The Howling

Chapter 2: Crimson Paws

By: Flamegaruru

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Thump. Thump. Ba-thump.

Everything was blurry. My heart kept beating, faster, and faster…

Thump. Thump. Ba-da-da-thump.

I don't know why my heart was beating so fast. I didn't even know who I was, what I was doing, where I was, what had happened…

Da-da-da-thump. Thump-thump. Thump…thump…thump…

My heart started to slow down. The pain started to ebb…

Thump. Thump. Thump.

It was raining. I could feel the moisture collect on my body, on my clothes…

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I blinked the raindrops off of my eyelashes. I casually stretched my limbs, and in doing so, smelled an odd smell. A horrific smell. My nose curled up in disgust. Who could smell that bad?

Thump. Ba-thump. Thump.

All I knew was that I hated that smell. I could tell they were getting closer to me since I was starting to gag from the foul stench. I wanted that smell gone. Now.


I could hear the (sniff-man)'s shuffling, unsteady footsteps crunching on the leaves, breaking the delicate twigs. I could feel my lips curl upwards into a snarl. And that's when I felt it. The undeniable fury building up in my chest, the fire shooting my eyes open with a new, powerful emotion: hatred.


I don't know why I felt hatred, or the violent notions welling up inside me. I was too upset and blinded at the moment to care. He came; right in front of me. I uttered a growl and leapt forward…


Takato woke up drenched in cold sweat. His chest heaved; he hyperventilated. A few moments later, his pounding heart started to slow back down to normal. Takato's eyes squinted, his eyebrows crinkling, he slowly sat up to a dull pain on his chest. Takato dazedly glanced down and ran his index finger down two red marks in the middle of his chest. Numbly, Takato got up out of his bed and walked slowly to the bathroom.

Getting in front of the mirror, Takato's mind started to wake up. He realized he wasn't wearing a shirt, and he still bore his goggles atop his head. He glanced down to his baggy khaki zipper pants. Eyes widening, Takato slowly bends down and plucks a piece of fur off his pants. Bringing it slowly up to the light, Takato sees that the color is blue. Blue? There is no such thing as blue fur… Takato had to grip the counter hard before he could fall to the floor. His mind suddenly snapped into action.

Last night, the storm, the werewolf…bit me… Takato's eyes started to widen and his breathing became rapid. I don't remember what I did last night, when I got home, how my shirt is missing… Takato's body started to convulse. Could it be true? Could I be a werewolf?

************************ One month later **********************************

Takato Matsuda silently snickered as his friend Hirokazu was led outside of the room with Iasashi-sensei. By the ear. Another friend, Jenrya Lee, quietly hid his laughter. A few moments later, a much calmer Iasashi-sensei entered the room, followed by two, foreign looking children. Takato eyed one of them with close scrutiny, the taller one, the blond one. Something didn't feel right about him…

" Class, we have two new students. One is an exchange student from America. His name is Jason Macleod. Please treat him with the same respect as your fellow students."

A befuddled boy nodded back as the class greeted him. He took a seat next to Takato.

" Hi. I'm Matsuda Takato," Takato grinned and shook his hand with Jason who grinned back.

" Hi." Jason sure looked a lot like Takato, what with the light brown hair. His glittering brown eyes smiled along with his face.

" I'm Lee Jenrya. Do you know who the other boy is?" Jenrya greeted Jason silently as well.

" No. Should I?" Jason quieted as Iasashi-sensei sternly looked in the boys' direction.

" And the other new student is Ishida Yamato. Yamato, why don't you sit in the open seat behind Takato? He's the one with the goggles."

Takato shifted uncomfortably in his seat. That Yamato kid was staring at him. Really strangely, too. Clearing her throat, Iasashi-sensei sent the silent message for Yamato to get a move on. He slowly walked to his seat. Takato stole a glance at him, seeing his spiky blond hair, and those eyes. Those eyes that seemed all too familiar…

" You guys know anything about the mysterious attack about a month ago?" Yamato asked, the sensei leaving the room to make copies of the assignment. Takato's eyes narrowed with suspicion.

" Not really. All we know is that a man was savagely attacked, and was in critical condition for several days," Jenrya supplied information with a raised eyebrow.

" What's it matter to you?" Takato snapped, becoming unknowingly uncomfortable with Yamato.

" I heard that he was attacked by a werewolf," Yamato's eyes twinkled, giving the impression he was hiding something. But what? Takato wondered to himself.

" Rumors about werewolves are flying all over," Jason piped up. " The man was attacked on a full moon. Werewolves can bite others and they'll turn into were-creatures, too. Then they go through this sort of excruciating pain every time they transform. It's said that they lose all sanity to the disease. And guess what? Tonight's another full moon."

" Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?" Jenrya chuckled. "Everyone knows that there are no such things as werewolves."

" WereGarurumons, " Yamato silently said.

Takato had folded his arms across his chest as he listened to the conversation. This werewolf stuff was pure jibberish. He had dismissed the incident a month ago as some sort of mental lapse. It happens all the time, anyway, he had thought. And what was with this Yamato? Takato had the overwhelming urge to punch him right in the face, along with Tenji Takaishi. Perhaps even the legend, Akiyama Ryou. Takato didn't feel like beating the stuffing out of Ryou, just giving him a good insult to get him off his high horse. Ryou, the legendary Tamer. Master of the card game. Thinking about Ryou reminded him of another master of the game, the Digimon Queen, Makino Ruki, whom he'd met last month. Takato fervently shook his head to clear away his blush.

" So, Takato, I hear you have a Guilmon," Yamato whispered while Jason and Jenrya talked about the validity of the supernatural.

" What's it to you?" Takato growled. He really hated Yamato.

" I was just curious," Yamato had that arrogant grin plastered all over his face.

" Yes, in fact I do," Takato puffed, hoping sensei would hurry back before he beat this kid to a pulp.

" Been having weird emotional problems as of lately? Weird feelings, often pertaining to anger for no reason?" Takato's eyes widened as Yamato struck a chord. Just as Takato backed out of his chair, sensei entered and class started again. Takato still could not shake the feeling of foreboding as he felt Yamato's eyes boring into the back of his head.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After school ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Takato kicked a stone in front of him, Guilmon trailing behind him. Takato didn't know what to do. He was lost. Yamato…I'll bet he's behind all of this…I'll just have to get him to tell me what he wants from me. Takato looked up to see a smiling Guilmon swishing his tail at him. Takato grinned and turn and they crossed the street and headed to the park.

" Hey, goggle-head," a familiar voice piped up from behind him.

Takato whirled around to see Ruki standing behind him, arms folded across her chest, that same smug grin still all over her face. " Hi, Ruki! What is…" Takato didn't finish his sentence because Yamato had just walked up behind him. Takato narrowed his eyes.

" Hello, Takato," Yamato said, seemingly happy.

" What do you want," Takato growled as his he balled his hands into fists.

" My my my!" Yamato shook his finger. " That is a very rude way to greet someone."

" Hey guys," Jenrya had arrived, and sensing the tension between Takato and Yamato, had decided to come and try to cool the boys down. Terriermon, a bunny-like Digimon with floppy ears, perched atop Jenrya's head.

Guilmon tugged on Takato's shirt, and the Tamer leaned down to hear what his partner had to say. " Takatomon, that boy smells bad," Guilmon's eyes had turned viral as he looked at Yamato.

" I know what you mean, boy," Takato whispered. " We'll find out what's up with him soon enough…"

" Ruki-chan!" A loud, obnoxious voice yelled, causing all the boys, Digimon, and the left out Ruki to look in that direction. Ruki uttered a low groan.

" Ruki-chan! How are you today?" Tenji Takaishi strutted up to the group and stopped in front of Ruki, an arrogant smile plastered all over his face.

" What did I say about calling me Ruki-chan?" Ruki snarled. That guy always got on her nerves. Almost as much as Akiyama Ryou. Almost.

" You know you like it," Tenji seductively whispered as he grabbed Ruki's arm. " Say, why don't we go out tonight, just you and me?"

Ruki yanked her arm out of Tenji's grasp. " I'd rather kiss a Megidramon than go out with you!" She spat.

Yamato watched Tenji. Something was familiar about him. Have I met him in the Digiworld before? Maybe he's tried to hunt me down before. Yet, there's something about him that just makes my fur stand on end…(A/N: Oh-ho-ho! I just dropped you a clue!)

Meanwhile Takato was having similar thoughts go through his head, like how to beat Tenji up. What does he think he's doing? That baka…Takato growled as he clenched and un-clenched his fists. Ruki is strong. She doesn't need my help. But if that guy does anything else…

Tenji's eyes narrowed at Ruki. He always got what he wanted. Always. He would have the most beautiful girl be his girl. " I don't think you heard what I said," Tenji threatened Ruki as he came in closer.

Ruki threw a punch directly at Tenji's face, but he caught it in one of his hands and turned her around so that she was immobilized. Ruki squirmed valiantly in his grasp, but years of Digi-bounty hunting had toned Tenji's muscles to perfection.

That's when Takato lost all control.

" Let go of her!" Takato yelled, his eyes completely viral, now had a reddish tint to them. He threw himself against Tenji, breaking his grasp on Ruki. Takato caught her as she fell.

" Watch out Takato!" Jenrya yelled.

Takato turned around in confusion, and his head met with the butt of Tenji's rifle. All went black…

" Tenji!" Ruki cried in frustration as she struggled to hold onto a limp Takato.

" I'd get out of here. Now," Yamato said coolly as Tenji turned to look at him. Yamato felt the hair on the back of his neck rise as Tenji's eyes widened in what seemed as recognition.

Tenji smiled devilishly. " Remember me, Ishida?" He taunted, knowing too much of Yamato's past.

Yamato's eyes turned cold as he felt the adrenaline rush. If only I could change right now, I'd show him a thing or two… " I would remember meeting a scum-wad like you. Now get out of here before I get mad."

Tenji's smile turned sly as he walked away, blowing a kiss in Ruki's direction. He turned back fast, so he did not see her flicking him off.

Yamato stared at the ground for a few moments before running off, ignoring Jenrya's shouts to come back. Why? Why did I hate Tenji? Did he have something to do with Taichi's death? And most importantly, why did I help Takato? I should've stayed and killed Guilmon, the bloody menace…My senses tell me that Guilmon is innocent, but I can't be sure, not yet… Yamato decided to go hide somewhere until the full moon blossomed.

" That jerk," Ruki muttered as she slid slowly to the ground, holding Takato gently while doing so. Jenrya smiled at her, and the Terriermon on his head piped up.

" I think we should stay and act as chaperones," Terriermon giggled as Jenrya groaned.

" You perverted bunny," Ruki growled and was about to do something violent when Takato moaned and struggled to sit up.

" I don't know if that was the right sound to make when waking up in that position."

" Terriermon!"

" Ow…" Takato rubbed the top of his head where he had been hit.

" It's okay now, that baka is gone," Ruki offered one of her rare smiles. Why do I like this guy so much?

" Hey, I know how to make it all better," Terriermon offered.

" How?"

" Momentai with an Aspirin; it works wonders." Jenrya sighed and Takato rolled his eyes.

" Takatomon? What happened?" Guilmon trotted back up to the group.

" What do you mean what happened? You are his partner; you should be at his side twenty-four seven! Although, I know that I wouldn't be around Takato twenty-four seven. That would just bring the nasty to my stomach, having to wake up next to him. I already have it bad enough with Jen."

Guilmon blinked his wide eyes. " I was just going to the bathroom. What happened?"

" This new freak that showed up hit Takato over the head because Takato's was jealous that the guy got to touch Ruki and he didn't." Terriermon nimbly avoided Jenrya's flying fist.

Takato and Ruki both blushed brightly as they hear what Terriermon said. " I think it's time for me to go home," Takato said and woozily stood up.

" Yeah, well, see you later Takato. I hope you feel better soon," Ruki said and rushed off to her house. Oh, kami-sama, am I blushing?

" I think we should be going too, before Terriermon gets you into any more trouble with Ruki," Jenrya said and waved good-bye.

I wonder where Yamato went off to? Takato wondered, but smiled down at Guilmon as he walked his partner to his house in the park. Takato was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice that the sun had almost set…

" What about that strange Digimon?" Guilmon asked Takato as they reached his shed.

" Digimon? You know Terriermon," Takato scratched his head.

" That one that looked like a human," Guilmon said. He wondered for a second why Takatomon smelled a bit like that Digimon smell, but dismissed the thought.

" Yamato? A Digimon?" Takato felt a little dizzy all of a sudden. He fell to the ground.

"Takatomon!" Guilmon cried and leaned his Tamer against the wall.

" Sorry, boy, I feel strange all of a sudden," Takato looked confusedly at the ground, his heart starting to beat faster. The moon shone into the shed.

Takato grunted in pain as he curled into a ball. Guilmon could only stand by helplessly as his partner went through a horrible transformation. Takato's bones cried out in agony as they stretched out to a new length, a longer length. Takato watched as blue and white fur sprouted all over on his body. His body itself expanded, ripping the lower parts of his pants off in a jagged rip, his clawed feet breaking free of the shoes. His fingers shaped themselves into sharp jagged claws. Takato felt like he was going to pass out as his face twisted and distorted and morphed into a muzzle, his ears becoming long, the fur popping up all over. Finally, the pain was done. Takato just lay on the ground, his heart slowly but surely returning to its normal rate. He slowly stood up.

Guilmon had traveled through the Digiworld before with Takato and what he saw was not a Digimon, nor a human. At first, he looked like a WereGarurumon, the exact same structure and the purple claws, the blue and white fur…but then up in the head, there was a clump of chocolate brown hair that fell over the eyes, almost completely obscuring them. One look into those eyes sent terror down Guilmon's spine like never before. Those weren't eyes of a WereGarurumon. Those were Takato's eyes.

Takato's lips curled upwards in a snarl as he became fully aware of the change. He smelt Guilmon…and it took all of his control not to lash out and attack his best friend. Not knowing if he could control the unidentifiable hatred in his heart anymore, Takato ran full blast out of the shed.

The wind whipped its way through Takato's fur and he found he liked the feel. He wanted to test out his new body, so, seeing the park dinosaur equipment coming up, Takato leapt into the air…and to his amazement, cleared the entire thing! Takato smiled as he continued running. That was a blast!

Thrusting his snout into the wind, Takato caught a good scent. He didn't realize when his tongue escaped his mouth and hung at the side of his lips, panting heavily, fully intoxicated by the smell. He knew that smell all too well, and wanted it just as much.

Takato's legs leaped and bounded across the barren streets, heading to a large house. Takato stopped a few feet from the back entrance. He could smell a Digimon. His eyes dilated as he saw a Renamon leap onto the lamppost and continue hopping across the street until it was out of sight. Takato knew he hadn't been detected because he was downwind. How he knew that…

Creeping along the fence stealthily, Takato placed his clawed hands on the top of the fence and propelled himself over it, landing quietly in the grass. He squatted, frozen, waiting to see if he had been detected. Several moments passed, and nothing was heard. Takato continued to move to the back door.

Takato slowly opened the sliding door, revealing a darkened room. And on the floor was what he was looking for. He hungrily eyed it, and stopped moving, realizing he was panting loudly. The human moaned slightly and turned over on its side. Takato cautiously moved forward, crouching into a position next to her face. He could smell her perfectly now, and found he did not want to move. An in-human part of him hungered to clamp down on her throat, but Takato was entrapped by her glory to let that side take control. His furry snout brushed softly against her skin, feeling its smoothness.

Ruki subconsciously felt something tickling her cheek. An eye scrunched as she half-heartedly waved a hand to bat it away. It disappeared, but almost immediately returned. Ruki then felt the hot breath slowly being exhaled onto her neck. That's when she became fully aware that these sensations weren't a dream. Her eyes shot open.

Takato's eyes widened in fear as Ruki's eyes shot at him, widening also as they stared at him. He felt panic and leapt up and raced out of the door, Ruki chasing after him. Takato felt her presence and he leapt over the fence and was bounding down the street too quickly for Ruki to catch up.

Ruki leaned on the fence post, her heart beating fast as she heard the neighborhood dogs barking frenziedly. What was that thing? Ruki's breathing became normal as a few moments passed. She continued to stare where the creature left. All I know is that creature isn't human, but I know who he is. One look into those amber eyes…what happened to Takato? If memory serves me correctly, only one Digimon could have the power to do something as dastardly as this; Vamdemon. Ruki's eyes narrowed. This calls for a visit to an old friend…With that last thought, Ruki headed into her room to change and prepare for a little trip she and her partner Renamon would be making later that night…


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