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Dean had brought back a part of him he thought was long gone. He wasn't just the depressed addict anymore, He was Sam, and having his brother back was the best feeling in the world. He knew that no matter what happened, who tried to separate them, Dean would have his back, and he would have Deans. It's just what brothers do. Always.

It was a couple hours before Dean started to wake up. Sam had been alternating between reading one of the car magazines he'd found in the Deans' duffel, and watching his brother, keeping an eye on him. It started with light movement of his eyelashes, and he slowly surfaced back to consciousness.

A small moan escaped Dean when the headache became apparent through the thick fog. His eyelids felt like lead, and he knew he was forgetting something. As he strained to get his eyes open and got a look at Sam sitting there smiling at him, he started remembering it all. The demons, the panic in Sams eyes, and how his little brother had come alive. He had fought back, and some of the fire that was so much a part of Sam had come back to his eyes. He had saved both their asses. And then black.

" Hey Dean. How you feeling?"

" Sm? Head - h-rts."

" hold on."

Sam left the room, coming back quickly holding a glass of water and a few pills. He put an arm round Deans back, pulling him up so he could drink without spilling It all over himself. Dean lifted up his shaking hand to take the pills, putting them in his mouth. Sam put the glass to his lips, and he was about to object, but he knew it was probably a bad idea. He would only end up spilling it.

He swallowed the pills without much trouble, Sam helping him lay back down and get comfortable. Dean was feeling more awake, and he turned his head to look at Sam. He had changed in to some of the clean clothes Dean had brought back with him, and obviously straightened the room up a little.

He definitely looked different. His cheeks were pinker. His eyes brighter. It took years off his face.

" They shouldn't take long to kick in. You remember anything?"

" Yeah. You kicking some demon butt. You were awesome."

Sam laughed, sitting back in the chair. He was still riding the high of the fight. And compliments like that didn't come from Dean often, so he knew it meant a lot to his older brother.

" Couldn't a done it without you, dude. Think we could of done with out the decapitation attempt though."

" Yeah. Didn't feel to great for me, either."

Dean reached up and touched the bandage that covered most of his neck. He figured Sam must have patched him up. He had always been the best of the three of them at field treatment, and he could see that hadn't left Sam. Well done, little bro. Proud of you.

" So. You think we dealt with our little Demon problem? I don't know how much more my neck can take."

Sam rubbed a hand through his chestnut coloured hair, some mall lines of worry much returning to his young face.

" Doubt it. And there's more where they came from. The big dogs."

" Didn't think we could get off with one fight. God damn Winchester luck. It's like we've got a " come kill us " sign on out foreheads."

" Don't I know it."

Dean heard the pain come back to Sams voice. He would always have the scars of these last few years. His brother had been cut deeper than he himself ever had been, and it would be something he would always carry with him. But Dean was gonna help carry that load.

" How bad was it? After I blacked out?"

" Not to bad. You had me worried for a little, there was a lot of blood. But I could handle it. Instincts, you know?"

" Some crazy ass instincts we got. But I guess they come in useful."

Hunting did that to people. It turned the best men in to soldiers, could break them down, make them cold. But Sam had been chewed up and spit up by the world, and he had come through. His warmth, his caring had carried him through. And no matter how much Dean picked on Sam, he envied that. He had always who he was, knew where he stood. It was another Sammy- thing. And he was starting to get that back.

" Hey, Sammy?"

" yeah?"

" you think - you're gonna be okay?"

Sam had to take a little while to reply. But he knew the answer. He had Dean. His brother was a man of little words, but he had a kind of silent strength that was just part of him, and it was slowly warming Sam, from the inside out.

" Yeah Dean. I'm gonna be okay."

" Good. That's good."

Dean sat up on his elbows, managing to get to an almost-sitting position. He waved off Sams hand as it shot out to help. He had a cut on his neck, he wasn't geriatric.

His stomach was churning, which either meant he was hungry, or about to puke. After he waited for a couple seconds and nothing happened, it felt safe to assume the first.

" Sam? We got any doughnuts left?"

Should have thought Dean would be thinking about his stomach. Sam chuckled, reaching round to grab the rest of the box he had brought in from the kitchen. He had thought Dean might be hungry when he woke up.

" Just be careful. I don't want to have to clear up your puke."

Dean ignored him, grabbing one from the box. He leant his head back on the headboard, taking a small bite. His stomach didn't put up any rejection, so he kept eating until he was licking frosting off his fingers. Sam had finished one of his own as well, after a look from Dean when he went to put the box down.

" We need a plan Dean. You know we're gonna get more of them, no matter what we do."

" I know Sam."

Dean hadn't had much time to think past no dying, but he knew the basic gist of what they would need to do.

" Well, then we do whatever we can, and we make sure we're ready when they come at us. We stick together. We ride this out."

" But - if they get to us, they would - try to… you might get-"

" They might kill me? Thanks for stating the obvious Sam. But you know what? It's not worth leaving you over. We both have a better chance together. And I'm not leaving you, even if it meant a higher risk."

A tear came to Sams eye. Dean was right, but hearing him say it was still good. He would stay with him. Would have his back. It had been so long since he had anyone but himself to rely on. It would be dangerous, but what part of their lives wasn't? In a very weird and twisted way, Sam thought it made it more interesting.

" Yeah. We deal with it together."

" No other way, Sammy."

Dean was starting to feel the medication kick in, and he lowered himself back down. He knew that him and Sam could deal with this. They knew each other better than themselves, and it made them a pair of the elite. They could survive anything. But if they didn't? they went down together.

" -Sam?"

" Yeah, Dean?"

" You know I'm - proud of you, right?"

Another wave of warmth went through Sams heart. The thing he had been worried about most was the thing he hadn't needed to. Dean would always be his brother. And he would always be Deans. Their own " alpha and omega", " yin and yang".

" Yeah Dean. I know."

" -good."

Dean closed his eyes, starting to feel sleep creep up on him. Sam pulled the cover up around him, and Dean didn't have the energy to tell him not to be such a girl. He felt the tablets effects, and all the remaining tension left his body. In the last day and a half, his life had been flipped on its head. But him and Sam were strong. His brother had literally faced his Demons and come out the other side. That was pretty Damn incredible in Deans book. He felt the last of consciousness begin to leave him.

" love you Sammy."

" love you too, Dean."


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