Ring of Doom

By Luffysama

Summary: Zoro becomes engaged to Sanji, much to his despair.

Pairing: Zoro x Sanji, ZoSan

Rating: M for future chapters.

The waves crashed against the ship.

Lanterns swayed in the dark. In the distance, the sound of a ship's bell ringing from the wind. The night was whistling with a cold easterly wind, and the sea was only gradually recovering from a night long worth of storm. Although the rain had stopped, the ship was still damp with moisture.

A hand flicked a ring into the air, before catching it again gracefully.

There, standing on the deck, was their 'guest' from the Black Ship. A tall elegant woman, clothed in dark purple cloth. Her hair stood out in bright contrast to the night, a gleaming waterfall of blonde locks. Her blue eyes darted across the deck, smiling as she assessed the competition.

Luffy stood in front of her, looking unthreatened. Afterall, the Black Ship had not even bothered trying to attack the Going Merry – it seemed as if the lady Captain wanted to talk.

Nami on the other hand, was suspicious.

"What do you want?" She yelled over the seaspray.

The blonde captain gave a catlike smile. "I'm here to visit somebody actually. Someone I have not seen in a long time."

Luffy tilted his head. "Really? Who?"

"Luffy! This could be a trap," Nami blurted.

The blonde simply laughed as she twirled the small golden ring in her hand. "Trap? You could say that," she mused out loud. "But you needn't worry. This particular trap was set 5 years ago… there's not much you can do about it now."

Luffy's gaze darkened. "You're being confusing."

"Yeah, are you going to tell us who you are or are we going to have to kick you off the ship?" Usopps loud voice called out, though he was slowly edging his way to behind Nami's back where it was safe.

"Aho," Nami slapped him. "Don't intimidate them for no reason. Their ship is huge!"

"I've seen bigger ships!" Usopp retaliated, but shrunk back quickly when Nami shook her fist.

That was when Zoro stepped forward.

"She's here to see me."

"She's here to see me."

Zoro's throat dried. The time had come.

Shit, shit, shit, he thought to himself as he forced himself to step out from the shadows, one hand clinging tightly to his swords. They were useless to him at the moment – swords would not cut him free from the trap this devil woman had laid years ago.

Heart pounding, he managed to make his way over to Luffy's side.

"Eh? You know her?" The young captain looked sincerely baffled.

Zoro gritted his teeth.

"I do," He said reluctantly. "Lady Sierra."

The blonde woman flashed a renewed smile of triumph. God, she had not changed a bit… Zoro glared silently as the lady's features were refreshed in his mind. Tall, sinewy, cloaked in velvety black. Her nose was regal and sharp, and her eyes as blue as icicles. Her hair was just as long as it was five years ago, falling gracefully down to her petit waist.

The devil herself, Zoro grimaced. She was a beautiful person, but she was a trickster.

His heart skipped a beat as he saw Lady Sierra holding the gold ring between her fingers.

"Roronoa Zoro. Handsome as ever," She cracked a laugh.

Zoro felt himself heat up with partial humiliation.

"Oi, this lady trapped you?" Luffy raised an eyebrow, surprised at his first mate.

"No way. Someone trapping Zoro, that must be one dangerous lady," Usopp muttered, shaking Nami's shoulders.

"I see you've been keeping secrets from your crew," Lady Sierra sighed wistfully. "No matter. I'll keep it short. This man here, Roronoa Zoro, fell into my engagement trap. He's had five years to escape, but now that his time limit is up, he's to marry me."

Silence fell across the ship.

Zoro squeezed his fists tightly, unable to meet their gazes.

"Ro…Roronoa Zoro… is it true?" Nami grabbed the railing. "She's saying you have to marry her? Why haven't you told any of us about it?"

"Because," Zoro erupted, glaring at the wooden deck. His heart was racing – he knew this day was inevitable. But he had no idea that Lady Sierra would track him down in the Grand Line so well.

"I, Lady Sierra, have successfully captured Zoro. You'll now become one of my nakanama and join my crew," The blonde captain announced triumphantly.

The gold ring gleamed in the air as she held it out. "Come!" She demanded.

Zoro was about to move before Luffy's arm hit his stomach, holding him back.

"Just wait a second there," the captain grunted. "He's my nakanama."

Zoro's eyes widened as he stared at the boy, swallowing thickly. Was he… was he going to stop her? He felt his spirits lift, despite knowing it was futile. There was no way he could break his promise to Lady Sierra, no matter how much he loathed the idea of forced marriage, or having to leave Luffy, or having to leave his dream of becoming the world's greatest swordsman.

Sighing, he gripped the rubberman's arm and pushed it away gently.

"We both know," Zoro began. Luffy's eyes looked despaired. "We both know I have to. I'd rather die than to break my promises."

Luffy's arm retracted. The captain's lower lip wobbled slightly, and Zoro wondered if Luffy was going to succumb to tears.

"That's right! You can't go!"

Usopp's voice yelled across the ship.

Zoro spun around, and this time all the attention was focused on the sharpshooter. Zoro raised an eyebrow, frowning at the man. Didn't he just say he had no choice but to leave?

Nami whacked Usopp around the head. "Aho! This is about honor now!"

Usopp winced loudly, bouncing from foot to foot.

"I know! That's precisely why Zoro can't go. Zoro…. Zoro is… he's already engaged!" Usopp screamed.

Zoro almost choked.

"Nani!" Nami and Luffy echoed. "What the hell are you talking about!"

Zoro's hand gripped the sword – that stupid sharpshooter was really tempting him. Simply lying to get his way out was not an option. Not at all. Usopp noticed the dark glares he was receiving and laughed nervously, edging back a little more.

"But he is engaged!" He insisted. "I swear! He has to keep his promise!"

"Aho!" Nami hissed, but it was too late.


Lady Sierra's voice curled through the air, suspicious. The smile had gone from her face, and now she was looking between Usopp and Zoro with curiousity. Twirling the ring back into her hand, her sharp blue eyes darted back to Usopp.

"Engaged to who?"

Don't you dare, Zoro thought to himself, shooting daggers with his eyes.

"Why, to the most beautiful blonde in the grand line," Usopp announced, shoving Nami aside. A dreamy grin spread across his face as he put his foot up onto the rail, looking majestic. "Yes yes, Zoro spent the past year searching for his one true love across the entire ocean. Someone who could fill his heart with warmth, and joy. Someone beautiful and worthy of protection. Someone to accompany his dreams across the Grand Line!"

Zoro froze.

The most beautiful blonde…? Zoro was baffled. He gritted his teeth and drew out one sword, pointing it at the liar.

"AHO!" He yelled. "Just what do you think you're doing!"

Usopp promptly ignored him.

"This beautiful blonde… hair as yellow as the golden sun, eyes as blue as the open sky. Yes, the moment Zoro saw this blonde, he fell head over heels in love. To this day, they're engaged to become married."

"And who exactly is this blonde?" Nami raised her fist threateningly.

"This blonde… is SANJI, OUR BRILLIANT COOK."

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