yes, my girlfriend Hermione Granger is a huge romantic, and so I try to please her by doing everything I can to ensure she gets her romantic life. Recently I found out that she had a problem with her life, and that I could fix it. You all want me to fix my girlfriend's problem right?"

Positive cheers almost broke Harry and Hermione's eardrums, and they briefly wondered if the Weird Sisters put up sound dampening charms around their ears at concerts. "Aright! That settles it then." Harry said, as he took out a small box, got down on one knee in front of Hermione, and opened the box to show the ring she had picked out earlier.

"Hermione Jean Granger," Harry said, and the Ball Room was so quiet you could hear his voice all the way in the back. "Will you do me the greatest honor, and become my wife, Hermione Jean Potter?"

The silence was deafening in the Great Hall as everyone waited for her response. They didn't wait for more than five seconds though, as Hermione shouted a "YES!" and leapt into Harry's arms, kissing him deeply while he still knelt at her feet. The Hall screamed cheers and congratulations from nearly everyone, though it was all mixed together so nothing could actually be discerned as a language. As Harry and his new fiancé Hermione stepped down off the stage, they got their own congratulations from the Weird sisters as well. As soon as they were back on the dance floor however, a very disturbed looking Dumbledore came up to them.

"May I ask you to come to my office after the ball tonight Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger?"

Hermione spoke up. "That's Mrs. Potter to you professor, and you may ask all you like, but tonight is my and Harry's night. We'll drop by after lunch tomorrow."

With that they left the headmaster standing there and went on to the next congratulators. McGonagall walked up next and said over the music, "Now that I know that you two are engaged, I expect you to be responsible about it. I don't want to have to FLOO you're parents Hermione Potter."

Hermione simply glowed at being addressed as 'Potter' so Harry answered. "Don't worry professor, we'll be responsible."

McGonagall nodded but turned a blushing scarlet after they walked away, hearing Hermione say, "Yeah, thank Merlin for the contraceptive charm. Right Harry?"

After scaring McGonagall out of her skin at the mention of their activities the couple ran into Fleur and Krum, who offered their own congratulations, while Fleur asked about the details of the actual wedding.

"Well," said Hermione. "The actual wedding won't be taking place until we're both legal, because of a promise this knuckleheaded fiancé of mine made. But I want the wedding to take place after Harry's sixteenth birthday,"

At this point Harry interrupted. "Why not on my birthday 'Mione love? Wouldn't that be the best birthday gift you could give me?"

Hermione giggled. "Fine then, on Harry's birthday then. It'll be July 31."

Fleur clapped her hands. "Oh Zat eez wonderful! Moi parents have a Grande houze to host it in if you would like. It iz cheaper than renting a building no?"

Hermione nodded enthusiastically. "Thank you Fleur, for your hospitality! I'll speak to my parents and set it up. We have over a year thankfully, so it will be easy."

Harry chose this time to put in his two Knuts worth. "Yeah, thanks a bunch Fleur, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you'd let us get married at your place. I assume that Krum will be there. Can Cedric and Cho come too?"

Fleur nodded. "But of course! Zis will be a wedding to end all, so we should invite all our closest friends."

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Harry and Hermione excused themselves so that they could go find Cedric and Cho and pass on the plans to them. Who they found instead however, almost killed the night for them both.

"Hey Potter," said Ron, who had walked up with a plate stacked with food. The rude bastard was even talking to them with a chicken leg sticking out of his mouth. "Arranging a celebrity party are you now? Didn't get enough spotlight up there with-"

Ronald didn't get any farther than that because Fred and George, along with Katie bell and Angelina Johnson came up and blasted him into the wall with combined expeliarmus'. As he slid down in his hideous dress, Angelina cast a spell that made his own clothes tie him up. Katie cast one to cause the chicken leg in his mouth (How did he NOT choke on that thing, seriously?) to shoot out and bash him in the groin before falling to the floor. Fred held his mouth open, while George poured a potion that Harry recognized immediately down the idiot's throat. Less than five seconds later Ronald woke up suddenly, and realized three things. One: his brother Fred, and Fred's girlfriend Angelina were both holding ridiculously large meat cleavers. Two: George and his girlfriend Katie were holding two outrageously large turkey basters, and three: they were all staring hungrily at him.

Harry and Hermione cheered and laughed with everyone else as Fred, Angelina, Katie, and George chased the five foot turkey that was Ronald Bilius Weasley out of the Great Hall holding their conjured items aloft, and chased him to who-knows-where. As they ran out George yelled over his shoulder, "Harry! Since we're busy, educate our fellow students on this one K?" and continued on with his sibling and their girls.

Hermione was practically pissing herself laughing so hard, and Harry, through laughs, yelled out to the gathered crowd. "I here came up to the Weasley twins two weeks ago and said that they didn't have enough joke drinks, and recommended my own idea. What you have just witnessed was the Gobble-Gobble-Geyser, which turns the unfortunate idiot who drinks it into a turkey; size varies, for the better part of six hours. Please ask the Weasley twins for price listings and availability."

The night was not yet empty of mood-killers, however, as Draco Malfoy turned up with his girlfriend and said above the soon-to-be-laughing crowd. "Hey Potty, couldn't get a real woman so you settled for a Mudblood?"

Harry sighed, while Hermione mentally face-palmed. 'These idiots just DON'T learn!' Not a second after that thought crossed her mind Dobby the house-elf had appeared in front of his former master's son, with what looked like a hamster cage in hand. He raised a hand and pointed it at Malfoy, who turned into a familiar white ferret, and Dobby promptly chased him out the same doors that the Weasley twins and their girlfriends had chased out their brother. This brought gales of laughter to the hall once again, and saw Pansy running after her boyfriend/ferret. Hannah Abbot walked up to them and commented, "Things are never normal with you two, are they?" Harry and Hermione shook their heads, and Hannah laughed and walked back to Ernie. In the background McGonagall said to Moody, "You know Alastor; maybe transfiguration isn't such a bad punishment after all."

Moody's expression showed that to him, Christmas had come again, just for him.


On their way up to the Room of Requirement, Harry and Hermione noticed Neville sneaking Luna up into Gryffindor tower. 'Good job Neville, knock her socks off.' They thought simultaneously. Then they realized what they had said, and blushed, trying not to think of such things yet. They were still horny from the Ball, and flirting all the way back up to the seventh floor wasn't helping. They also had to have that talk with Joanne before they could release all the bent up tension in their bodies. Once they were on the seventh floor, they raced into the room, and saw Joanne sitting there, watching a home-video of the Yule Ball. The one that they themselves had just gotten out of. It seemed to switch from Harry's announcement, to Hermione's comment about the contraceptive, to the Ron incident, to the Malfoy run in, and start over. Hermione cleared her throat, and Joanne turned around to see them practically sweating their clothes off.

'Is the bond doing that much to them? Christ, I bet they don't even know what's going on. Maybe I should have explained it to them before letting them get it on last night.'

Outwardly Joanne said, "Great to see you two, take a seat, we have a lot to talk about, and judging by your conditions, not very much time."

Hermione spoke up. "Then you know what's wrong with us?"

Joanne cocked her head. "Wrong? There's nothing wrong with you. You're just horny right?"

Harry said, "Unbelievably so." Then he gave her a questioning look that said, Wait, why did I say it like that?

Joanne sighed and gestured to the two seats in front of her. Like last time, Hermione avoided her seat and sat in Harry's lap instead.

"Well, I bet you're wondering about your…urges and the like?"

At receiving two nods she continued. "Well, all I can say is that it's your own damn fault. You see, I didn't explain this last time because I had another bet to win, thank you by the way, I won that bet too. Anyway, the bond comes in two stages, Stage one: where the bond forms, activated by a kiss, undetectable to the outside world. It allows for the melding of minds, and protection from invaders. This part of the bond is for familiarizing yourselves and preparing for stage two. Then there is stage two: where the bond stabilizes. This stage takes much longer, whereas stage one is instantaneous. This one is activated through sex, the closest form of bonding known to human kind. It allows your bodies to meld, sharing your magical power, and powering up your Cores. It also shares your personalities, which means Harry might say something Hermione would say, or Hermione might do something Harry would do, and vice -versa."

"And this incredible urge to bed my fiancé after stage two has begun?"

Joanne shrugged. "Stage two requires a little…stabilization. Basically the more sex you have, the more stabilized you get, the faster you go back to your regular selves." Joanne developed a gleam in her eye. "With some added bonuses to boot."

Hermione squealed in anticipation, she couldn't wait! Nonstop sex with Harry! Sex-only-every-other-day be damned!

Harry shared her enthusiasm, but wondered if that was because of this stage two clouding his mind. either way, they had to get back on task, then he could talk to Hermione about these new developments later.

"Ok," said Harry, "Now that we understand that, what else do we need to talk about?"

Joanne produced two packages, one the size of a ring box saying Harry while the other package, which was the size if a picture frame, said Hermione. She passed the packages to their owners and waited. Hermione tore hers open first and saw a map, showing a topographical view of what she realized was number four, Privet drive. Around the property were little rune icons, stating what rune was where, and details on how to break it. The gift was perfect, it would help Harry rid of those thrice-damned runes that dumbly-fuck had placed. She turned to see Harry comically tipping his ring box upside down and shaking it, hoping that whatever was in there would come out. Finally he gave up, and asked Joanne what he was supposed to be getting.

"You have already received your gift, although I'm sure Hermione will appreciate it much better than you will."

Hermione gasped, and told Harry to answer her. Harry was confused, but said without thinking, "Why would Hermione appreciate it, I haven't received any…"

Joanne smiled, and Hermione squealed. "You gave me my Parseltongue back!" said Harry.

Joanne nodded. "That I did, I thought you could entertain Hermione with it tonight."

Hermione grinned and kissed Harry, slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Harry decided to test his new talent now. Whispering "Love you." Carefully so to make sure it was Parseltongue. The result was a deep moan and then Hermione kissing him harder. Separating Hermione turned to Joanne and said, "This had better not be a one night thing."

Joanne laughed. "No no, this is Harry's gift to keep. A little thank you present from me for finally getting you into his life."

Hermione nodded, and started daydreaming of all the things Harry would do with that new tongue first.

Harry asked, "So, we know about stage two now. Our abstinence plan has been tossed to the curb, and you just gave me a way to give my fiancé an orgasm without even going to intercourse. Anything else?"

"Well," said Joanne, "We have a report that Ron plans to slip the two of you a love potion tomorrow during lunch, keyed to Ginny, who knows nothing of the plan, but is currently trying to come up with her own plan to separate you two."

Hermione sputtered, "Are you serious?"

Joanne dead-panned, "No, but I do know his brother. I even met the man himself as he was trying to break out of the afterlife. Stupid buffoon stared at my ass too long and got caught."

Harry was laughing his ass off, and even Hermione, try as she might to remain serious was failing at controlling her giggling.

Joanne looked at her watch and said, "Ok, well that's all the time we have right now, so I'll let you two get to stabilizing your souls." She waved to them and faded out of existence. "Have fun."


Hermione waited for half a heartbeat, then pounced onto Harry, pinning him to the bed that the room provided, and used her wand in her free hand to vanish both their clothes on the spot. Hermione kissed Harry on the lips and jerked his already-rock hard dick, perking it to full attention. Harry groaned in pleasure, but Hermione knew what she wanted, and crawled up his body until her soaking wet center was an inch above her lover's face. "Come on Harry," she said, "Use your new tongue on me! Reach deep inside my pussy with your tongue and make my insides vibrate with it! Please, I need you!"

The last part was shouted at Hermione's highest volume, and Harry hurried to comply. He slid his tongue in between her folds, and swirled it around, tasting her richness, and sampling her musky scent with his nose. Then Harry did the thing that Hermione longed for. Whispering sweet nothings in Parseltongue, Harry sent Hermione and her heightened sexual senses over the edge and into the blissful oblivion of orgasm while she creamed his name.


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