The Howling

By: Flamegaruru

Hey, it's Flamegaruru again with a teaser for a possible story! It's rated the way it is because of violence and the rating might possibly go up again! '.'; Sadness! Dark story, it happens when I have a bad day. -_-'

Disclaimer: I own the plot. Notice that Digimon or any related thing to Digimon is not included in that sentence.

~ Character's P.O.V. ~

Tonight was a full moon. It sparkled clearly in my ocean blue eyes. I know that because I saw my reflection in a puddle. But that is of irrelevance.

Only moments before did the excruciating pain come forth, twisting and distorting my body, I was used to it. Besides, I reveled in the pain.

My legs itched to run. Padded feet with sharp claws allowed me to run like the wind. The dirt underneath my paws felt cool and moist, indicating there was a recent rain. I kept on running. The breeze felt cool blowing through my fur.

On and on I ran, not knowing where exactly I was heading, but somehow…I did know, if that makes any sense. My feet just led the way.

I was told that on the full moon, I, like my predecessors, go crazy. That's the reason they pin on me for my, odd, shall I say, psychology.

The rocks ended underneath my feet, and my calf muscles propelled me into the air easily clearing the ledge. My long snout inhaled the air and I knew. They were here. My upper lip furled upwards in disgust. I stealthily made my way through the dense trees to where their pungent odor permeated.

Hiding amongst some bushes, my eyes took in these trespassers of my forest, my enemies. They milled about, making small talk here and there. A low growl emanated from the bowels in my throat. My hands flexed and unflexed; clenching and unclenching.

Staring in at them, my eyes hungrily scanned the soft fleshy area of the neck of a female. A particularly tasty female to be exact. I was so caught up in my delectable fantasies I almost didn't hear the crack of a branch indicating an approach. Almost.

My body kicked into gear, an inhuman roar came out of my mouth as I attacked my stalker, claw and fang lashing wildly. His scream ceased as I slashed his throat, blood spurting everywhere. Voices cried out in the night. Only five, including my prey. My lips curled into a smile.

Throwing my weight back onto my haunches enabled me to leap upwards into the air, my body obscuring my enemies' view of the moon. Shots rang out. The wind ruffled my fur giving it a demonic appearance. Pushing my ego back into the depths of my mind, my hands outstretched, the already bloodied claws boring into another victim.

With a thump I landed onto the ground, wasting no time dodging bullets, my fist pounding into a soft belly sent one enemy falling into another's knife shearing his internal organs, the thick liquid spurting everywhere. Three down. My legs stretched outward as I leapt into the air, effectively breaking a jaw. I landed onto the creature's chest, my sheer bulk crushing his ribs, most likely shattering bones which punctured his heart, thus sending blood up and through his mouth. A gunshot pierced my side. As I let out a howl of rage, I charged toward my victim, a blind ravaging machine. Mouth open, drool spilling out of the side, I dug my claws into the creature's chest, killing him.

Feeling my side I felt a warm liquid. My sense of judgment told me it was a flesh wound, nothing too worry about. It'd scar soon, considering my abnormal healing rate.

I had almost forgot her until I head her scream. My eyes swiveled in their sockets as I spun my body around to face her. I could see the whites of her eyes; fear. I snarled in anticipation as my feet dug into the ground, chasing the fleeing animal.

Up into the air I leapt, landing on her back, My tongue lashed out, spittle flying every which way. I couldn't take it any longer. My jaws clamped down on her throat. For a fleeting instant, I felt the rapid pulse of her heart. A second later, there was none. I was very thirsty.

I slowly straightened up after I was done drinking. I tasted the blood on my gruesome fangs, felt it ooze onto my face. For a second I realized I must be quite ominous looking. Rolling my eyes I winced in pain as I started walking. The effects of the bullet wound had taken its toll on me. I sauntered over to a nearby pool.

Glancing down into the water, I stared at myself. An assortment of dark red splotches covered my blue-white fur. Looking up to my head, my silver earrings dangled and flashed in the night. Near the top of my head, a few tufts of blond hair fell in front of my eyes. My cold blue eyes. I bent down and cupped water into one of my paws, soaking my wound in it. Seeing my face again as I commenced to wash my hands gave me a feeling of disgust, of utter revulsion. Plunging my head in the water, I hoped to get the blood off of my snout.

Bringing my head out of the water, flashes of light told me that more creatures were entering the area. I pondered about ambushing them, but I had already sustained a wound, so I decided against risking it. I slowly stretched my body, my side sore from the wound.

Eager to feel the wind, I took off at a running lope. When I healed I'd be off on my mission. I saw him once in this forest, and I'll see him again when I'll travel to the real world. There I'll get him; revenge for my best friend. Blood dripped out from my clenched hand, but I paid it no head. Soon I will have that red menace. And who better to lead me straight to him than his Tamer, Takato Matsuda?


How was it? Should this be rated R?

First person who tells me who this guy is gets a part in the story. Try to guess what Digimon form he is in. Oops! I said too much!

Slight romance later on, but plenty of intrigue, anyway.