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01: Restoration

She looked up to the sky, the rays of sunlight casting a long shadow of the towering pillars on her. She couldn't help but smile now that their home was once again what it used to be. No more heartless, no more nobodies, no more corruption, no more pain...no more negative things that could hurt them. Radiant Garden had been restored. It was back to how it used to be. This time it changed for the good of everyone. And she missed the one who freed everyone there like hell.

She sat at the edge of the cliff at The Darkest Depths, her feet dangling beyond the cliff, looking at the sky with her emerald eyes, the smile now permanent on her face. Two thick fringes of her brown hair cascaded down the sides of her face onto her red and white top. The rest of her hair was tied back into a ponytail, which drifted carelessly in the wind, with a cute pink ribbon. Her frilly skirt was the same colour as her bow. She had her hands, the wrists of which were covered by metal wristbands, rested on her lap. She lifted one of her hands to tuck a few loose stands of hair behind her ear, smiling at the memories of Sora. And of course, his two best buddies, Donald and Goofy.

After a few minutes she got up and turned to go, when she bumped into a tall brunet, head first into a flurry of fur on the collar of his black jacket. He caught her when she was about to stumble and stood her straight. "Sorry Aerith", he said when she regained her balance. "God, Leon, don't scare me like that!" she said as she playfully pushed him away.

"Sorry...again", said Leon and shook his head, shaking his brown hair, a shade darker than Aerith's, away from his eyes in the process. He had a scar running across and over the bridge of his nose, almost between his eyes.

"Did you need something?" asked Aerith. She turned to look at Leon to find him looking at her. His eyes were brown, a common colour. But his were of a calm shade, like a far-off lone island that has been through many storms and now finally in rest. Similar to the situation at hand, thought Aerith.

"No", he said after a pause. "Nothing." He averted his gaze. Aerith stared on.

"Does something trouble you?" she asked taking a step forward. Leon walked past her to the cliff, his eyes on the crimson sun setting behind the tower. He shook his head as an answer.

Aerith walked up and stood beside him. Leon looked at her for a moment then looked back to the sun, now peeping over the horizon and under a darkening sky.

"When that sun rises tomorrow", said Leon, "it will dawn the beginning to a brave new world."

Aerith responded by tilting her head and smiling the warmest smile at him. He smiled back.

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