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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.

In a forest somewhere in Kanto, a person wearing some ancient robe was running for his life. He was bleeding from his shoulder, and several cuts covered his entire body, blood was pouring out from his wounds and if he continued running at the speed that he was currently moving, there was no doubt that he would die from blood lost.

Sadly, he did not care if he died from blood lost, that was a preferable fate, more preferable death compare to what the man intends to do to him when he catches him. He was exhausted but he did not dare stop, he knew that if he stops, then it will cause him his life.

'I need to get out of here.' The man thought desperately as he felt the presence of someone close to a God come near him. He shivered uncontrollably as he conjured four crystals in his hands. He turned around and threw a straight punch, releasing a wide torrent of flames behind him, before pumping a large amount of energy in his legs and dashing off as fast as his legs and Aura could carry him.

He smiled in relief as he heard the roars of flames behind him, he was safe…Or so he thought. A feminine hand made out of glass suddenly appeared in front of him, grasping his head tightly. With a simple flicker, he was hurled a couple of yards from the air to the ground. He crash to the ground before skidding in the middle of a dome made out of swords. The swords numbered in the thousands that form four rows. These rows float just above the other, and circle around him in a continuously moving, column-like array.

The ma could not help but groan as he felt an Aura and killing intent beyond anything he'd ever felt tore through the air. The trees were assailed by an invisible wind as everyone unfortunate to be within a mile felt as if they were being held in the fist of a deity beyond the scope of their understanding. Everything, from the trees to the rocks in the ground: everything around the dome was obliterated in a rushing wave of power so potent that the sky itself split in half.

"Running against me is futile." At the sound of the voice, the man began to sweat in fear. He turned his head and swore several curses. The person who was chasing him was their across him, ten meters from where he stood. The person was sitting in a throne made out of glass and his signature Pikachu on his lap, sleeping like the overwhelming presence that its master was emitting was nothing more than a simple breeze.

"Ashura, the God of Death!" The man mumbled in fear and he immediately regretted saying those words as his wounded arm was suddenly cleaved off his shoulders. His useless arm fell to the ground before he could let out a scream.

"The dead should not speak." Ashura muttered coldly as a one of the many, glowing swords that was revolving around them flew towards his hand. As the sword reached his hand, the sword lost its glow and took the form of a simple katana without a guard. The entire sword was also made out of glass.

The man across Ashura curse as he summoned four crystals in his hand, and with a great effort, hurled those crystals towards him. Ashura did not flinch or leave his throne as the four crystal change into a massive fireball. He merely raised his sword, and the fire ball was split in two.

The man was about to throw another fireball but suddenly gasped when he felt something sharp entering his chest, piercing his heart in one swift thrust. "Do you know the beauty of moonlight, the beauty of mirrors?" Ashura asked coldly as he let go of the glass sword and allowed the man to collapse face first to the ground. "Mirrors, they don't lie and sword made out of mirror can cut through anything, even through the fabric of reality." Ashura elaborated calmly as he walked pass the corpse of the man that he had effortlessly killed.

"One more thing, I almost forgot." Ashura snapped his fingers causing the sword impaled on the man to explode, engulfing the man into a pillar of light. Ashura then sat back on his throne, his Pikachu blinking as he was disturbed by the loud explosion.

"(Overkill much; he was not even close to your level)." Pikachu commented coolly.

"Do not speak, I went easy on him." Ashura stated as an elegant, oval-shape mirror with wings on its side appeared below his throne. The Mirror was slowly absorbing the throne but Ashura seem to not be affected by this and merely let out a weak yawn.

"(You use Moonlight, Moonlight of all things. Whenever you use Moonlight, you do not fight, you massacre)." Pikachu exclaimed with disapproval.

Ashura gave him a cold gaze. "Do you want to see a real massacre, partner?" Ashura asked with a very chilling tone.

Pikachu shook his head with a shiver. The last time he committed a massacre, not even a single drop of blood remained on his enemies, or as Pikachu would like to call them, his victims. "I thought so," Ashura muttered as he rested his head on his fist.

"(Where do we go from here, Ashura)?" Pikachu asked as the throne was almost completely absorb by the large mirror.

"Don't know, don't care, I go wherever they take me." Ashura muttered with a cold voice as the mirror swallowed them whole.

(Scene Change)

"Why the hell am I here again?" A beautiful woman asked in exasperation. She was wearing a white and crimson dress that looks like a uniform from some kind of school. Over that was a white lab coat. She possess a mature face with a beauty match by few, she posses a shoulder length black hair, and ruby-like crimson eyes. She also possessed quite a body, evident to the fact that her outfit was showing off her curves.

Beside her, a blond woman who can rival her beauty sighed in exasperation. "You were called by the chairman, remember?" The blond woman reminded her.

"Are you sure, I can't remember?" The raven haired woman muttered with a clueless expression.

The blond woman could only sigh. "Come on now Sarah, don't be like that."

The woman named Sarah chuckled. "Come on now Cyn-Cyn, you know as well as anyone else that I am not good with official meetings like this." Sarah said with a soft laugh. "And I am not a member of the Pokémon League, unlike you." Sarah pointed out with a bored tone.

"But you owe Mr. Goodshow a favor." Cynthia answered her with a blunt tone.

Sarah laughed again at that. "I always forget about that." Sarah said with a small laughed as she and the Sinnoh Champion entered the conference room. All the regions champions, Lance from Johto, Steven from Kanto (I know Steven is from Hoenn but I need five champions so Steven is the Kanto Champion), Wallace from Hoenn, and Alder were all present in the conference room. All champions, with the exception of Cynthia, had one thing in common; something that Sarah reminded them when at the very sight of them. "Okay, with the exception of Cyn-Cyn over here, I have beaten everyone present." The tensed tension in the room was broken as the Champions face fault.

"Way to ruin the atmosphere." Cynthia grunted in annoyance as she wacked the crazy genius.

"I'm just stating the obvious, so can I go now?" Sarah asked again in a child like manner that every champion present had grown accustom to.

"Sadly, no," Sarah groaned lightly at the sound of the Chairman's voice. "Sit down dear, this may take a while." Charles Goodshow said as he motion for them to take a sit. They did as they were told as Sarah took a sit besides the President of the Pokémon League, or as they call him, chairman.

"So is everyone here?" Mr. Goodshow asked, and all of them knew that it was a rhetorical question but that did not stop Sarah from talking.

"We'll let see, Dragon Nut, Metal Brain, Water Sprinkle, Cyn-Cyn, and Loafing Moron, everyone is present." Sarah commented and the champions can't help but want to throttle her.

"Can you not give us those absurd names?" Lance requested out of irritation.

"Okay what about…" Sarah was interrupted before she could insult the champions even more.

"Dear, please stop this, this is not the time or place to annoy my champions." Mr. Goodshow reprimanded her lightly.

"But Grandpa, I have the right to do so." Sarah whined before grinning like a cat. "After all, I've beaten everyone in this room." Cynthia coughed a bit. "Fine, with the exception of Cyn-Cyn, who had beaten me ONCE, and who I've tied with TWICE, happy now?"

Everyone who knows her that is in the room, groan simultaneously, working with her was almost impossible. "Okay, now that we have our daily dosed of insult from your granddaughter ("His genius granddaughter that beat you when she was eleven." Sarah coughed, causing Cynthia to wacked her across the head.), let's get to business."Alder began as the champions nodded.

Sarah looked around before sighing. "It has been ten years then. So the time of year where we all try to kill each has arrived." Sarah muttered with a soft chuckle.

"The Grand League would begin in ten months, you all know the tradition." Mr. Goodshow said as the five champions nodded. "I have already chosen the venue of the camp and I want you five to send invitations to trainers who are invited to compete in the League to take part in the training camp." Goodshow instructed them.

"Can you tell us where the venue is, Chairman?" Lance asked curiously.

Mr. Goodshow glanced at her granddaughter for a second before answering. "Pallet town, the venue for the training camp is Pallet Town." Sarah perked up at this.

"Suffice to say, we are not going to invite him." Sarah whispered under her breath so that her grandfather was the only one who could hear her.

"We will talk about this later." Mr. Goodshow said silently.

Sarah shrugged as she stood up. "Okay, I am out of here." Sarah informed them with a yawn.

"Aren't you going to take part of this meeting?" Cynthia asked as she gazed at the only trainer who had almost defeated her in two different occasions.

"My discussion with my grandfather is a bit personal, personal beyond anything you all can comprehend." Sarah said and before they could ask, she had already exited the room.

After a moment, Alder spoke. "I can't believe I lost to her."

"You and I both," Lance muttered but there was no grudge in his voice. "Although, we really need to beat her just once for her to stop insulting us." Lance commented lightheartedly.

"Good luck with that, she's retired but her skills are still as sharp as ever." Cynthia spoke from experience.

"Yes, yes my Granddaughter is still one of the best, shall we get on with our meeting." Mr. Goodshow said as their meeting went on.

(Scene Change)

Sarah was currently in her private room, looking at a picture of her favorite people. "It has been two years, two years since the last time I've seen him smile with such warmth." Sarah muttered with an uncharacteristic depress tone.

She was so focus on relieving the pass that she barely reacted when the door of her room opened. "You should really lock your door." Her grandfather advised sagely.

"With Ash hunting them down like dogs, the last thing they want is to anger him some more." Sarah commented with a bitter tone. "If they go after anyone important to him again, they'll be just signing their own personal death sentence." Sarah commented knowingly.

"Have they already done that when they killed Elena?" Mr. Goodshow inquired and had to avoid a bullet that was fired at him.

"Do not ever, ever speak her name again." Sarah snarled in disgust. "If Ash was here, your head would have already fallen to the ground." Sarah told him as she disarms her gun.

Mr. Goodshow sighed dejectedly as he sat at the farthest corner of the room. "You still haven't forgiven me then." Mr. Goodshow mumbled in sadness.

Sarah snorted loudly as she threw the gun in the corner, not trusting herself to not kill her own grandfather. "The only reason you're still alive is because Elena forgave you, and Ash cannot…." Sarah cannot finish her statement for a tear fell from her eyes.

"It's all your fault, Elena is gone because of your stupidity, Ash has become heartless because she's gone, it's all your fault, everything hellish that happened in his life is all your fault." Sarah snarled as she tried to contain her hatred towards her grandfather.

Mr. Goodshow sighed dejectedly and wondered how long until Ash will slice him with his moonlight sword. "Can you invite him in the training camp that is being held in Pallet Camp?" Mr. Goodshow asked and Sarah can't help but stare at the old man like he had lost his mind.

After a moment, Sarah began to talk. "Did I hear you right, you're asking me to ask a person who hates you more than I do to participate in one of your events in a place that he hates more than the organization who took the love of his life away?" Sarah asked in a slow tone, her eyes disbelieving.

"Yes deary, I am asking you to talk to the Prince of Champions and ask him to participate in the training camp." Mr. Goodshow said and that was all Sarah needed to burst into a fit of laughter.

"Has your old age turned you into a senile, retard? Are you tired of living already?" Sarah asked between her laughs. "Ash will sooner skin you alive than do any favors from you, seriously, one of this days, you are going to force him to break his promise to Elena. He may loved Elena with every ounce of his being and when she was alive, he had fulfilled all of her wishes, even now that she is dead, all the promises that Ash gave her is being fulfilled, and one of those promises is the only reason why you are still breathing." Sarah said hysterically thought there was a hint of a strange emotion lacing every word she had uttered.

Mr. Goodshow stared at his granddaughter as she laughed at his, alleged, foolishness. "I need somebody of his skills to guard the trainers, and he will also benefit in participating in the training camp." Mr. Goodshow reasoned to his granddaughter.

Sarah snorted at that. "Ash, benefitting in training with a bunch of low level trainers, yeah right. Ash would break them so fast that the five regions won't have any decent trainers entering the Grand League. And you want him to deal with the last organization that has been annoying your little league, come on now old man, Ash had done enough. He dealt with Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma, threats that you should have dealt with yourself but you didn't have a set of balls to do so." Sarah retorted in disdain.

"Yes, I know I am pushing my luck but I need Ash to finally finish of Team Rocket." Mr. Goodshow said and Sarah can't help but shake her head.

"You're wasting your breath old man, I won't ask him." Sarah said as she lay down on the bed behind her. "If you want him to join this little even of yours, ask him yourself, I won't do it." Sarah added firmly.

Mr. Goodshow paled at that. "You know as well as anyone that if I am in the same vicinity as him, he would most likely attack me."

"Good, your learning." Sarah said airily.

"But that still doesn't change the fact that I need him in the training camp." Mr. Goodshow said in a defeated tone. "There are only a few people that exist now that he would actually listen to, Jane won't talk to me, I cannot ask Cynthia's sister to do this for me, and I don't even know his master."

Sarah snorted at that. "Jane would sooner kill you than talk to you that's a major given, Len refused to look at you, Valdrade will sooner turn your brain into mush, and that geezer disappeared after Ash began his vendetta, so that only leaves me." Sarah noted with disdain. "What do I get if I do this?" Sarah asked suddenly. "You raise me so you know me; I won't do anything without compensation."

Mr. Goodshow sighed a bit; she is as complicated as her mother. "What is your price, name it." Mr. Goodshow said and he felt like he was going to regret those words as his granddaughter grin. She hated him, not as much as her sister or Ash, but she hated him nonetheless.

"I hope you have your wallet and phone, old man, I'm going to run you dry." Sarah said with a grin. "For starters, I need a few favors …"

(Scene Change)

"Gallade, end this with Leaf Blade." Ash ordered coldly as he watch his opponents Vigoroth fall to the ground. "Gallade, return." Ash ordered with a bored tone as he turned his back on his opponent. "Thank you for wasting my time, I needed a distraction." Ash told the boy who he battled as he watched his opponent tend to his clearly injured Vigoroth. Ash sigh a bit as he threw a wad of cash at the boy's feet before walking away.

"I cannot seem to find a decent trainer these days." Ash mumbled under his breath as he used his ten gallon hat to hide his eyes, he was bored.

"(The cursed of being so damn good)." Pikachu whispered humorously, but Ash did not even give an indication that he heard the joke.

"My target is nearby." Ash muttered as he flexes his hand in preparation for battle.

"(We're in the middle of a city)?" Pikachu informed his partner with a firm tone.

"I'll make this quick," Ash assured coolly as his body emitted a thick Aura that change into several glass shards.

"(Considering how reckless you fight, this city won't be standing after you're through with your target)." Pikachu argued.

"Funny, I can't bring myself to care anymore." Ash muttered as a glass sword appeared in his hand.

"(Partner, not in public)," Pikachu panicked as he watched his partner's signature technique form in his hands. "(Have you forgotten the Stature of Secrecy)?"

"Have you forgotten my element?" Ash retorted with the same emotionless tone that Pikachu and his friends had become accustom to.

Pikachu can't help but sighed at that. "(Could you at least construct a timeless void)?" Pikachu asked in a polite manner.

"Once I find my target, I would." Ash answered seriously as he felt his mirrors roam around the city, showing him all of its scenery. "I see the target." Ash muttered as he gripped his sword tightly in both hands before going into a basic sword stance. Ash took a deep breath and with a burst of Aura, he moved with such speed that he was able to cross the entire city with merely two steps. As he arrived in the scene, he deflected an Aura Sphere that was hurled at him.

"An Aura Sphere, seriously." Ash muttered as the entire city was suddenly covered by a blue dome of light, stopping everyone that is not Aura Sensitive from moving, from Pokémons to humans.

"The Grim Reaper of Aura Practitioners, I'm honored to face such a formidable opponent." A person wearing a silver coat with a black mask said as both of his hand emitted a layer of electricity before blasting Ash with a lightning bolt.

Ash narrowed his eyes and he flicker of his wrist, deflecting the lightning bolt with the sword before talking a half-step forward. With a downward slash, his opponent fell to the ground; his entire body cleaved in half. "They don't make good Aura Practitioners these days." Ash muttered in disappointment as he threw his sword at the corpse before detonating it, turning the corpse into dust. "That was beyond easy." Ash commented dryly.

Pikachu rolled his eyes at that as the dome of energy that caused time to vanish. "(What do you expect; you're a one man army, supreme master strategist, Aura Prince, and the wielder of two royal elements all roll into one destructive package)." Pikachu then sighed. "(There was a time when you actually play with your opponents, and there was a time when you actually show mercy by not killing weaklings)." Pikachu commented as he felt the atmosphere become heavier than usual.

"Because of my weakness and my foolishness, I lost everything, I lost my angel." Ash muttered as a tear fell from his eyes. That incident was very painful for him.

"(It was an accident)," Pikachu reasoned with a weak tone.

"An accident that I could have prevented." To prove his point, Ash emitted Aura around him mixed with killing intent. The effect was instantaneous, everyone within a hundred yards of him fainted, the glass around him shattered, and the buildings that surrounded him began to develop cracks. "This is not even a fraction of my power, this is barely five percent, yet, with all the power at my disposal, I still fail to protect my own Goddess." Ash muttered as his anger began to mix with his Aura, causing more damage.

"(CALM DOWN, DAMN IT, YOU'LL DEMOLISH THIS ENTIRE CITY WITH JUST YOUR PRESENCE ALONE)." Pikachu shouted desperately as he noticed the damage became more severe.

Ash closed his eyes at that as his Aura resided but the damaged was done. Everyone within a mile radius of him was already on the ground, asleep, and the buildings surrounding him received heavy damage that requires repairs. "(Damn it Ash, control yourself)." Pikachu lectured in dread as Ash walk away from the damaged he caused like it was nothing. "(You're not going to fix this, aren't you)?"

"What's the point?" Ash answered coolly.

"(Arceus will kill you if you continue this reckless behavior)." Pikachu warned him but Ash merely shrugged it off like the Goddess of Pokémons was not even a threat to him.

"I have been like this for two years, if Arceus wanted to stop me, she should have already confronted me." Ash replied casually as he exited the city. "I'm going to visit Selene, battling the weak bores me." Ash muttered under his breath.

Pikachu shook his head, losing her was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Ashura Satoshi Ketchum, his partner, his brother was nothing more than a shadow of his former self, and the worst part about this was the fact that he can't blame him for changing heavily like this. If he was a human and was in Ash's position, he would probably be the same as his partner.

"(By the way, your phone is ringing)." Pikachu told him as he pointed at his pocket.

"The white one or the red one?" Ash asked curiously.

"(Red)," Pikachu answered and both of them groaned. The reason why is simple, the red one means Sarah is calling and that means she needs something from him.

Ash took the phone from his left pocket and answered it as far away from his ears as possible. It was the right choice for the moment he answered the call, a loud shout echoed in the road. "!" Even though the distance between his ear and his phone was quite significant, Ash cannot help but groaned as he felt his ears bleed by the familiar voice of his best friend.

"(Why do you hang-out with her again)?" Pikachu asked as he covered his ears with his paws. It still surprised him how loud that witch could yell

"Believe it or not, she is one of the few people who I can bearable to me." Ash muttered as he turned off the phone. "Change of plan, we're heading to Indigo Plateau." Ash said in disgust.

"(Seriously, you hate that place)." Pikachu said in surprised.

"I don't hate the place; I hate the geezer who is running the place." Ash said as he turn off the phone that was ringing in his hands. Ash momentarily scowled as he felt his white phone vibrate in his right pocket. "Strange, I never gave Sarah the number in my white phone." Ash muttered in a slightly bemused tone.

"(Now there's an emotion I hadn't seen in a while)."

"Don't get use to it." Ash said nonchalantly as a pair of wings erupted from his back.


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