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10: Promise

After Sephiroth was gone Cloud swung his sword back and forth. The radiance of the sun hanging over Radiant Garden gleamed on an edge of the blade and reflected off into the distance. As he sheathed it back behind him a figure fell from above and landed inches in front of him. Cloud reached back for his sword but seeing the face of the person he reached out a hand to him.

The person looked up and took his hand. His green eyes looked dazed and his red hair, even though tied up in a neat ponytail behind him, was messed up, although it seemed it might have been his hairstyle. When he was standing he was as tall as Cloud was. He wore a white shirt under a black business coat with its sleeves torn off. His pants and shoes were the same colour as his black coat.

After dusting himself off he shot a cold stare at Cloud. Despite his gaze he grinned. "This how you welcome a friend?"

Leon walked up closer to see the stranger. He looked him up and down then crossed his arms. "You know this guy?" he asked Cloud.

Cloud's nod was so faint, it looked as if it hadn't moved at all. "Yes", he said, "I do. This is Reno."

Reno nodded to Leon then looked back at Cloud. "You're the one that gets named after a cloud", he smirked, "and I'm the one who learns to fly. I find that Ironic."

"What are you doing here?" Cloud asked quickly.

"What do you- ?" Reno started but got cut off by Cloud.

"You know what I mean", Cloud said. "How are you here? Our world was decimated. You weren't there with us when..." He trailed.

Reno waited for him to finish but Cloud looked away. Reno walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "I was there with you and Tifa. When you two got separated...I tried to follow Tifa instead of you. I know that was the worse choice of the two, but you had your buster sword, Cid, and Yuffie with you. She was alone. I wanted her to be safe. I know I'm a douchebag, but I'm not a Heartless..."

Cloud shrugged his shoulder away from him and began walking away. Leon switched from looking at him to Reno to him again. "What now?" He asked Cloud.

Cloud paused and looked back, unintentionally appearing painfully dramatic. "He's coming with us." With this he walked away and deeper into Radiant Garden.

Leon grinned at Reno and jerked his head in Cloud's direction. "Cloud's never told me about you But, heck. Come on, we're meeting Cid."

Reno's grin arced wider at Cid's name and he walked up after Cloud. Leon eyed him suspiciously then sighed and followed.

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