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Chapter 4

Ash walked down the final few steps and the others looked up. Confusion was immediately written on all their faces.

"I may have scaled the side of the building." Ash muttered.

"Ash!" Hermione groaned, before shaking her head, already having dismissed the matter. "So, you must have talked to the guys?"

Ash raised an eyebrow. "I take it you've got to know them well then, Mione?"

"Mostly Donnatello." Tonks said, winking. "And how long were you up there with Raphael?"

Ash raised an eyebrow. "I was up there before him. Oh, I'm going to need some help with a prank of epic proportions. We need to see what Michelangelo is made of when it comes to pranks."

April groaned. "I can see you take after your dad."

"In some aspects." Remus said. "But she has Lily's heart. And her temper."

"Why does it have to be a deadly mix like that?"

"Because fate's a bitch." Ash said sitting down. "And it's what she's allowed me to have in an otherwise shit life."

"Language Aislin." Remus warned. "Now, what about that prank?"

Ash grinned, and quickly brought the others in on what she had planned. What she had was good so far, but with a bit of help, it became even better.

Later that night, Hermione and Ash were in their room. "So, tell me, you and Don?" Ash asked.

"It's nothing." Hermione said. "We're just friends."

Ash snorted. "Yeah, right, tell that to the blush." It was true. Whenever Donnatello's name was mentioned, Hermione blushed. "Come on Hermione, spill."

"Well… I may have a tiny crush…"

"I knew it!"

"But, what can come of it? I mean, I'm a witch, and he's a turtle. People back home would try and hurt him. Maybe even kill him." She was genuinly terrified for Donnie's safety.

"But we aren't in Britain anymore, are we?" Ash pointed out. "See where your friendship goes. And don't worry about the bastards back in Britain, alright?"

Hermione nodded, and grinned. "So, what did you and Raph talk about?"

"Oh, I just told him about the time I blew up Marge- oh, and I let him see an Animagus transformation."

"You completed it?" Hermione asked.


"Let's see."

Ash grinned, and transformed, before parading around the room in her animagus form.

"Ash, this is brilliant!" Hermione said.

Ash changed back. "Just don't tell the others yet. I want to keep it a secret until the next full moon, to surprise Moony."

"You got it." Hermione said, nodding.

"Great, thanks Mya." Ash said.

Two nights later, everything for the prank was ready and Remus and Tonks were in place. Ash and Hermione were on the roof, sitting on the ledge, chatting as if everything was normal. When they caught sight of the four turtles heading their way, they grinned. Leonardo, Raphael and Donnatello already knew about the prank, and they had agreed to do anything to help. But all they needed to do was act.

It suddenly got cold, and the lights seemed to go out. Black cloaked figures flew towards the turtles. Ash and Hermione sprung into action, both running to the edge of the roof, Ash even jumping to the next one, where the four turtles were, their weapons drawn.

"Expecto Patronum!" Both girls yelled.

A silver stag burst out of Ash's wand, and a silver otter burst from Hermione's. The cloaked figures were chased away from the guys, the stag even hitting them with its horns.

When they were gone, the cold lifted, and the lights came back on.

"Is everyone alright? None of them got close, did they?" Ash asked feigning concern.

"One got right up in my face." Mikey said, breathing heavy.

"What?" Ash pretended to panic. "Do you feel odd at all, woozy, clammy?"

"Now that you talk about it…" Mikey said, easily being stirred into a panic.

Ash banished her patronus, and tapped Mikey on the top of his head. She made the tip of her wand light up red. She schooled her face into a grim mask. "Oh dear. That Dementor got a hook in. Come with me." She said. "There has to be something."

Ash quickly turned, and jumped back to the other roof, and into the apartment.

"Hey! What does red mean? What do you mean it got a hook in?" Mikey asked.

"What's going on?" April asked. "What happened?"
"Dementors." Hermione said. "One of them… it latched onto a part of Mikey's soul."

"WHAT?" Mikey yelled.

"Calm down Mikey." Leo said, before turning to the two witches. "What exactly does that mean?"

"It means that Dementor will slowly leach out his soul from afar." Ash said.

Just then, Tonks and Remus entered the apartment, laughing. They sobered when they saw the others.

"What happened?" Remus asked.

"Dementors. They have a hook in Mikey's soul." April said, shakily, as she sat down.

"Remus, you and Sirius were researching those things before…" Ash made a show of her throat closing up.

Remus nodded. He went to his trunk, opened one compartment, and grabbed a large box.

"Ash, Hermione, help me look through these. Quickly now. I'm sure I saw something before. His soul isn't lost yet."

"You can help?" Don asked.

"I think we can." Remus said, before they settled down to their research.

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