Chapter 2

School had been in session for 3 weeks now, I love my new job. I just graduated college a year ago and now I'm finally starting my life. San Francisco is amazing, but I've been too busy behind the books to actually see the place. I have made friends with a few of the teachers here but they're all boring and smell of old coffee. I love teaching, except the students here are obviously only here due to law and their parents forcing them out of bed and onto the school bus but there was something about her, she was an amazing student, good grades, she did well in activities and I can tell by the look on her face the other students irritate her. She has a pretty face; I have no idea why she wants to take it into media and not show business or modelling.

"Mr Evans, I need to ask you to give me an extension on our paper that was due today." Quinn confronted me at my desk in 4th period; I didn't have her that day. She looked upset, like she had been crying, her blonde hair was tangled at the ends like she didn't bother to brush it, her eyes were red, bloodshot, and you could see the stains on where there were tears.

"Sure Quinn, is everything okay?" I needed to ask, it's my authority as a teacher to make sure my students were safe. If she's trying to hurt herself or something is seriously wrong at home, I'm obliged to tell the school board. Just like any underage sex, drug use, self harm, domestic violence. She looked at me, trying not to cry and turned away.

"I'm fine." She said in the weakest voice. She was usually strong, a strong girl that didn't care about anything. Something was seriously wrong. I stood up, walked over to the door and closed it. I had to get it out of her.

"Quinn, something's wrong. You can tell me, really." She sat down in front of my desk, she slammed her head against my desk so hard, everything on it rattled and I could feel it myself. Then she started to break down.

"I-it's m-my parents. T-they fight all the time where it gets to the point I want to pack up and leave. Then, when I tell them to stop. My daddy attacks me. I try to stop it, I just don't want to get hurt anymore." She hesitated to tell me, I could see. She sucked back sobs to try and get her story straight. I had a whole new respect for her.

"Mr Evans, I just don't want to go home." Quinn said, looking up at me. I felt deep sympathy for her, my gut ached as I watched this poor girls heart break. My parents were always fond of each other, a few bickers every now and then but not enough. My mom gave me the wooden spoon when I was younger and I would back chat, that's about all the beating I got at home.

"Quinn-I-I haven't had any personal experience with family issues like this. I wouldn't know what to do." She looked at me like she was a little kid who just got told Santa wasn't real.

"B-But I can help you, I have lived here for a month now and I haven't seen the place. The Bay, I haven't even been on a cable car. So would you like to show me around? We could take your camera and do some photography for your next assignment?" She looked at me with a smile and simply nodded.

"Cool, well just meet me by my car after school. We can drive to the mall and catch a cable car from there?" I told her.

"I'd love to." She smiled and walked out the door.


Quinn was excited for her "date" with Mr Evans. She knew it wasn't an official date, she knew it was just his way to make her feel better. After all, it was his job as a teacher to make her feel good. As soon as the afternoon bell rang, she grabbed her bag and ran immediately to his car. She knew which car it was, she would look at him from a distance as he left school every afternoon. It was a polished new black corolla with two doors. A voice in Quinns head was in high spirits; he's obviously not a family man. She stood next to his car, trying not to make it awkward for the students walking past her. Yes, Quinn had a huge crush on Mr Evans but feelings could not be reciprocated.

Sam ran to his car, looking slightly worried. Quinn's face looked of confusion.

"Sorry, I had a meeting. I wasn't warned so don't think I stood you up." He gave her his signature charming smirk.

"Oh no, I just got out too. Good timing." She lied.

"Shall we head off? We can stop and get something to eat, if you're hungry that is. I know the food in the cafeteria isn't all that it's cracked up to be." He laughed.

"Sure, I wouldn't mine a pb&j right now to be honest." Quinn opened the door to his car and got inside. Sam did the same.

"Do your parents know where you are? I don't want any worries." Sam asked her, putting on his seatbelt.

"Yeah, I sent a text to mom. She will be asleep after 5pm anyway since Daddy comes home at 6pm. They never know I'm there anyway. She's fine with it." Quinn looked over at him, clicking in her seatbelt and smiling. Sam pulled out of the school parking lot, making sure no one would see him with a pretty young student in his car. His knuckles gripped the steering wheel. He looked nervous.

"Mr Evans are you okay?" Quinn noticed as he was acting different.

"You can call me Sam outside of school Quinn." He chuckled. "No it's just; I don't want anyone to be suspicious that I have you in the car with me." He smiled at her and drove onto the road, heading towards the bay. Quinn would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. She had a crush on this guy, this guy being her teacher. She started to play it safe, patting down the material of her dress, pulling out her phone and pretending to text.

"So Quinn, what got you into media?" Sam asked, trying to establish a conversation.

"Well when I was in my freshman year, I was the school yearbook co-ordinator. Which required me to do a lot of video and photography work? Loved it ever since. I also like journalism." Quinn shot him a smile.

"You're just full of achievements aren't you?" He laughed, looking at the road. Quinn instantly had butterflies; he wasn't a teacher to her. He felt like someone she could connect with. Her friend.

"So...Sam, why did you want me to come along to this? Wouldn't your girlfriend get a bit weird about you hanging out with a student?" Quinn asked, hesitating his name as she is used to calling him Mr Evans and hinting the word "girlfriend" to see if he's single or not.

"Oh, well I don't have one. I broke up with mine before college graduation so." He looked down, and then frowned. Quinn felt horrible for asking that, but inside she smiled a little and her inner self did a small dance of celebration. God damn he's your teacher stop she thought.

"She had other goals, now she's married with a kid on the way. It's surprising what can happen in the spare of a year isn't it?" Sam looked at the road.

"I was dating Finn Hudson for awhile; he turned into a bit of an asshole." Quinn covered her mouth, realizing she just used a profanity in front of her teacher.

"Quinn, Quinn, we're friends here. We aren't at school; you can use your mouth like a sailor all you wish. Why him? He's a bit of a jerk? I subbed Mr Roe's math class and he was such...dim-witted." Sam laughed a little.

"It never worked out, I guess I'm saving it for marriage and after I graduate college." As Quinn looked out the window, they pulled into a parking lot.

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