Title: Waking

Rating: T

Summary: Waking up together is something they don't get to do enough of.

A/N: Headcanon, waking up together fic.

Spoilers: s3e05 Words: 500

After their first time, Kurt stays the night. It's all too easy with his dad so busy. And he can't let go of Blaine, not quite yet, not after they've slid their clothes back on, slipped downstairs and eaten food right out of the fridge, bumping shoulders and watching each other's hands and mouths. They go back upstairs and eventually fall asleep on top of the covers, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, matched grins and meandering hands.

They wake up together and snuggle and then talk and then get off together again. Then once more. Then they go out for lunch and keep talking in reverent hushed excited tones.

They don't wake up together properly again for another six weeks. They nap and snuggle late in the afternoons and early in the evenings but there's no opportunity to sleep wrapped around each other, dream sharing a pillow, until a week before Christmas.

And then Blaine's parents are out of town again and Kurt gets Rachel to cover for him and turns up at 5 and they cook together but have to reheat it in the microwave when they can't quite stop a kiss from progressing to more. And after dinner they stretch out the hours and dessert and then the bed sheets Blaine says he's going to wash tomorrow no matter what and they don't fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. Naked and spread out, only hands and knees touching because they're sweaty and still a little sticky and exhausted.

But they wake up intertwined. Kurt kind of needs desperately to pee and feels like he's starving but when he tries to move there's a hand under his cheek and an arm around his back and impossibly tricky legs tangled with his. He wants to extract himself, disappear, come back and get tangled up again but can't.

Not without waking Blaine. He mumbles something and snuggles even closer. Kurt just wriggles more, trying to shimmy out of Blaine's grip even as Blaine mumbles something sleepy and incoherent against his shoulder and manages to get their hips close enough to rock. Kurt's eyebrows shoot up and he can't help but grin to feel Blaine hard against him again. He mumbles out "Wait," and then "Soon," and then laughs.

He pulls away and to the edge of the bed and Blaine tries to roll with him, splaying on his stomach, limbs stretched out, perfect ass there to be stared at as Kurt debates taking the covers with him. Which is silly, but Blaine's eyes are open and sharpening. "Love you," Blaine mutters into the pillow, hand grabbing, misaligning with Kurt's but squeezing anyway.

Kurt just laughs lightly, lets the sheets fall back to the side of the bed and pulls his hand free.