Independence, Life and Love

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Chapter 1

The night was dark and surprisingly cold for a late July night. The thick clouds in the sky threatened all below with rain. There was a flash of lightning, followed by a clash of thunder. The lightning lit up the sky, and briefly shed some light on four people, who were moving through back alley's as much as possible, to stay hidden. Every so often, they would stop, check that the way was clear, and then hurry on at a swift, but silent pace, which was a miricle due to one of them not being the most graceful of people.

All four of them were wearing long black cloaks, with their hoods up, but not enough to hide their faces. There was one man and three women. The man had light brown hair, flecked with grey, even though he still looked young and amber eyes. His cloak was shabby, just like the robes underneath. The eldest of the women had bright bubble gum pink hair, and her clothes were a mix of black, and purple. As she looked around, she changed her hair to a blonde, to seem less conspicuous. Then, the eldest of the teenage girls had brown bushy hair, and warm chocolate coloured eyes, which were filled with concern for the girl who clung to her desperately. The final girl, only a few months younger than her friend, had red hair, and green eyes, which were filled with tears. Her sickly pale cheeks were stained with tear tracks and the paleness of her skin caused her scar to stand out even more. Her hair clung to her skin, damp from the sweat caused by her fever from the forced starvation, and something else. She clung to the older girl; as if afraid she would be separated otherwise.

"How far to the entrance, Remus?" The eldest woman asked in a hushed whisper.

"Not far now Dora." The man, Remus, replied in an equally quiet tone. He looked back at the two girls.

"Are you two alright?" He asked, concerned.

"We'd better not be far now Professor. I just don't think Aislin can take much more. She's getting worse."

"She'll be able to rest soon, Hermione. Don't you worry." Remus said. "And I'm no longer your Professor. Call me Remus."

Hermione nodded, and urged her friend forward. The younger girl stumbled slightly, but gained her footing quickly. She kept up with the others, not letting her illness hold her back. Remus led the way, stopping every now and then, checking that the way was clear. Of course, he wasn't expecting to see anyone who was looking for them here, but better safe than sorry, he guessed.

"Will they know by now?" A weak voice asked.

Tonks looked at Aislin and smiled sadly. "Not yet, thankfully. By the time they do, we'll be long gone." She promised. "Then, we'll be out of the reach of Voldemort, the Ministry and Dumbledore and his Order, and you can get well again in peace."

Aislin nodded weakly. Remus stopped in a dead end, and drew his wand. He tapped several stones in an intricate manner and the bricks wriggled, and slipped away, revealing an archway that led to a darkened alley street.

All four of them adjusted their hoods to hide their faces, and they stepped onto the crooked street. The archway closed behind them, and the two adults looked round for a moment before setting off, the two teens close behind them. They reached a shabby looking shop, that held no sign to mark out what it sold, and the windows were blacked out.

Remus knocked the door four times. Two minutes, there was a click of the lock, and the door opened. A man with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes peered up. "And?" He asked.

"Remus Lupin, looking for specialised works." He spoke the key phrase.

The man grinned, opened the door further, and ushered them all inside, before closing and locking the door behind them.

"Hello Luca." Remus said, knowing full well that wasn't the mans real name.

"Hello Remus. I have the portkey ready, but that's not all you want, is it?"

"No. My charges are in need of new wands. Custom."

"This way." Luca grinned, leading them into another room. It was filled with boxes. He looked to the two girls. "Just let the boxes call to you."

Both girls closed their eyes and concentrated on anything that called out to their magic. Aislin found herself wanting to go to the right. She slowly made her way over, and pulled out one long box from a shelf. She soon found another two long boxes, and a more square one. Hermione had the same types of boxes.

Luca motioned for all four of them to take a seat on the chairs in the room, and took the two sets of four boxes and sat down at the only desk in the room. Aislin sat down on the chair gratefully, extremely glad that Remus had shrunk her trunk, and Hedwig's cage so they would fit in her cloaks pockets. Hedwig had gone on ahead to their destination, to meet them, now devoid of any and all tracking charms that Tonks had found on her.

She closed her eyes, and tried to calm her heavy breathing.

"What's wrong with her?" She heard Luca ask.

"Poison." Remus answered.


"Dumbledore." Remus said, shaking his head.

"I knew that man wasn't as light as he claims. Any ideas why he poisoned her?"

"To keep her in one place." Remus said. "Or at least, try to."

The rest of the time that Luca worked was spent in silence. When he was done, he stood up, and came over to them, two wands in hand. He handed the first to Aislin.

"Wood of a cherry tree, with the dual core of a water and a fire dragons heart string, and focused by a ruby." He said. Then, he handed Hermione her wand. "Wood of a maple tree and the dual core of mermaid hair and sphinx tail hair. It is focused by an amethyst."

The two examined their wands, and Aislin saw that the handle of her new wand had Japanese engravings. She smiled at it. It felt better than her other wand.

"Each of your wands is devoid of the magic tracking charm on the others, and they will each be a better match for you. You'll find it far easier to channel magic through them." Luca smiled at them, before turning to Remus, and summoning a file, and a parchment envelope from his desk, and handing it over. "All the paperwork from Gringotts, and the portkey. Make sure you get her treated."

"We will." Remus said, standing.

"More walking?" Aislin whined.

"No. Just a portkey. I had it keyed to our destination. Come on." He helped her up, and he, Aislin, Hermione and Tonks grabbed hold of the portkey, ready to leave, when there was a bang that shook the building.

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