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PHOSPHOROUS (noun): Brand attempted to create the fabled philosopher's stone through the distillation of some salts by evaporating urine, and in the process produced a white material that glowed in the dark and burned brilliantly. It was named phosphorus mirabilis ("miraculous bearer of light").

Branch Clue: Ekaterina

"Children and women first! Come on, get a move on!"

Screaming. Crying. Chaos.

So this is how it feels. To watch your life flash before you.

As the plane plummeted down the Loch Ness lake, Anne Cahill can't help but think that Grace would have killed her if she wasn't diving for her death right now. She knows exactly how she loves her planes. And she really doesn't think Grace would appreciate one of them drowning with her.

She clutched the bottle of the white, glowing-in-the-dark material, silently awaiting her death.

And then it came.

How's that, Phosphorous?

End game.


Author: AngelicSpring

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