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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.


"(You're not really going through with Sarah's request, are you)?" Pikachu asked his long-time partner nervously as he watched Ash meditate. Ash was floating at least ten feet from the ground as silver and black Aura enveloped his entire body.

"As much as I want to say no, Sarah is family, I cannot say no to family." Ash answered, not bothering to open his eyes. "Plus, this maybe a change to the common trash I have been battling since last year." Ash muttered in slight frustration.

Pikachu sighed at that. "(Ashura, the trash that you are referring to have talent, you're just way too strong for them)."

"That is not my fault." Ash retorted impassively. "I work hard for my skills, and all of my pokemon, especially you, work equally hard for the power and strength that each and every one of you now possesses today." Ash stated passionately.

Pikachu smiled at that before reverting back to his usual expression, the concern expression that has always adorned his face since his partner became cold. "(Are you planning on destroying Pallet Town)?" Pikachu asked his tone cautious.

"And what would that bring me, my old friend?" Ash asked coolly. "I could have done that three years ago, I could have just walk into Pallet, plant a Moonlight Sword in the middle of the town, detonate it, and poof, everybody in town would have been dead, it was so easy and so tempting, but Elena would have disapproved, and I could not bear to disappoint her." Ash stated firmly as the Aura spiral around him.

Pikachu sighed at that as he shook his head. "(Even without Elena, you won't kill innocent people)."

"Can you say that to the current me?" Ash asked silently as the Aura around him receded. He instantly stood up as the lack of Aura prevented him from floating.

Pikachu smirked as he gave him a nod. "(You're merciless, but the morals that you have and the morals Elena taught you is still strong in you)." Pikachu exclaimed firmly.

Ash smiled at that for a fraction of a second before reverting back to his emotionless expression. "Thank you for the compliment." Ash said with a nod as he took his black trench coat from the ground before draping it over his shoulder. "Let's check on Shirayuki, shall we." Pikachu smiled at that as he jumped on Ash's shoulder.

"(Elena's prized Pokémon and your most valuable treasure)." Pikachu mumbled with a small laughed.

"As well as my second strongest." Ash added as he jumped from the third floor to the ground. "Still can't believe you beat her."

Pikachu smiled proudly at that. "(What can I say, the sky itself is my weapon, and she can't learn the element of the sky)."

"Don't give me any ideas." Ash said as he gently landed on the ground. There was a bright flash of white light before a pure white Eevee burst out from the group of pokemon that has been waiting for Ash and tackled Pikachu to the ground. The white Eevee snuggled on Pikachu's cheeks, much to his embarrassment.

"(Nice to see you too Shirayuki)." Pikachu greeted uncomfortably as the Eevee who tackled him to the ground suddenly change into a large, pure white, Fearow. With the use of her newly acquired talons, she gripped Pikachu from his back and flew up to the sky with such speed that it broke the sound barrier.

Ash ignored his partner's screams as he eyed his entire team, seventy five pokemon, from the original 36 that he captured during his days in Pallet and the 39 he acquired in his days in South Light, that he had raise to their fullest potential. Charizard and Sceptile were in the front, considering they are his best fighter. Koyuki (Light snow), the pure white Lucario that he and his lover raised was leaning on a tree, beside him was her best friend, a shiny Zoroak, that Ash calls Kuraiyuki (Dark Snow). The other sixty nine pokemon, minus Shirayuki and Pikachu, were all behind his four elites, each of them ready to battle.

"I do not want to say nor do this, but, as you may all know, I cannot say no to Sarah." All of Ash's pokemon nodded at that, knowing how terrifying the certified genius could be. "We are all going to Pallet Town for some kind of training camp, and we are all going to beat some insignificant trainers, so be ready to leave in four hours." Ash ordered them as he turned around, feeling a bit content at the sound of the roars of his pokemon.

Each of his pokemon have reach their final evolution, and all of them have power that would make every trainer in awe, but among his seventy-five pokemon, his six elites were the most skilled and the most powerful. "Charizard, Sceptile, keep them all inline." Ash said as the two reptile-based pokemon nodded. "Koyuki, Kuraiyuki, keep those two inline, if needed be, kick their asses."

The two pokemon gave Ash a bow at that. "(Yes father)," The two replied in unison as they disappeared with a flash. Koyuki, the pure white Lucario, and Kuraiyuki, the shiny Zoroak, were raised by Ash and Elena since they were eggs, and henceforth, considered the two of them their parents. Elena's death greatly affected them, not as much as it affected Ash and Shirayuki, but her premature death still left a deep scar in their hearth. That is the reason why they are the most serious pokemon in Ash's arsenal, as well as the most ruthless.

Ash looked up as he walk away from the large gathering of pokemon. "Pikachu, Shirayuki, get down here," Ash mumbled as the two of his most powerful pokemon suddenly appeared on his shoulder. The pure white Fearow had now assumed her original form, a white Mew. The white Mew purred on Ash's neck as he patted her on the head.

"(You spoil her too much)," Pikachu grumbled under his breath.

"I spoiled Elena like a queen, and she didn't complain." Ash said firmly as he went to his favorite place on his personal island.

(Scene Change)

"Master Ashura actually agreed to join that farce of a training camp, are you kidding me, Sarah?" A very regal voiced asked through a video call, as the woman narrowed her gazed at Sarah.

Sarah chuckled at the reaction of Ash's one and only apprentice. "It was difficult but I managed to talk him into joining this 'farce' as you may call it."

The woman let out a 'tch' sound as she crossed her arms across her well-endowed breasts. "Master Ashura does not need the help of the five regions elite four nor the champions. He is better than them." The woman stated firmly and confidently.

"I agree with you, and I must remind you that I am better than any of them as well, with the exception of your sister of course." Sarah added causing the woman she was calling to growl. "My point is, little Selene, Ash needs a vacation, hunting down and killing Aura Knights and Sages in the last two years is not ideal for a person like him." Sarah stated and Selene cannot help but agree with that sentiment.

Selene, for lack of better words, was the younger and, if you ask Ash, more beautiful version of her sister, Cynthia. She is short, standing only at merely five feet yet she possesses an elegant figure similar to a model's. Unlike her sister, she has a long, raven, wavy hair that is tied in a rough pony tail which perfectly suits her deep, cat like, hazel eyes. She's a woman with beauty, elegance, class, and money, as well as the skill of a top notch Aura Sage, Ash made sure of the last one.

It should also be noted that she was two years younger than Ash, being sixteen, but her beauty is already considered superior to her sister, though only a few will say it out loud in fear of offending the Sinnoh champion.

"I understand that, but what do you need me for?" Selene asked with an impatient tone. She respects Sarah, but she can barely tolerate her childish personality. "I am done with my training, and if Master Ashura needs my help, he would have called me personally." Selene stated as she leaned back in her chair.

Sarah laughed at that. "Come on now twerp, Ash is too powerful to ask you for help." Sarah commented and her screen suddenly went blank. "Come on now, Len, I was joking, I was joking." Sarah said coherently yet the smirk that was plastered on her face was not an assuring sight.

"What do you want?" Selene asked as she once again turned on her screen so that she and Sarah could talk face to face, which was not a pleasant aspect for her.

"I want you to join the Training Camp." Sarah said with a blunt tone and to say that Selene was irate was an understatement.

"No, as much as I love my sister, I cannot and will not stay in the same vicinity with her for a month." Selene stated firmly, her eyes flashing dangerously.

Sarah smiled deviously as Selene shivered. Sarah was an ordinary human with a very dangerous mind, and that made her worse than any Aura Practitioner in existence. "You seem to not understand me; I am not giving you a choice."

"And you seem to not understand me; I am already good enough for the Grand League." Selene stated firmly.

"Not good enough to beat me, not good enough to beat your sister, not good enough to last against Ash, the only thing you can boast about is the fact that you were once able to tie with Valdrade, and that was a fluke." Sarah retorted with a snort, causing Selene to glare at her. "True, for a gym leader, you could probably beat most of the Elite Fours in the five regions, but against a champion, I doubt you'll win." Sarah added, enraging Selene a bit but she was able to contain her irritation.

"Okay, I just had my daily dosed of insult, now get to the point." Selene all but demanded.

Sarah instantly became serious, her smile being lace with dry humor. "I'm asking Ash to walk into the past that he has been running from for the last four years. If I had asked him to do this two years ago, when my sister was alive, I wouldn't be calling you now, but as you may know, my sister, his one and only love, is not with us anymore."

The two were silent at that, Elena's death and Ash going dark was always a somber subject for their circle of friends. "The point is I will not let Ash walk into his past without anyone he's comfortable with by his side. Valdrade has already agreed, and I'm coming as well, and one way or another, even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming, you will join us." Sarah swore and Selene knew that that threat was a promise. Sarah is an ordinary human but because of her mental capacity and ingenious inventions, there was only one Aura Practitioner who could defeat her in a fight, and that Aura Practitioner swore to his lover's grave that he would not hurt her.

With a sigh of defeat, Selene gave Sarah a nod. "When and where?" Selene asked coolly.

Sarah flashed a victory smile. "Two days from today, Pallet Town." With that said, Sarah hung-up, leaving Selene to her thoughts.

Selene sighed as he stood up and glanced at the picture of her, when she was thirteen, and a fifteen year old Ash. "I would have done anything to have you, master." Selene whispered before glancing at the picture of a beautiful, white haired girl. "Apparently, Elena, you have everything. A wonderful man, and a beauty that I myself envy, the one thing you don't have that I possess is a talent for Aura, but that isn't good enough for him." Selene took the picture frame of Elena and gazed at it fondly.

"Hey, big sister Elena, would you be angry at me, furious even, if I try my luck with him again?" Selene asked, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the mirror on the frame cracked.

Selene was silenced after that before placing the picture frame on the stanza and taking a couple of steps back, making numerous sign of the cross. "I'll take that as a yes, I'll go pack my things." Selene muttered as she moves to her room.

(Scene Change)

"You know, this is strange, having all my family in the same town." Daisy Waterflower said with a small smile as she leaned on a recliner, enjoying a good tan while talking to her prodigal sister.

"Don't get used to it, Misty still hates me, and I feel the same, and those two are too confused to even form a cohesive sentence around me." A voice echoed in her mind and it sounded casual, like hating and being hated did not, in anyway way shape or form, affect her.

"Your Telepathy is better than last time." Daisy commented quietly.

"You have not yet seen what I am capable off, sister." She replied softly. "Pray that you never do."

Daisy chuckled lightheartedly at that. "You're no God, Valdrade."

"I know one, and I have seen fights that are comparable to the fights of Gods."Valdrade commented with a small sigh. "Things are changing way too fast; there will be a time where Ash's revolution will reach an all-time high. Blood will soon rain, how soon, even I can't tell." Valdrade said in a very serious tone but Daisy merely laughed at that.

"Melodramatic much sis, is that a requirement for being a Psychic?" Daisy asked with a humor filled tone.

"Being virtually emotionless is the requirement for being Psychic, being melodramatic is just an added accident."Daisy laughed at that, same old Valdrade.

"How's your love life by the way, Ash still mourning?" Daisy asked casually, and instantly, Valdrade became deadly quiet. Daisy took that as an answer. "You know, I've never had a one-on-one talk with Elena and I don't know her as well as you but, is she that much of an angel for her to turn Ash into a killing machine?"

There was a low buzzing sound in Daisy's head as she heard her sister sigh. "Elena was….well Elena. She's ordinary, zero Psychic abilities, and no capabilities of being an Aura guardian, with that said, you will not find a more perfect human being in this world than her. She had her flaws, don't get me wrong, but they were few. She had a wonderful personality, that, and she was the most beautiful girl on the face of this world, I can actually say that I am jealous of her." Daisy could hear her sister's voice getting bitter and bitter. "She was amazing, and I envy her for that. She has the beauty that would make any girl jealous of her, the ideal family, and she even had the most perfect lover in her arms…." Valdrade trailed as Daisy rolled her eyes.

"That is an exaggeration, I've seen her, and you have a better figure than her, and that Selene person is much prettier than her." Daisy commented but Valdrade merely sighed at that.

"Not in Ashura's eyes, for him, we are only second best, and frankly, compare to Elena, I agree with his sentiments." Valdrade uttered in defeat.

"And that's the reason why you lost to her in the first place; you give up too early in the race." Daisy exclaimed, and suddenly, Valdrade appeared in front of her, glaring at her as everyone within the vicinity stop moving, like time itself froze.

Valdradeis, for lack of better words, angelic. She is a tall and statuesque woman who has long, wavy blonde hair that went down all the way to her back, beautiful crystal blue eyes, and a figure to die for. She looks like the kind that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem just by being in the same room as her, not unless you look presentable enough. Her outfit consists of a simple tight white dress that leaves little imagination for it shows off her figure and her well-endowed breasts.

"Let me ask you something sister." Valdrade almost hissed as crystal blue eyes burned dangerously. "Can you face the dead right in the eyes without flinching, can you stand up against people so powerful that they can make the earth quiver, can you accept death with open arms, can you die smiling, can you die while having the love of your life holding your prone dying body while telling him that the time you spent with him was the best time of your life, can you do those things without even shedding a single tear?" Valdrade ranted passionately, making Daisy flinch.

After a moment of silence, Daisy answered. "I don't think I can do that."

"Neither can I and Elena did it in the span of a day. She looked at an enemy Ash could not defeat, and accepted death with open arms, sacrificing everything for us. She's stupid for that, I give you that, but I can say this with no hesitation, she was the only who deserved Ash." Valdrade stated before sighing. "I can't blame Ash for mourning this long."

"But does Elena want Ash to mourn this long?" Daisy asked with a careful tone.

Valdrade look at the ocean for a moment. Daisy smiled at that as she motion for her to sit next to her, which she did. "I will not say that I know what you're going through because I don't. I am able to get boys that I want by merely talking to them, they're not as perfect as Ash, but they're good enough for me." Daisy chuckled at that as Valdrade gave her a disgusted look. "I'm not like you, already aiming for the win; I'm a free spirited woman who does not need a fiancé in her life." Daisy said proudly as Valdrade shook her head.

"My point being sis, don't be afraid of taking a chance. Elena did once, and she got Ash. And do not even dare reason that he is still mourning, I don't know him well, but I know that this self-given crusade is his way of coming in terms of a dead lover." Daisy then picked up a glass cup, which Valdrade took from her hands before throwing it as far away as possible.

"When talking about Elena, don't use anything that is related to mirrors, trust me on that." Valdrade advised as Daisy gave her a bewildered look. "Hey, for you, glass and mirrors are just merely convenient items, for me, those things are weapons of mass destruction. I've spent the better part of four years watching Ash use those weapons for butchering." Valdrade exclaimed with a shiver.

Daisy raised an eyebrow at that. "How can you use glass or mirrors for weapons?"

Valdrade shivered again. "You do not want to know, and pray that you never would be on the other side of him when he has a Twilight Katana in his hands, his fights are not for the weak hearted."

Daisy looked at her sister with a worried expression after hearing that. "How many fights have you been in since dad kick you out of the house?"

Valdrade laughed humorless laugh at that. "Let's just say that I've seen how dark this world is, and leave it at that."

Valdrade then teleported away as a loud yell echoed in the area. "DAISY, GET YOUR BUT OVER HERE, ITS TIME TO GO HOME." Daisy sighed at the sound of the, alleged, youngest sister.

"I wonder if my life would be easier if Valdrade did not have Psychic Abilities." Daisy muttered with a sighed. "She could take care of the Gym for us, she could write better scripts for our plays…" Daisy began to coherently mutter on ways on how Valdrade could make her life a much happier and easier.

(Scene Change)

Ash stood in front of a gravestone, his eyes soft and solemn, which was not like him for the past two years. Pikachu and Shirayuki were beside him, looking at the grave with outmost sadness. "Hey," Ash greeted as he placed a bouquet of flowers on top of the grave. "I'm still bitter, I'm still cold, I'm still reckless, I am still too powerful for my own good, and I still want blood, in short, nothing change since you died." Ash said with a chuckle.

"My life sucks now, and you're probably disappointed in me, after all, I have finally lost count in how many people I've killed." Ash muttered with regret. "I'm sorry that I turned out this way, it's just….." Ash trailed off not able to finish his statement.

Ash took a moment to regain his composure before speaking again. "I'm going to participate in the Grand League, after that, I'm going to accept the king's offer. This side of the world cannot offer me anything else. I can now understand the reason why Sarah retired so early in her career," Ash then chuckled a bit. "On the side note, Sarah is still her annoying self, Valdrade is still wondering around, Selene's still an undefeated gym leader and I still want to bury the old geezer, but we can't have everything in life. You're my testament to that." Ash then knelt in front of the grave as he traced the words written on the surface of the stone.

"I know you don't like my decision, but they took you from me, they took my eternity from me, it's only fair for me to take something equivalent from them." Ash chuckled bitterly at that as, as weird and as unnatural as it is, the moon suddenly blocked the light of the sun, showering the Island that Ash is on with a beautiful silver light.

"Nobody can hide from me while under the moon, my vendetta will end soon and I can finally move on." Ash then kissed the Elena's name that was written on the gravestone before standing up. "I love you Elena, and one day, when my vendetta is finish, I will let the moon shine over this world in a magnificent display of power and light, and I will dedicated that to your honor." Ash bowed one more time before turning around.

"Pikachu, Shirayuki, we'll leave our home in four hours, prepare yourselves." Ash told them and with a flash, the two small yet terrifyingly powerful pokemon were gone.

Ash glanced one more time on the gravestone before snapping his fingers, instantly; the island was enveloped in a silver dome. "Nobody will disturb your sleep, and if they do, I will know." Ash said with a small, sad smile before disappearing.

Unknown to him, tears were slowly flowing down from his eyes.

(Scene Change)

On one of the roads heading to Pallet Town, three beautiful women were waiting for a specific person. They looked bored but they were patient enough to wait for him quietly.

"I'M BORED." Well at least two out of three were patient enough to not strangle Sarah who was pacing around the road. "ASHY, ASHY, YOUR LATE ASHY!"

"Why do we tolerate her again?" Selene asked in an exasperated tone as she watched Sarah pace back and forth like an idiot while shouting her nickname for her master.

Valdrade sigh a bit as she pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance. "Ash, for some very strange reason, likes her and not to mention, she's Elena's sister. That is enough for me to get along with her." Valdrade said before shuddering. "Also, even if we wanted to, we can't get rid of her, and that is not without trying our miserable luck." They both shuddered at that.

"Do you think she's immortal?" Selene asked with a dreaded tone. "She survived things that no ordinary mortal is capable off with nothing but scratches."

Valdrade paled at those words. "No, and pray that she never figures out a way to make herself live beyond the normal human life-span. Arceus knows that this world can't survive a Sarah that lives for a hundred years."

"The world barely survived the twenty years of her existence, and half of it is her fault." Selene added but she quickly wished that she should have just shut her mouth. As she said those words, a giggle that could and would fill anyone with dread suddenly echoed in the clearing. The two powerful women, a Psychic and an Aura Sage, froze as they felt the hands of death on their shoulders.

They slowly turned their heads , only to see the sweetly, sickening smile from Sarah, a smile that they had learn to fear, with reason so terrifying that the words existing in the dictionary today are not enough to described such horrors. "Does Vally and Len have something to say to everyone's favorite genius, the wonderful and not to mention, the amazingly beautiful Sarah?" Sarah asked with a sing-song voice tone that make anyone's skin crawl in fright; add to the fact that dark clouds had now covered the sun, giving Sarah an eerie and ominous appearance.

They merely shake their heads in fear of her unique brand of wrath and wondered, not for the first time, what kind of devil Sarah was in her last life. Whatever she was and how evil she was in her last lifetime, she was ten times more evil in her current life.

"Good," Sarah whispered in a very delighted tone. "We are friends after all and you guys don't want to, I don't know; hurt my fragile and delicate feelings, right?" Sarah said, batting her eyelashes at them.

They almost vomited and/or scoffed at the words 'fragile' and 'delicate'. There are many words to describe Sarah; most of them were so colorful that no one under the age of fifteen should hear or know about it. Now, her sister, her younger sister, Elena, she was both fragile and delicate, there was no doubt about that. The one thing that still bewildered them though was the fact that a perfect angel like Elena was related to the devil's favorite little demon (and not to mention, their eldest sister was also a piece of work). They began to wonder why and how did Elena managed to turn out so perfect, so flawless with two uninspiring sisters besides her. Although, they will not say that out loud in fear of an untimely death, after all, Jane was trained by Ash in the ways of Aura and Sarah is a genius, plain and simple, they were both dangerous in their own terrifying way.

"Right," Sarah asked again with more emphasis.

"It depends," Selene answered casually.

"I'll take it into a deep, thorough consideration." Valdrade replied nonchalantly.

Warriors, especially experience warriors who had endured several wars and survived, knew if their lives are in jeopardy when the threat is looming even in a mile away. These special warriors knew when to fight and when to run, and they also knew if they are going face a losing battle.

Valdrade and Selene were those kinds of warriors so they reacted as naturally as possible when Sarah's shadow suddenly change to look similar to a devil, complete with horns, tail, wings, and pitch fork, and it should also be noted that Sarah's crimson eyes were suddenly burning maliciously. How she could do that by just being ordinary and by just being….Sarah, was beyond them.

Selene had already had an indigo colored crystal wall in front of her, while Valdrade had a pillar of flames protecting her. Before things could escalate, in a Sarah way which is more horrible and more traumatizing than hell itself, a shattering sound suddenly echoed in the clearing, much to Selene's and Valdrade's relief because the demonic aura that Sarah was emitting disappeared as a cute yet childish smile grace her features.

As Ash step out of one of his special mirrors, the girls cannot help but adore his appearance. Ash was standing at the height of six feet, two inches and possessed black hair with light green highlights. His hair was such a dominate feature for it was so long that it actually reach knee level. His eyes change from plain brown to magnificent silver due to his natural closeness to his favorite element. His physique was similar to an acrobat, muscular but lean. A crescent shape scar was also visible on his right eye, and with the cold expression that was probably permanent on his face, it gave him the appearance of an emotionless, warrior prince who had fought in countless wars. His outfit consist of a long, pitch black trench coat, a fitting black shirt that has the insignia of a full moon, black jeans that was design for mobility, a white scarf that is wrapped around his neck, and a white fedora which was covering his cold, silver eyes. For the women that adored Ash, he looks likes Zeus's younger, colder, better looking brother

Pikachu is on his right shoulder while Shirayuki, who is currently taking the form of a white Eevee was on his left. Both of them looked happy to see them.

Ash stopped a couple of feet from them as Valdrade took a step forward. "How many Aura Practitioners had tried to kill you?" Valdrade asked calmly.

"The same number who died in the attempt." Ash answered with a cold, impassive and sharp tone.

Valdrade smiled at that as she flung herself towards him. "Ashura," Valdrade called as she embraced Ash, which Ash returned wholeheartedly.

"It's been a while hasn't it, Valdrade." Ash greeted softly, yet that cold tone still laces his voice, which his friends were now used to.

Valdrade chuckled at that but before she could react, an Aura Sphere blasted her off Ash' arms. Valdrade, having travelled with Ash and Selene, could not be harmed by an Aura Sphere, regardless of how strong it is. Aura Elements, now that's another subject. She was not hurt by the Aura Sphere hurled to her by Selene but she felt annoyed when she found the Aura Sage in the position she used to be, on Ash's arms.

"Hello master," Selene greeted affectionately as she snuggled on Ash's chest.

"Hello, my little apprentice." Ash greeted her in a way a big brother would greet his little sister.

Similar to what Selene did to Valdrade to get her off Ash's arms, Sarah, with the physical strength that came all the way to her large IQ, for she once prove that her strength is proportional to her IQ, which is way pass 1700 (Don't know if that is possible), kick Selene off Ash arm and because of the force behind that kick, Selene was thrown four yards from where Ash was.

"ASHY," Sarah shouted as she lifted her hand outward in almost hugging manner,

But Ash knew better: those hands weren't to hug, they were to grope!

Ash instantly summoned a mirror in front of him to stop Sarah from touching him. Trivia, Sarah, as strange it maybe, can shatter Aura Crystals, the hardest materials known to man, but one thing she can't break with her unusual, mind base strength, is Ash's Moonlight Mirror. Apparently, Ash's mirrors are the ultimate defense.

"I'll give you a hug when I crush a challenging opponent, if not, no hugs." Ash told her bluntly and Sarah suddenly ran and knelt in front of a rock, a picture of her late sister suddenly kneeling on the said rock as she bowed repeatedly at it like she was worshipping a God.

"ELENA, ASHY'S BEING MEAN AGAIN TO YOU VERY BEAUTIFUL SISTER." Sarah shouted in a prayer like manner, much to Ash's annoyance.

"If you're going to pray to my Elena, please don't call me Ashy." Ash requested coldly before shaking his head. "Why do I tolerate her again?" Ash asked Pikachu and Shirayuki who were busy laughing at Sarah.

"(Your fond of her, remember)." Pikachu and Shirayuki answered in unison.

"Thanks for the reminder." Ash muttered as suddenly, Sarah began to dance around the rock while shouting 'Ashy likes me'. Suffice to say, that was a disturbing sight. "Do you think being a genius can result to the loss of sanity?" Ash asked his two female friends as they stood behind him.

"YES!" The two answered vividly.

Ash nodded at that as he suddenly grabbed the back of Selene's neck. "Drag her by the neck, we're going." Ash said as he gently shoved Selene towards Sarah.

"You know, Master, I'm no longer your apprentice." Selene grunted but regardless, did as she was told.

"Until you become a princess; or at the very least, able to give me a scratch, you are still under my wing, midget." Ash told her before glancing at Valdrade. "Make us invincible, I want to walk with you three but I do not want to be seen, and I sure as hell won't use Moonlight in Pallet, that Element is too noble to be seen by annoying bigots." Ash commanded regally as Valdrade snapped her fingers.


"Then we walk towards my past." Ash mumbled, ignoring the shouts of Sarah who was now being dragged by Selene.