Title: One Date, Two Dates... SLASH Tony/Gibbs Fornell/A surprise man

Summary: This was intended to be a follow-up to What I'd Give but kinda got out of control. It does make mention of a couple details for What I'd Give, but you can pretty much read it as a stand alone. Tony wants to set Fornell up on a date but seems he's already seeing someone.

My personal disclaimers for this one. Lots of sex and humor. Guess I needed to get it out of my system after What I'd Give.

Feedback: Always welcomed and appreciated.

This has not been beta read, mistakes are mine.


Hearing the creaking of the steps, Gibbs glanced over to see Tony walking down carrying two cups of coffee.

"Thought you might want this." Tony smiled as he handed the mug to Gibbs.

"Thanks." Taking a sip, he felt Tony wrap an arm around his waist.

"I can't believe how much you've gotten done already." Placing a kiss on Gibbs' neck, Tony's hand caressed up his chest.

"Yeah." Gibbs sighed, his eyes closing as he leaned back enjoying Tony's touch.

"I love you." Tony whispered in Gibbs' ear. He felt Gibbs' body start to shake then heard the quick short laughter.

"What do you want?"

"What makes you think I want something?" Tony scoffed.

"Because I know you." Turning around, Gibbs looked into the green eyes that made his heart skip a beat. They had been together for three months now, Tony practically living with him, although nothing had been made official."So what is it?"

"Just wanna ask you something."

Wrapping his arms around his lover, Gibbs took a deep breath. "Okay ask."

"I wanna set Tobias up on a date."

"No!" Gibbs groaned.

"Come on!" Tony put his arms around Gibbs' neck.


"Seriously." Tony sighed. "Tobias and I have become friends. I think it's time he meets someone that could actually be more than a one nightstand."

Gibbs dropped his head back, suddenly regretting Tony and Tobias becoming friends. It seemed like a good idea originally. Tony was the man he loved, Tobias was his best friend, they should get along. Problem was, they did get along, they were a like in a lot of ways. Truth was Tony was probably the perfect person to find someone for Tobias.

"He deserves to be happy. Like you and I." Tony smiled watching as Gibbs picked up his head.

Hugging Tony tighter, Gibbs gave Tony's cheek a quick peck. "Yeah."

"I have the perfect person." A mischievous grin spread across Tony's face. "They will have a great time together."

"Do I wanna ask?" Gibbs smirked. He had no idea the person Tony had in mind, could be someone he knew or someone from Tony's past.

"You do but I'm not going to tell you. I have to talk to Tobias first."

"Yeah you do." Gibbs snickered. "He may not wanna be set up."

"Oh believe me he will." The mischievous grin returned. "You know how good I am at convincing people."

"I do." Dropping his lips to Tony's neck, Gibbs kissed up to his ear. "You convinced me of all sorts of things."

Combing through the hair on the back of Gibbs' head, Tony moaned. "Yes I did."

Gibbs shoved Tony against the frame of the boat as he tore at his belt.

"Jethro please." Tony groaned. "Not against the boat!"

"I thought you liked it against the boat." Gibbs finished undoing Tony's pants and shoved his hand inside squeezing Tony already hard cock.

"I do but-" Tony tossed his head back. "Last time I had splinters in my chest."

Stroking Tony's cock, Gibbs smirked. "I'll leave your shirt on."

"Fuck." The word dripped from Tony's lips as he thrust into Gibbs' hand.

"You know how I get when you're down here with me." There was just something about Tony, the boat and making love. Gibbs tore his hand from Tony's cock. "Undo my pants."

Tony's fingers quickly opened Gibbs' jeans and pulled out his cock. "I love how hard you get."

Tugging Tony's pants down over his hips, Gibbs spun the younger man around forcing him against the half finish boat.

"Do it!" Tony growled.

"That's right." Gibbs snarled grabbing his cock and positioning himself against Tony. "I took you last night."

"Jethro please."

"So impatient." That said, Gibbs plunged into Tony.

"JET!" Tony cried out clawing at the boat.

Reaching around, Gibbs' hand engulfed Tony's cock, stroking it in time with his thrust. "I can't get enough of you."

"Good." Tony rocked back into Gibbs movements.

"Tony." Gibbs growled in his lovers ear. "You feel so good."

Truth was, Tony loved sex against the boat. It was always hard and fast, leading to a shower and more sex.

"You wanna come."

Tony whimpered his reply. "God yes!"

"Come for me." Eyes fluttering closed, Gibbs hand tightened around Tony then sped up as he felt the change in his lovers body.

"OH FUCK!" Tony screamed as his body tensed and he came.

A loud grunt tore from Gibbs' throat. "Your tight ass is just milking my cock."

"Yes." Wanting it all, Tony clenched his muscles even hard around Gibbs' cock.

"That's it." Gibbs grumbled. "Show me how much you want me to come."

"Please." Reaching back. Tony clawed at Gibbs' hips drawing the man deeper into him.

Wanting nothing more than to give in, Gibbs lunged into Tony and bit down on Tony's shoulder. His lover never flinched only groaned with desire. His body collapsed as he continued to make small jerking thrusts into Tony's ass. Slowly his body calmed and he sighed. "If I didn't love fucking you against the boat so much I'd put a bed down here."

A gentle laugh fell from Tony's lips. "I might put a bed down here."

"Yeah, how you going to explain that one?" Gibbs chuckled.

"Just tell everyone the truth. You can't keep your hands off of me." Tony sighed. "Me, the boat, sawdust, it drives you crazy."

"Yes it does." Gibbs dropped a kiss to Tony's neck.



"I think he'll say yes." Tony said rubbing the towel over his wet hair.

"Since it's you asking," Gibbs shrugged. "He'll say yes. You two are like peas in a pod."

"Honey!" Tony wrapped his arms around Gibbs' neck. "Does it both you Tobias and I have become such good friends?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes. "No and don't call me honey."

"Sweetie?" Tony grinned.

"Stop." Gibbs snapped grabbing Tony's arms and trying to push him away.

"Sexy." Wrapping his arms tighter around Gibbs' neck, Tony kissed the older man's throat nipping at his Adam's apple.

Sighing, Gibbs' arms circled around Tony and drew them together. It still annoyed him...the way he just gave in, no struggle, no fight, just gave in to whatever Tony wanted. Tony had done the unthinkable, tamed the beast. The only thing he didn't like was the endearing nicknames, honey, sweetie, babe...that drove him crazy. Although Tony still got away with it most of the time.

"Just do whatever you need to do." Gibbs barked.

"I'll call Tobias. Set the date up for Friday or Saturday?"


"Could you sound more enthused?"

"Why do I have to be enthused?" Gibbs grinned. "I already have the man I want."

That devastatingly gorgeous DiNozzo smile filled Tony's face. God there was nothing Gibbs loved more than that smile...well almost nothing.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Smacking Tony's ass, Gibbs stepped away needing the distance.

"Hey!" Tony grabbed Gibbs as he went to walk away and tossed him onto the bed. Gibbs fell on his back, his prone body spread out across the mattress. Instantly, Tony crawled up the man's body until they were face to face.

Shaking his head, Gibbs chuckled then took Tony's face with both hands. "Seriously we just did it in the basement and the shower. I'm old I need a breather."

"HA!" Tony laughed sarcastically, sliding his hand down and squeezing Gibbs semi hard cock. "You're just fine."

"Yeah well." Gibbs smirked. Tony always made him hard.

"And I didn't throw you down because I wanted to have sex."

"Really?" Eyebrow raised, Gibbs looked shocked.

Tony punched Gibbs in the stomach. "I do think about more than sex."

"When?" Gibbs laughed, then the air rushed out of him again as Tony punched his stomach.

"Keep this up and you'll be lucky to get any."

"Teasing." Gibbs smiled as his hands caress up Tony's back then jerked him down. "And I like that you think about sex a lot."

"You better say that." Tony's lips found Gibbs in a tender kiss. But Tony was going to slow for Gibbs liking. Rolling them over, Gibbs feasted on Tony's mouth, demanding entrance, his tongue tasting the hint of coffee and the overwhelming taste of mint.

Tony's phone suddenly buzzed to life dancing across the night stand. Breaking their kiss, he reached over and grabbed it glancing at the caller id. "It's Tobias."

"So." Gibbs lips traveled down Tony's throat.

"Hey." Tony said answering the phone.

"You busy?"

"No." Tony sighed, his free hand clutching at the back of Gibbs' neck.

"Wanted to see if you and Jethro were free for dinner tomorrow night."

"That's so weird I was gonna call and ask you the same thing. I wanted to see if you would let me-"

"I've been dating someone and I want you two to meet him." Tobias cut Tony off with excitement.

"Dating someone?" Tony pushed Gibbs off and down onto the bed.

Gibbs sighed, giving up and laying there next to Tony.

"Yeah a few weeks, but I like him and I could see it going somewhere."

"Wow. I'm um, surprised." Tony glanced down at Gibbs and mouthed the words did you know.

Gibbs shook his head.

"Are you two free?"

"Sure." Tony forced a smile. "What time?"

"Seven at Phillipo's."

"We'll be there."

"Good, see you then."

"Night." Ending the call and tossing the phone on the nightstand, Tony stared at Gibbs. "You didn't know Tobias was seeing someone?"

"He never said anything to me."

"Damn and I so had the perfect person for him." This was not how Tony wanted this to go. He really did have the perfect person for Tobias. Someone that had a crush on the older man, had for a couple years.

"Well." Gibbs rolled onto his side and put his head in his hand. "Maybe this guy won't work out and Tobias will be free again."

"He said he could see it getting serious with this guy."

"I thought you wanted Tobias to find someone?" Gibbs chuckled.

"I do." Tony sighed. "I'm just surprised."

Gibbs glanced at his watch then kissed Tony's cheek. "It's getting late. Let's get some sleep. We'll find out everything tomorrow night."

"Right." Tony slipped under the covers and rolled onto his side. He felt Gibbs' arms fold him into a warm embrace. For some reason he had a hinky feeling in his gut about this. And if he had learned anything from his boss and lover, always listen to your gut.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Tony rolled his eyes. "You are not wearing that."

"What's wrong with this?" Gibbs scoffed.

"Put on a dress shirt not a polo." Walking over to the closet, Tony pulled out a soft blue shirt he had bought for Gibbs. "Wear this." He still didn't understand why it was so hard for Gibbs to dress properly for a night out with friends.

"Fine." Pulling off the polo, Gibbs accepted the shirt and slipped it on. He'd never admit it but he actually liked the shirts Tony bought for him. They were comfortable and looked good on him. And the only reason he had put on the polo was because he knew Tony would tell him to change. He liked when Tony picked what he wore out. Buttoning the last button, he looked over at Tony.

"Maybe I shouldn't let you wear that." Tony licked his lips. Gibbs was a good looking man anytime, but he had discovered Gibbs in designer clothing, sexy as hell. His hands caressed up Gibbs' chest feeling the soft fabric play against the toned flesh.

"We're meeting Tobias' boyfriend. What are you afraid of?" Gibbs smirked. "Afraid my eyes might wander?"

"Don't even think about it." Tony glared smacking Gibbs' chest.

"You're the one I want."

"Good answer." Tony gave Gibbs a quick kiss. "So keep your eyes to yourself or on me. Got it Mister?"

"I don't think you want me to keep my eyes on you." Leering down Tony's body, Gibbs sighed. "I'd prefer not to have a hard on all night."

"I'd like that." A wide smirk spread over Tony's face. "But not exactly good on a double date."

Phillipo's was already crowded with people when Gibbs and Tony walked in the front door.

"Signore Anthony." The man smiled as they approached the podium.

"Phillip." Tony smiled.

"I did not see a reservation for you or Signore Gibbs." Concern washed over the man's face.

"No. We're meeting friends. Fornell."

"Ah yes. They are already here." Phillip nodded. "Follow me."

Approaching the table, Fornell and his friend were facing away from them. As they rounded the table, both men stood up.

Fornell smiled. "Jethro, Tony. I'd like you to meet-'

"Stan!" Gibbs' eyes widened in shock.

"Burley!" Tony's face mirrored Gibbs.

"You three know each other?" Now Fornell looked surprised and confused.

"Yeah." Stan Burley nodded, looking just as surprised as everyone else. He glanced back and forth between Gibbs and Tony. "You two are um-"

"We are." Gibbs answered quickly, touching the small of Tony's back. "Let's sit down."

As the four of them sat, Fornell stared at Gibbs. "Care to share?"

Gibbs cleared his throat. "Stan worked at NCIS."

"Use to have my job." Tony smirked at Stan. "I had no clue."

"Neither did I." Stan shook his head and laughed. "Thought Boss said you chased anything in a skirt?"

"Been known too." There was still no good way to explain this to people. At least none that Tony could figure out. "Not anymore."

"You never told Tobias you worked for NCIS?" Gibbs asked Stan.

"It never came up." Stan shrugged.

"Never came up!" Gibbs seemed skeptical. "You start dating an FBI agent and it didn't come up that you use to work for NCIS?"

"I didn't think it was that important." Stan chuckled. "How was I suppose to know you were his best friend."

"May I get you something to drink?" The waitress asked approaching the table.

"Bourbon." Gibbs replied quickly

"Two." Fornell added.

"Chianti." Tony smiled.

"That sounds good." Stan nodded. "Chianti for me as well."

Nodding the waitress went to get their drinks.

"Have you ever been here Stan?" Tony asked not even opening his menu.

"No." Looking at the menu, Stan glanced down the list of dinners.

"Eggplant parm is amazing. So is the Tortelli di Zucca." Looking over at Gibbs, Tony smiled. "And I bet you are getting the Osso Buco."

"Yeah." Gibbs was all about the meat dish.

Returning with their drinks, the waitress quickly took their order and disappeared again.

"So where are you working now Stan?" Tony asked.

"I'm a consultant for the Virginia PD and do private consulting." Stan smiled. "Much better money than NCIS."

"Is that how you two met?" This still seemed weird, but Tony was trying to make the best of it.

"Actually yeah." Stan smiled at Fornell. "FBI got called to a case in Virginia. I was there, worked with Tobias all day."

Tony nodded. Evidently it wasn't that serious if Stan wasn't calling Tobias Toby yet.

"By the end of the day." Fornell smiled fondly. "I wanted to ask him out but he didn't seem interested."

"But I was. I asked him out before I left." Stan winked at Fornell. "That was two weeks ago."

Tony just nodded.

"What about you two?" Stan asked glancing at Gibbs for a moment but then settling on Tony.

"It's been a little over three months now." Tony smiled touching Gibbs' hand. "It's amazing."

Again, Stan looked over at Gibbs. "Anything to say about it?"

Fornell's brow furrowed as he looked at Gibbs. Something wasn't right with all this, Gibbs was acting guarded, even more guarded than usual.

"I'm happier than I've ever been." Gibbs nodded. "I love Tony."

"Wow." Stan's eyebrows went up. "Never thought I'd hear you say that about another man."

"Me either." Tony laughed, causing Stan to start laughing.

"Excuse me." Standing up, Gibbs nodded towards the back of the restaurant. "Gonna hit the head."

Tony gave a quick nod and started talking with Stan again.

Standing at the sink Gibbs splashed water on his face then grabbed a paper towel. Running the towel down his face, he sighed and tossed it in the garbage.

"So are you freaked out because I'm dating Tobias or because I found out about you and Tony?"

Gibbs shook his head staring at the man's reflection. "A little of both."

"Well you're not covering it well." Stan chuckled leaning back against the sink beside Gibbs.

"Yeah I know."

"I'm happy for you and Tony." There was a true and honest smile on Stan's face. "Shocked but happy."


"You really love him. I can tell."

"I really do." Gibbs had never loved anyone the way he loved Tony.

"So then you're really bothered that I'm dating Tobias."

"I just-" Turning around Gibbs leaned against the sink. "It's odd you dating him when um-"

Stan groaned. "I thought we got past that a long time ago."

"We did. But Tobias is my best friend."

"And what?" Stan rolled his eyes. "My stupidity towards you years ago should prevent me from dating your friend?"

"I'm not saying that. I just have to be concerned about what Tobias would think if he knew." Again, Gibbs couldn't believe he was in this situation.

"Seriously! You think he would be upset that I came on to you like what eleven years ago." Stan laughed. "I mean come on. I came on to you, you shot me down. What's the big deal?"

"You shoved your tongue down my throat and grabbed my cock in the elevator." Gibbs hardly saw that as just a slight come on.

Stan dropped his head back and sighed. "Thanks for reminding me of what an ass I made of myself!"

"Yeah well." Gibbs sighed. "Then you tried again two years later."

"A drunken mistake if you remember."

"Still." If it had just been once, maybe Gibbs could have been okay with everything, but twice made him nervous.

"So what do you wanna do?" Stan asked not realizing this was going to be such an issue.

"I don't know." Gibbs made his way to the door. "But we should head back."

"Everything okay?" Fornell asked as Gibbs approached the table.


A few seconds later Stan made his way back and the food appeared right after him. They ate in relative silence, just a few comments about the food and ordering another round of drinks. As they finished and the plates were taken away, Fornell finally spoke up.

"Okay what the hell is going on." Fornell glared at Gibbs.

"Nothing." Gibbs shrugged.

Looking next to him, Fornell stared at Stan. "You gonna say nothing too?"

Stan sighed. "It's just-"

Gibbs glared over at Stan. Tony caught the exchange.

"Yeah. What is going on?" Tony glanced back and forth between Gibbs and Stan. "You two act like you can't even stand to look at each other."

"Gibbs is worried." Stan chuckled. "Over nothing."

"What is he worried about?" Fornell asked ,knowing Gibbs didn't worry unless there was something to worry about.

"He thinks you might have a problem because-" Stan paused. "Because I came onto him when I worked for NCIS."

"You what?" Fornell's eyebrows went up.

Tony forced himself to swallow the mouthful of Chianti he had and coughed as he tried not to choke.

"It was eleven years ago. I was leaving to be Agent Afloat." Stan shrugged. "It was nothing. He shot me down, put me in my place and we moved on."

Fornell rubbed his forehead.

"Is this really gonna bother you?" The concern suddenly crept onto Stan's face as he watched Fornell's reaction.

"I'm not sure." Fornell blew out a long breath, then looked at Gibbs. "This is what was bothering you all night?"

Gibbs nodded.

"Is there something going on between you two?" Fornell had to ask.

"Jesus Tobias. Of course not!" Gibbs snapped. "There never was."

Fornell turned to Stan. "You still got the hots for him?"

"God no!" Stan looked offended.

Shaking his head, Fornell chuckled. "I finally meet a guy and he use to have the hots for my best friend!"

"It was years ago." Stan couldn't believe this was such a big deal. "And it was nothing."

"Tobias married Jethro's ex-wife." Tony suddenly jumped into the conversation. "He's a little sensitive about Jethro's left over's, seconds, whatever you wanna call it."

Stan's mouth dropped open. Okay, now it made a little more sense as to why Gibbs and Tobias would be upset.

"This might be the time to call it a night." Standing up, Tony forced a smile.

"Yeah." Gibbs followed Tony's lead. "My treat tonight Tobias."

"Thanks, I think." Fornell rolled his eyes.

The drive home was spent in silence. Gibbs getting the sense Tony was not in the mood to talk, at least not in the car. When they walked into the house, Gibbs threw his keys on the table and walked into the living room.

"Okay." Gibbs folded his arms across his chest and waited.

Tony rolled his eyes and walked past Gibbs into the kitchen. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he leaned back against the fridge door.

"Nothing to say?" Watching Tony, Gibbs stood before his lover.

Tony shrugged.

Stepping closer, Gibbs slipped his arm around Tony's waist. "It was nothing."

"It was something if you were worried about it." Taking a swig from his beer, Tony reached up and placed the half empty bottle on top of the fridge.

"I was worried about Tobias."

"Not me?"

"Tony you know why I was worried. Tobias and Diane, like you said. He's a little touchy about stuff like that." Gibbs paused. "This shouldn't bother you. So Stan came onto me. Nothing happened."

"Stan evidently wanted something to happen." Tony stared at Gibbs trying to hold back the emotion. "Did he ever try again?"

Gibbs hesitated.

"He did." Tony shook his head. "Wow. Let me guess. The second time was during our visit on the Enterprise."

"He was drunk." They had been sitting in his room drinking and it happened. Again, Gibbs had shot him down. Stan apologized and Gibbs left.

"And that makes it okay?" Tony asked.

"No." Taking a deep breath, Gibbs blew it out. "But again, I wasn't interested."

"Odd don't you think?" Tony's finger traced a path up Gibbs' chest. "Two of your Senior Field Agents wanting you."

Gibbs smirked. "Just have that effect on men."

"So what happened exactly?" Tony's eyes narrowed. "Did he just ask you out...tell you he wanted you..grab you?"

"It doesn't matter." Gibbs sensed the change in Tony. The increased heart rate, the dilated pupils, the arch of his body...the jealousy had taken over.

"It matters." Tony's fingers knotted in the center of Gibbs' shirt and jerked his lover forward. "Did he touch you?"

"Yes." Gibbs' hands clawed down Tony's thighs.

Tony spun them around and slammed Gibbs against the fridge door, his eyes full of jealous rage. From the moment they met years ago, Tony never liked Stan. Didn't like that he and Gibbs seemed so close, that Stan had once held his job and now...he disliked Stan even more knowing he had come on to his now lover.

"I never liked him." Tony growled as he grabbed the middle of Gibbs' shirt and ripped it open sending buttons scattering to the floor. His fingers scratched up Gibbs' chests causing the older man to moan with desire. "I didn't like the way he looked at you."

"Because even then." Gibbs clutched at Tony's hips. "I was yours."

"Yes." Tony's lips latched on to Gibbs' neck nipping a path to his ear. "And I don't like when people try to play with what's mine." His hand drifted down and squeezed Gibbs' cock.

A low groan dripped from Gibbs' lips as he thrust his cock into Tony's hand. "Believe me you are the only one I want playing with me."

"Good because I plan to play with you right now." Unzipping Gibbs' slacks, Tony shoved his hand inside and rubbed his hard cock.

"Tony!" Crawling around Tony's hips, Gibbs grabbed Tony's ass and squeezed hard. "Are you just gonna play?"

Biting at Gibbs' earlobe, Tony sighed. "I'm gonna do a lot more than play."

"Then take me upstairs and do it." Gibbs barked.

"Fine." Tony glared into Gibbs' eyes as he squeezed his lovers cock, painfully hard.

Gibbs howled with need.

"You, naked, in bed, now." Tony angrily kissed Gibbs, biting at his lower lip. "I'm gonna make sure you remember why I'm the one you want."

It took only seconds for them to reach the bedroom, shred off each other's clothing and fall onto the soft mattress. Tony made sure he kept control by straddling Gibbs' hips as he devoured his lovers lips. His hands found Gibbs lacing their fingers together and pushing them above Gibbs' head. He then glared down at the older man.

"What happened?" Tony rocked over Gibbs hard cock. "Tell me or I'll stop all of this."

Gibbs moaned. He knew Tony was jealous but he never expected this, especially since it all happened long before they started their relationship.

When Tony didn't receive a response, he stopped moving and squeezed their joined hands.

"Elevator." Gibbs rocked his own body against Tony's.

Slowly, Tony started rubbing their cocks together, rewarding Gibbs for his response. "And?"

"He was nervous, said he needed to tell me something." A soft grunt from Gibbs as Tony quickened his rocking movement. "Told me he wanted me, then pushed me against the wall."

Tony's eyes narrowed, the jealousy raging.

Gibbs smirked to himself. There was definitely something sexy and hot about jealous Tony. And with what he was about to say next he had no doubt things were about to get a lot hotter.

"Then it happened so quickly. He stuck his tongue down my throat and squeezed my cock." Again, Gibbs felt Tony's crushing grip on his hands, heard the animalistic snarl.

"Did it make you hard?"

"No." Stretching up, he kissed at Tony's neck, but Tony quickly jerked back sitting up in Gibbs' lap.

"Not even a little?" There was skepticism in Tony's eyes.

"No." Gibbs shook his head thrusting his cock up against Tony. "I pushed him back. Told him to never do it again and that I was not interested."

Reaching down, Tony wrapped his hand around Gibbs' cock and worked over it.

"Fuck!" Gibbs' body trembled wanting more.

"Yet now you're here wanting nothing more than for a man to jack you off."

"Not any man." Gibbs reminded Tony. "You. Only you."

An evil grin curled on Tony's lips.

That was a grin that Gibbs had learned to love and hate. He loved it because it meant Tony wanted his favorite angry/I'm in control sex, what Gibbs now called the suck and fuck. And he hated it because Tony would do everything possible to keep him on the edge and draw it out as long as possible.

"I am going to have so much fun with you." Tony smile then reached over and grabbed the lube from the night stand. He placed it next to Gibbs' body before placing his lips at the dip in Gibbs' throat and kissing a path down his body until he reached the hairs above his cock.

Gibbs took a sharp breath gazing down at Tony between his legs, waiting for the next move. Tony opened the lube and squeezed some into his hand. Gibbs parted his legs, his cock laying hard against his stomach.

"So eager." Tony grinned as he slipped a lube covered finger into Gibbs' ass.

A deep moan dripped from Gibbs' lips as Tony slowly moved his finger in and out gently opening him up. A moment later, Tony inserted another finger causing Gibbs to moan and tightened.

"You know how much that makes me want you." Tony growled his cock responding to the tightness around his fingers, wanting nothing more than to take their place.

Thrusting down, Gibbs took Tony's fingers deeper. "More."

Tony's other hand wrapped around the base of Gibbs' cock pulling it towards him. His tongue flicked out tasting the precum already slick on the head.

"Tony." The name was long and drawn out as it tore from Gibbs' throat.

"You always taste so sweet." Tony licked his lips then pressed his tongue against the slit on the head of Gibbs' cock.

"Oh fuck!" Gibbs roared. His hand touched the back of Tony's head, his fingers combing through the thick hair. "Please."

"When I'm ready." Tony smirked before sucking at the base of Gibbs' cock then licking up the thick vein on the underside.

Fisting his hand into Tony's hair, Gibbs grunted and groaned his body trembling as the desire to come threatened.

"Let go!" Tony ordered as he jammed his fingers deep into Gibbs.

Instantly, Gibbs moaned and released his grip on Tony's hair, instead he clawed at the bed sheet.

"Good." Tony sighed, squeezing the base of Gibbs' cock. "You already want to come."

"You keep playing with me like this. I will come." Gibbs groaned.

Unceremoniously, Tony wrapped his lips around the head of Gibbs' cock and sucked hard.

"Son of a bitch!" Gibbs' body arched off the bed and he fought the urge to shove his dick down Tony's throat.

Slowly, Tony slid his lips down Gibbs' shaft until he reach the base, then sucked hard again.

Throwing his head back, Gibbs howled, his cock completely buried in the warmth of Tony's mouth and throat. Tony stayed there only for a moment then slid back up the length. He watched, mesmerized by how effortlessly Tony moved over his shaft, his lips reaching the base with every downward movement. Tony loved sucking his cock and the younger man was amazing at it. No one had ever driven him crazy the way Tony could during a blow job.

"Tony please!" Gibbs begged, knowing it was the only way to make Tony push him to the edge. "Make me come."

The plea made Tony smile to himself. He did love when Gibbs begged. Moving faster over Gibbs' length, Tony pumped his fingers hard into Gibbs brushing over his prostate.

Gibbs' hips came off the bed overcome by the sensation, he opened his mouth to cry out but the words lodged in his throat. The combined sensation of Tony's mouth and fingers propelling him over the edge. He groaned as the orgasm started to tear through his body.

"TONY!" The name was guttural as Gibbs shoved his cock down Tony's throat and came. His whole body convulsed as he made small quick thrusts with his hips. Tony continued to suck at his cock taking every last drop as he finally melted back down into the bed.

Crawling back up Gibbs' body, Tony leaned down and snarled in his lovers ear. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't remember anything but the way my cock feels inside you."

Instinctively, Gibbs rolled onto his stomach.

Tony groaned it still amazed him that Gibbs was so willing. In a quick motion he grabbed the lube, put some in his hand and rubbed it over his shaft. Positioning himself against the tight ring of muscles, Tony lunged in burying himself inside his lover.

Gibbs let out a sharp grunt as he clutched at the sheet.

"So damn good." Tony moaned drawing back and slamming back in. He took a deep breath then gave in taking Gibbs with animalistic need. Hard, fast, and without remorse, he crushed Gibbs' body under him. The jealousy and desire fueling the uncontrollable hunger as be pounded into Gibbs.

Growling, Gibbs shoved back with each of Tony's downward thrusts.

"That's it." Tony bellowed continuing to pound into Gibbs. "Show me how much you love when I fuck you."

With even more force, Gibbs thrust back against Tony's movements. "Fuck me."

"Damn it!" It felt too good and he was so far gone...Tony tossed his head back and just let it happen.

Gibbs groaned, his eyes closing as he realized Tony was close and about to lose control.

Plunging into Gibbs with all his strength, Tony screamed as he came filling Gibbs with his release. He collapsed onto his lover trying desperately to keep breathing. Seconds, minutes, he had no idea how long it took before he finally rolled off of Gibbs and down onto the mattress.

"Jealous sex." Gibbs sighed. "Amazing!"

"Don't get any ideas." Tony snickered taking a deep breath and looking over at Gibbs. "Do you think they'll keep seeing each other?"

"I don't know." Rolling onto his side, Gibbs draped his arm over Tony' stomach. "Are you going to be okay if they do?"

Tony ran his hands through his hair as he blew out a long breath. "Not really."

"It was years ago, long before you and I."

"It's just-" Shaking his head, Tony groaned. "It's hinky. I mean can you really be sure he doesn't still want you."

"You're gonna have to let this go." Turning Tony onto his side, Gibbs jerked their bodies together.

Tony moaned feeling Gibbs hard cock rubbing against his ass.

Gibbs' lips brushed against Tony's ear. "You are the only one I want."

"Show me." Reaching back, Tony clawed at Gibbs' hip. "Take me."