~~~Last two paragraphs from the last chapter in 'Entice'~~~

I start to tug my hand away and then think better of it. My mother smiles at Issie in the kitchen. Nick stirs on the couch, beginning to wake up.

I will have to go to him, tell him everything all over again, protect him as he always protected everyone else.

"Odin said that I am the leader here, not Nick?" I ask. My stomach hardens. "Do you think he's wrong?"

Astley's fingers tighten around mine. "No, but we can pretend that Nick is the leader if it makes it easier on you."

"If he's not the leader, what is he?"

"A man. A warrior. Someone you and your friends love."

Now they are all laughing inside, clanking their mugs and glasses together, toasting something... I don't know what. My mother looks out the window again, and behind that smile is the look she has always had, the look I never recognised before- fear.

"We have got to figure this out," I say, turning away from the warmth in the house, turning away from the people I have left, and turning towards him, the pixie king with snow in his hair and sorrow in his eyes. " We have to figure out how to keep everyone safe, to stop this war."

His grip tightens. " We will."

~~~ end of 'Entice (book 3 of the 'Need' series by Carrie Jones) ~~~

We stand out there for a little while longer, and watch Nick slowly wake up. But I know I will have to go in eventually and face Nick. I don't move until Astley suddenly says;

"You better go inside, I will wait out here until your were is okay with you and you being my queen," he kisses my forehead and steps back while pushing me closer to the door.

"I don't know if he'll accept what I've done." I say with panic and sadness filling my voice.

"I'm sure he will accept you, if he really does love you. But remember Zara, even if you doesn't love you any more. I always will and I will never stop loving you because you a pixie" Astley says with love and admiration filling is voice.

So with that I hug Astley and head back inside, ready to face nick in all my new pixie queen-ness.